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  1. Looks like he's not coming back this year per Koetter
  2. Random dud from Justin Simmons. Played all defensive snaps and ended up with 1 solo. Not like he's a stud or anything, but he's been a pretty consistent 5-7 tackle type guy. Lucky for me his week didn't sink me.
  3. 1 assist so far today. Is he on the field or...?
  4. How do people feel about Antoine Bethea? Seems to be playing 100% of snaps so far and he's getting tackles. I don't know if he's playing well or anything like that though, maybe this is just a flash in the pan.
  5. Sean Lee for me. Left him on the bench this week just to see how he'd do, thinking of dropping him now. Leonard, Trevathan, Hicks, Alonso, and Jack are my LB's so I think he's expendable. I don't know though.
  6. Holy #### Darius Leonard is abusing the Redskins
  7. Oh man, this along with Bosa could just kill me.
  8. Eh, he was maybe a top 50 LB in my league last year. He's by far the most talented guy on the wire though, after him it's guys like Fred Warner, Littleton, etc... Just wondering how he's looked is all
  9. How did Myles Jack look? Stat line looks impressive, he's playing in a new position this year, right? He's probably the best linebacker available on waivers in my league right now. Trying to figure out how much I should bid for him out of 100.
  10. I was gonna say I think I saw McCaffrey run him over when I flipped the game on for a little bit.
  11. How about Sean Lee? I know he was on the field a lot, but he probably posted one of his worst stat lines in a while. Did he look bad? Did the young guys look better? Is he just shaking off some rust from not playing this preseason?
  12. How the hell did I miss this? Thank goodness he was on my bench, but still. I feel dumb.
  13. Did Karl Joseph play at all? 0's in the stat sheet from him.