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  1. view

    Warner, Fred

    He hasn't missed a single snap @ Mike yet
  2. Darius Leonard 1 sack (4 pts) Darius Leonard 15 tackles (30 pts) Darius Leonard 3 assists (3 pts) Darius Leonard 1 pass defensed (2 pts) Darius Leonard 1 fumble forced (3 pts)
  3. @Flying Elvis Foyesade Oluokun looks like the next in line
  4. Not sure - but clearly this rookie Justin Evans is someone to keep an eye on in Ward's absence. So far 5 solo's, 1 assist, 1 interception, 1 pass defended - and it's not even half time. Conte has 1 solo.
  5. Read it all - I fuggin love this thread.
  6. DynastyLeagueFootball would be my guess.
  7. Assuming the stat crews don't change much season-to-season, this may be what you're looking for 2016 Tackles Issued by Home Stat Crews (Through Week 15) Otherwise, it's something you probably have to drop $200 per season for @ PFF
  8. Dark timeline for Bears fans. Jerrell Freeman's on I/R... even Christian Jones is "questionable" w/ an injured back. I didn't see the game - who came in for him? The snap count page implies it was a dude named Jonathan Anderson (w/ 12 snaps - none week 1).
  9. Damn... my league doesn't even have Cole available... FBG snap counts doesn't even list him as registering snaps. PFR shows him though - 14% of defensive snaps, 77% of special teams.. so that explains it. This article says he's starting... There's also mention of Brian Peters coming up to serve as back up to Cole and Cunningham. Good catch!
  10. ...their's something off they're and I just can't put my finger on it.
  11. Awwwwww SNAP my favorite thread is back! But yeah... other than that 15 yard penalty for ripping a guy off the pile - go Sorenson go. Emotional dude.