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  1. According to NJ Advanced Media, he and Wilkerson were both benched for being late to practice. Wilkerson was only benched for the first quarter on Sunday, so Lee must have been really late.
  2. Giants signed Ray Ray. Keep an eye on him this weekend. He's currently slotted in behind Casillas, but they are woefully thin at LB and may plug him in. If he shows well, he may be of some help in the FF playoffs. If that defense wasn't already on the field enough, it's about to get worse now that the keys to offense have been handed to Geno.
  3. My bad. Should have said "likely" out. Just reading the tea leaves given no practice all week. Should probably stop doing that. Hasn't worked well for me all season. Thanks though.
  4. Anyone out there have some insight into Kwiatkoski's status for this week with Travathan out? Is he ready to hold down the fort next to Jones or is Timu in the mix?
  5. I read they played Coyle on the weak side with Foster back in the middle. Don't know if it will stick, but they're running out of safties so at least Reid should be out of the LB shuffle.
  6. Giddy up!
  7. According to the San Jose Mercury News, Reid has officially been converted to LB. Rotoworld lists him as the starter at WLB. He may have underwhelmed as a safety, but if he can produce like Ray-Ray, keep his S designation and play with the giant chip on his shoulder that he likely has, he could be gold.
  8. I like Football guys format too, but occasionally use Football Outsiders. It's format sounds a lot like PFR's as it relates to snap counts. It's a bit cumbersome, but there's a ton of great info there.
  9. He's on our wire too. If I had the space, I'd pick him up. But I don't know that I'd play him this week. I need to see more. He's still playing part-time, in a position he's never played and, in the end, the experiment in week 7 didn't go very well considering the Cowboys hung 265 rushing yards on them with 8/61 coming from Broncos wide receiver Rod Smith (that's the only Rod Smith I've ever heard of...). At least their run defense was respectable before that fiasco. And I thought Ray-Ray was playing pretty well. Not sure why it was he that ceded time. With that said, Ryan Sitzmann, the IDP Guru recommends picking him up and says the following: "S Eric Reid (SF) - Reid is another player I was extremely high on heading into the season but injuries have unfortunately derailed him so far in 2017. However, he was back on the field finally last week and surprisingly saw snaps at linebacker for the 49ers (he played 68% of the snaps in total). He has the size and strength to play the position and if Reuben Foster were to miss any time, Reid could see his snap counts significantly increase at the position relative to last week. If you have a deep bench, Reid makes for a nice speculative add as he could pay huge dividends down the stretch for teams." And then there's this: If there are more reliable bye week fill-ins on your wire, meaning their role is actually defined and they're on the field more than 68% of the time, I'd go with them this week. But I'd still try to find a spot for Reid. And if you grab him and you're more of a risk taker, the Eagles are a great match up for LBs. Just ask Zach Brown - the guy killed me last night.
  10. So Eric Reid logged 48 snaps at OLB, largely at the expense of Ray-Ray, this past Sunday according to sources. I know Ray-Ray had a bum shoulder going in, but this looks like a concern for Ray-Ray owners at this point. At the same time, it could be a boon for Reid owners. I suppose it's possible they were "showcasing" Reid in an effort to trade him before the deadline as his days are numbered in SF with Tartt taking over at SS, but it's something to keep an eye on.
  11. Um, starting next week... smh
  12. Not sure about MyFBG... Take this for what it's worth. Assuming he doesn't "design" another donut, it sounds like he's going to partake in a little hitting come Sunday.
  13. Without knowing your scoring format, I'm not sure I'd consider dropping either of those two regardless. While Burfict is always a suspension-risk, I like him to outscore Kwon the rest of the way (ok - I'm a little biased as a Burfict owner). As for and Ogletree, he should be on par with Kwon weekly at the very least. I just don't think you would gain anything. Also, hammy's tend to linger. Kwon was out because he aggravated an existing injury. He could just as easily aggravate it again.
  14. Craig Robertson (LB - NOS) - With the season-ender to Anzalone in week four and a week 5 bye, he's a forgotten man. But he had a good year in 2016 and should pick up right where he left off last year. Had a great week 6, but is probably best suited for tackle-heavy leagues. Nick Kwiatkoski (LB - CHI) - He wasn't placed on IR like Freeman and has been practicing on a limited basis lately. If he's been cut, it might be a good idea to pick him up. He was "questionable" in week 6, though it's hard to say just how close he was to actually playing. But it's a good sign regardless.
  15. Per "Reuben Foster will now play MIKE linebacker full time. The first-round pick had been playing at WILL linebacker since training camp following the injury to Malcolm Smith. Foster started Week 1 at Bowman's side and played 11 snaps before going down with a high-ankle sprain. The injury sidelined Foster for the past four weeks. As Foster neared full strength, it became a topic of conversation where he would be reinserted back into the lineup. Now that Bowman has been released, we have our answer. Foster will transition back to MIKE linebacker immediately. Kyle Shanahan noted that’s Foster’s natural position. Ray-Ray Armstrong will remain at WILL linebacker." The article suggests Coyle will still be involved at MIKE until Foster gets up to speed, but it looks like Ray-Ray will be a factor the rest of the way assuming Foster doesn't hoover all of the tackle opportunities.