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  1. Oh god Ridley c’mon. Someone watching the game have any insight on what’s happening?
  2. In redraft he's been droppable since Week 2- he doesn't look good on a team with a pretty bad offense and none of the ability that made him valuable when he was good. If he has a linsfranc injury, he's droppable in 100% of leagues, probably won't play another snap this season in favor of getting shut down to recover, and honestly his dynasty value would be in question with his future on the Panthers in question. Maybe I'm bitter because Cam burned me a little. Maybe I feel bad for the guy, who looks like he doesn't want to be playing. But I don't see a scenario where Cam Newton is a benefit to your team.
  3. I'm sure he meant "Get Ito more touches", but I love the idea of Dirk Koetter wanting to get in himself as the RB more frequently. Maybe he's a deep dynasty stash?
  4. ESPN just told me Brady threw a touchdown to Gostkowski and I didn’t even know whether to think it was fake or not.
  5. Disagree- I think Freeman ROS is a bad gambit. The timeshare between him and Ito is real, and neither is getting the touches in the right scenarios to merit buying at this time. Maybe I'll eat my words, but I don't see Freeman putting up a full season of starting RB numbers.
  6. If McCoy plays and takes the lionshare of snaps, we will have to wait on our lottery ticket to have its numbers called. With McCoy's injury history and age, Thompson may have a chance mid-season to show his stuff, but for now it's all too muddled to start any of the three with confidence. Hopefully someone emerges soon.
  7. I agree it's an overreaction to two bad games this season, and he is playing hurt, but I think it is not out of the question for an NFL organization to consider going with the younger, healthier option to save some FO jobs. Besides, my point wasn't that Cam is worse than his back-ups- just lacks any sort of consistency, especially if he can't make plays on his feet. Wouldn't be surprised to see Kyle Allen come in, start, get a win against a mediocre Cardinals squad, and have Ron Rivera play the hot-hand approach. Cam Newton, when healthy, is a top 5 fantasy QB and an above-average NFL QB. If he is locked out of making plays with his feet for the season, as he has been for the past two games, he is below average and he's going to get people fired, and the FO cares more about their jobs than loyalty to a "franchise QB".
  8. Is Slye a must-start at this point? I got Lutz in the rain this week 😬
  9. Keeping my eye on Fuller, but he just isn't providing enough value right now to stick on my bench in my 10 team league. Still plenty rosterable in larger leagues, but as someone who hasn't seen more than bits and pieces of the Texans this season, how is he looking? How bad looking are those drops?
  10. I have Williams rostered, just dropped Will Fuller to make room for Thompson on my bench. Feel iffy on it, but the chance at the RB in the best offense is worth dropping a WR that still needs to prove it this season.
  11. Dropped him for Dalton. Easy decision. Can't trust anyone in that offense until there is some consistency, which I fear will only come at the cost of Cam's starting job.
  12. What do you guys think about this trade: Standard Scoring Team A Receives: LeVeon Bell, NYJ Lamar Jackson, BAL Team B Receives: Nick Chubb Rams D/ST Looking for quick input! Thanks, and link your own posts for me!
  13. Hi guys, At this moment I am a Cam Newton Owner. I wish to no longer be a Cam Newton Owner. I’m struggling choosing his replacement though; 10 team Standard scoring, lots of options that are interesting. Goff Rivers Trubs Winston Either NO QB Rudolph Stafford Brisset All sitting on the wire, all interesting in their own right. Interested to see who you like best!
  14. I'm dragging my feet on it, because I don't have much in the way of droppable assets besides Cam, who is locked until the end of the week. If I had a scrub to drop, I'd jump instantly just to have the option available. Believe me, I want OFF this ride. Cam looks bad and I don't have the patience to deal with bad players.