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  1. Lol. Paul Worrilow is the perfect example for the point you were trying to make
  2. Bowman released!
  3. It seems to me that they may be wanting to mix in some more short intermediate plays into the offense to help Ben get into a rhythm and help open up the offense a bit. I've watched a decent amount of the Steeler offense this season and have seen Bryant just miss out on some big plays. Most notably week one on a streak that would've been a long TD that was slightly overthrown (although Bryant maybe could've caught it but would've been an impressive play). The following week he was targeted in the endzone on a contested catch, but the db made a play on the ball. I still have hope for Bryant this season and am hoping what I'm seeing is continuing to shake off some rust and trying to rekindle chemistry with Ben.
  4. Good question, and I'm trying to assess his true value as well. His touchdown production is obviously great in the two games he's played, but at a very low target share. He's kind of been what I expected Bryant (also an owner) to be thus far.
  5. Had forgotten about him, but that dude was a pretty good LB.
  6. I hear some Kinks influence, which is very cool in my book.
  7. Although I've moved on from the 2017 Gordon train, he is currently rockin' a 6 pack ( and though the joke is sitting on a tee for me here, I'm actually speaking in terms of physique ) .
  8. Reminded me a bit of Sean Payton's handling of Ingram from last season.
  9. It seemed as if he was overly trying to force the ball to Antonio Brown this week following the drama that ensued the previous week. Obviously Brown is elite and possibly the best in the league, but it seemed overkill.
  10. Look forward each week to these breakdowns. My favorite weekly IDP content, thank you!
  11. Per PFT source, he has not applied for reinstatement yet.
  12. Nice to see him used in the redzone. Never understood why they didn't do so more often.
  13. Good post, and thanks for the Arians info. I was wondering the same thing as the poster you quoted and was kinda leaning towards doing the same thing as you mentioned (betting on the talent/past success in John Brown). On a side note, I watched parts of the game Sunday and I couldn't believe Palmer had accumulated as many yards as he did. It literally seemed like every time he dropped back he was getting smashed. I was streaming him and had to change the channel because it was pissing me off seeing him get drilled so often.
  14. Yes, starting to trend on some Cleveland boards as well as twitter. In the midst of all of the crazy Gordon rumors, these latest tidbits at least have some semblance of substance and believability.
  15. Latest Rumor: He's currently in Cleveland at the Kimpton Schofield Hotel