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  1. Not a JAG. It's okay a lot of people were wrong with you.
  2. Mack is 3rd in yds after contact. I think people underrate him far too often.
  3. Lol yeah I'm done with that guy, he acts like a child. But anyways I always thought Mack was legit, it was the injuries and vision that held him back. That being said, I dont believe he is elite (Gurley, Barkley, Kamara, Gordon, 2016 DJ) but I would not be surprised if he ends up an rb1 the 2nd half of the season. The Colts O line has been crushing it and Mack's vision has greatly improved. Also, Mack had a few drops the last couple of weeks, so he needs to clean that up but excited for him nonetheless.
  4. What burn? I was just saying he's a good rb in a good situation not a JAG in a good situation. I went to the same college as him and even had a class with him. Obviously I am biased but I have seen him play since his freshman year of college
  5. Lol hurt my feelings? I just think you are wrong and he has proved you wrong 2 weeks in a row
  6. I am worried about the snow in GB. Would you go Rivers or Wilson?
  7. Definitely not doing this trade if I were in your shoes. AJ Green is an elite wr Dez and Benjamin are low end wr1s maybe wr2. I would not give up on Wilson. He is becoming more mobile and can win uou a ship. He did for me last year... Did you try to offer Dez instead of Green?
  8. Not to be a jerk but how do you have a spot locked up already? You're whole has been under performing this year. I know because one of my leagues looks very similar to your team... But out of those rbs I'd go for Miller and Ware. Not because of the schedule but because they are bellcows
  9. Yes. Julio is the best or 2nd best wr in the league also, I trust Ryan more than Winston. Brees and Rodgers are interchangeable imo. Edit: The only way I wouldn't accept is if I couldn't make it thru Julios bye. Evans already had his. . . . .
  10. A. No B. Hell no Reasoning: A. Evans is probably in the AB/Julio tier this year with his targets/TDs/schedule B. Hilton is just right behind Evans and a solid WR1 and Lat Murray just got the Vote of Confidence from Del Rio to be his lead back Try trading Marvin Jones and someone for Matt Ryan and someone. Marvin Jones is dropping in value(with tate becoming the focal point) but you may be able to still sell him pretty high or stay with Eli and stream Fitz this week.
  11. Reed can win you a ship (he did gor me last year) Id drop Shepard.
  12. Go Coleman for flex. If you aren't comfortable playing Eifert his first game back, I would definitely drop dixon for Davis. Dixon looks to be all hype. . .