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  1. The fact this is still a debate is embarrassing. Love Foles and what he did for us, and think he's had some bad luck in his chances at being the full-time starter, but it's painfully obvious Wentz is the correct choice.
  2. Hate to bring this thread back to the Eagles, but in case you haven't seen on their YouTube channel they've been releasing all those old NFL Films seasons in review. You know the ones that makes any team look like they were a champion team? Couple weekends ago they released all the 80's ones, this past weekend all the 90's. Fun to look back at these.
  3. I've been working on editing the radio broadcast to the video (which I should really get back to and finish). He's definitely lost a step, but still light years better than listening to Collingsworth question every Eagles touchdown in that game.
  4. Man, reading through this thread the past few days is like someone live tweeting the five stages of grief. Can't tell now with the Hurts pick if ya'll are still bargaining or are now accepting.
  5. I actually wouldn't mind this. Been reading a few things this off-season regarding his attitude, mainly being too passive. Would suck they blew another first round pick, but if it's true better to get something for him now.
  6. I dunno, when you trade half your draft for a crappy LB, tough to beat. Agholor, Hicks, Matthews and Allen were better players than any of the 4 they got in '89. I am unhealthily obsessed with a draft from 31 years ago. I just started getting into the Eagles the year before so didn't have any idea at the time how bad it was.
  7. So the first round of the 1989 draft was on TV the other night. Was looking at that draft and somehow the Eagles only made 4 picks in a 12 round draft. Went deeper and found they traded their 1st for Ron Solt (pick became Andre Rison), 4th for Ron Heller (good move), and their 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 for the Bears 3rd to get Britt Hager. Remaining picks were Jesse Small, Heath Sherman, and Robert Drummond. That has to be the worst draft ever, right?
  8. I admit I don't watch college football so know little about players coming out, but everything I read about Jefferson just reminds me of Jordan Matthews when he was drafted. Is that a bad take? His first time around he was a solid, volume receiver that did nothing special.
  9. It was a magical season that ended horribly. Such a fun team of cavemen and before we realized everyone was juicing.
  10. There really weren't any other options. That bullpen was old and full of dead arms, if I remember correctly. I was in college and yelled No the second it left the bat. It was out of the park so fast. I couldn't turn the TV off fast enough.
  11. If you're going off book like that and not including Kristen Rodgers you failed. Also, house 2 would win because Gritty.
  12. Baltimore and DC are like 30 miles away and Canada is in North America.