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  1. He definitely won't go to a league where people are out for KO-shots and he could be the MVP and it wouldn't matter. But the main reason is what the commish said: I mean no one is getting paid in the XFL from an NFL players standpoint.
  2. Tannehill getting 30 is better? Again, the franchise tag/QB market is what it is.
  3. Matt McGloin might be done after this interview Or maybe this sideline comment You can't do that, again stop going after these guys seconds after an emotional situation!
  4. He's looking at a November return at best. Usually takes a year to come back and his tear was worse than normal. Definitely will get PUP'd.
  5. It's a different FO now, no loyalty to him and they'll save a ton in cap space.
  6. When do they drive him to the airport? Easiest cut this offseason.
  7. This. I mean if you could actually sign a better guy in FA go for it. But is Andy Dalton really anywhere near Winston's current ceiling? He'll be cheaper but that's it. Philip Rivers? LOL. Teddy Bridgewater? Certainly less error prone but risk averse also.
  8. Absolutely should have dealt him, even if it was for a 6th-7th. Team has plenty of RBs who could slam into brick walls.
  9. Eff it. Gamechanger. Gonna draft him in the 8th round upcoming fantasy football season in a 14 teamer.
  10. This is moronic by Atlanta. You could've traded him to Detroit for a 4th round pick and now 3-4 months later you won't resign him? Absolutely mind-boggling, you have no shortage of RBs on the roster; they could've easily moved on from him at the deadline if they were so worried about him.
  11. Play in question - Look how quick those cameras are in his face. That's on ESPN though, you gotta know what could happen.
  12. My brother was commenting that Cardale had the slowest windup he's seen of any QB in the last 3 years.
  13. Giants Sports Net NY - 5 ideas from the XFL that the NFL should adopt I get that the XFL is about more access, but some of these reporters were desert thirsty to talk to these dudes like 5 seconds after the play. So a defender on Seattle got a Personal Foul call and one of the reporters is interviewing the dude on the sidelines who got into it with the LA player. Of course he disagrees with the call and lets off a 4-second bleepfest that they had to cut away from. YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN'T INTERVIEW THESE GUYS SO SOON AFTER A PLAY - Give them a friggin' minute or two to decompress with the team! You already interview quicker than the NFL with all the sideline cameras and reporters... you don't need the spicy hot take!
  14. My brother and I talked it over and you absolutely should go for 3 every time. You only need one conversion in two tries to be up +1 over a team the successfully gets the extra point twice; however the extra point isn't a gimme now either.