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  1. I made this workbench for my garage. The wheels are on one end only, so I can lift it and tuck it away. The top is a solid door with 1/2” mdf then a 1/4” sheet of some sort of fiberboard. This thing weighs a ton.
  2. The TV and firestick are both very slow - single digits. I'm going to spend some more time on it this evening and will check back in if I learn something. Thanks
  3. I have the Firestick plugged directly into the tv hdmi input with the power coming from an outlet The router (ATT) is one floor up, but as I said the signal is extremely fast on my ipad while sitting a few feet from the tv. Based on some googling this morning, I will make sure all the firmware is updated when I get home tonight. Other than that, I'm at a loss. Thanks.
  4. Just FYI guys, Willian was baptized in the River Jordan this summer. Make of this what you will, but I think your path is clear.
  5. I have a tech question, looking for advice. Sitting in my basement, my Ipad registers about 120mbps up and down on my 5ghz signal, and about half that (40s-50s) on the 2.4 ghz wifi. About 5 feet away, both my smart tv (Vizio) and my 4k fire stick register in the single digits, often under 5 mbps. The picture is terrible. Any advice on how I can trouble-shoot this or fix it? tia
  6. We have a recent example of a moderate trying to beat Trump based on policy, treating him with kid gloves. I've got no background or experience in this stuff, but the answer seems so obvious to me. He will get the same support, or even more than last time. Forget about his supporters, or any "undecideds" (for me, hard to fathom). All the democrats have to do is energize the public and get the vote out.
  7. Android 9 takes up 8.8gb on my wife's Pixel2, but 14 gb on my Moto X4 (same on my son's moto). Does anyone know why this is or if anything can be done to reduce the size on our Moto phones? I've spent some time googling this and come up empty. tia
  8. el Traffico delivers Ibra going after Bob Bradley :lmfao:
  9. CP wore #24 today in 25 minutes of preseason action for Chelsea, but the club clarified that will not necessarily be his shirt number this season. Most are saying he looked pretty good.
  10. I read the same thing. Its crazy speculation at this point, but I guess fun. In the first two exhibitions, Lampard essentially played two complete different sides in the two halves, so we can expect that tomorrow. He's got 25 players, but really only 4 wingers. Willian hasn't joined the team yet, so the wingers in Japan are CP, Pedro, Kenedy and Kasey Palmer. The latter two wouldn't normally be expected to make the senior team. With CHO injured, return date unknown, and the transfer ban, this situation presents a really great opportunity for CP to get action this summer and early in the season. Willian and Pedro both need rest and seem to always be carrying some knock or another. CHO still hasn't signed a contract and may still have designs on Bayern or elsewhere. This seems to be a perfect storm of circumstances where a young new kid could get a legitimate shot to play a key role on a big club.
  11. He's with the club now in Japan ( They play J-League champions Kawasaki Frontale tomorrow and Barcelona on Tuesday. I expect he'll play in one or both games. These games are available through the club app, I think for a fee though.
  12. Probably goes without saying, but you can run Office 365 on a Chromebook. My son (going into 9th grade) has pretty much switched over to google docs anyway, but he can access Office if needed.