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  1. What a waste of a roster spot all year. Guess this is the true definition of high risk-high reward.
  2. Yep. Was thinking about it last week pending the Haskins announcement.
  3. Amazing. I’ve gotten 3 weeks of basically a zero in two leagues from the combo DJ and Chase. And a lot of other folks have as well. And now with Drake in the mix not sure how anybody in the backfield can be started unless an injury providers clarity. Oh well. Point to the shirt is all I can say!
  4. Also not sure if this is a draft thing as much as a general observation. I feel like the season can really be divided into 3 parts. 1st 3rd - what players have outperformed their ADP and a couple early FA opportunities. 2nd 3rd - with all the bye weeks whomever has built the best benches have the advantage. last 3rd - it starts to get really random. Having a healthy lineup and if a team can acquire those late season free agents that come out of nowhere and can win the league. Bottom line: the team you draft ain’t the team you’re ending up with
  5. RBs are still king. Pepper the middle/late rounds w attractive RBs that appear to be a good value. Typically more value than that WR 4/5 or TE 2 your app says to grab.
  6. At this point I’m hoping for IR to move forward.
  7. I thought the same thing about Mike Evans early in the season. But sometimes holding is the right thing to do.
  8. Because they don’t care about your fantasy team! Lol.
  9. He’s starting to emerge and good TEs are rare. But a little too TD depended at this point IMO. I’d like to see consistently high targets before I say he’s arrived.
  10. Thinking of dropping Penny tonight for Hunt. I’m thinking Hunt carves out more of a role than Penny assuming all starters and cuffs are healthy.
  11. Yep. His trend is almost making him droppable. If they decide to start Haskins ROS I think he can be dropped.
  12. Yes that. But I always think those GTD especially related to hamstrings and quads are at risk of re-aggravating and leaving the game at any time. Thielen on my bench for either DJ Moore or Stills.
  13. Any KC homers with insight regarding Shady being grounded this week for his fumble vs his normal amount of touches?