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  1. I'll admit that I prefer the previous version, but I can understand why things have changed. The FBG brand has gotten bigger and to stay that way or grow this day in age, you have to "play ball" so to speak. If you get labeled sexist, homophobic, racist, etc. you get dropped like a led zeppelin. These days, people will read through people's old tweets, posts, etc. looking for things to brand you with, and many times it seems unfair. Similar to when people try ruining someone's draft stock by calling out a tweet or post that they made as a kid or teenager, I could see Joe being called out for having a website with a forum with sexist threads in it. I personally think it would be silly to label this site or Joe in that fashion, because I don't think the content that has been removed was that bad and believe it did a good job filtering out offensive or over the top material. But I certainly could see the aforementioned hypothetical situation happen in the current climate we live within, and if it did, the FBG brand would suffer mightily, whether unfair or not. Perhaps that has nothing to do with some of the changes, but it was something that came to mind while thinking of the site amidst these types of threads and posts about the changes.
  2. Pullin' for Jack and y!our family buddy. Just said a prayer. Stay strong man!
  3. John Mulaney has probably been my favorite stand up to watch recently. Obviously comedy is subjective and I could see how he might not appeal to some, but I thought it stood out in comparison to a lot of what I've seen in the recent past.
  4. Fargo No Country For Old Men Ed Wood The Town The Departed The Doors ( always was a guilty pleasure) Devil's Rejects Layer Cake Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Rushmore Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Raising Arizona Snatch Nobody's Fool (the Paul Newman one) Pulp Fiction Hannah And Her Sisters City Of God Adaptation ........and probably a ton more that I'm forgetting about
  5. Agree there are some disturbing scenes, but I think -for me at least - that there are enough comedic and fun parts that it has always been rewatchable. I'm a big fan of Ewan Mcgregor too, so maybe that helps sway me. Requiem For A Dream is one that I have never wanted to rewatch though because it feels darker throughout the movie w/o much counter balance.
  6. I was (and still pretty much am) a big fan of Wes Anderson, and Rushmore was my favorite of his films. I also loved the scene from Royal Tennenbaums when they went to confront Owen Wilson. In the background, he had these subtly hilarious (in my mind) pictures on his wall. One of them is my avatar, so name and avatar are pretty much Wes Anderson homages.
  7. As a longtime Dylan fan, I enjoyed the Doc, but unlike some music Docs where I have been able to be amused at the subject matter even if I wasn't necessarily a big fan of the band covered, I think this one (much like other Dylan Docs) caters toward fans. Maybe further cementing my opinion on this is that I believe the most enjoyable part of this is the music itself, because I don't tend to come across casual Dylan fans very often. It's usually someone whom either vehemently loves and appreciates his genius like myself, or it's someone who says they don't enjoy listening to him and can't get past his vocal/singing style. Also, there are a few intentional weird things sprinkled into this. two examples that come to mind are the odd director by the last name of Van Dorp (I forget the first name at the moment) whom turns out to be a made up person. There is another interview with Sharon Stone recollecting fandom where afterwards it shows an old picture of her wearing a Kiss T-shirt that was photoshopped (the t-shirt). I'm sure there are probably many others. Much of the footage shown in this is actually from an old Dylan film (I'm not sure if it were ever actually released, and if so very limited) named Renaldo And Clara. *I typed this out in a hurry, so pardon any type o's or things I might have otherwise taken more careful approach towards, even in terms of closer fact-checking)
  8. The Guess Who : No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature David Bowie : Oh! You Pretty Things and Eight Line Poem always seemed to go well together when Hunky Dory is played in sequence.
  9. There has been a lot of talk of him finally delegating responsibilities (notably the interviews for the head coach search where it is claimed he wasn't even present ), but I feel like any thread about the worst owners in sports has to at least have a mention of Mike Brown (Bengals). I can only hope the talk of him taking significant steps back from his control are legit.