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  1. Can't tell you how bad I want Robinson in San Fran. Most of the time I want something it never happens, so chances are he'll probably end up back with Bortles in JAX...
  2. I'd take the risk on him 10/10. Talent has always been there; he just needed to hit rock bottom to find his purpose and drive. So long as he's in the league, I think he stays clean and on track.
  3. More than anything, I’m stunned two teams would go to these lengths for $80. I guess everyone has a price.
  4. Cole. I think he has the higher floor/ceiling.
  5. I'm contemplating giving up fantasy as well after this season. Finished the season 12-1 only to lose AB to an injury in the first half and Davante Adams to a concussion. Not to mention Russell Wilson who #### the bed for one of the few times this season. I just get too frustrated when I lose, and missing out on the championship due to some unfortunate injuries just compounds things. It also doesn't help that the guy I played had a middle of the road team and literally every player on his squad went off. Instead of congratulating him and moving on, I'm dwelling on the #### that didn't go right, despite the fact that there was nothing I could do with regards to the injuries. I've been in a sour mood since last night, which is ridiculous considering it's fantasy football. I guess it's nice to know there are others who are dealing with the same frustrations. Maybe a year away would do me some good. The league of record I'm in has a bunch of good buddies, so I should enjoy the competition and have fun. But for whatever reason, I go all-in each season and takes the wins and losses too seriously. Thanks for letting me vent.
  6. He’s the only back left on the roster. Volume is worth a lot when you’re talking about a back. Assuming he gets Marshall’s third down work, he offers the kind of floor you crave in PPR playoff matchups.
  7. Disagree on Adams, assuming he stays in Green Bay and Cobb/Nelson leaves. I don't see how he doesn't make good on the last two seasons and move into the elite tier. He's proven that he's not quarterback dependant and has come up clutch countless times. Plus, he's playing with quite possibly the best signal-caller in the league. Now, if he moves on to a new team I could see some overreaching.
  8. Nice to see I’m not the only one sweating his role this week. Good thing we have a lot of time to mull it over. ?
  9. Kenyan Drake - There always seems to be one name who blows up late in the season and then gets drafted too high. I don’t think what Drake is doing is a fluke, but I don’t anticipate him being anything more than an RB2 or Flex over the course of a season. Nothing wrong with that, but I could see some reaching and taking him as RB1/2.
  10. Curious what Burkhead owners are expecting from him this week. On the fence deciding between Rex and Perine. Normally this would be a no-brainer based on his recent play, but Bill’s ability to completely flip the script has me spooked. Barely used him in the second half on MNF. Are others locked in or are you worried at all?
  11. Saw that as well. I’d be concerned but all three games were at home. Not to mention the Cards defense gives up points on the road.
  12. In a similar spot with Perine. Trying to determine if he’s worth starting over Burkhead. The guy I’m playing this week has Brady so I’m not sure that’s clouding my “start Rex” logic a bit as well. Love this time of the year where start/sits make or break a season.
  13. I dropped him after he was listed as out. Packers are the stingiest team in the league against the TE position, so I wouldn’t use him anyway next week. No point in rolling the dice with a guy who is clearly dinged up. Just my opinion.
  14. Hey Sig, I continue to struggle with my RB2 this week. Would you roll with Burkhead or Perine this week in PPR? Lean Burkhead but his lack of usage in the second half, coupled with the return of Gronk and Hogan has me worried. Thanks
  15. Ben. Gotta roll with the hot hand.