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  1. I'll add you and look for you online. Maybe I can help power-level you. I'm bored at this point otherwise. It is worth playing through 60, though.
  2. im thinking of rolling a sorc or a zon.. not sur which yetZon? D2?
  3. What do you need to make me some gems?The precursor gems, I would imagine. Plus it costs gold.
  4. What annoys me the most about this game is I run across hax sites where all the 14 year olds are talking about how their bots bring in 250-350k an hour while they're in school.
  5. I went out and bought it as well. this game is ridiculously time absorbing (in a good way). went to bed at 3 am on a work nite...FMLI did the same thing with Civ V recently. Looked at the clock and it was pushing 3:30am. Didn't even realize it was that late. And even when you do look at the clock, there is always just "one more turn".Not sure what it is, cause you would think turn based games would be easier to turn off. They aren't.

  7. Jesus. I've bought a ridiculous amount of games during this sale, which will take me years to play, if I play them. I believe Drifter has the same complaint.
  8. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: MICHONNE & A PAIR OF CHAINED UP ZOMBIES FTW So dumb. I'm afraid they're going to take a poorly written but very entertaining show and just make it completely unwatchable.So stop watching You're right. When you're pessimistic about something, the best thing to do is to just give up entirely. I think the point is that you're a moron, and we don't want you cluttering up good threads. HTH.
  9. Picked up a game called Limbo, LA Noire and the Stalker collection. Pretty cheap.
  10. Masters is at most a finale watch at this point. I thought they killed that franchise. Oh, dammit, it's Masters. Thought it was the real thing. Oh well, there's not much worth watching on these days.
  11. I've never played one of the Total War series but seeing the pack of them on there for $13, I think i may be in, everyone here seems to speak pretty highly of those. Darn this steam sale I may not be far behind you. Luckily no wife and kids, so i'd just be killing my social life.Good games, but HUGE time-sinks.
  12. Were they any good?so-so, but I wasn't even lvl 60 yet so I was happy. I didn't hit 60 until this afternoon.I've been 60 for a while. Never had a legendary drop.You probably don't want to hear that I got another 2 and a set item tonight then. I hate you.