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  1. I believe you but surprising considering James Robinson probably has at least twice as many touches and just appears to be better.....
  2. IMO the chance of that is low. Hes hard to trust right now but still likely to be a weekly starter in most leagues.
  3. Could very well happen. But I still think he will be rated as a WR1/2 at beginning of next year.
  4. He will be very hard to trust in the fantasy playoffs but I doubt a lot of us will have a better option. I certainly don’t at the moment.
  5. I did a quick count and it looks like 16 WRs on the initial list. I think Will Fuller deserves to be in the conversation here. I think he’s a borderline WR1 at least for the rest of this year and probably next year too.
  6. I don’t know. I would def say his value is at an all-time low. A healthy O Line and Dak back under center might do wonders for him. I would also guess his motivation right now couldn’t be lower. I mean what is playing for right now?
  7. I seem to remember in the preseason there was some noise that he dedicated himself to the weight room and put on some weight to help stay on the field.
  8. You don’t say? “Entering Thursday's game against the Baltimore Ravens (8:20 p.m. ET, NBC) and reigning MVP Lamar Jackson, Roethlisberger has the fifth-best odds at +1800 for this year's MVP award, according to Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill. He trails favorite Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson (+300), Aaron Rodgers (+450) and Kyler Murray (+1500).”
  9. If you’re using Vegas odds as your barometer then Henry comes off the list. Henry isn’t even top 10 in regards to odds.
  10. Your response is logical. Even though Pittsburgh is 10-0 I don’t think that they are the best team. But I do think Ben is the most valuable member of the team with the best record and why I would vote for him for MVP if the vote were today.
  11. Hard to drop a starting “Bell cow” RB but I might be there.
  12. I didn’t see the game but I feel like he has a similar, yet lesser, skill set as Lamar Jackson. Not as dynamic as a runner but I haven’t seen Taysom throw enough to compare passing ability vs. Lamar.
  13. The answer is Big Ben. I mean last year the Steelers go 8-8 after Ben gets hurt early in the year. QB play was below average in 2019 and that’s being kind. Steelers currently 10-0 and really didn’t get anybody in the off-season to make them better. I won’t argue if you call out Claypool as a value-add new addition. I know some of the players listed have better stats. I get it. But seriously, who is really more valuable right now to their team than Big Ben?
  14. I’m holding Mixon. And have Gio. If Mixon plays in week 14 and does ok he will be in my week 15 lineup. At the moment I don’t have a better option.