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  1. Is Chris Wallace allowed to ask about banging porn stars or serial corporate insolvencies?
  2. I don't think these two players were competing with each other last season, and would say in no way was Mount preferred over Pulisic. Although I agree that was at times the popular sentiment among US internet posters. This season, its hard to tell how he's going to line up the new guys, but I think most everyone agrees that Pulisic is an extremely important player for Chelsea and is sorely missed. I would say Pulisic was competing with Willian, Pedro and Hudson-Odoi last season. This season, two of those guys are gone, but Pulisic, Odoi, Havertz and possibly Ziyech will all be looking for minutes on the wings.
  3. Bale in the stands today wearing a massive parka, looking like he's about to embark on an arctic exploration.
  4. Some odds from Ladbrokes. If someone utters the phrase, "Person Woman Man Camera TV" - pays 10/1. Conversely, very short money on someone saying the phrase "Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollars" - pays just 1/20.
  5. Agreed. Season 2 is green-lit, so they're just setting it up at this point. My main concern all along has been whether there is a full plan for the story or not. Still a good ride so far imo but lots of open questions.
  6. Same - a strange combination of gut-busting funny, but at the same time absolute horror knowing it is essentially historical fiction based on very real events.
  7. The season 1 finale is this Thursday. I don't know anyone else who is watching this show, but I still think its fantastic. Flawed in many ways for sure, and a few weaknesses in the plot/cast, but this is must-see stuff for Ridley Scott fans. It hits all his common themes. Yes, of course the androids bleed white mushroom soup smegma, profusely at times.
  8. "Liberals hate leftists because leftists are a constant reminder that liberals are not the thing they pretend to be."
  9. Yeah - I suppose any of these loans could be in default. I noted in my first post on this that I've not seen any indication of this, but its possible. These are all indicated to be interest-only notes that are coming due in the next few years. Certainly, there is a concern with these types of properties due to COVID changing the way many businesses view the need for highly-expensive, downtown office space, particularly in places like Manhattan and Chicago. Trump Tower is a typical mixed-use property so I'm sure it is facing the same issues many of these property owners (and their lenders) are dealing with today. It is a concern that the president could be in a position where his policy decisions might have a dramatic effect on his personal finances, but what else is new with this guy? He's flaunted this from day one. Its just one of many areas where the media have totally failed to address extremely important issues with this presidency.
  10. When I see the comment, "We'll start at Trump's old home, Trump Tower, where he owes $100M. This document shows that it has a $100M loan against it, with a 4.2% interest rate, due 9/6/2022." - that certainly indicates this is a commercial loan, secured by Trump Tower, and that Trump personally guaranteed the debt. The building is an income-producing asset that would typically be owned by a single-asset real estate LLC or similar entity. It is a bit odd that he would have to personally guarantee a business loan, but is likely due to past defaults/bankruptcies of his properties. Most small business owners have to personally guarantee their bank debt, but I would say it is much less common for high end commercial real estate. Trump claimed today that his leverage is low, but that seems unlikely. If the building's value were sufficient to cover the debt, with a decent equity cushion, it seems highly unlikely he would be forced into a personal guarantee. There's a ton of speculation here though.
  11. The discussion about his debt seems somewhat misleading. Just reading through the first few tweets, these debts are personal guarantees of commercial real estate loans. The personal guarantee doesn't matter unless the underlying note/mortgage is in default. I've not seen any suggestion any of these notes are in default. Even in a default situation, there can be forbearance, workouts and reorganizations, something he is very familiar with. Even in foreclosure, the extent of Trump's personal obligation on the guarantee obviously depends on the value of the property. There are some interesting revelations in the NYT piece, which I'm still getting through, but the face amount of his personal guarantees and what he paid for makeup/hair on his TV show are distracting from the important parts of the story imo.
  12. 4 absolute dead-to-rights can’t miss tackles were missed on that run.
  13. If he had invested his inheritance in an index fund and paid normal taxes he’d be way ahead of where he is today after all his genius dealmaking.
  14. No real surprise, the tax returns show exactly what we already knew, that Trump is a fraud and a criminal. Also no surprise, his supporters will spin this as some sort of hoax or find a way to twist it into a positive. I'm ready to seize the means of production.