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  1. Can someone tell Romo that Jackson isn't coming back.
  2. I dunno. It's been over 2000 years. Some new ideas wouldn't hurt.
  3. Eagles claimed S Marcus Epps off waivers. So basically they traded safeties with the Vikings.
  4. Torrey Smith on Twitter saying he doesn't know where this rumor came from but he's happy being retired.
  5. Apparently any pass to a runningback is a screen?
  6. I find myself longing for the days of Thrash and Pinkston.
  7. I put more of the blame on the receivers. If they had just one worth a damn they'd have 30+ points. Defense gave up 9 yards in one half, so I'm willing to cut them some slack.
  8. Disagree with some people here, I think WR is the #1 need on this team, unless you can guarantee me Jackson comes back and will stay healthy the rest of the year. This is a slow, plodding offense that requires Wentz to be perfect to have success. No one is getting separation, no one is making tough or even routine catches consistently. Speed on the outside is so desperately needed.
  9. Traded for Cleveland DE Genard Avery, gave up undisclosed 2021 pick. Anyone know anything about this guy?
  10. This sure doesn't feel like an 11pt lead.
  11. He's so frustrating because he has talent, but he just craps the bed so often. Can only assume it's something mental/physiological.
  12. Wait, an Eagles receiver made a tough catch?!?!?!?!
  13. If you can tolerate that clown Bayless, Scandrick was on today and sharing his thoughts on the team. He's pretty bitter, but might be interesting. I honestly couldn't get through the whole thing because Bayless.
  14. But by doing that you're saying you give up on this season, because who you going to trot out there? Jaw and Hollins? That's all that's left. As crazy as it seems now, they have a ridiculously easy schedule at the end. The kind where they rattle off a bunch of wins against garbage and potentially sneak into the playoffs like last year.