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  1. Good thoughts. I think the most valuable FF skill is how you manage your roster throughout the season. Deciding whether to handcuff, being able to look ahead a couple of weeks, knowing how your league bids, how many RBs do I carry, etc. Draft strategy is 2nd in my book. 3rd - Picking the best lineup can be maddening if you let it and I have somewhat given up that you can’t predict the weekly variation in a game. 4th - trades. At least in the leagues I play mostly a waste of time. But I’ve found better results bartering the deal via text than the site of choice.
  2. IMO Bo is guaranteed 15+ carries. I’m not as confident in Snell being guaranteed the same despite last week.
  3. In my PPR league Mack had 25.4 + 8.3 = 33.7 in weeks 1 and 2. Williams had 15.7 + 21.1 = 36.8 the past 2 weeks. 36.8 is better than 33.7. But I’ll add Williams only played about half a game vs Jax or the numbers would be more different. Bottom line I’ll be very happy if Williams stays the bell cow. But that’s just me.
  4. As both a Mack and Williams owner, Williams last 2 weeks are better than any two week stretch Mack has had this year.
  5. Yes it could last to week 17. But I’ll say this. With the Steelers in the middle of a wild card race with generally poor offensive options IMO they are motivated to get him on the field vs shutting him down. Full disclosure: Steeelers homer here
  6. I dropped T Mac yesterday in redraft. Needed the roster spot to take a RB flyer and figure I can get a WR of about equal value on the WW if needed.
  7. It’s fine to not like Rudolph. But your second sentence is wrong on multiple levels. Maybe folks shouldn’t like you.
  8. Kap was 29th in QBR in 2016.
  9. A little bit of pissing in the fan here but Kaps 2016 QBR rating of 29th doesn’t have a QB ranked higher than him that started less than 11 games. If I use similar logic as you for Lamar Jackson 2019 YTD and exclude Brandon Allen (1 game), Matt Schaub (3 games) and Tannenhill (6 games), Lamar is actually 9th in QBR. Bottom line Lamar Jackson >>> Kap. Jackson 9th in QBR vs. Kap 29th in QBR. Not a legit comparison at all.
  10. Nope. You’re wrong. Kap was a backup level talent in 2016, is 3 years removed, and not worth the PR hit to be a backup. Lamar 2019 76.2 QBR (ranked 12th) 9 starts, 2036 passing yards, 15 passing TDs, 702 rush yards, 6 rush TDs. Kap 2016 QBR 55.2 (ranked 29th) & whatever stats you said.
  11. Wow! That’s 200 yards a game! Or about what Mahomes does by halftime. Theres no way if I were a GM I would sign Colin K.
  12. No way. Garrett rips off a helmet and hits a guy in the skull with it. Pouncey sticks up for his QB and granted should not have kicked but not even close IMO.
  13. What a waste of a roster spot all year. Guess this is the true definition of high risk-high reward.