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  1. Good stuff, thanks. On one of the drum podcasts I listened to (I do play drums too, but only took them up over the last few years from my basement studio after years of promising myself to learn to play since I've always been fascinated by main forte' if you will is guitar of almost 30 years) he mentioned that he's been pretty involved in doing tracks for video games and #### like that. I've always liked that he's had an open mind to technology and incorporating modern and foreign styles to his grooves. As a guitarist, I need to do the same myself, because I have let a lot of the recent technology pass me by a bit.
  2. Not just because the vocals need to be turned up in the mix, but the drums clearly shine on this recording. I've typically enjoyed listening to him every time I've heard him throw down. Seems like a cool guy too. I've listened to some interviews and also listened to him on a drum podcast once. Cool story regarding your roommate. Have you met Bryan?
  3. Not sayin' he's the greatest rock drummer or anything, but since so many other posts have thrown out drummer names for opinions, I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on Bryan Mantia (Brain). One thing I like about him is his creative approach, and I have been intrigued by the fact that he has always embraced technology. As a musician myself, I typically have a pretty traditional approach, but percussion is one aspect that I think technology brings an interesting element to, even if I don't necessarily utilize it in my stuff.
  4. And Coma kicked some serious #ss on this recent tour.
  5. Good to see mentions of Dead Horse and Breakdown in here. Both underrated songs imo.
  6. Powdered Comet cleanser and the generic brand of powdered bleach cleanser that you see in a similar looking can is the exact same stuff, being filled from the same place.
  7. With a stick was my first thought.
  8. I was wondering how you would be sending a sample when you told me. Those little 2 oz bottles are perfect.
  9. I was lucky to have a Weller 12yr sample and an almost full bottle of Eagle Rare show up just before New Year's Eve. What perfect timing, and man what a treat it was to get to try such tasty spirits. As mentioned earlier, I'm somewhat new to bourbon. Both of these are probably among the best I've tried (Weller perhaps atop the chart). The only thing that I would consider close would be Woodford Reserve - at least to my unsophisticated pallet. I'm anxious to follow this thread going forward. ICON truly is one of the good guys. What a cool thing to do. I was truly humbled by such a kind gesture during the holiday season. Thanks again man!
  10. Not that it's saying much, but I actually prefer Hooter's food to BW3's and Wings N' Rings. I dig the flavor of their wing's hot buffalo sauce. Apparently I'm in the minority here. I'd say the last few times I've been, I actually think the food has been better than the chicks. Also, for $16 bucks or so, the crab legs are surprisingly pretty decent too.
  11. Cheers to ICON for such a cool and kind gesture. . The "pay it forward" thing is truly inspiring and was just talking to my girl about this tonight. I will certainly post back after trying, and I am totally stoked to do so. Merry Christmas fellas.
  12. Wow, That's incredibly cool of you. I just recently got into bourbon and started reading this thread as well as a blog (Whiskey Jug) to find interesting bourbons to try. I specifically remember reading about both of these (at different times). I would love to try either of these. I would be happy to check locally for any that you might want me to check for (whether I "win" or not). I'm not currently in Nashville tho. Anyway, big props to such a kind gesture and Merry Christmas to you as well!
  13. Funny, I thought of Patterson today while pondering Hill's value for next season. I don't think he will have as disappointing of a second year as Patterson did, but I remember being awfully excited about keeping Patterson on my team after year one. I also remember Patterson having a big week one in his second year too, which made it hurt even worse, because I started him for a few weeks after that waiting for him to bounce back. Hill certainly is fun to watch, but it is frustrating seeing him break a big play and then not get additional chances henceforth in the game.
  14. I would love to see Kelce featured more.
  15. I thought I read that they were already scaling back some of his special team usage?