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  1. I started watching later in the ot, but I didn't see him in the game.
  2. I turned on the game late and saw Mostert getting the touches for SF. Breida hurt ? What about Coleman? Thx.
  3. Yeah I noticed that, which is why I asked the question regarding having Montgomery on his list of pickups. At first glance it might seem like Powell would be next in line, but I could easily see a scenario where they committee them with Montgomery getting the passing work and Powell as the between tackles runner. In this scenario, Montgomery could have the slightly higher floor considering how often they tend to check down.
  4. I don't believe there is any connection to this former Browns player and the Bengals. They did have a Terrance Whitehead (rb Oregon) several years ago.
  5. The Yudkin preseason rankings were always among my favorites to filter during draft prep 🤓
  6. Another thing to consider w Guice is that Gruden seemed to love him. With Gruden gone, we aren't sure of what degree of loyalty is associated with him. Having said that, I have him stashed in case he does step into opportunity upon his return.
  7. I believe the soonest he can return is week 11. They (Redskins) have a bye week 10.
  8. Anyone notice the pun in the most recent report above posted by Faust ? Intentional ? 😂😂😂
  9. Curious too. I'm always kinda iffy about starting someone coming off an injury. Seems odd after not long ago reading a report about there being swelling and that he was still a few weeks away.
  10. Regarding the criticism of Dalton : I'm not a huge fan of Dalton, but he's getting killed by this joke of a line.
  11. Zac in a tough position to try and orchestrate an offense with such garbage offensive linemen.
  12. I think they are both very talented. I might like AJ a tad more. And my post above was based on my opinion of his talent and future. I certainly acknowledge the current limitations based on the current offense and personel.