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  1. Hi there! I have Brady and Breese and looking to rejuvinate / plan for the future in my dynasty league. Which of these three would you aim for in a dynasty league? Wentz has started the season well but doesn't have that outstanding weapons in Philly. Simian has great weapons in Denver but just not sure yet if Simian is the guy. He has been solid so far, looked to be a lot more comfortable in week 2. Bradford had a great start in Minnesota agains a Green Bay defence which is a good test. I currently have Simian but could try to get one of the others on the wire. Phil
  2. That sounds like a good argument. And I guess IF Miami has a chance of winning, it would be with Brady missing. That would mean more run / throw balance instead of chasing the score. I guess I am down the road from you then in Aachen.
  3. Thanks! We are using standard scoring. I am tending towards Snead and Landry. Only things going against that are the NE DEF and the two long journeys that Miami have these first two weeks. German as well?
  4. Hi! Do I stick with Ware after Week 1 or go for one of the others? Blount should get a lot of touches I guess..
  5. Hi! I need to start 2 of these five but am very undecided today. Snead is given I guess, but what about the rest?
  6. Thanks! That confirms my thinking! The only open point was maybe choosing Crabtree over Diggs or Sharpe as Carr seems to be the better QB instead of Mariota or Bridgewater. So you don't expect bigger things in the future from Crabtree than already known?
  7. Some help here would be greatly appreciated. Not many experts here in Germany to ask :-)
  8. Hi there guys! I am in a dynasty league and really stuck who to drop / pick up. I have: J. Landry K. Allen (will be placed on our leagues IR for next season), T. Lockett T. Austin M. Wheaton Available: W. Snead T. Sharpe M. Sanu W. Fuller S. Diggs Crabtree 1. Do I keep Locket in the dynasty league? 2. Which order do you rank the available players in?