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  2. I tried contacting Yahoo! fantasy about COVID stuff and they were not responsive... The big thing was to try and help people w/o creating a situation people would exploit. So what I did was this:
  3. Commish of the SLAENT Play or Die League. I had one IR and 3 IR-COVID spots and upped bench spots to 5 to counter this situation (was supposed to be a 14 team short bench league). Basically I warned people during the draft about draft multiple players on 1 team/region and mentioned people needed to be active if they have a situation where multiple players tested positive. Make sure if a worst case scenario happens, your bench can cover you. Don't get cute and keep multiple players of a position where you only need to start 1 (QBs/Kicker).
  4. Very fluid situation; if tracing starts showing a lot more infected then the game probably gets canceled/moved. If no more new infections, work on containing/tests but games go on. Things literally will change hour to hour.
  5. Also, can we please not get this ####### thread locked and try to somewhat stick to the evidence/science?
  7. We don't know who they were in contact with, but the ramifications are massive. Justin Jefferson was probably goign to be the #1 FAAB pickup on waivers, but if the Vikings get shut down/he has COVID, now what? His team misses a week or he goes to IR-COVID for 3 weeks... gonna really depend on your league settings/rules.
  8. Going to be interesting to see how the NFL "handles this". And by "handles this" I mean completely gets everything FUBAR.
  9. uh oh...
  10. Blip. They got behind two scores and went away from their gameplan. Monday was the first time they trailed all season. Now, if the opposing offense is good enough to get ahead like that and the D is good enough it's likely you can force Baltimore into that situation again, but what teams can do that? The Superbowl champs can and did, but not many teams have that type of firepower/play-calling to do that to Baltimore.