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  1. QB, WRs Agree. RB: CHUBB, Gurley, Guice KJohnson. See if you trade Williams or if someone's a fan of Hunt. Target Henderson for Gurley knee issues. Hunt not back in case Chubb hurt after week 8. Guice is he healthy. RB position always has Turnover. Other responders seem to be in agreement. Target Darwin Thompson on KC RB roster. Sleeper and underrated.
  2. I don't know much about Williams. FGS has him ranked lower than DJ Moore in Dynasty Value. Williams' poised to be Starter. but invest in Darwin Thompson. The Williams Owner is trying to sell on the perceived starter potential in KC. I like Moore and WRs. There's depth in this draft class for RBs. Check out Henderson, Montgomery and Thompson at various ADV.
  3. Hunt's value is low right now but should rebound somewhat. Also the league embraced Vick after dog fights. Hunt's young and behind Chubb after the SUS. Brown's value still high and producing. WR1 Not #1 overall but should be the main target in OAK. 1-10 2019 2020 1st 2020 2nd. How long do you expect to Barkley to be #1 RB overall? Or among them? 5 years? How long do you think Brown can produce WR1 numbers 1-3 years? What will it take for Hunt to be RB 1 in CLE or similar team? I think he fills in late in season and earns spot on new team. Does this deal improve your starting roster now and into future? Who do you take #10?. It's rare that a Barkley owner would sell. SO I think you have to keep in mind the opportunity and decide if you would regret buying or not.
  4. Players I'm targeting in the draft #15, #21, #26 picks overall #15 Pick: Hakeem Butler. Hockenson, Irv Smith Jr.. D Montgomery. DHenderson. #21. Any above: DK Metcalf, Mboykin, Darwin Thompson . J Sterberger #26 Any above and Will Grier, Drew Lock. I believe these players could help fill roster spots if I traded away other players. OR could be bundled into trades for upgrades. I wouldn't trade Hockenson or Butler. I might let value rise on Metcalf and others then move.
  5. 10 Team 2 QB Dynasty League PPR with bonus tiers and KR/PR pts. 2QB, 3WR, 2RB 1TE, 1W/T, 1W/R 1 W/R/T, K DEF, 2 IDP 11 bench 2 IR spots (26 regular spots up to 28 with IR. Last year the first year in the league so I just tried to acquire Dynasty value and stubs with a win next year mentality knowing I'd lose in 2018. I dropped my K, DEF, IDPs to acquire more position at end of the season. So I'll need to create 4 -6 roster spots. I also draft #15 and #21 overall. QB: D.Watson, R. WIlson, B Mayfield T. Bridgewater, WR: RWoods, TLockett, DJ Moore, A.Jeffery, CGodwin, CKirk, DPettis, CSutton, MVS, KCoutee, RB: Ezekiel Elliot, NCHubb, D GJuice, R Freeman, N Hines, JMcKinnon, RJonesII, Justin Jackson TE: Kelce, HHenry, Engram, DGoedert, K I target consistency. DEF I try to target consistency here. IDP Need 2. Settings changes will make these more valuable. My thought is to trade up my depth for elite caliber WR. WR/TE maybe RB as long as my overall starting roster improves. To create roster space I could trade depth for future 2020 draft picks. But who? The players I keep are going to have the most value. So I have to give up a little to get ahead. I do believe that I'm among the better owners in the league and identifying prospects. I subscribe to Waldman's Rookie Scouting Portfolio. My team is relatively young and my older players are producers that have value. I don't know if I'm sold on CSutton as WR1. I like Pettis and Kirk long term and want to see how they play out. I'll have to test the market for Jeffery. I would probably trade Engram as a TE. ROOKIES: my philosophy is draft top tier talent and wait. I don't need anyone to produce this year. I like Hakeem Butler and TJ Hockenson. AJ Brown, Miles Boykin, maybe DK Metcalf. Josh Jacobs is obviously a likely candidate here but RBs don't have as long of a shelf life. Value pick Darwin Thompson. Montgomery, Henderson QB. Murray, Haskins Grier. Wait on the rest.
  6. Keep Chubb for those picks. This rookie draft has a lot of variation in the value of players. Safest to target the WRs and TEs. Chubb is talented. I picked him up before last season in my startup. Waldman liked him more than Barkley. Would you do the deal for Barkley? Would you regret doing the deal if he's right?
  7. I don't think this is no-brainer. But I come to the same conclusion. Thomas, Kelce OBJ and Kamara. I think it's important to determine if you again a statistical advantage by keeping Kelce and the WRs over a 1 RB 1WR and TE. Kelce was a consistent, TE at an elite level. Only one really last year. Kittle, Engram? Howard, H.Henry. Some of the Rookies are good... Who's available and for which pick do you think that you can get them? Giving up a first for Thomas is reasonable. What's the worst case scenario 1st round draft pick? If you have OBJ do you need Thomas as badly? Do you create an advantage with both? You're trying to stack your team I assume. Is Kupp is WR3 right? IS he in the top 70? That's a 7th round pick. OBJ is . But Kupp LAR with Cooks and Woods. He's good but those guys are had better years. KAMARA= 25 to 22 Yes ....he's a top 220 player. KUPP 10 to 7. No. Not Top 70 in a league where you drafted OBJ in 7thth and KAMARA 25th. HENRY: 9th to 6th. YES I expect him to have a good year. He should be top 60 and among top 10 RBs. Usually = to top 3 rounds. He's more capable of this than others. HOWARD: 8 to 5th. no. I don't think so right now. It's unknown and more risk PHI OBJ: 7 to 4th. Yes. Like what's going on in CLE. I like his talent. I think he's as capable of Thomas but Thomas is more consistent. KELCE: 5 to 2nd: YES acquiring top position player creates advantage. Tyreek Hill's issues boost KELCE's projections I believe. Thomas: 4 to 1. YES it's worth it. You need to determine if you want the top 2 WRs and top TE + Kamara. or 1 of the WR and Henry. unless you think you can draft Henry in the 7th or lower round. Or a higher prospect. I like your PPR odds with Thomas OBJ Kelce Kamara. What's your starting roster look like though if you get a 1st round pick? Barkley? Chubb? Can you trade any of these players for more value? You essentially have 5 worth keeping. Good luck
  8. Tanking sucks. BUT what's worse is when the league tries to manage a team and overturn decisions made by an owner that wasn't tanking. Tanking sucks because it can create an unintended consequences. IF Team A beats Team B could keep Team C out of the playoffs. THat's lame. I set up a league where you MUST FIELD starting roster of players that have a chance to play. IF you want to put in a backup QB.. Fine. As long as he's active for that game. ONe might do this is a league where NEG points are allowed. It's safer to take a 0 if your QB is throwing 5 picks in a half. Trades are NOT reviewed by league or Commissioner. If there's a lopsided trade. You ask the owners privately what they liked about the offer and why they chose to do that. If the can come up with a minimal reason...well. I chose that IDP because he's Samoan. That's reason enough. Not starting a QB or K, DEF, or any positional player is lame. Managers than ghost or miss a day know in advance that if they don't manage the roster the Commissioner with adjust their line-up based on Yahoo Projections to include the best player. So if FLEX needed and no bench spots available fill the need. I try to drop the least valuable player possible and insert the player most likely to fill the void based on host sites projections. IF owners don't like it they can manage their own F-ing team so I don't have it. The reason you use a thing like projections is that it creates a script to follow so people are not using HIND SIGHT to determine sub for line-up. People get selfish and self serving if it means a win or desired outcome. Remove that from the equation. Implement FINES for not field a full starting Roster. Owners that are actively trying to manage a team are given benefit of the doubt. ##### bags seeking an advance or unnatural outcome by 'gaming' the rules...are going to be ##### bags and you need rules in place to protect the league from them.
  9. I'm looking towards next year and trying to improve my long term team. I have a slight chance of making the playoffs in the final week but I'm otherwise not looking like a contender. 10 Team PPR dynasty league 2QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1 W/T, 1W/R 1 W/R/T K, DEF, 2IDP and 13 bench spots w/ 2 IR spots. F/A are Lequon Treadwell, Justin Jackson, John Kelly, Richie James. My team is high on young talent and I trust the Waldman's RSP. If you took any of the above players: Who and also who would you cut from the following roster: QB: Wilson, Watson, Mayfield WR: RWoods, Lockett, Jeffery, DJMoore, Sutton, Pettis, KCoutee, CGodwin, C.Kirk, Devante Parker, M. Goodwin. MVS RB: Elliott, Chubb, Freeman, Robert Jones II, N Hines. D. Guice IR. TE: Kelce, Goeddert, H.Henry-IR. I would like to improve RB depth and I think Jackson could come onto people's radar for a playoff run with Gordon and an ankle injury etc. My goal would be to drop the least attractive player. Parker? Such promise. I think I like Jackson and don't think I can get anything for Parker. If I pick up treadwell is that like the Devante Parker 2.0?
  10. Recent Dynasty Rankings have WRs as follows: Jeffery WR21, C Godwin 23, Woods 24, Lockett 26, Moore, 30, Kirk 31, Sutton 34, Coutee 43, Goodwin 46, Pettis 48, MVS 51, DVP 69.
  11. Do I pickup Goodwin off WW if yes who should I drop? NOte, I'm not competitive this season. It's year 1 of dynasty league. I'm building for future. Goodwin, when healthy is usually solid WR1. Situation is not ideal but in the future could be. 10 Team 2 QB PPR Dynasty League. 26man Roster with 2IR. Start: 2 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1W/T, 1W/R 1W/R/T, 1K, 1 DEF, 2 IDP My TEAM: QB: DWatson, R Wilson, B Mayfield. WR: RWoods, AJeffery, TLockett, CSutton, MVS, DJMoore, CKirk, DVParker, KCoutee, DPettis, CGodwin TB, RB: EzElliott, NChubb, NHines, RFreeman, RJonesII, IR D. Guice TE: Kelce, Goedert, PUP_R HHenry K: Butker DEF: NE, JAX IDP: L Kuechley, B Martinez
  12. THere are 10 teams. I guess I left that part out. I screwed up dropping Rosen and LJackson. I underestimated other owners as they're mainly redraft guys. I thought I could grab them back up but they got scooped. All of the names mentioned are still on WW/FA going into monday night Week 6. I wonder who will get snagged. Facing a bye week do you buy any of the guys low over current roster? My goal is for LongTerm awesomeness.
  13. In year 1 of a Dynasty League w/ 2 QBs and deep rosters. No other owners seem to be trading. I have made 2 big trades for RB E. Elliott and TE Kelce. But those are only trades in the league YTD. I'm out of 1st and 2nd round draft picks in 2019. Free Agent RB right now: Ronald Jones II, Mike Davis, Jerrick McKinnon IR. I'm deep at WR. Do i drop J. Allen Baltimore and S. Ware for any of these guys? Start: QB2, WR3, RB2, TE1, W/T1 W/R1/ WRT1 K. DEF, IDP2. QB: Watson, Wilson, Mayfield, WR: Lockett, RWoods, AJeffery, KCoutee, C. Kirk, Enunwa, C. Godwin, DJMoore, D Pettis, J. Ross, Devante Parker, RB: Elliott, Freeman, JAllen, N. Hines, Chubb, S. Ware, DGuice IR. TE: Kelce, Goedert. HHenry PUP-R, ....I don't need WRs obviously but T. Gabriel is F/A MVS for GB available. ... QBs CJ Beathard SF and C Kelly DEN also available. For guys like D. Parker...its low do I cut the cord? Value can only go up right? McKinnon could be good but will he be the same when he returns? with a full IR bench any IR players will take up roster spot. But Henry comes off I guess it opens up. K.Hunt Owner didn't want WARE for 2nd or even 3rd rounder. I f-d up and dropped Rosen and LJackson early in season to make moves to acquire other players and fill holes. ANY feedback. Vote of confidence encouragement critique is appreciated TRADES: 9/20 I traded T.Eifert, T Coleman, DHenry + Acquired 2nd round pick 2019 for T Kelce and Q. Enunwa and 3rd rounder. 9/19 I traded Fitzpatrick, CThompson, JaWilliams, 1st rounder for E. Elliott, C Godwin, 2nd Rounder. ....Those deals have worked out for me. I'd like to keep doing that stuff.
  14. I haven't seen the games or watched the tapes but my understanding RE: CHI offense is that Trubisky isn't cutting it. He's got enough talent to be a top 30QB or career backup but he's not learning/improving his weakness areas. Week 4 standard FBG scoring has Burton TE9 3 rec 29yds and 0.4 Tds. Goedert TE 20 Week 4 projections: 2rec 25yd 0.2 TDs. In the TRENDSPOTTING article TB DEF is worst passing D and TE's rank #1 against them if I read it correctly. Seems like Starting Burton makes sense for another week but you've grabbed a back-up plan so you have option to cut the cord if necessary
  15. Reading the Rookie Scouting Portfolio by Waldman he liked Dallas Goeddert as top TE in the group. He could be a high end starter. I think he had an 82pt overall rating by Waldman. 85 or maybe 90+ is elite. Situation is not ideal. No one wants their guy to have to share targets etc. I would stress patience. I think Week 3 was a good indication of a bright future for the kid. PHI knows they have a talent and the QB seems to like him. Great. Will Jeffery stay healthy once he returns? Who knows. I would say Ridley had the WR2 better coming out party. His situation is somewhat similar. BUT ATL WR2 or PHI TE2 could still be better than OTHER TEAM TE1. Depending on your league and rules that should make him a weekly starter. He's not likely scoring 10 TDs and 900yds this year. Will PHI be able to keep up Targets to everyone? Look for that data. Maybe it's matchup specific. Have 2 good TEs isn't a bad thing. TB is loaded with WR/TE options and it's been positive for Fitzpatrick. OJHward seems to be passing Brate even after a big contract. My only point is that the situation today could change even though it appears to be long term. If you like Goedert as a talent hang on to him. Should you start him? That gets into Roster Spots and scoring settings and you should be able to figure that out via math equation. I don't think Goedert is a GRONK, HERNANDEz or Ertz. But he's probably better than a lot of others. Gisekicki in MIA is still Raw but a crazy athlete. Once Gronk retires...Who is left in Elite category? Kelce, Ertz maybe Engram, possibly Howard... who else has proven to be high end but consistent? historical data/targets are tools on the FBGs dite.