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  1. Old article, but I bolded the last part because it drove my brother absolutely bugf*ck. You have a power-speed combo and for some reason Shurmur rarely got him out in space. Hopefully they get him some more outside runs in space where he has options on how to attack.
  2. Defense won't matter if the offense can't get on track. The Giants potentially have a very good offense, but Jones is learning a brand new scheme and he doesn't have a normal training camp to work with receivers and coaches. Garrett is probably going to coddle Jones until he has a good grasp of the system, but the schedule sure won't do hm any favors.
  3. I don't care about the predictions. This season will hinge in Daniel Jones' ability to sense pressure and the O-Line/RB's ability to bail him out when he fails to.
  4. Homer was the first guy I thought of but then remembered his "questionable" pass protection. He'll need to make major strides in that department.
  5. Very weird because I though they'd sign a guy who could catch the ball; they went after Freeman but he didn't like the contract. This seems to point at Carson staying on the field on 3rd downs because Hyde sure doesn't have better hands than him.
  6. Is it really? Bridgewater is a QB drafted as a QB. Hill is a UDFA used in a gimmick manner. Bridgewater was a young QB who had his development stopped due to a catastrophic knee injury, so he's nowhere near a finished production and may never be. However, he's more of a QB now than Taysom Hill is. His usage in the playoffs is irrelevant; Hill is the wildcat QB, Bridgewater is the backup if Brees is hurt. Bridgewater is and was the guy they trusted to run the team. Hill is the guy who they trust to force mismatches in his 10-12 wildcat snaps per game.
  7. Hurst is a much better athlete than Hooper and a good blocker. The only reason Baltimore dealt him is he was blocked by Andrews and Boyle (bigger, better blocker) and the price was too high to pass on. The ATL offense that fed targets to Hooper... even if he gets the same amount of targets Hurst is a guy than can do more with them. Only the immortal Jaeden Graham is Hurst's competition for snaps right now.
  8. As far as I know/remember, Baker had no character concerns coming out of the draft and was one of the best CBs in college. So no, you can't blame Gettleman for a guy going full stupid during this pandemic, especially a young player. You think people blamed the Pats for drafting Aaron Hernandez?? Steelers for Antonio Brown? That being said this is a crushing blow for the Giants and moreso Seattle, who were relying on Dunbar to be their starting right cornerback with very little in depth in the secondary. At least Giants have a lot of depth at CB; Sam Beal probably gets the starter job by default over Ballentine and Julian Love, with Darnay Holes at slot corner. Seattle may need to try and pickup Logan Ryan.
  9. Think he means last year's preseason, where he was the best WR on the field with Hollywood hurt.
  10. I think there is plenty meat left on the bone. As Ian Haritz pointed out in his Rotoworld piece, D.J. was one of the most unlucky WRs in the NFL and now goes from the truly horrible Kyle Allen to the efficient Teddy Bridgewater. Moore is a YAC monster with an evolving skillset; he's starting to use positioning and body control to his advantage. He's got the talent and should have good usage behind only McCaffrey on the team (Robby Anderson shouldn't leapfrog him at all). There isn't any value drafting him as a Top 10 fantasy WR, but would have no issues drafting him around WR16-18. EDIT: It's funny because if you look at composite ranking sites over time like Fantasy Football Calculator, D.J. Moore's rank is way down; well outside the Top 20 WRs. I think it largely depends on your league type.
  11. Yeah @Soulfly3 you're a regular poster. Rename the thread!
  12. I'm scared now... honestly it goes back to my quote Even if Jones gets carried by Barkley and his D, Giants need to finish 8-8 or better/Jones finish the season showing that progression as a QB that Giants fans felt after Eli's 1st season a.k.a sure we missed the playoffs but we see the signs that we have a legit franchise QB. Otherwise it can turn into Mitchell Trubisky 2.0. EDIT: BTW for all those people calling Daniel Jones "Danny Dimes", remember Mitchell Trubisky had "Money Mitch" for a short time his rookie year. Yeah...
  13. Very interesting with the market on pass-rushers stagnant (Ngakoue, Clowney and Golden) Giants make a pre-emptive strike with this. It's similar to the draft pick compensation tenders you see in MLB baseball. You get Golden for a relative bargain if he stays. Heck, I'll take 9-7. It can't be understated that if the Giants don't finish over .500 with the weapons they see to have now, the Daniel Jones pick is going to be viewed as a huge mistake. I really hope he's learning this off-season and studying the books. Obviously they need to check his physicals, but signing him cheap would be great with the relative uncertainty at the position. You always would like to have a vet there.