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  1. Boston Scott, team MVP this season...the bar is low.
  2. Reporters on Twitter saying he limped off the field, is in the blue medical tent.
  3. No matter what the Cowboys did this week, if Eagles win out the division is theirs. Even after losing to the Dolphins, they "control their own destiny" because this division is terrible.
  4. If true, they must have known this before this season, so restructuring his contract the way they did makes even less sense. Possibly the worst move they made this year.
  5. I'm convinced they're going to win the division, somehow win the first playoff game, get Jackson back for the divisional round bringing false hope to all of us, then crap the bed royally. Or they win the Super Bowl leaving the entire league to scratch their heads for the next 6 months.
  6. And I'm sure the NFL is happy with the current setup. The more teams that have something to play for as late in the season as possible is what they want to keep their fans' interest. Making it fair for the "best" teams isn't the goal, making as much money as possible is.
  7. If ESPN's playoff machine is accurate, Washington team still can but the Giants cannot. If both Giants and Dallas finish at 6-10 Dallas would win the head-to-head tiebreaker.
  8. You're right, forgot division record is the next tie breaker. Either way losing to the Bears was still meaningless for the Eagles.
  9. Yes. All last night did was allow the Eagles to lose another game outside of Dallas and still have a chance. It's sad, really.
  10. So you're saying they were "better" than the terrible teams, making them a better team? Not sure why you're so hung up on this. Never said they were a Super Bowl favorite or even good. They have a winning record and aren't complete dog poop like half the league this year.
  11. Left out the Eagles wins against better teams, Bears, Bills, Packers. Sure they've sucked, but they have a few impressive wins.
  12. This whole discussion is dumb, but if Wentz didn't lead the team to the #1 seed there would be no Eagles Super Bowl. Now let's get back to how they'll embarrass themselves against the garbage team Giants.
  13. Not just recent. He's 10-20 overall and 0-2 in playoffs. Of course, none of that seems to matter with this team.
  14. Maybe 2011? Giants were 9-7, both Eagles and Cowboys 8-8. This year is the worst the division has ever been, or darn close.
  15. If not for the bad hands I'd agree and could live with coming up small when he's asked to step-up and inability to track deeps balls and adjust. Those terrible drops are the last straw. Plus I'm assuming some team will offer more money than he deserves, more than a 3/4 at least. Slot receivers made crazy money the past couple seasons in FA I thought. Looking at overthecap, Alshon has $26mil is dead cap money next year, Jackson has $12.5mil. Assuming they aren't going anywhere. Still have JJaw. They need to draft 2 WRs and hope at least one hits. There's your 5 WRs. No room or need for Nelly.
  16. Eagles still control their own destiny. 4-0 wins the division, so there's that. Even if they get hot and do it, I couldn't care less. The last shred of hope I had for this year's team evaporated after that sad excuse of a game. Post game Doug says the players hold themselves and each other accountable, yet at the same time many players refused to talk to reporters. Very accountable. I know the knee-jerk reaction is to replace everyone, but realistically what can they, or should they, do? Doug and Howie are going nowhere, IMO. They have Super Bowl long leashes. Groh and the WR coach are gone. Doubt Schwartz goes anywhere. His defenses turn in stinkers like this but overall they do well. Everyone also has the injury excuse to put some blame on. Maybe they sacrifice the DB coach again? For players, no idea. Alshon and Desean are back unless you take huge cap hits. Nelson shouldn't be back at any price and Hollins can go suck a buffet of Ds. Need to draft at least 2 WRs next year, supposed to be very deep there. Mills and Darby are FAs. I'd keep Mills if the price is right and lose Darby, but what are you replacing him with? Do you overpay for someone in FA, is there someone worth overpaying, can they even afford it? Draft one and hope he isn't a bum? Need a young compliment at DT and hope Jackson comes back 100% and another DE who can get to the QB. This is the bare minimum of needs, I think. Forgot the medical staff. Can't be this bad of injury luck for 3 years in a row. Need to get some of that Wolverine healing factor going.
  17. For 12 weeks they overturn nothing and now they decide to start overturning PI? I hate this league.
  18. Not sure why the rule for intentional grounding even exists, it very rarely gets called. Eli made a career doing it and not getting flagged.