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  1. No Rooney Rule in touch football I guess.
  2. Lol, but he did. It wasn't an instant thing either - took like a minute before he threw the red flag. Plus they showed an ex-NFL official in the Raiders booth that's on the Raiders staff for such things. Maybe he was trying to take some heat off of Vance Joseph in this thread.
  3. The offensive mess I get the frustration. But the defense is # 2 in points allowed and I don't think the Titans D was expected to be that great coming into the season. I know the Colts game was bad but the Colts have been tough to stop for most teams. Maybe I'm missing something here. I'm just surprised to see anyone calling for the DC's job.
  4. If they had a TO left, couldn't they just use that to avoid the clock run off?
  5. That's fine and you may well be right - I don't have a strong opinion either way. But I don't think the 6-game sample of YPC is proof of anything.
  6. It's pretty much impossible for someone's YPC over 6 games to prove any point. Bell's career YPC is 4.3. Conner's YPC this year is 4.4. Before the last game, Conner's YPC was 4.1.
  7. Wow, cheap shot out of nowhere at Leslie Stahl. ?
  8. This week sucks for me. I have Tate and Stafford on bye. My opponent doesn't have anyone on bye. My opponent has an advantage on me this week. But I don't think anyone would call it unfair.
  9. Suppose Smallwood is your only borderline player. You're loaded with 14 other undroppable players. But because of byes/injuries, you are debating starting Smallwood. If you start him, you had 15 startable options for the week. If you bench him, sure you can drop him for another startable option, but you're just delaying the decision until Sunday and are picking from the 15 you now have. I think it's mostly just semantics at this point. And don't get me wrong, I'm not some huge proponent of these leagues. I was just saying no one owner has an unfair advantage when you play in these leagues. And yes you could do what you said about swapping players at every game slot. And I get why people might not like that rule.
  10. Of course I do. But would you agree that I only had the chance to start 15 of them? And yes it's a slight advantage to have players in Thurs game in these leagues. For instance if I have Jeffery and he goes down for the year on Thurs, I can drop him Friday for my pick of the litter before Sunday games. If the same thing happens to the Sanders owner, he has to wait until next week's waivers to replace him. Ok fine, but next week Sanders plays Thurs, Jeffery play Sunday. So the situation reverses. Sure any given week in these leagues having Thurs players is a slight advantage, but everyone's in the same boat. No owner has an unfair advantage.
  11. If you choose to play Smallwood, you've played 1 of your 15 players already. If you bench him, yes you could drop him for someone else, but you're still choosing from only 15 players to start since you already decided to bench Smallwood for Thurs night. The only real advantage is what SSND said about snagging a Thurs night handcuff in case a starter goes down. But it doesn't give you more startable options in a given week. I can understand liking or not liking the rule, but it gives no unfair advantage if everyone is bound by the same rules.
  12. I get that he'll be well-rested after 20 years off, but top 10 ROS for Leroy Hoard is a little strong to me.
  13. If your league allows you to play 2 Clements vs. 1 Smallwood, definitely go with the Coreys.
  14. In a 12-team 2 QB league, Dalton and Carr are almost always rostered. And probably Allen, Bradford etc etc. So Jameis is tough to drop in those leagues.
  15. Barring keeper league concerns, the price you paid for Conner is irrelevant now.