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  1. Made the deal. And the league is doing their best to get the LM to veto. Haha.
  2. 12 team standard. Keep 3 with no restrictions. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE I give: Matt Ryan, Foster, Rudolph I get: Cousins, Gurley, Ebron Roster: QB: Ryan, Winston RB: Hill, Crowell, Sims, Foster, Morris, AP WR: Robinson, Dez, John Brown, Enunwa, Royal TE: Ertz, Rudolph
  3. I like Sims here. Even if Marshall is a go. But sims should have a huge roll today rushing and receiving. Great ppr play
  4. Like what CabinFever said I think Vereen could be a sneaky play but Crabtree is the safer option.
  5. I like Sims a lot in ppr this week. And I think Lacy just edges out Gore.
  6. Standard scoring. Start Jeremy Hill or Quincy Enunwa?
  7. Standard 12 team keeper (3) league. Start 1qb/2rb/2wr/1flex/1te I give Winston/Foster/Dez I get Gurley/Maclin/Ebron QB: Winston, Matt Ryan RB: AP, Hill, Foster, Crowell, Sims, Morris WR: Robinson, Dez, John Brown, Pryor, Funchess TE: Ertz, Rudolph I could also trade Jeremy Hill for either Jordan Matthews, TY or DJax.
  8. I'd go Duke and TY. You'll be fine with Duke in a full ppr. And I still like TY a lot. That offense is built to throw the ball and like you said he's still the #1. I like Hurns but not over those two and I'd give Fuller another week before I start him, especially over these guys.
  9. Yeah I'd go TY. Luck should be airing it out and even though the matchup is tough he'll get plenty of opportunities to make plays. It's close though. I could see West scoring vs his old team. But I give a slight edge to TY in half ppr
  10. Sanders would be a fine WR3 but if Foster goes down I'm not sure Sims would be a good enough RB3
  11. Standard 12 team. Start 2 RB, 2 WR and 1 flex. Give up Crowell for Emmanuel Sanders RB: AP, Hill, Foster, Crowell, Sims WR: Robinson, Dez, John Brown, Pryor, Funchess
  12. Yeah it would be giving up a lot. I just feel like my team is in the bottom half of my league and since I didn't even draft the team, I'm more willing to deal for the guy I want. I hope Gurley struggles next week and I can get him a bit cheaper, but I'm afraid he'll at least get in the endzone and then he'd most likely be a little harder to trade for. I also have Crowell for Emmanuel Sanders on the table but I was going to think about that if I made the deal for Gurley.
  13. I like Forte a lot. I'm kicking myself for not targeting him in any leagues. It's close between Ware and McCoy. I'm leaning McCoy. Ware had a nice day Sunday but was only in on 50% of the snaps and it was against the Chargers. Forte got the Jets good last year and Hill scored on them last week.
  14. Standard 12 team league. Keep 3 with no restrictions. I give: Jameis Winston, Jeremy Hill, Dez I get: Kirk Cousins, Gurley, Sanu QB: Winston RB: AP, Hill, Foster, Crowell, Sims WR: ARob, Dez, John Brown, Pryor, Funchess I like the idea of having AP, Gurley and ARob as my keepers next year. What do you guys think of this deal?