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  1. Houston -4 (-115) Alvin Kamara over 70.5 (-115) David Njoku score a TD anytime- YES- (+250) 5 Team parlay Skins -6 Bills +7.5 Cards +13 Cowboys -3 Seahawks +3.5 That parlay was built effing around with game lines vs 538 Elo lines. Basically if there was a huge discrepancy, I leaned into it. For example, the line on Bovada is Buffalo +7.5, but the Elo line is Buffalo -1. The Elo on Rams/Cards was Rams -7, etc
  2. Pretty worried about Bosa. He was not acting like it was just a strain.
  3. *** Vandy +13.5 Bama -23.5 oklahoma -18.5 tOSU -13 Syracuse ML 5 Team Parlay Georgia -33.5 Clemson -33.5 Vandy +13 Missouri -6.5 TAM -27 **** Disclaimer- I have no business gambling on sports. I just hate money.
  4. So back in February, one of the main reasons I started back up on keto was because I was knocking on the door of a 42" waist. Today I had to go shopping for size 36" waist shorts. For ####s and giggles, I decided to try on a 34". It wasn't comfortable, but I got them buttoned. 36's are comfortable to loose. I can take 38's off without unbuttoning them. In the back of my mind, I've always felt like the difference between 34 and 36 was the threshold of fat/not fat. Getting so close... Also, the wife wants me to stop- says I'm getting too thin. I still have #### and a belly, so that's not happening.
  5. I can't find them on the site. Was curious if they have a number for Tyrod Taylor rushing this week.
  6. Does Bovada just not do player props?
  7. Tried depositing with a cc at betonline and Bovada. Both were rejected.
  8. Thank you so much to the person that donated last night. I really appreciate it!!
  9. Hi all- this post is a little long, but please hang in there... we are about 3 weeks away from Swim Across America, an open water swim at Lake Lanier. All proceeds will benefit research at the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at CHOA. First, to those who have already donated- THANK YOU!!! For those who may have not had the time or inclination, I'd just ask to please take a moment to consider that only 4% of Federal funding in cancer research goes to pediatric cancers. As added incentive, I have joined team Amazing Grace. Her wish was to be the top individual fundraiser for 2018. What follows are her own words: "Last September, I was honored to swim at Lake Lanier to raise money for my treating clinic/hospital (Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta) and for the people who have helped me for the past almost 4 years. They all carry fancy titles like oncologist, nurse practitioner, nurse, surgeon, physical therapist and prosthetist. But they have found a special place in my heart, and as a result, they all carry a much more valuable and special title now. I simply call them my friends. They care about me, they love me, and they wish they could do something more to save my life. But they can't. They are smart and talented and dedicated and committed and creative, but despite being all of those things, they can't do anything now to save my life. My cancer called osteosarcoma just does not want to cooperate with their treatments and medications. No, it has other plans. Primarily, it plans to take my life. And excepting divine intervention, it will. We just don't know when. But if our collective 'umbrella prayers' remain unanswered, it will happen well before the next Atlanta Swim Across America Open Water event that will take place on September 22, 2018. Last September, despite the fact that my cancer had returned to my spine and lungs, I was able to complete the 1 mile Open Water Atlanta Swim and was the top individual fundraiser for AFLAC. And guess what? I plan to do that again. Be the top individual fundraiser that is. But just like everything that is important in life, I can't do that alone. No, I will definitely need your help. Please consider joining our team or joining another team or making a donation to Aflac on behalf of myself and our team! And rest assured, I will definitely be at Lake Lanier come September 22nd. You just might not be able to see me. But if you are swimming in the water or cheering along the shore or riding in a kayak or handing out tattoos or water or gatorade, I hope you will be able to feel my presence and Spirit as we all continue to make waves to cure cancer. Because I am hopeful that by working together, we can change the future of other young (and old) people like myself who are diagnosed with cancer. Although all of the Open Water Atlanta SAA events in September will have a finish line, guess what doesn't? Hope. Hope has no finish line. I hope you will consider helping me reach my goal." September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month. I hope you'll consider supporting my effort to fight back against pediatric cancer. Donation Page
  10. 204.4 today. Don't know why I dropped so fast, but 7lbs in two weeks is super fast for me. My suspicion is that I've only been able to make it to the gym once in that time period because of my work schedule, and prepping for my swim event in September. My guess is that the lack of weight work is leading to expelling more water, and possibly a small amount if muscle wasting. Still haven't decided what my ultimate goal is. I think what I'll do is try to get into the 190-195 lb range, and then focus on adding the muscle. Honestly, I just want to see my abs/six pack. I may end up signing up with a trainer, make that happen, take some pics to prove I did it, then go maintenance mode.
  11. Easiest meal that I throw together for work is precooked frozen grilled chicken strips from the grocery store, with some blue cheese crumbles and hot/wing sauce on the side. Put that with some salad greens, and you've got a meal. I also do frozen meatballs, sliders, kielbasa- basically anything thing that's premade and low carb. I'm sure alot of it is crap, and filled with nitrates, but my focus is on low carbs for quick meals. I eat much more healthy fare when I have time to cook at home, or when the wife cooks.
  12. Tom Hamilton talked about Brad Keller of the Royals, and started making fun of his hometown, Flowery Branch, Ga. Specifically, saying they couldn't possibly be good at football with such a weak name. He was later informed that Flowery Branch won their opener last week 70-6. Fun fact: I'm the PxP voice for Flowery Branch, and I called that game. https://www.spreaker.com/user/flowerybranchhs