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  1. ...and now we find out that a black man invented the light bulb...."not a white guy named Edison" !! Thank goodness we have ol' Joe to set history straight!
  2. Really? "Something I have learned: If you are a Republican nominee for President – or President – you will be accused of being a racist," - Lindsey Graham In 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, who bent over backward to make himself more likable to Democrats and the press alike, was accused of "stoking the racial politics of yesteryear." McCain was attacked in the 2008 presidential campaign as being a grumpy, get-off-my-lawn racist running against former President Obama. John Lewis compared John McCain’s campaign to being like that of George Wallace. It comes with the territory unfortunately. CNN and MSNBC said the word "racist" more than 1,100 times from Sunday to Tuesday, according to a tally conducted by Grabien Media, an online media production and news prep service. It has been used so much by the Left that the word "racist" has lost all meaning.
  3. Funny you should ask.... I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my class who had a full academic scholarship. I went back to class and, in fact, ended up in the top half of my class. I was the "Outstanding Student" in the Political Science department at the end of the year and I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school with 165 credits. I only needed 123 credits. oh wait....that was Joe Biden. oh wait....NO IT WASN'T!!!
  4. The final judgement on the court document does not say "settled" do. The final judgement on the court document say "dismissed with prejudice". Take it anyway you want but if THIS single case from 1973 (47 years ago), is your case on "President Trump being a racist"'s pretty pathetic. Shall we move on?
  5. But as it stands in your view.... THIS is the best example of President Trump being a racist that you can present? A lawsuit from the '70s that was dismissed? Seriously?
  6. Pretty tough talk...coming from a gaggle of keyboard commandos.
  7. Anybody...and I mean anybody can file a lawsuit. Nothing else is needed....except, maybe greed. The proof comes in the outcome. This particular one was dismissed with prejudice ."A case will be dismissed with prejudice if there is reason for the case not to be brought back to court; for example, if the judge deems the lawsuit frivolous or the the matter under consideration is resolved outside of court." The Trumps merely claimed that they would follow the they always had. No racism proven....only alleged....must as it has been since he announced his candidacy. Seriously...if this is the best example that you've got of President Trump's supposed, racism.... .
  8. Wrong again. The Trumps admitted no wrong doing and promised to obey the laws in place.....FAR way from any admission of, or proof of guilt. The suit was dismissed with prejudice. The first of many baseless accusations that would follow...magically AFTER Mr. Trump announced his candidacy for POTUS.
  9. bet. Just change your name to "Diogenes"
  10. I know that you consistently attack the messenger instead of confronting any opposing message. I know that you consistently fail to watch opposing videos...citing the commercials or the host as your reason to ignore the message. This is what I assumptions In this forum, you show no willingness to further your "education". You want only to solidify your "indoctrination".
  11. SO THERE! If you've learned from the wrong teacher...who's to blame? I stand by it. You've learned what you've know what you know... and do not feel the need to educate yourself any further.
  12. Oh jeez.... that's the LAST thing he wants!
  13. ...and yours, isn't? ...such a man of mystery!
  14. opposed to the agenda of others?
  15. ..or....making a false statement... again...semantics