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  1. Maybe I'm missing something, but how could someone still in the playoffs be out of payout contention?
  2. Latest Roto blurb: "TheWinz" needs to be rostered everywhere.
  3. DJ was dealing with a bad back on Sunday. I think that's the reason Edmonds got the snaps he did.
  4. For the Steelers, I'd say the fact that Ben keeps going to him.
  5. For Adjusted Line Yards, it seems fair to mention the Rams O-line was 3rd in 2017 at 4.70 and 29th in 2016 at 3.66.
  6. If any RBs do this and "add 10 pounds of muscle" in the offseason, they auto-rise to the top of my draft board so I can get as many shares as possible while fading the weaker non pass-catching RBs busts-to-be.
  7. He'd beat out Crockett, but has no chance against Tubbs.
  8. Cam's only missed 2 games in McCaffrey's 2 years. Week 16 and 17 last year. CMC hardly played week 17, but in week 16 vs. the Falcons he went for 21-101 and 12-77. The 12 receptions were his 2nd most of the year (the most being 14 in week 2 against the Falcons as well).
  9. No Rooney Rule in touch football I guess.
  10. Lol, but he did. It wasn't an instant thing either - took like a minute before he threw the red flag. Plus they showed an ex-NFL official in the Raiders booth that's on the Raiders staff for such things. Maybe he was trying to take some heat off of Vance Joseph in this thread.
  11. The offensive mess I get the frustration. But the defense is # 2 in points allowed and I don't think the Titans D was expected to be that great coming into the season. I know the Colts game was bad but the Colts have been tough to stop for most teams. Maybe I'm missing something here. I'm just surprised to see anyone calling for the DC's job.
  12. If they had a TO left, couldn't they just use that to avoid the clock run off?