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  1. Short statement by Colin Kapernick after the workout EDIT: Replaced the link with a better quality one.
  2. Another NFL reporter who was there weighed in: Again, we'll see what happens.
  3. Still got a nice arm but he still has that weird over the top throwing motion that makes me think every ball is going to go in the dirt.
  4. Wrong. NFL didn't move this, Kap's people and scouts did. He has also invited the NFL and scouts to attend if you looked at the Twitter links.
  6. Well, this is all kinds of YIKES So: No media invited, only the NFL has access to the workout tape, and sign a non-standard waiver that is explained better here that is a possible scheme to shield them. Otherwise, perfectly normal Pro Day that every other QB goes through!
  7. If you can't see the utter hypocrisy of your statement after all the events leading up to this... I can't. Nope. Just gonna wait until 4 PM and check Twitter. EDIT: Welp I'm back because of this Holy crap NFL what are you doing?
  8. LOL. Was wondering why we didn't hear any reporter info yet, this is why; event hadn't started.
  9. I'm surprised 3/3rds of the league waited 3 years to do so. Also rather than actually bring him in themselves a few owners went to the league first, which is a terrible look.
  10. Like ... I kinda thought he wouldn't get a game but he'd get a large fine. I'm reading reports on Twitter those undisclosed fines could be the team fines. I'm trying to find more online right now because I'd think he at least has to be fined a decent amount. EDIT: nvm
  11. So it looks like no suspension at all, but an undisclosed fine for Rudolph by the NFL. That's a little weird considering their rather strict rules on fight engagement/escalation, but I kinda expected the NFL to cave. A lot of similarities to the Andre Johnson/Courtland Finnegan fight except Finnegan actually manage to get the helmet off and didn't get decked by one.
  12. If you go by letter of the rules, he could actually get 2 games: One for attempting to rip Garrett's helmet, and one for escalation (new rule put in this year). Do I think he'll get 2? Nope. He may not even get 1 even though he would deserve it, just a steep fine.