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  1. icemic

    Titans IDPs

    I’m about to trade Jayon Brown for a 5th round rookie pick. Trying to clear space for Kenny Young, Kyzir White, Jawhan Bentley, and Skai Moore. Is there any chance Brown becomes an everydown starter long-term? What are we projecting his snap % to look like this year?
  2. I think Jabril Peppers is way undervalued.
  3. I've commissioned a long-running dynasty baseball league and we've used CBS since the beginning. It does give us everything we need, but its so dang expensive. Any other good dynasty baseball sites out there that will track contracts of players and history of the league?
  4. Need some help with a trade. I have Lamar Miller on contract through next year. My team is 6-3 and will likely make the playoffs, but I don’t think I have a very good shot at winning it all. I’m looking to sell Miller before he falls off a cliff. I have been offered Vontaze Burfict who is in a contract through 2019 and a 2020 2nd round rookie pick. I know Burfict has plenty of issues, but when he’s on the field I think he is a top 5 LB with big scoring upside. I also have Nick Vigil which could be seen as Insurance for Burfict. The problem is, if I move Miller, it leaves me pretty thin at RB with Duke Johnson, Crowell, Burkhead and DeAndre Washington (16 team .5 ppr). But I’m not too confident Miller is going to be much better than those guys moving forward. Thoughts?
  5. I just won Ray-Ray Armstrong & Randy Gregory in BBW and can only keep one before rosters are finalized. Which one do you like as a stash the most? 16 team dynasty league. We start 2 DE's and 3 LB's. Thanks!