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  1. I feel like Myles Jack is pretty consistently overrated going into seasons, and his weekly and ROS rankings are pretty much always way too generous considering how inconsistent he is.
  2. Myles Jack has got to be one of the more overrated IDP LB's yearly. Too inconsistent for my liking.
  3. Snagged Quincy Williams in my keeper league. Hoping he can develop into something solid.
  4. Saw on a Jaguars forum that Quincy Williams looked really good this week. Getting a lot of praise from their fans. He posted 9 total and 6 solo stops, so not a bad day at all from a fantasy perspective.
  5. TheCenci

    Box Safeties

    Anyone cutting bait on Mathieu? Doesn't seem to be doing a ton so far, getting outdone by Thornhill right now.
  6. Anyone know how Mathieu looked? I was looking forward to him being the SS in KC, but didn't get much out of him week 1. Thornhill had himself a nice game at FS. Maybe he's the dude we need?
  7. I see that Josey Jewell had a pretty solid game numbers wise. Did he look alright?
  8. Anyone know if Jerome Baker is out there as a 3 down guy? Might be jumping the gun here, but it's a little concerning that he's got 1 solo and 1 assist through 3 quarters and the Ravens have run the ball 30 times already. Eguavoen and McMillan have contributed more, though still not much.
  9. Kiko has now been traded to the Saints. Fire up your Jerome Baker's and maybe your Raekwons or your Sam Eguavoen's.
  10. Looks like he's not coming back this year per Koetter
  11. Random dud from Justin Simmons. Played all defensive snaps and ended up with 1 solo. Not like he's a stud or anything, but he's been a pretty consistent 5-7 tackle type guy. Lucky for me his week didn't sink me.
  12. 1 assist so far today. Is he on the field or...?
  13. How do people feel about Antoine Bethea? Seems to be playing 100% of snaps so far and he's getting tackles. I don't know if he's playing well or anything like that though, maybe this is just a flash in the pan.
  14. Sean Lee for me. Left him on the bench this week just to see how he'd do, thinking of dropping him now. Leonard, Trevathan, Hicks, Alonso, and Jack are my LB's so I think he's expendable. I don't know though.