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  1. Great documentary. I felt bad for the guy, despite his income and seemingly easy money. It was cool when his dad joined him. I knew all about counting and the thin margins they exploit, but it’s still really fascinating to see it in action. The casino data network on card counters was incredible. It would be nice to have seen more gameplay, but obviously that’s not possible given the nature of the film.
  2. That was fantastic. 19-20 for the game, perfect 8-8 in crunch time. Pritzl and Davison were cool as cucumbers but I was a mess here on the couch.
  3. My son is trying to get me to pay the $80 to get this at home. I'll be at a basketball game until about 10:00 Central or so. He's having some buddies over. What time do y'all think the main event will start? Does anyone think this is worth the ppv price?
  4. Wouldn't ratings and roi drive this decision? I can't imagine that content or quality is relevant to whether or not a season is ordered.
  5. Didn't sell enough popcorn this year to fund all those pesky abuse settlements. Chap 11
  6. I've voted third party in almost every presidential election since I turned 18. This year, I've grown comfortable with the concept of supporting whomever wins the democratic primary, even though I've never been a democrat. But it stops with Bloomberg for me. Absolutely no way I vote for this man, ever. I'd just vote the undercard and leave the presidential race blank.
  7. now thats breathtaking ignorance... would like to see this guy farm... its not as easy as throwing a seed in a hole. This video is a great snapshot at our divide The best part is when he goes on to suggest IT jobs require "more grey matter" than farming and manufacturing jobs, which are just following a routine. He's demonstrating his complete ignorance across three major working class job sectors.
  8. Now he’s done the farmers as well. The only demographic on the left he hasn’t viciously insulted are the upper middle white dudes who consider themselves too smart to vote for Trump.
  9. Networks and content producers have neither the courage nor the artistic integrity to end a successful show that’s run its course, especially when they reach that point after one season. I’m in no position to blame them, as I would surely do the same in their shoes. Some stories can be told in full in 8 or so one-hour sessions. But if it’s popular and profitable, they will always keep making it. I loved season 1, tapped out midway through season 2. It should go without saying, but like all forms of entertainment it’s a personal preference thing. I totally understand the appeal. If my son or wife were interested in the show, I would definitely be watching with them. He can’t handle the scary bits and she’s just not interested in the show.
  10. When was the pink slime era? I think that started in the 80s, possibly 90s, and was banned about 15 years ago. That was probably the golden era of fast food in the US.