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  1. Considering that Md only punted twice, but tOSU had 3 turnovers, which is uncharacteristic, I'd say about 51.
  2. I see. Perhaps you can use the mutual schadenfreude to heal the rift between you and Dr. D.
  3. I had read elsewhere that he didn't actually say it. That's why I just went looking, but I can't find any confirmation either way. Maybe 610 has a transcript somewhere, but the only source I'm seeing is that single tweet.
  4. The only source I see is a tweet from this guy- I can't find anything else confirming or denying that McMurphy said it. The only other thing I have found is the possibility that the quote was originally from Grimes' father, and just wasn't attributed properly when McMurphy relayed it. BTW- Not sure why you have such a hard on for McMurphy, but this is not looking good for him. Zack Smith is a crazy p.o.s, but, as Spock has pointed out from the get go, it's entirely possible that his wife is too. McMurphy's latest effort doesn't do him much good in regard to the original story.
  5. Dude on another board I frequent says he had a friend that was there... It wasn't a cheerleader, it was a recruiting ho. And it happened when he was at ISU, not tOSU, but don't let that stop you...
  7. I'm more interested in why he felt the need to throw Grimes' mother under the bus. What does her criminal history have to do with the transfer?
  8. Bruce Arians says the Browns are the only team he would come out of retirement to coach. They need to sign him yesterday. Keep Kitchens (IIRC, he's from the Arians coaching tree) and put GW back to DC. The only other move they need to make is to launch the Special Teams coach into the sun.
  9. Noone better than a 6 will step through that door unless they are reporting to Dorsey. I can't imagine any potential, proven HC would be willing to report directly to Haslam, rather than to someone who actually knows what he's doing, football-wise. That being said, I do think this will be Dorsey's show, and the next coach will be an 8. But I also think it may be someone who is not on anyone's radar, similar to when JH went to the Niners.