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  1. I loathe Cataldi as much as the next guy, but to skip watching it because of him is silly. I just groan at the 30 seconds you hear him each episode and move on. While not as much behind the scenes as I was hoping overall, it's still a good watch and worth the time if you're a fan.
  2. I've seen Jim Caldwell's name thrown around a lot, assuming his health issues are handled.
  3. Obviously, I don't think Foles should be in, but that wasn't the point he was making. The argument was he should be in based on the playoff run. And we all know the game has changed and his career passing numbers will be quickly eclipsed. When Testaverde retired in 2007 he was #6 in passing yards and 8th in TDs, now he's dropped to 15th and 16th respectively. Don't remember many arguments for him getting enshrined.
  4. Well aware he's going to get in. I'll sleep fine at night when he does. Just giving my opinion, and backing it up, that it isn't deserved.
  5. Cool, so one good postseason makes you a hall of famer? Then Nick Foles should be a lock for what he did in 2017, plus he's tied for most TDs in a single game and had the 27TD to 2 int season. Just put him in now, anything else he does is gravy. Look at Eli's career, not just the 2 highlights. How often was he considered a top 5 QB in any season he played? Top 10? And in contrast to your point, show me how Eli "carried" his team during the playoff runs? in 2007 the defense averaged 16 points per game in the playoffs, in 2011 they averaged 14. So yeah, I'd say the defense is what "carried" the team to those wins.
  6. Counterpoint. He was the starting QB for 14 seasons. Only 6 of those his team went to the playoffs, and in 4 of those he was one and done. So no, I don't think 2 magical/lucky/flukey runs should get you into the hall. Write a book if you want to hear cool stories, but he's not a hall of fame player, even though I know he'll get shoved in anyway.
  7. Think it was Les Bowen pointing out the good relationship they obviously have with Reid and would already know if he'd allow him to leave or not, so if they're still interested then odds are he'll let him go.
  8. My two thoughts are young guys not developing how they wanted or the fact the pass rush would completely disappear for large chunks of games. A quarter of those sacks were against the Jets. The d-line was a disappointment this year, IMO. So many games they should have had a huge advantage against bad/injured o-lines and rarely capitalized, and for Schwartz's defense to work they need pressure from the front four. They were great against the run, though. Sorry for your friend, but obviously management wasn't happy with a lot of coaching. Wonder if anyone else gets the ax.
  9. Agreed. The suspension talk for me is being a vindictive homer. For example, i was super glad he took a hit to the junk during the Packer game and that they lost. But it absolutely should have been a fine. Otherwise defenders now have the motivation to take their chances hitting a QB and maybe that will knock him out and win them the game. Bad precedent to set.
  10. And I think that's what most of us want is consistency and common sense. If safety is the goal, call the game that way. Use some common sense in how a game is called and call the game the same each week/play. One week Wentz's knee is down going to the endzone but is untouched, he's ruled down and gave himself up. Now he was a runner and has no protection? On the Bills game, technically it's a penalty, but how is he supposed to play that. Stand still and hope the defender goes to him? Move away and let the QB be hit from behind? As a fan it's frustrating to see and rarely makes sense.
  11. Well aware, but if you think that was worthy of a fine and a head shot that took a QB out of a game wasn't, not sure what else there is to say.
  12. So we're clear. This is a penalty and a fine. This is perfectly legal. All in the name of player safety?
  13. I'm with the noid. No more familiarity or internal hires. Gimme someone with a new outlook who can work with Wentz and his strengths.