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  1. Is there a way to see your score once you’ve been eliminated?
  2. A Darren Sproles sighting.. I’m not dead yet. I assumed he was still out. He’s at 7.7 points already, just need another 40....
  3. Right there with you, only about 20 spots ahead. done at 132, Brees' Thursday night turd spelled doom. Good luck to those moving on.
  4. That is crazy that there are only 21 Hunt owners left. Not owning Hunt, I was hoping that number was gonna be much higher. I'd guessed 60+ at least. After Brees' performance Thursday, Im afraid this is likely my week to get cut.
  5. Only 5 Brees/Gurley owners and 1 Brees/Gurley/Barkley owners, which is me.
  6. 0 Owners with Mahomes, Gurley Hunt 2 owners with Mahomes, Hunt, Kelce
  7. Post KC/LA bye week survivals. Still 321 out of 500 Mahomes owners left Gurley owners down to 55 (I’m one of those) Hunt 21 Goff 98 Kelce 37
  8. Last 4 years cutline for week 13. 2014 161 2015 181 2016 161 2017 165 Average 167 With scoring up this year, I’m thinking we are looking at a high 170 or 180 cut this week.
  9. I’m barely hanging on. Really need a couple Hopkins receptions.
  10. One more point of reference. Texans played the Cowboys on SNF in week 5, Final was 19-16 in OT. The cut line moved 4points that night.
  11. Found this. 146.25 was the cut going into Monday night the last time the Titans played. That was week 9, the final cut line that week was 149.30. That was a cowboys Titans game with a final score of 28-14.
  12. Looks like Fairbairn is gonna be the biggest driver of the cut line. 262 people left have Fairbairn. Lamar Miller next with 115. Others with more than 50 W Fuller 91 - OUT C Davis 85 T Taylor 75 - OUT D Hopkins 61 Titans D 51 R Griffin 51 Texans D 50
  13. He is in last place again going into Monday night. Not sure he can make it back to back weeks of miracle comebacks.