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  1. Cardale playing himself into another NFL look. McGloin playing himself out of an arena league look.
  2. 2nd acceptance came today, along with a small scholarship. Ohio University stepping up! She's holding out for Auburn or Ohio State, but we're going to visit MTSU next week. I'm hoping they knock it out of the park.
  3. I waited on alot of famous people when I worked at the Omni Hotel at CNN center. I guess Jane Fonda and/or Ted Turner was probably the most famous? TLC, Billy Dee Williams? I did speak to Pat Benatar on the phone when i was about 9 or 10. I had a huuuuge crush, so that was a big one for me.
  4. Wow. That's getting into some pretty rare stuff. I think since I've been here I've seen Wilm's tumor (most common kidney cancer) maybe twice. I have yet to see a bladder cancer, that I can recall.
  5. Probably acute myeloid leukemia. Known to run through twins and siblings.
  6. Tell him to slap on a pair of heels and some lipstick and get that money.
  7. Big news in the Tecumseh household- Tec Jr got her first acceptance letter today to Middle Tennessee State. This is the first response she has gotten, and is probably her 3rd or 4th choice, but still great to have in her pocket. The most important thing is that they do have a top 10 flight program (she wants to be a pilot), and we family reasonably close. Now we just have to figure out how to pay for it. ETA: More good news: it looks like since there is no flight major in Georgia that she may qualify for in-state tuition in Tennessee. That would be yuuuuuge.
  8. see, this I could do. I loved the travel, providing education, and problem solving parts of the job. I will at some point in the future be looking for that type of job. I will, however, never, ever carry a quota again.
  9. I was in sales for 20+ years and made very good money for the majority of that time. I stayed in it because a) That money, and b) I didn't know what else I could do. I eventually got to the point where I just said screw it, and went back to school. I just got to a point where I hated literally everyone, and would get physically sick to my stomach on Sunday nights when I knew that it would all begin again Monday morning. YMMV, but I just couldn't do another business lunch or golf outing and be able to look at myself in the mirror. And the upshot is that I really did believe in my product (still do).
  10. I believe you can only by “cancel for any reason” within 21 days of your original travel purchase. I’ve been looking around because we have a trip to Italy scheduled for end of March, and just want to have my bases covered. If anyone has a company without this requirement, please link it up.
  11. Fun fact: Pablo Escobar brought in a couple hippos to be part of his zoo in Colombia. Those 2 have now become more than 80, and they are now an invasive species, effing up the local lakes and rivers with their prodigious amounts of waste.
  12. Re: You're explanation above- if companies were adding a bunch of fiber, why wouldn't they have to include all the additional fiber in the carb count?
  13. That's a fantastic job! Let's call it one and a half for me. For various reasons my attempt crapped out about 2 weeks ago. On Monday I'm starting 10k training, but that requires rest days, so I won't pick up the 100 days again until maybe this Summer. But hopefully it won't even be necessary, if the 10k training gets me to where I want to be.