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  1. Lamar Miller is that guy who's probably on a lot of fantasy playoff teams but you didn't start him in the playoffs. Volume-ish RB who for SOME reason never gets 4-5 receptions per game in that O. We've done the "lost weight" thing with him before, however with D'onta Foreman looming it would be a good thing if Miller recouped value by getting more receptions.
  2. from The Gut Check No.470: Late-Round Wide Receiver Bargains The Fantasy perspective I don't care about, but it's interesting the write-up the Giants' Darius Slayton and Reggie White Jr. have been getting recently from a national perspective (aka not NY people). Both are taller WRs (6'1 and 6'2 respectiverly) and their PlayerProfiler comps are pretty positive.
  3. Whoops I forgot I actually made a thread... YOU WIN THIS ROUND FAUST, BUT THERE WILL BE OTHERS!!!! It's funny how it took awhile but he now is in a situation where he could eat from a fantasy perspective. Unfortunately he's probably going to be overdrafted at this point now that Watson got popped for 4 games.
  4. Eli was around legit nobodies at Ole Miss and carried them to the Cotton Bowl. Daniel Jones was around nobodies and carried them *checks Wiki* to the Independence Bowl?
  5. Again, Giants are suddenly loaded at CB if Beal recognizes his potential. A refresher:
  6. Between Halapio and Pulley, you should get at least league average play. Remember, Halapio looked solid before the injury.
  7. Hello, my name is Joe Flacco. I am a professional #######.
  8. It's funny how proactive the Giants have been on their offensive line. All of a sudden not only did they address the starters with this signing, but they fixed the depth with the Halapio/Pulley loser backing up and the rookie RT they got in the draft.
  9. He's definitely got a shot. It was initially thought that the Giants would use Cody Latimer in 3-wide sets since he's a bigger body and a deep threat, but the Giants plan to run more 4-wide sets and 2 TE sets with Engram lining up wide. Coleman has a legit shot to have value depending on how preseason shakes out.
  10. Stunned it took this long to find this thread. With Doug Baldwin retiring due to accumulated injuries Tyler Lockett is Seattle's new #1 receiver, with the rest of the crew being David Moore and D.K. Metcalfe. It's not a stretch to lock in 8 targets a game from him now.
  11. It's weird that Betcher and the Giants seem to want to build an aggressive, ballhawking secondary seemingly w/o the requisite pass-rushers to do it. They're talking up Markus Golden and moving Dexter Lawrence and B.J. Hill around, but that's really hard to do with such a young unit. Also Holy crap I thought this was a Photoshop
  12. I want to say this is gamesmanship, but I think there are carries to be had behind Saquon and maybe this lights a fire under Wayne Gallman Jr.
  13. Giants: 5 things we learned at rookie minicamp (5/4) Good... good...