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  1. I appreciate the kind words, but it's the kids who are the heroes. Seeing them fight through what are some just incredibly horrible circumstances amazes me everyday. It's inspiring and heart breaking and miraculous and infuriating and energizing and exhausting, all at the same time.
  2. Thank you very much, and thanks for the kind note!!
  3. Thank you so much for your donation. You guys are absolutely crushing it in here.
  4. I'm very sorry about your son. Osteo and leukemia by themselves are so difficult,but combining the two?? So hard, and so unfair...
  5. Wow, thank you so much!!
  6. Really?? I'm more creeped out by the bodies that haven't been found. On the plus side, maybe I'll find Julio Jones' earring.
  7. I suppose it would, but there really isn't any such thing as generalized cancer research. There are so many different types of cancer, that there will never be one panacea cure-all. There are solid tumors, liquid tumors, leukemias, lymphomas, cancers of the muscle, bone, fascia, organs, skin, etc. On top of that, cancer in children is treated very differently from cancer in adults, and on top of it all, receives a small fraction of the funding that adult cancers receive. I appreciate you asking the question. Most people don't understand the complexity of the problem. ETA: Typed this before seeing the answers above. Thanks guys.
  8. Hey all- As a few of you may know, after being inspired by @bigbottom's son's battle with cancer, I became a pediatric hematology and oncology nurse. This year I'm taking part in a 5k swim to raise money for the research efforts on the unit that I work on. The Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorder Center at CHOA is one of the leading pediatric cancer centers in the country, and was again just listed in the top 10 in US News and World Report rankings. All proceeds from my swim will go to support research against childhood leukemia. I'd really appreciate the support of the FFA. Thanks, Tec http://www.swimacrossamerica.org/goto/tecumseh
  9. Huh, I didn't know that. Guess I've got some pickin' to do. Thanks!
  10. Been pulling some monster zucchini, and my cukes are coming in. Have a couple of watermelon starting for the first time this season. I'm also having some bug issues so I spread diotemaceous earth. It did absolutely nothing. Biggest thing right now is that my pumpkin plants are growing like wild fire. There is a kudzu vs pumpkin battle going on, and I'm curious to see who wins.
  11. I got back from vacation yesterday. After a week of eating absolutely whatever I wanted- chips, pizza, ice cream, fries, sandwiches, whatever- I gained a grand total of....*drumroll*... -1lb. I lost a pound.On the surface- woohoo! On the other hand, I think it actually demonstrates a bigger issue, and proves that my plateau was not normal, but rather that something was wrong with the way I was eating before vacation. I'm still not sure what that might of been, but I suspect that some of my sugar-free indulgences may have been screwing things up. I'm going to cut out Starbucks first (Americano with heavy cream, sugar-free flavored syrup and Splenda). If that doesn't do the trick, I'll have to reevaluate. ETA- I forgot about all the poop. I hadn't eaten that badly for that long in almost 5 months. I forgot that all those carbs would make me have to poop every dang day. So tedious.