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  1. 3g of carbs or so in the whole pot. You can leave it out too.
  2. Made this Egg drop soup with bacon for dinner tonight with cauliflower and shirataki noodle stir fry. Freakin' delicious.
  3. Gotcha. I'm probably the same build. My initial goal is 212, but I'd like to finish up around 190.
  4. That's amazing. Fantastic job. How tall are you again?
  5. I don't do it, but my understanding is that it serves a few purposes: 1) If you're skipping breakfast, it helps avoid hunger, b) For some reason, many keto-ers have trouble hitting their caloric needs on a day-to-day basis. The coconut oil provides a calorie boost. &) Adding the coconut oil helps with your macros by providing an extra dose of healthy fat.
  6. You're right- I was defining ketosis incorrectly. Your post is saying exactly what I was trying to: Your body should reach a point where it doesn't take the same long process to get back into ketosis as it did at the start. Once you are fat adapted, once the glycogen is gone, your body knows, and is able, to quickly move on to burning stored fat for fuel. You would not have to go through the keto flu as your body attempts to adjust. ETA: The point of this is that Acer was concerned about maintaining a keto lifestyle. Yes, >50g of carbs or so will temporarily knock you out of ketosis. However, IMHO, if you can stay on board for 6 weeks to 2 months while you train your body, an ice cream cone with your kids is not the end of the world.
  7. I'm extremely skeptical that the occasional indulgence would knock you out of ketosis. The whole point of becoming fat adapted is to get your body to a point where it readily burns fat for energy. If all of a sudden there is an influx of glycogen, I would expect the body to burn that first, but then what happens when that glycogen is gone (which is supposedly within 24 hours or so)? Your body flips out again like a newbie? Or does it revert to the training that you have accomplished and simply convert back to burning fat? I'd like to see some research that shows what happens to a fat adapted person who indulges in carbs from time to time.
  8. In our house, we borrow from Family Guy for this question. Daughter: Where's Mommy Me: I know where she is.... She's in your butt. Wife: I can't find my keys. Daughter: I know where they are... They're in your butt.
  9. I don't count it.
  10. During all of the various attempts over the years, I don't recall you ever having hired a personal trainer. Am I wrong? Seems like it might help with accountability and guidance if you could pay a young, athletic fitness guru to come out to the house and bang your wife a couple times a week while you're out of town.
  11. FYI- if you're struggling with constipation issues, 4 psyllium husk capsules and a 3-egg fiesta omelet from Waffle House will fix you right up. Also, feel free to forego the capsules. http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/zxfox0eFFsI/maxresdefault.jpg
  12. Do the play-in games count?