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  1. Same here. I've been meaning to look into this and have just been finding my players manually. So much nicer to have your teams synced, and a big part of why I subscribe.
  2. Perhaps a way to keep his rights without someone plucking him off the practice squad.
  3. Agree with OP. Dalton seems to perhaps be one 0f the better values this season.
  4. Caught them at the Cincy show with some friends I grew up with and had an unbelievable time. I've seen them a handful of times (pre and post Slash era) and this is the best and tightest I've seen them. Adler coming out was so unexpected. It was cool seeing that big smile from behind the kit after all of these years. He threw his drumstick out after his 2 song cameo and it landed right next to my foot. Missed out on getting it from the mob of people scrambling for it. We were right by the stage in the pit. I concur with others saying to go see them on this tour. One of - if not the best show I've seen.
  5. Tempting, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to thumb out that much for them.
  6. Regarding the MC Hammer shirt: when I first started reading, I thought you were going to say you had one of those old "can't touch this" shirts from back when that song got huge off that album.
  7. I hope they don't make us wait too long for another season. It certainly leaves you wanting more.
  8. A Christian Laettner T-Wolves jersey bought his rookie year. Not quite as old, but also a #22 Jay Williams Duke jersey from his junior year.
  9. Said the same thing when getting back into this for season 2. Definitely a slow burn like S1, and at times can get a bit frustrating. Having said that, I still find myself highly anticipating each episode after one ends.
  10. We have been binging on season 2.
  11. Sounds good buddy. Thanks again.
  12. Oh man, this sounds great. I would love to get in on this one. Per Your last message, I will hold off on pm'ing my info until you're ready.
  13. Thanks so much David! I sincerely appreciate it.
  14. Sent you a pm earlier today. Hope I didn't hit you up too late in the game. Computer has been down and I just saw the thread today. Regardless, doing these is a very cool gesture.