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  1. When I saw the Giants contingent they're seriously doing legit research on the man, contrary to the "Giants haven't paid attention to Haskins" smoke released recently. With the questionable moves Gettleman has made recently there's no real guarantee they'll be bad enough to tank for Tua; have to take Haskins at #6 if you're the Giants.
  2. b-b-but Giants weren't paying attention! No one watched him... Ignore the smoke guys. Dunno how many draft guys you want that like Haskins' makeup and work ethic (Bucky Brooks, Louis Riddick, etc.) but with two firsts you gotta get Haskins. There is no guarantee Giants will be bad enough to be in the running for Tua in 2020.
  3. That... is very light. I'll be interested to see if he was judged as having 2 incidents or 3, because it sounds like they gave him 4 games apiece for 2 incidents.
  4. In 2015 the Falcons moved up from the 27th pick to the 6th to get Juilo Jones. They swapped 1st rounders and got a second, and fourth-round picks from that year, then a 2016 first and fourth-rounder. I think for guys like Antonio Brown and OBJr. you think you could get like a 1st and a 2nd or something... Obviously with AB the situation was different. He's 30, wanted big money and had more (?) of a diva attitude; there weren't many teams who could pay him and give up the draft capital. OBJr. was a bit different though, he arguably hasn't reached his prime and already is locked into a contract. I know someone said Peppers is essentially a locked-in-contract 1st, so that should be 2 1sts and a 3rd... ehhhh. I mean Giants didn't even get Cleveland's higher 3rd rounder! To me the trade value of a Top WR is either depressed, or football trades for established (problematic) players don't have the same return like in the NBA or MLB.
  5. Asset Allocation, at least I kinda get that part of the equation. Gettleman, of course, still won't say "rebuild" Golden Tate signing proves Gettleman thinks Giants can win and rebuild in 2019 I'll say this... this dude is going to shock the world or be fired within 2-3 years.
  6. I mean I think Sheperd has the goods to play outside so that part of the equation doesn't bother me. but that much money for Tate and $23 guaranteed? That's not a tank team move. Hell, I think the Giants could've gone with Sheperd/Coleman/Latimer/Fowler with Engram and Barkley and been ok, they're going run-heavy with West Coast Offense principles anyway.
  7. I'm not sure of the Giants focus now... Giants made a lot of signings today: - Signed Golden Tate, which seems to me the Giants with rotate Sheperd and Tate in the slot. Coleman or Latimer will play the Y in a lot of 3 receiver sets, Benny Fowler is either let go of becomes the #5 WR/Special Teamer. - Lost BW Webb (thank you!) but re-signed CB Tony Lippett to a one-year contract. Lippet wasn't bad but nothing special, a Webb replacement. - Signed OLB Markus Golden on a prove-it deal. I have no idea what the plan is, it feels like they should tank but signing Tate to that deal means they aren't tanking. This is the infuriating thing about Gettleman (y'know besides bad deals). He says one thing and does something the opposite.
  8. This is now the Tyrell Williams, Raiders WR (Die-Nasty watch) thread.
  9. Brieda/Coleman are basically the same back though (Brieda a tougher runner). Weird.
  10. Whelp, so I guess it was about the guaranteed cash + incentives. The other thing besides the Pittsburgh drama is no team was really breaking the bank here besides the Jets. Ravens shifted to Ingram, Browns got Hunt, Eagles according to reports were content to wait, Packers/Bears/Chiefs didn't need him; only the Raiders possibly could have paid for him and they are throwing cash at other areas.
  11. Jets really did good work here, contract is very friendly overall and the only big thing is the guaranteed money ($35 million).
  12. The guaranteed money is the key here, it pretty much has to be but we don't know how much the Steelers proposed to him. Only thing we can be sure is he's sure to be one of the Top 3 RBs off the board.
  13. Evan Engram just went from a bit of a late rounder to possible Top 5 TE value, and that's being conservative.
  14. For a Top 3 receiver, that's not enough. Giants should've at least asked for a 2020 2nd rounder also; if the Giants are counting Peppers as a 1st rounder (he was drafted in the 1st round in 2017) nah eff that.You saw the haul Atlanta had to give for Juilo Jones in the draft? You have to get something similar to that.