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  1. I like the trade, seeing as you probably only start Gordon on byes. You should look to offload your bad WRs and get some insurance in case your decent RBs get injured or lose their spark (Gibson and Robinson, looking at you.)
  2. Jefferson = Ayuk > Shenault > Williams. I'm getting rid of Williams everywhere I have him, he flashed last year but clearly has shown this year he isn't a fantasy star yet. Jefferson is impressing me more and more, and Ayuk is stepping up. Shenault has benefitted from injuries above him but should be solid one day, just not trustworthy enough yet.
  3. I traded James Robinson for Amari Cooper. I am loaded at RB, and was trotting out garbage receivers. I'm happy taking the consistency in Cooper, though I wish I was able to snag a bit more value.
  4. Hi all, Sutton going down means I'm looking into trades to keep my WR position afloat. I am currently looking into trading away Clyde Edwards-Helaire for one of the aforementioned WRs. Opinions? Should I instead attempt to move Chris Carson? What sort of value should I pursue for an RB1?
  5. Anyone starting Boone may want to think about picking up the GB 3rd stringer just in case! /s
  6. I am up by 27 points with my opponent with Boone left to go and I'm legitimately scared. If he goes off for 30+ you can thank me for cursing my team
  7. Ekeler looks good when this offense looks works. He’s a startable pass-catcher alone, even without the rushing yards. He’s clearly a large part of this offense still. Love him as a high floor RB2.
  8. Caught a touchdown, it looks like he is filling a role similar to how Thompson was used when healthy- spelling Peterson and catching passes. In a blowout on his first game back, this probably isn’t indicative of the future, but overall he didn’t look BAD.
  9. One got vultures, another called back for penalty... but he looked good that drive, hopefully it’ll instill a bit more confidence.
  10. Targetting TY in trades. Could be a league winner if you can spare the bench room and the current owner can't.