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  1. CletiusMaximus

    Dbag won’t switch seats—would you?

    switch seats? -->
  2. CletiusMaximus

    ⚽ Soccer Match-day Thread

    back to work for me then ... Pogba and Rashford have been the difference. Where were those guys the past couple years?
  3. If we could travel back in time to 1976 when Steve Jobs and Woz first met and started Apple, and ask him: "In 30 years years you will be one of the worlds richest men, but you will die of cancer in 2011 at age 56." I'm sure he'd say: "If that's the case, I'll just keep my day job."
  4. No love at all for deep dish in here. A proper Chicago style deep would be tempting for me on my last day, just for the pure decadence of it.
  5. CletiusMaximus

    ⚽ Soccer Match-day Thread

    Defendi E. is legit. Don’t even try to steal his thunder. Kanis H. could walk onto the reserves for a lower table serie B team without question don’t @ me.
  6. CletiusMaximus

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    This clears things up. Thanks.
  7. I get that lots of folks have a vested interest in declaring a winner and loser in this thing, but its really pure speculation in the case of a confidential settlement. The strong likelihood is that both sides perceived some risk of losing, which would have had huge negative consequences. One thing we know is that Kaepernick had a pretty high burden to prove collusion under the NFLPA's "clear and convincing evidence" standard. Another thing we know to be true is that, after a significant period of discovery, including depositions of owners, league officials and others, the arbitrator denied the NFL's motion for summary judgment last August. That doesn't mean one side or the other had the upper hand, but does suggest the arbitrator determined there was something in the evidence that indicated Kaepernick could meet his burden. In other words, when he looked at the evidence they had accumulated at that point, he couldn't say there was no chance of Kaepernick proving collusion.