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  1. Funny, I was thinking the complete opposite. Peters is cooked at LT. Would rather leave Mailata at LT, Peters at RG and put Pryor at RT with help. Unless there's a better RT option right now, I honestly can't remember who's healthy. Or maybe even better, bench Peters, leave Pryor at RG and surely there has to be someone else to play RT? Anyone?
  2. I'm assuming WTF will win and keep the streak of non-consecutive division winners alive and well.
  3. Taking this way too personally. Most of us are referring to the people who were born and raised in the Philly area but call themselves Cowboys fans. They usually emerge when they are doing well, have no clue who is on the team, but are the loudest, then mysteriously disappear when they start doing poorly. Safe to assume most on this board don't apply to that stereotype, but believe me, they exist and are the worst.
  4. Quick story from college, around '92-'93. Friend had a Cowboy "fan" in his dorm and was talking to him saying that running back they have is pretty good. Guy responds, "Yup, Hershel Walker." So yeah, on average, Cowboy fans around here don't know jack.
  5. It definitely wasn't the "perfect" pass they kept insisting on last night.
  6. Of course, the one time he tried that he got called for intentional grounding. My hope is if/when he has legit and healthy players around him he won't feel the need to be superman every play.
  7. I know last night was ugly, but here's some glass half full for your Friday morning. Warning, some clich├ęs ahead. An ugly win is better than a pretty loss. Sure they looked a little better against Pitt and Balt, but they lost. There's no moral victory section in the standings. I also remember in 2017 it took an unlikely 64 yard FG from a rookie kicker to beat a bad Giants team. I'm glad Doug is being aggressive and liked his decisions to go for it or go for two (it's his play calls in those situations that are garbage, sorry, can't be all positive). So I'm looking forward to finishing 6-9-1 and winning this garbage division and a playoff game against the Bears and Foles, because that will be fun.
  8. Except the Giants are awful. I feel bad for the guys in the Giants thread, they're a bit delusional, but this team is hot garbage and will be for awhile with that GM/coach. If the Eagles lose tonight might as well pack it up this year.
  9. It's always been worse. Lived up there for a few years from 99-01 and couldn't listen. They're insufferable.
  10. Since we can't go back in time, might as well make the most of what we have.
  11. "Maybe Next Year" doc about Eagles fans during 2017 season. Comes out next month, so we can remember happier times.
  12. I'm a firm believer that head coaches should not be play callers or GMs. If you want to be the play caller, be an OC. When you're responsible for too much you make stupid, simple mistakes like this. Good leaders hire good people and delegate.
  13. When you're missing your top RB and 7? offensive linemen, I'm not picking a slow developing run play with the game on the line. So I'd say both is the answer to your question.
  14. Is this bad? That sounds bad.