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  1. Well, MoP’s hot take last night was, “the Packers should be ashamed of themselves for winning this football game“ so he’s seemingly got some weird axe to grind with the Packers. It’s like these people have never watched sports. I watch a baseball game and it seems to me the strike zone is some nebulous enigma, shifting and changing throughout the game. Basketball has different rules for different players. Goals are overturned in massive soccer games based on video evidence of a player being offside by a dime’s width. The NFL now allows slow motion video review from a dozen different angles to look for calls that were not made, in addition to those that were. Every NFL game I’ve seen this season has been dominated by the referees. It’s become a game within a game, where you watch a play then watch the after-play, flags, no flags, reviews, whatever, to see what the outcome is. Is there any wonder Bakhtiari has learned to sell a penalty by throwing his head back just like athletes do in all major sports? It’s as much a skill as blocking and tackling in today’s game and the trend is only going in one direction.
  2. The last time I went I ate a tab of lsd for breakfast, which made for a pretty good adult day, but I didn't have any kids with me. I don't think we made it on any rides. The monorail trip into the park was about the most I could handle that day.
  3. Well, it points out a lot of relevant information I had no knowledge of, just being a casual observer reading the headline. And while it is obviously an incredible human achievement, I think the circumstances do diminish the achievement somewhat.
  4. I think there's a separate topic thread here somewhere for this. This keeps getting better and better the more news comes out. Still a long way off though.
  5. Both good takes. I made a comment in one of these topics that I don't think this one needs or should have a season 2. I know that's pretty rare, but I loved the show, loved the way it ended, and don't think I'd watch a season 2 if they made one.
  6. Yeah, I completely understand that. It was the same for us in the 80s. Obviously not possible today to put out a keg for a group of 17/18 year olds. I think most of us probably don't want to send our kids off to college without being at least familiar with the different types of alcohol and what it can do to you.
  7. Maintaining friendships as you age is very difficult, but I think very important to happiness and mental well-being. Above all, it takes time. It is honestly hard work, but very important to your happiness. My dad was a very social guy. Growing up, his friends were always around us. As he got older, he moved around a lot and I think maintaining those friendships became very difficult for him in his late 60s and 70s. He was still very socially active, but I think that began to tail off as he could not maintain genuine friendships. Eventually, I think he gave up. I think this is an important topic. I know there's schtick potential, but I would say depression and even suicide is a bigger issue for white male middle-to-late aged guys than we acknowledge.
  8. Many of our friends have strategies to introduce their kids to alcohol before sending them away to college. I think that's important. It was less of an issue for my generation as we had a drinking age of 18 at the time. That said, no matter what your thoughts or beliefs are, it is obviously 100% taboo to apply them to other people's kids.
  9. More accurate is to say I have a dark cold room in my basement where I keep my wine. In my old age, I tend to buy more than I drink, which is becoming somewhat of a problem.
  10. Yeah, we haven’t adopted that piece of advice. We had two buddies sleep over this weekend. I think they watched 4 straight hours of Brooklyn 99 and we made 3 huge batches of popcorn. I made almost two pounds of bacon and a dozen eggs yesterday to feed these monsters. I guess the drug/alcohol guy was pretty good and that particular take of his stuck with us because it was unexpected.
  11. My wife went to a presentation at our son's new high school last week on drug/alcohol issues. One thing the guy said was - no more sleepovers. That surprised us because both our kids love sleepovers, here and at their friends, and we've never given it a second thought. We know all the kids and parents pretty well and have no concerns. This guy's point was, they're 14 now, they need sleep, and only bad things can happen. He said let them watch a movie or whatever, then go pick them up.
  12. Loose ends like why Kendall gave Greg that apartment getting tied up nicely in the finale.
  13. When Kendall kissed Logan, I thought of Michael kissing Fredo.
  14. My son just started his freshman year in high school. I have to honestly say, I am 99% certain my son would not take a beer or any booze/wine from our stash. I have literally zero concern about him doing this. That will likely change as he gets older, but for now it is not an issue for me with him. However, we like to be the house where kids gather. We had all the kids over here after the homecoming dance. I know his friends pretty well, don't completely trust all of them. We want to continue to be a location where the kids come to hang out. Our friends have differing opinions on this. One of my buddies has the huge open bar in his dining room, booze and wine everywhere, and a fully stocked beer fridge in the basement. When I was 15-16, we would have robbed that bar and fridge every weekend. Other friends say you're stupid if you don't lock it up - they will get into it sooner or later. I just put a lock on the door to my wine cellar and we are going to move all our booze down there, and put a small fridge down there for our beer. For us, its mostly about the kids we don't know very well. If we're hosting, I never want another parent to be pissed at me because I made alcohol available to his kid. Need a gut check on this.
  15. Ruled a catch on the field, but overturned on a replay review. The catch put Memphis in FG range, but it was 4th down so game over after the call was overturned.