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  1. Survived with SEA and PHI. Thinking DEN and either DET, NYG, BUF or TEN. Week 14 looks bad
  2. I need to pick 2 teams this week. Will probably pick Philly and either Houston or Seattle. Like Seattle better but they also have a good Week 17 matchup (houston is not bad either against Jax at home). As of now I am going: Week 13 - Phil, Sea, Hou Week 14 (not a lot of good options) - Det, Ten (other Buff/Jets, Was) Week 15 - Minn, Atl (would like to save Atl for 17) (other Jax, Hou, Det) Week 16 - Chi, Ten (other Den) Week 17 - Sea, Atl (other Hou. Phi)
  3. Survived with Dallas. Week 13 does not look terrible. What are you guys thinking?
  4. Survived with NO. Probably going Dallas this week
  5. I am going with NO. LAC is attractive but habe already used them. Afraid of Arizona
  6. Still alive on my large survivor pool (450 out of 8,500 left). Thinking of going with KC. 270 have already used KC and 320 have already used Green Bay (used GB already) Dont know if I should save KC and take a risk on Jets or Chicago. Have already used NE, LAC, LAR
  7. Is Carolina the preferred option? Deciding between Carolina and Dallas
  8. Down by 19 and have Mccoy and Kelvin Benjamin. 0.75 ppr and 0.25 points per rush. Not a lot of faith but who knows.
  9. Hey Bloom, Rivers or Tyrod? 5pt per passing TD, bonus points at 300, 360, 420 pasaing yards. thank you!
  10. Hey Bloom, Start 2 0.75 ppr Marquis Lee Taylor Gabriel Jordan Mathews Sammy Watkins thanks