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  1. Sent enough to cover next period and the special draw.
  2. Went to my buddies house last night. his 12yo son immediately runs up to me: Kid: Uncle Chris, what's the capital of Taiwan? Me: Uh (thinks for a second)... Taipei. Kid: No it's not. Me: Yes, it is. Kid: No it's not. Me: (Pull out phone, look it up, show him). Yup, Taipei. Kid: Oh. (Hangs his head and walks out of the room.) Turns out he was trying to set me up for the Bangkok joke, but failed miserably.
  3. Torrance Gibson transferring to Cincy.
  4. We also got the number 1 JUCO CB, Kendall Sheffield. http://247sports.com/Article/Ohio-State-back-on-top-of-247Sports-Recruiting-Rankings-50445300
  5. Would love to see: 1. Bama 2. Clemson 3. tOSU 4. PSU
  6. Lara Logan from 60 Minutes
  7. The color guy on the Chargers game today, lobbying for a stadium deal to get done; "Once a team leaves, it's not coming back." Except for, you know, LA, St. Louis, Houston, Cleveland...
  8. Calling HS football again this year.
  9. If you tag someone in a photo on Facebook, can anyone tell who that it was you who tagged the photo? My school posted a bunch of pics from the first day today, and I'm considering just randomly tagging names to people.