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  1. Not a JAG. It's okay a lot of people were wrong with you.
  2. Mack is 3rd in yds after contact. I think people underrate him far too often.
  3. Lol yeah I'm done with that guy, he acts like a child. But anyways I always thought Mack was legit, it was the injuries and vision that held him back. That being said, I dont believe he is elite (Gurley, Barkley, Kamara, Gordon, 2016 DJ) but I would not be surprised if he ends up an rb1 the 2nd half of the season. The Colts O line has been crushing it and Mack's vision has greatly improved. Also, Mack had a few drops the last couple of weeks, so he needs to clean that up but excited for him nonetheless.
  4. What burn? I was just saying he's a good rb in a good situation not a JAG in a good situation. I went to the same college as him and even had a class with him. Obviously I am biased but I have seen him play since his freshman year of college
  5. Lol hurt my feelings? I just think you are wrong and he has proved you wrong 2 weeks in a row