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  1. My daughter loves it. Me? Nah.
  2. LMAO. I love how MSU's incompetence gave UM hope, only to have it crushed. Best part of this (aside from the obvious Michigan tears) is that both of Dr. D's top 10 teams lost today. Just wonderful. :rofl:
  3. Have to agree. I do think they are the class of the Big 10 (we'll find out vs Penn State), but I don't think they can hang against the best in college football, i.e. Bama and Clemson. Just too inconsistent.
  4. The National The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness Took me a time or two to figure out if I liked it, but it grew on me.
  5. Thanks for posting that rebate center number. I signed up for DTV in July and was promised the $200 GC. Hadn't seen it, called this number, and a couple minutes later they said it would be on its way.
  6. We have a month of practice coming up before Penn State. Use it wisely, and right this ship.
  7. Am I? Ok. And you're known around here as the archetype of the reasonable fan. Carry on.
  8. And I'm not the one defending a player who pled to drunk and disorderly, resisting arrest, yadayadayada. He played a hell of a game, and dominated my team. Kudos. There are ways to do that without his ridiculous, contrived antics. We'll have to agree to disagree on what constitutes douchiness.
  9. My bad. We're the dooshbag fans who came into the Sooners thread only after the game to talk ####. Oh, wait...
  10. Not a big surprise, since we were option 1b for him the first time around, but he'll be a great addition.