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  1. I was just looking at this because Byrd's on our wire (pun intended) and I was about to nab him. But I checked the game logs and back in week 3, the only game Vaccaro missed this year, it was the ageless wonder Roman Harper who filled in and played every defensive snap at SS. With that said, Bell probably wasn't completely up to speed and Byrd was on the verge of being benched, but it wouldn't be IDP 2016 without a weekly freakin' monkey wrench. If the Saints continue to favor the three-safety sets they've been running, we may see Harper again. In the end, I'll likely go get Byrd anyway. I think he gets a bump with Vacarro's absence. He's been playing well lately, leading the Saints in solos the past couple of weeks, and isn't it time Winston throws a pick? Byrd's due (pun intended).
  2. They lied to us! JPP out 6-8 weeks after undergoing sports hernia surgery.
  3. After last night's game, Harrison Smith in a walking boot and on crutches saying he doesn't have a lot of feeling in his leg. He has 10 days to recover, but was gimpy going in and seems to have made it worse. From where I sit, it doesn't look good for the first week of FF playoffs. Keeping my fingers crossed but making alternate plans.
  4. Nah, man. The reality is that Chip has just four ILB's rostered - three of them are white. In a 3-4, one of them has to play. It's just a matter of circumstance because none of them were playing before Bowman and Ray Ray went down. I'd be willing to bet Chip would give up all three of them to just have Bowman back. Any takers?
  5. No Geathers? Go get Tartt if he's out there. Not that we didn't expect it, but Taylor Price, beat writer for, wrote, "O’Neil tabbed second-year safety Jaquiski Tartt as the new starting safety in San Francisco’s defensive lineup." Miami is not a great matchup by the numbers, but the numbers don't include dates with the 49ers defense where Bethea and Reid are #1 & #2 in tackles on the team respectively. With their sieve of a front seven I fully expect Tartt to pick up right where Reid left off. And doesn't everyone need a guy with a name like "Jaquiski" on their team?
  6. Love to see that too. Everything I've read suggests the 'Skins were in sub-packages for most of the game leading to extended snaps for Cravens. Foster is still the guy in the base. With that said, Ryan Sitzmann (IDP Guru) wrote the following about Cravens this week - "Up until last week, he was just a subpackage player. However, given his strong play in those packages, the Washington coaching staff decided to move him up into a full-time role over Mason Foster. " That may be where the rumor came from but it still sounds more like speculation than fact.
  7. The Bears official website has Kwiatkoski backing up Freeman and Jones backing up Trevathan. If Fox stays true to the SAM/WILL next man up depth chart like Chip did with Bellore after Bowman went down, Kwiatkoski will not only man Freeman's spot but may also wear the green dot. Check this out from John Mullin of CSN Chicago: I'm going to go get him and watch for a week to see. If he does call the plays and produces anywhere near Freeman, he'd be a steal this late in the season.
  8. They just signed Ihedigbo, another veteran SS, a few days back and he's active today. Don't see Graham losing snaps but worry about Blanton now. Meeks and Brown don't offer much, but Ihedigbo does. Will need to see how this plays out.
  9. Tough choices, but I have to agree with Absinthe on Geathers. Titans giving up 3rd most points to safety position so far this season and Indy stat crew slightly more generous with solos. Whitner is a close second for me with a plus matchup for safeties as well. Panthers are a great matchup for safeties too, but I can't figure out what they're doing with Bell week to week.
  10. Mass - Sac Bee reporting that Chip Kelly "tabbed DE Quinton Dial as a potential replacement" for Armstead. I didn't see the game, but it does appear that Dorsey's snap count went up significantly when Armstead went down but Dial also saw a bit of an uptick in snaps. There might be something there with Dorsey, just not sure where they will ultimately play him. If they stick him in Dial's spot, you may not get the production you are hoping for. That said, if the SF defense plays another 85 snaps this weekend, which doesn't seem to be a stretch for them, Dorsey can't help but fall into a few tackles.
  11. Robar - You make a great point about Hodges and his production given his "limited" playing time being due to the sheer amount of snaps the SF defense was on the field in week 9. However, based on what I'm seeing, there is no way on God's green earth the SF defense will be on the field for just 50+/- snaps on any given Sunday. They are averaging 71.3 snaps per game with their last three clocking in at 79, 75 and 85. They had 83 snap effort in week 2 and 76 in week 4. Their lowest was 62 in week 1 against a woefully inept Rams offense. Looking at their schedule going forward (aside from the Rams in week 16), the SF defense may as well pitch tents and get the marshmallows ready because they'll be camped out on the field. Of course, you ideally want a full time player, but with that volume you could argue that Hodges (or whoever starts at ILB) even at a 62% clip is virtually playing full-time snaps when compared to others across the league. Oh, and I’m fully aware that I’ll likely be eating these words after Week 10…
  12. Yep, he played. Killed me too. He even graded out as a top-5 player for the Raiders defense according to PFF. His stat line included all of one pass defended. It was mostly game flow related, though. The Raiders owned time of possession by more than a 2-1 margin (over 41 minutes!). The Broncos went three-and-out on 7 or 8 of their offensive possessions. Booker was consistently stuffed at the line and Siemian couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. 18 completions and just 12 rushes don't leave much for the defense to divvy up.
  13. Taylor Price at reports "The 49ers rotated throughout the game at inside linebacker. Nick Bellore and Gerald Hodges got the start. Michael Wilhoite mixed in throughout the game. Hodges led the team with 11 tackles." Don't forget about the sack, Mr. Price. ShamrockPride nailed it with the Hodges call. I went with Bellore and came out alright with 8 solos. Looking forward to seeing the snap counts and who Wilhoite stole time from though he didn't do much with the time he got. In the end the LB rotation still didn't help stop a marginal NO rushing attack. Now what, Chip? Surely he'll keep us guessing...
  14. That didn't take long - Danelle Ellerbe OUT again (as is Laurinaitis). Fire up Stupar if you still got 'em. SF is both LB and tackle friendly.
  15. Deep leagues only - Cowboys named second-year LB Damien Wilson as the new starter at SAM. I know. I know. SAM. But he has had 3 solos in limited action in each of their last two games. A converted safety, he led the Golden Gophers in tackles his senior year in 2014. Missed games his rookie year after getting shot in the eye with a paintball gun. Clearly didn't learn anything from watching A Christmas Story, but he's good to go again this year. Just something to keep an eye on...