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  1. Anyone playing the Thurs Kickoff game? was going to throw a dart for fun Captain: Bryant (probably a losing strategy, but a 40 yd FG will return TD value and hoping for low ownership) Foles, Ertz, Agholor Ryan, Freeman
  2. What are your thoughts on P. Mahomes/Kelce (13,800) Stack and Fournette/Jax (14,600) Stack for one lineup (Filled out with DJ, K. Allen, Cole, Benjamin, L. Miller) D. Brees/Thomas (16,900) and Collins/Bal (11,500) stack for another (Filled out currently with: Zeke, Stills, Cole, ASJ, M. Gordon) Would love your thoughts...Plan was for more Cash+ lineups
  3. Ok Here is my first go for a cash lineup: QB: Mariota (Might switch to Winston) RB: Gordon (Seems like a good cost), TY Montgomery (Possible pivot play to McCaffrey if I got to Winston) WR: Tyreek Hill (I think Hunt is going to be getting more attention leaving Hill open for a bomb down field), Julio Jones (I think he is getting 100+ yards and a TD), Thielen TE: Kelce K: Dawson Def: Arizona (The Colts will give up a minimum of 4 sacks and a turnover. They are bad to awful without Luck. Even if Arizona is bad without DJ I think the Colts offense will have plenty of miscues).
  4. Also I did change my cash game lineup to avoid the same team players. Thanks for the advice KarmaPolice
  5. I am new to DFS, last year was my first time to play any contests. What I am not understanding is the following: ownership of Bell/DJ is going to be extremely high this week. If you are playing against these lineups this week you are relying on your scrubs outscoring their scrubs, right (the RBs will likely be a tie)? Could you pivot to a second tier RB and make up ground with WR2-3, TE? Is the thought that Bell/DJ will carry such a high score not playing them is a virtual loss in cash games? Not trying to question the strategies here just trying to learn.
  6. Ok Guys one of these days I am going to figure out how to make a $1 playing these DFS contests. Here's my cash lineup...tell me what you think. Good luck all. Would love to see shared success this season. QB: Maritoa RB: Bell, McCoy WR: Fitzgerald, Hopkins, Wright TE: Walker K: Bryant Def: Bills
  7. I'd prefer team B chris_7651@yahoo-dot-com thanks man. Look forward to an invite!
  8. Looking to join a competitive fun league. I'd love a league with 12+ players. Keeper, PPR. Something different than the traditional out of the box settings. Let me know if you have openings. chris_7651@Yahoo-dot-com
  9. In a standard snake redraft league. Would you trade the following round picks? 1st (6th overall , 4th (35 overall) and 6th (55 overall) for his 1st (7th overall), 4th (34th overall) and 6th (54 overall). I am the 6th pick overall. I anticipate getting Gordon, McCoy or Beckham even at 7th. I was targeting McCoy at 6. I would be fine taking any of those three players, but I am not sure I gain anything later. Thanks!
  10. I'd go: Beckham, Miller and Gurley 100%, Hilton 90% and probably Baldwin over Crowell 70%. I think even if Luck doesn't play you will still see decent numbers from T.Y. (slight dip for other Colts WRs). I understand Crowell, but you might be able to get him back with that 10/11 pick. I understand the concern with Brady. He is going to be a monster this year, but I imagine with the depth at QB this year having more skill positions will make you happier in the long run.
  11. I am confused with this question...This seems like a no brainer to me. TAKE THE DEAL!! Abdullah is projected upper 40s to upper 60s with ADP in the 60s on most sites. It seems to good to be true to be getting two players in the second round for a 5th-7th round value. Please explain what I am missing. I cannot understand why someone would be so interested in Abdullah.
  12. I would agree Pryor seems like the clear choice to me. If you get A. Brown at 2. I would look for BPA in round 2 and slightly hedge toward a RB if you are fairly even in your rankings at that time. I imagine Pryor could be a flex player, but I would not be surprised if you are starting him weekly as your WR2 and finding value in later rounds that fit well in the flex. Best of luck