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  1. While I think this idea is terrible, got me thinking how you could abolish the draft but still give the bad teams a leg up to get better. So in this new system, each team gets 7 contracts they can sign players to. Each contract has a set salary based on previous season's record. So some made up numbers with this years draft. Arizona has a $10mil contract, SF a $9.75mil contract, NYJ $9.5mil, etc. So say you're a generational QB, but you have no desire to play in Arizona. Fine, you can pick another team that wants you, if you're willing to accept less money. Or maybe that same QB wants Arizona, but Arizona wants that dominating DE more. QB can still go to Arizona, but take the "2nd round" contract money. Instead of a draft you'd have an insane negotiating period for all 32 teams trying to woo 254+ players. Teams can trade contracts like they do picks, throw in comp contracts for free agency losses. I'm guessing you'd still see players chase the money and higher pick status, but the players would have a choice at the end of the day. Of course the big loophole would be the player not signing with anyone and being an undrafted rookie free agent, but there would have to be dollar limits on that, which I think already exist.
  2. Or an RPO, or good old fashioned play action. It's not like he'll be the focus of the offense, just another piece. He upgrades a poor backfield, that's all.
  3. Aside from Chip Kelly, I think players appreciate how the organization treats them since Lurie bought the team. Owens is the only player I can think of during that time who left on bad terms and never reconciled, but he's definitely a unique outlier.
  4. 1 year, 2.25 with incentive bonuses that could reach 1.25 additional. Works for me.
  5. I thought the same. Overthecap has charts for every team and they show the Rams signed no one who would count, so I'm assuming all the signings were cut players and not true free agents? The formula they use is wacky.
  6. McLeod contract reworked for 2019, haven't seen details on monies.
  7. I'm sticking with my plan of not caring who wins and watching my Eagles SB52 blu-ray instead.
  8. More players defending. Here is Matt Mullin giving player responses, but also saying they still stick by their sources.
  9. Also if true, then Foles would be signed long term and Wentz traded. Unless watching Foles win last year really did effect him. Going to be a long off-season.
  10. I'm assuming paying fines for bad mouthing the refs, even though it's deserved. The NFL is weird.
  11. I didn't want Andy to win before the Eagles did. That would have pissed me off if he finally got a Super Bowl immediately after leaving Philly. Now that we finally got one, go Andy and go Chiefs.
  12. Based on the cap and what we've seen from him so far, I'm good with Sudfeld. Draft a 3rd QB to groom.
  13. I'd add DE, assuming Graham is gone and who knows if Long & Bennett are still in their plans.