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  1. Amen. Group Think has pretty much driven me away from subscriptions these past years for season long. I am not getting much out of it. But that is why I bought it; I really like the breakdown and I suck at incorporating my own thoughts into SOS until about week 5.
  2. I find his self promotion to be annoying but in the end all I am looking for is SOS opinions to form a consensus. Editing needs work but I see this as some football dudes not book editors. If you follow on a Twitter you will see some themes emerge that he is saying in the book as well- I get it he loves Arians and Kyle Shanahan Cant help but notice Kurt Warner taking issue with some takes of his. I have pissed away money on worse things. Fingers crossed.
  3. Adding Jack Doyle to the list. I will slow down until the end of June and then compare again.
  4. Ending up with allot of Evans and TY shares thus far.
  5. I do not disagree at all but this is a local league with very few sharks with an average age nearing 50. Teaching these guys something new is not easy and often a pain in the ###. I have received multiple complaints over the years about "not getting access to dropped players because I am not online all of the time". I am trying to remain impartial as much as I can and feel that they have a valid point. The only way I know to do it - and be successful - is to use traditional waivers. One complaint I am fielding is " this is too much help, why should owners get first crack at the waiver wire Day 1 and Day 2.". Again allot of this is just understanding the personalities of the league and what the owners are willing to do. I just want to find a impartial solution as I am definitely one of those people who are online all of the time. Thanks!
  6. Hey Folks , I run an old league which is getting ready to implement 2 days of waivers. It used to be just one waiver run and then FCFS. However the goal is to give equal opportunity to dropped players. Would this be a traditional setup in your mind? (16 Team PPR) Day 1 Waivers - Worst to First Waiver order. All players dropped are subject to Day 2 waivers. Otherwise any player who has not been dropped can be grabbed via FCFS after the initial waivers are done. Day 2 Waivers - Worst to First Waiver order. Only applies to players that have been dropped. Thanks!
  7. Drafted Hill with the understanding that his season did not begin until week 4 for me. After that fingers crossed. Otherwise feels like deja vu.
  8. Link? Here Without context it almost sounds like Spiller is an afterthought quite literally there as he was talking. There it is, straight from the QB who knows who will be able to protect him. Saints are 7th in the league in passing percentage and Ingram was clearly preferred in pass protection over Spiller. That is seemingly why Spiller's usage has been limited. The Saints, first and foremost, are a passing team and Spiller can't pass protect. This is one of the reasons why 2 different coaching staffs preferred Jackson over Spiller and Payton (and apparently Brees) don't trust him. No they don't come out and throw the guy under the bus but you can hear it in their statements. Hightower wasn't much at pass protection when with the Cardinals but he improved that part of his game with the Redskins so much so that he was considered the best pass blocking back on the team by some. He was also good as an outlet receiver just as Ingram was this year. If Hightower has enough left in his legs, he should have the most opportunity going forward. Really great take.. As far as I am concerned Brees just said Hightower is the guy. You confirmed what I thought I remembered - Hightower can catch the ball. Anytime Brees plays outdoors I always assume some more carries. If Hightower can get 12-14 carries +3 receptions that puts him in flex territory for me as I limped into the playoff and Amari Cooper gets Denver. TD prediction is an obvious coin toss but at least we know he is getting the GL carries
  9. CJA has a chance to pay us off this week and next for our draft pick. Fingers crossed.
  10. Re: Julio and Panthers I am scared as heck. I will never sit him but it is impacting how safe vs. upside I am going with regards to the rest of my starting lineup.
  11. Sticking with CJ in standard scoring but in PPR I am finding other options this week (like Boldin). Hoping for a bounce back but he needs to earn the playing time.
  12. Why? Because he punched someone who punched him first? Or are you sexist and you feel that way because it was a girl he punched back? Would you feel differently if Rice was in an argument with some guy and the guy hit him so Rice hit him back? Either the sexes are equal in this country or they aren't. They are not equal. It is ridiculous to assume so. You have to have context. This is not an interview for a job.
  13. Dude knocked out a woman then dragged her out of the elevator. I do not give a #### what his prior history looked like. It should have been the entire season.