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  1. Bynes to IR. Hodges with 7-3-0 after his Bynes' exit in the 2nd qtr on Sunday. The Cards remaining schedule isn't the greatest for LB's but if he sees starters snaps going forward, he could produce for us in the playoffs.
  2. Rob Demovsky of ESPN is reporting that Tramon Williams will be filling Dix's role at safety for GB - not Whitehead as most speculated. He wrote, "At defensive coordinator Mike Pettine's request, he will get the first chance to replace Clinton-Dix..." IGranted, the safety spot in GB hasn't been the pot of gold it was in years past, but those in a CB-required league could really get some value here. It also suggests that those hanging on to Josh Jones can let go. Bonus - GB plays the Patriots this weekend - #4 in points allowed to the safety position. If you're needy, he might be worth a shot.
  3. With Burgess hitting IR today, that looks like a great call.
  4. Play him. The Lions are a top-10 match up for LBs. With Lee out, LVE's more than likely to play close to 100% of the defensive snaps alongside Smith. With Detroit's new found running game and Dallas' inability to keep their offense on the field, LVE should have tons of tackle opportunities. You could say he will see the "Lion's share" of tackle opportunities. Too much? Sorry, it's early.
  5. Game book has Hodges starting the game and playing 50% of defensive snaps to Bucannon's 35%. What's more is they started in nickel. I'm no Buc owner, but if this trend continues, I may be a Hodges owner sooner than later given the time that defense will be spending on the field.
  6. For me, I'm dumping. I've been searching for a reason to hold on to him since last years train-wreck-of-a-season. Everything I've read is nothing but positive for White while Brown is an afterthought or not mentioned at all. I think Brown will play, but it's shaping up to be some sort of platoon as far as I can tell and at this point, I don't think he'll start. Below is an excerpt from a review of Browns' performance last night written by Michael Peterson of Bolts from the Blue where Brown is actually mentioned, and it's not pretty. "While rookie linebackers Kyzir White and Uchenna Nwosu continue to impress, Jatavis Brown has done nothing to help his case. It’s one of the saddest realizations I’ve had to endure while covering the Chargers up to this point. Against the Saints’, Brown was still in the game with the third-stringers as White and Nwosu got plenty of reps ahead of him. Even against the worst talent on the field, Brown missed tackle after tackle. His abysmal play was just one piece of a dumpster fire that was the defense in the fourth quarter. When Hayes Pullard, the worst rated player by Pro Football Focus in 2017, is looking more explosive and overall like a better player than you are, something major has got to change. Here’s to hoping he fixes whatever happens to be broken." You can read the whole thing here: (it's at the bottom of the page)
  7. Erik Harris looks like someone to watch. Started at SS in front of Karl Joseph last night. Rotoworld has a blurb about it too this morning. His box score isn't anything special, but if he holds on to the job, he could be gold. His size (6'3", 225) suggests he could spend a lot of time in the box cleaning up after old man Johnson.
  8. According to NJ Advanced Media, he and Wilkerson were both benched for being late to practice. Wilkerson was only benched for the first quarter on Sunday, so Lee must have been really late.
  9. Giants signed Ray Ray. Keep an eye on him this weekend. He's currently slotted in behind Casillas, but they are woefully thin at LB and may plug him in. If he shows well, he may be of some help in the FF playoffs. If that defense wasn't already on the field enough, it's about to get worse now that the keys to offense have been handed to Geno.
  10. My bad. Should have said "likely" out. Just reading the tea leaves given no practice all week. Should probably stop doing that. Hasn't worked well for me all season. Thanks though.
  11. Anyone out there have some insight into Kwiatkoski's status for this week with Travathan out? Is he ready to hold down the fort next to Jones or is Timu in the mix?
  12. I read they played Coyle on the weak side with Foster back in the middle. Don't know if it will stick, but they're running out of safties so at least Reid should be out of the LB shuffle.
  13. Giddy up!
  14. According to the San Jose Mercury News, Reid has officially been converted to LB. Rotoworld lists him as the starter at WLB. He may have underwhelmed as a safety, but if he can produce like Ray-Ray, keep his S designation and play with the giant chip on his shoulder that he likely has, he could be gold.
  15. I like Football guys format too, but occasionally use Football Outsiders. It's format sounds a lot like PFR's as it relates to snap counts. It's a bit cumbersome, but there's a ton of great info there.