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  1. So, here's what I see... You read an article from a left-leaning web site that quotes a left-leaning attorney who says that, based on the testimony of a convicted liar, that President Trump COULD be named a conspirator by the DOJ.... ...You walk away with "DOJ names Trump as a co conspirator in a felony offense." ...and you don't see a problem?
  2. private citizen and former Watergate prosecutor, Nick Akerman.... because of "Honest Cohen's" plea deal?? "The term "unindicted co-conspirator" was used by the Watergate grand jury to describe President Nixon's role in the scandal that ultimately cost him his presidency." Yeah buddy....let's run with it.
  3. That evidence shows that money may have passed between Trump and Cohen....period. Being his attorney, I wouldn't call it a "bombshell". What you are looking for is evidence of a "non-event". Proving something didn't happen is a bit difference from proving that something did happen. What evidence could possibly exist and be shown to you that proves that a crime wasn't committed? If there was proof of President Trump colluding with the Russians, don't you think that Mueller, with his unlimited resources, would have found it? And if Mueller had found it, wouldn't he have reported that he had substantial evidence to go forward in pursuing charges...either now or later? Do you actually think that Congress, using the same documents used by Mueller, will find something that Mueller didn't? The burden is to prove that President Trump committed a crime...and after 2 years of investigating, with unlimited resources, a crime hasn't been found much less, who did it. Again, this is, and always has been, an investigation looking for a is not an investigation of a crime, looking for the culprit.
  4. The group of 2020 contenders have already been coached.
  5. I am sure that they'll have to be lies by the MSM reported by the MSM as being lies in order to be accepted here. It helps to keep things simple.
  6. You guys do know that you're setting yourselves up for yet another disappointment...right? How many is that now? Seriously...what will it take for you to believe that you have been lied to by the Democrats and the MSM? Is it possible at all? Will you ever believe it? I don't think so. You placed all your chips on Mueller and he crapped out so you just keep trying to roll again after everyone has left the table. We all know that the plan is to keep this up through the 2020 election. Will it stop when President Trump is a lame duck after the 2020 election? Not likely.
  7. Yes....and how about...."Steele Dossier....ever heard of it?" "Good....and where did your "extensive investigation" lead you when you investigated this?"
  8. Oh, ok....uhm....big deal? Are you upset because you believe him or that he lied to Kim Jung-Un?
  9. I dunno...I think that the video pertains to his half-brother, Kim Jung-Nam, who was assassinated at an airport or something...not spying. One of Kim Jung Un's biggest fears is being assassinated. I'm guessing that in order to ease that tension, President Trump is saying that he wouldn't do that. What else would he say? (not that he isn't thinking it) " if I would have had him killed, I would have done it better and he'd be deader"...or... "Don't worry Kim,'ll never see it coming".