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  1. The Usual Suspects. Not clever, just dumb. Long, stupid and ultimately meaningless contrived schlock story, then a stunningly stupid "reveal." The main thing the ending reveals is that you've just wasted 2 hours of time watching a dumb story with campy acting.
  2. Scarface = Overrated -- poor acting, ridiculous dialogue, dumb writing.
  3. This is going to be the difficulty for us this summer. We have a teenager who's days would typically be jam-packed with camps, sports, jobs. I'm already sick of fighting with him every day. His friend group includes both extremes. On Sunday, he asked to go on a bike ride with a friend - no problem. They ride some trails, then want to shoot hoops at his friend's house - we say its OK. This friend's dad is a prominent pediatrician in our city, a guy I respect. What we didn't know is they were having a bbq party, tons of kids there and my son is playing basketball, soccer, volleyball all afternoon. Other friends are available online only - no personal interaction at all. My 9 year old daughter was playing with a couple neighbor friends yesterday, then ended up in a different neighbor's swimming pool with a dozen other kids. There's no way to win this game.
  4. Dumb and Dumber, the Adam Sandler movies, Tommy Boy, etc. - the main theme of these movies is to create a character who is abnormally stupid, even mentally handicapped or with some other cognitive disability, so viewers can enjoy laughing at how stupid they are. Yes, the standard trope has some condescending redeeming event in the end. I'm not on a soapbox about this, but can say I've never watched any of these movies. Just based on trailers and clips, I have no desire. Not funny, not entertaining for me in the least.
  5. I’m asking the same question. I think I pay $15/mo, so Max is a bit cheaper. It’s hard to decipher how the content will be any different. I have noticed the past several months it’s seemed there is almost no new content on HBO.
  6. I made an appointment for next week. I have to fill out a questionnaire and wear a mask and they will be taking my temperature.
  7. There's a fantastic documentary called "Icarus" about the Russian doping program. It starts about being about the filmmaker's doping experience while riding in the 7 day Haute Route. He rides the first year clean and finished 14th. Then he starts an organized doping program (EPO and other stuff) under professional guidance. In the second year, he finished in the mid-20's even though his watts and power were way higher. That's an amateur race, so no where near the level Armstrong competed in. The filmmaker said there were always 8-10 guys at the top of the amateur classification that no one could touch. Its just one anecdotal example, but the point I think is accepted - you can't compete at a high level without the drugs, but drugs alone, even for a top rider, don't guarantee results. All of US Postal was on Lance's program for years. Maybe Hincapie, Hamilton or Leipheimer could have won in one of those years (all doping), but none of them could do what Armstrong did - no one was close. Ullrich, Beloki, Pantanini, Kloden, Vinokourov, Basso - all the top riders Armstrong competed against in those years were eventually busted.
  8. Apologies if its been noted, but the Giraffe v Giraffe fighting videos are among the best animal fighting videos you'll see. Its not the fighting technique you'd expect - crazy ####. Here's one:
  9. I didn't see the last 20 minutes or so of the first episode and not sure what direction the 2nd will go. I don't think there's enough time to fully cover the races AND the doping story in any meaningful way. For this to get really good, they have to spend some more time with Betsy and Fankie Andreu and Tyler Hamilton, speak with Lemond, Emma O’Reilly, and Floyd. There are at least a dozen or so key characters in the doping saga covering the US Postal years. They should speak with David Walsh and Dan Coyle. Hincapie seems like a loyal guy still. I would think Hamilton and Livingston would spill their guts, but I'm not sure how much they have to say that isn't known.
  10. The ‘greatest cyclist ever’ title is tough for me because he only rode the Tour. There’s no doubt he is the best the Tour de France has ever seen. The run of 7 is one of the top athletic accomplishments of our lifetime. I’m not sure this 30/30 can do it justice. I expect, by the end, viewers will know he was every bit the competitor and every bit the ###hole that Jordan was, and that was both on and off the bike.
  11. Great first episode. I don’t expect any new ground to be broken in this this, but it’s a fantastic story about an incredible athlete. I loved the opening when he says he expects people he meets to say “#### you.” If I ever met him, I’d thank him for the crazy awesome ride. Then I’d say “#### you.”
  12. That was terrible. Shouldn’t have been any card, and arguably not even a foul. I was kind of rooting for Dortmund and it still annoyed me. I'm going contrarian on this one. Red is harsh, but justified. The player can't complain imo with this type of reckless play. Edit: My 15 year-old son, a ref, emphatically says no card. "No way. A foul."