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  1. Makes sense. Thanks again.
  2. Holy crap, I never saw that post! I'll change it. Thanks!
  3. Thanks everybody for the feedback. I booked the 811 Mass. Ave hotel. Free airport and downtown shuttle, free breakfast, etc.If the price drops on the Hilton/Fanueil, I can always switch.
  4. What about: 191 Monsignor O'Brien Highway, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02141 821 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02111 240 Mt. Vernon Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02125 The last 2 are slightly more expensive, but that's ok if they are better location-wise.
  5. Actually, it looks like my reservation did not go through, so I have some options. Considering that we don't necessarily want to rent a car, which of these locations would be better for easy access from the airport, and sight seeing (all are the same price): 145 Beech Street, Chelsea, Massachusetts, 02150, USA 811 Massachusetts Ave, Boston 02118 111 Boylston St, Brookline, 02445
  6. Thanks everyone. This was a spur of the moment decision (read: not well thought out, season-wise). I saw $100 round trip and $35 hotel and jumped on it.
  7. The wife and I are heading to Boston Feb 2-5th. Looking for recommendations on must see type stuff. I know the weather will likely suck, but I'm very interested in the historical aspect, so a guided walking tour is not out of the question. Is the Boston Tea Party museum worth it? What else should we make a point to see? Also, we are considering renting a car and driving up to Portland. Would that be worth it? Anything interesting up there or along the way?
  8. Haskins came in and bailed out the Bucks against Michigan. Down 20-14, Bucks win 31-20. His passing is so much better than Barrett's, it's just night and day. I have not seen Martell play. He's out of Bishop Gorman in Vegas and, IIRC, was something like the #2 dual threat QB in his class. I also forgot about Joe Burrow, who was supposed to be JT's backup this year, but broke his hand. Burrow was Mr. Ohio, and is also supposed to be a beast, but idk. He graduates in May, so if he doesn't win the job he can transfer and play immediately. Going to be an interesting spring in Columbus, but my money would have to be on Haskins.
  9. tOSU has 2 QB's that are already better than JT Barrett. IDK what happened to JT, but he regressed badly, 2nd half of the PSU game notwithstanding. Dwayne Haskins and Tate Martell are both studs.