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  1. tolarbear

    Brate or Howard ROS

    Cameron Brate or OJ Howard? Rest of season, non ppr
  2. tolarbear

    Trade for Tyreek Hill?

    Yes Breida is my flex. Might start Clement over him this week if Ajayi is out though. Thanks for the input
  3. tolarbear

    Trade for Tyreek Hill?

    He actually sent me the offer
  4. tolarbear

    Trade for Tyreek Hill?

    Should I give up TY and Breida for Tyreek Hill? 12 team standard scoring. RB: Gordon, Kamara, Breida, Morris, Clement WR: TY, Sanders, ARob and Fitz Is Tyreek worth it?
  5. tolarbear

    Trade away ARob for McCoy?

    Give Allen Robinson. Get LeSean McCoy Standard scoring. RB: Gordon, Barkley, Morris, Brieda, Wilkins WR: Hilton, Fitz, Sanders, Robinson
  6. tolarbear

    Which RB should I drop?

    Standard scoring. Need to drop one for a kicker. Who should I drop? Corey Clement or Jordan Wilkins