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  1. .5 PPR i trade Diggs and his pick of Alf Morris or Doug Martin For Ajayi and Alshon jeffrey I currently own Wentz and Ertz
  2. .5 PPR Does Riddick have more value? J.Stew also available
  3. arrow7


    .5PPR Would you trade away zeke for freeman straight up? For Bell straight up? Quote
  4. Which would you stream this week?
  5. .5PPR Someone dropped Henry should I drop Brown to pick him up? QB Cousins WR: Nelson, Allen, Pryor, Diggs, Cobb, Brown RB: Zeke, Mcfadden, Kelley, D. Martin, J. Rodgers TE Ertz Def: Panthers K: Bryant
  6. Also can pick up nelson agholor or Garcon. Would you play any of those guys over forsett?
  7. Victor Cruz, Forsett, or Devante Parker (if playing) My opp is playing Eli at QB if that factors in
  8. I countered with Freeman and Theo Riddick for Miller but she probably is gojng to want to trade AP. So would I get enough value if I traded riddick instead of woodhead for AP to accept the deal?
  9. Thanks, first time playing PPR but still tough to turn down since I think freeman might lose his job and his schedule isnt the best.
  10. What if i changed it to freeman and woodhead for lamar miller?
  11. I was offered AP for Freeman and woodhead should I take it? PPR - 1 point per reception My Other RBs J. Stew, Ware, langford, and reddick
  12. Does it matter if I have Minn Def? - In terms of starting Henry.
  13. Standard league; need one at RB2 ( Options aren't great ). Leaning Yeldon or Forsett or flyer on C.West. Yeldon vs GB Forsett vs Buf McKinnon @ Ten Henry vs Min J. White @ Ari Morris vs NYG Available in FA C. West Vs SD T. West vs Buf Draughn vs LA R. Kelly vs Pit