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  1. The topic is....another attempt by the Democrats to get President Trump out of office. It has be pre-ordained that President Trump WILL be impeached by the Democrat held Congress and cleared by the GOP held Senate. President Trump will win the 2020 election in a landslide....and we'll start all over again. It will continue until that time that the Democrats finally gain the power they seek. I apologize that I didn't give a spoiler alert before posting this.
  2. How many "homer" broadcasters can call a single game? Look at the past two pages. Talk about "Shivering with antici.....pation"! "Ok Lucy....hold the football here". The thing here is that the outcome of this step has already been pre-determined. has the next step.
  3. What I expect to happen is what I expected to happen during every Roadrunner/Coyote cartoon. The Democrats have been building another Acme rocket. They will strap their butts to it....then launch themselves into the side of a mountain. The roadrunner will give us a "beep beep"....then get soundly reelected in 2020. The first president to be impeached by Congress then reelected by a landslide. It will ring well in the history books as something else the Democrat party can be proud of!
  4. I am sure you did everything to sway her....except to simply print out the phone call, let her read it, and make up her own mind.
  5. You actually believe that being impeached by Congress is going to be w "win" for the Democrats and the country....maybe bolster the Dems chances of taking the White House? Really?
  6. are really reaching. I guess that desperate times call for desperate measures. ...and as long as you brought up the "Russians"..... Here's an oldie but goody
  7. He should have showed up with a plastic reset button!
  8. you go (insert preferred gender specific pronoun here)
  9. I must have missed the part where he said that he was going to do it.