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  1. Saw that. I'm ok with the gains I took, considering the fact that I'm the equivalent of a 5yr old with a loaded weapon. ARVN is my new hotness. RSI is showing way oversold today, but I couldn't find any news to justify it. Bought in at $32.50, hoping for a Monday morning bump.
  2. File under the category of blind squirrel- NERV had a failed phase 3 trial, and they were down bigly ($5.00 down to $1.81) this morning. Took a flyer and bought in at $2.52, figuring I'd hold for a few days and hope for a correction. Happened to log onto Robinhood, and sold at $3.61.
  3. Looking at most recent Power ball and Mega Millions side by side results- very similar. Must be a glitch in the Illuminati coding.
  4. I've had to quash my 100 days. This shingles bull#### has sucked every bit of energy that I have, and I'm struggling. I worked Tuesday night, and went to sleep about 0830. I woke up at 1230 for a conference call, and stayed up until about 1430. Went to take a nap with the intention of waking up at 1545. I just woke up at 0300. Slept for a total of 16-17 hours, and I'm about to go back to bed. So, my plan is to let my body get the rest it needs to fight this crap, and hopefully restart on Monday. The conference call that I woke up for was actually the kick-off of a corporate sponsored training program for a sprint triathalon that takes place in August. Monday is the first training day, so that's when I'm targeting a reboot. I'm not going to restart the 100 days, because the tri training will require rest days, but I am going to continue working on my diet.
  5. Yesterday was Day 36- Got out for a round of disc golf, but could only make it through 9 holes before I was just out of gas. Still added up to about an hour of movement. Going to take a long walk today at a park I've been meaning to go to for a long time.
  6. Day whatever... (35 I think?)- decided to get out for a run, shingles be damned. That was a mistake. Ended up with a total of 77 minutes, more walking then running, and definitely over did it. Felt like I was going to pass out, and still feel like crap an hour later. I’m glad I got the exercise in, but I’m going to have to take it somewhat easier for awhile.
  7. Sorry- I'm sure it's in here somewhere, but can someone post a step-by-step on how to take part? I'd like to play tonight if there's a game.
  8. My 17yr old has always been a very good kid. Very little trouble or drama. She's very self-sufficient, and for the most part requires very little prodding on my part to get things done. She's had a job (her first) at Publix for the past few months, and has been great with being responsible as far as being motivated, working hard and getting to work on time every day. Exchange this morning as she was leaving at about 0730: Me: Hey- I just want you to know I'm really proud of you. Her: For what? Me: For being self-sufficient and responsible, and for just being a really good kid. Her: Are you dying?
  9. Not arguing, but the rationale that I have heard is that the shortened timeline is because there is a global cooperative effort rather than a competitive effort. It's not just a few companies or countries working on a vaccine, it's literally thousands of companies in dozens of countries. I don't know how that jibes with each company holding their work close to the vest, but that is the explanation I have heard.
  10. Yeah, I'm on an antiviral too, but he said it won't do much. It just has to run its course.
  11. Diagnosed this morning. Started as 3 bumps on my abdomen a few days ago. I thought a spider bit me while I slept or something. Next day it was 4 bumps. Then it blew up some. It's not terrible so far, but I feel very drained. I feel like I was kicked in the ribs and back simultaneously. The pain is about a 4, which is just enough to keep me from getting decent rest. Doc said to just take tylenol, but if this doesn't improve, I'm going to need something stronger just to be able to sleep.