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  1. I don't take it as negative at all, I know what you're saying is true. The weight is coming off slowly, but I know I could be getting far better results if I got the diet side together. I'm due for a weigh-in in 10 days, so that will also help with motivation going forward. ETA: I'm 46.
  2. Day 50/100 Halfway point. Seems like it's been longer. I'm happy with most aspects of this, number one being my resolve to stay with it. Wasn't sure I'd make 10 days, much less 50, but the thought of breaking the streak is more than enough motivation to see this through. Physically, I'm reasonably happy as well. The only thing I don't like is that my diet has been crap. Haven't been controlling that at all, with the exception of IF a couple days a week. I plan to address that when I get back from camp next week. Anyway- today I did a solid upper body workout. My arms and shoulders are pretty shot right now. Also think I pulled my groin a bit yesterday, so hopefully that'll have a chance to heal up at camp. This will probably be the last update until next Friday when I get back. Bank: $500
  3. Day 49/100 Ran a couple miles on the treadmill and then a quick leg workout. Tomorrow will be the last day for a week that I can get in the gym, so I'll be doing a hard upper body day, and maybe even a full body day. From Fri-Fri I'll be a camp councilor, so it'll be all running, plus whatever activities the kids are doing. Bank: $490
  4. Day 48/100 Slept great today, but was dreading working my 3rd in a row. Just tired. Woke up and started a 30min low impact yoga video. 10 minutes in, I got called off work. Finished the yoga, and will take it easy the rest of tonight. Might go shoot hoops later. Back in the gym tomorrow. Bank: $480
  5. Day 47/100 Worked overnight. Was too wiped out to exercise when I got home. Ended up waking up at 3p, went to the gym and knocked out 30 mins on the treadmill. It’s too f’n hot to run outside. Now back to work for night #2 of 3. Bank: $470
  6. Day 46/100 Upper body work at the gym today. Next couple of days are going to suck. I avoid working 3 nights in a row like the plague because it's so hard on me, but I had to do it this week. Working Mon, Tue, Wed nights. I'll probably knock out an exercise or yoga video when I get home each morning. That'll be the most efficient way for me to get my days in/keep the streak alive. Bank: $460
  7. I've had a sneaking suspicion for a little while now that krista or Mrs. Davinci might have the best shot.
  8. Same. I've been very happy with mine, and that's a really good deal. Think I paid close to $30 for mine. ETA- I have an iphone tho. No experience linking with Galaxy.
  9. At this point, no. The only thing I'd consider is maybe having a cabin in the mountains that we could rent out, but there are better places for that. Fortunately with my job, I can pick up 13 week contracts basically anywhere in the country (and make more than I make here), so my wife and I are going to bounce around for a year or two and see all the places we want to see. Hopefully we'll be able to bank a decent amount of cash in the process, then move down to a quiet little section of the panhandle that we love. I really, really need to live on the beach.
  10. Pretty burned out on Atlanta. Too much traffic, too many people. Once my kid is off to college in a year or so, we'll be hitting the road to travel, and then buy a place on the beach.
  11. Day 45/100 4mi run today. First time I've done this distance when I didn't feel like/want to die by the end, so, progress I guess. Bank: $450
  12. Bumping this- if anyone has a line on tickets, let me know.
  13. Day 44/100 Slept like crap before work yesterday, and have a full day/evening ahead, so I just knocked out a 20min upper body yoga session. Now to sleep for a few hours. Bank: $440
  14. Day 43/100 Left work at 7:15, home at 8ish. changed and went to the park to run. Ended up doing about 4 miles. Time to sleep, and back to work tonight. Bank: $430