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  1. That's an impressive value for FANT. IT should encourage dialogue with owners! I'm always asking owners what their plans of for their roster. What they think about so & so's roster. Who they like int he draft. Immediate needs to address for next season. Which owners have a surplus of a position and who they may want to target at different price points. Who they should keep. Just Get your FEELERS out there. Identify who the league undervalues and will over value. If you picked up Chark or Preston Williams and sold them for 2nd rounders in 2020 before they got hurt, they might be worth more but you got value from nothing and cashed in and draft picks don't take up roster spots. Maybe up bundle with for higher value.
  2. I like a lot of the OPs moves and thoughts and read page 1 and liked a lot of comments. I think it largely depends on your team roster. 2QB league PPR 26 roster 2 IR start 2QB 3WR, 2RB 1TE, 1W/T 1/W/R 1W/R/T 1K/1TD 2IDP. all TD 6pt. bonus tiers: Just finished year 2 of dynasty league and lost in the final. QBs: Watson, Wilson, Mayfield, Grier WR: Hopkins, CGodwin, AJBrown, CKirk, MBoykin, HButler, BPerriman, ParrisCampbell, RB: Elliott, CHubb, Ronald Jones, Guice, Kerryon Johnson, MBoone, TE: Kelce, Engram, HHenry, Goedert, IrvSmith, K: Crosby, DEF: SF, DEN IDP Kuechly, Deion Jones Draft Picks #3 overall, #9 Overall, #12 Overall. #23, #29 overall. My expected draft strategy: #3 QB2, WR1 #9 QB3, WR2 or RB1, #12 QB3 WR3 RB3. Players I'm willing to move: CKIRK, ROJO, KELCE, MAYFIELD, GRIER PERRIMAN, ENGRAM, Maybe Wilson if I have replacement but unlikely. Guys I like: QBs Assume any young top 7 QB. Tier 2... prescott? Murray, Tier3 keep Mayfield,, J Allen, a top 3 Rookie, Outside top 10 I think top 20 is really a value play. Tannehill looks good legit filler until future comes along. There will be some guys on new teams ROOKIES and FA QBs. Winston? Newton Brady Rivers, Brees? Look at what happened in NYG. DEN, Don't sleep on Chad Kelly, Brett Rypien, Grier, Rosen, Stidham, Easton Stick, Finley sort of crapped out. Minshew has limited upside from current value. What's Mariota due? Trubisky? Keenum? Haskins? Brisset? Do Raiders move on from Carr? Cousins was decent but started slow. Something about him makes me uneasy to want to build around same with WENTZ. Darnold has upside but not if you over pay. WR: I'm looking for angles to acquire MThomas, DJ Moore, Metcalf, ...while keeping Hopkins, Godwin, AJ Brown, I'm hopeful Hakeem BUTLER pans out. I'm giving a 3yr window for him to develop. We might see flashes but consistency could take time. More I see more I may extend. AZ drafting a WR just because Murray played college ball with them is a weak reason I've seen in mocks. BUT if it happened I would be concerned about AZ view on Butler's upside. Miles Boykin I'm hopeful he improves. Marquise Brown is fast/quick but small and light. He could and has been hurt often but at least he was producing. I'm bummed Boykin didn't take more advantage of opportunity. Very quiet season. Remaining patient. BAL chose him over Butler though and he's 6'4 220 so if Butler doesn't work out maybe he will. Plus I still have AJ Brown being a beast. I'm excited about Campbell too. Keeping him. he came back from injury and was featured in his first game back I think then got hurt again. He's fast. 5/10 205 not so lean. I believe he can produce on that team. WR and some rush plays. I was impressed with Deebo Samuel. Bummed about D Pettis but wonder if a new team would be benefit. I carried him most of last year and this year. Wouldn't blame guys for Golladay, Gallup, A Cooper, Kupp, Diggs, also see update for NKeal Harry after development window w NE. There are more. RB: Elliott, CHUBB, Kerryon and Guice... holding them. Drafting a top available RB most likely with one of my picks. I have Boone but don't really know his value or upside or may not have the patience over other goals. Even if I'm wrong....and I think that's a key thing to consider... you can get value for guys that dont' have time to research a player or maybe before they get attached to them. Maybe they're busy thinking about other roster moves and player ___ isn't in their long term plans. But haven't moved him because someone hasn't spelled it out and made it simple for them so don't be shy. I learned Josh Allen owner isn't impressed with him. Doesn't know his worth. Doesn't mean I'm write and he's wrong but likely means I won't over pay for upside. Curious about: Mattison, Pollard, Ekeler, Barkley, did window on MIXON close second half of the season? Where's Gordon playing in 2020. I love Henry and would entertain lateral moves for him. I traded him away in Year 1 for KELCE and pick early in the season. RBs in general make me nervous. I try to draft them. I try to buy and hold underated top tier talent. I'm one of the few guys that had CHUBB in starting line-up week 4 in 2018 when he went 3 Rush for 105yds and 2TDs. Not sure who the next buy/hold is. Sanders had a solid rookie year. Montgomery had upside is seems but still quiet. Is anyone being overlooked? TE: Kelce, Engram Henry, Goedert, Irv. I grabbed Jace and flipped him for a 2020 3rd rounder. I traded KNOX for 2020 3rd rounder. I didn't grab FANT when I could've because 6 TEs seemed excessive. we can only start 3 and I had other needs and BYE issues. Was tempted but didn't see it. I drafted IRV SMITH right after HOCKENSON was taken in our draft. I'd still take HOCK. TARGETS: KITTLE, HOCKENSON, HOOPER? If I can Sell KELCE for value. He wasn't dominate like 2018 but super consistent. He's over 30 also and I feel like there's enough juice and confidence that someone would be stoked to have him place TEs can play long term Look at Witten. But someone like Kittle who is a top option in pass game for team or similar would be ideal. I've seen people discuss: I Thomas, Sample, Moreau, Knox, Fant, Hock, etc. Consider SEA TE that's healthy, also Firkser,. if Andrews is a top TE I don't blame you buying in. Waller is older but good though production dropped some after crazy hot start. SO I would look for young, elite TE consolidation and trades where I can bank future draft picks over roster spots. After week 1 the AJ Brown/ Corey Davis, Mariota owner dropped AJ Brown. I grabbed. Later I got Davis on WW and traded him also. Engram was picked up off WW by me for 2nd year in a row. I grabbed P Campbell off WW as well. Owners in my league are still learning dynasty vs redraft styles and they're not patient and they don't know how to value their draft picks. BUT They're getting better and usually err on the side of over valuing until I point stuff out to them. SO what's worked for me is bundle trades. I traded Sutton/AJEffery for 2020 1st rounder after week 3 with Mahomes owner. Jeffery 29. Sutton was more iffy still. Not in my future plans. That owner was tied with me for first and undefeated 3-0. Seemed like a good deal for late round pick. He finished 8th in an amazing spiral. I think rather than load up on rookie late round QBs I'll trade my two 3rd in 2020 for 2021 2nd to the owner that has no picks. Or sign/trade players for future picks. I want to bank value. consolidate and reload with prospects and picks. Goal is to be so good at finding sleepers etc that I end up with 6 picks in first 3 rounds of any draft. I had close to that but cashed in a 2nd rounder. I will continue to hoard value in the form of future draft picks even though it's not always quite = trade value...because I'm flipping WW/FA before other people. Guys seem more open to trading a 1st round pick early in the season. Before it's a top 3 etc. I'm curious where people value Trevor Lawrence compared to this group. I think this draft class is much better. 2019 TE class was great. There are 28-30 solid picks possibly in this draft so if you're not loaded. and want to trade some veteran players for some 2nd or 3rd round upside it's probably not a terrible idea. Look for players you can build around. I don't know about your leagues. BUT we have to build around QBs first. They dictate trades. Then elite caliber talent at any position. So after QB RB important but too many RBBC and injury and turn over. So I focus on WR... we can start up to 6 WRs so I want at least 7 but have carried as many as 10. Wouldn't you know it by hoarding WRs there was need for them. I didn't have a top 10 WR but took all of the top 15-25 at one point. Lockett, Woods, JEffery, DJMoore, Sutton, Godwin, CKirk, Pettis (2018), Devante Parker, John Ross. ... I will use a similar strategy to continue to hoard value that can keep my starting roster consistent in scoring. Once I have a literal dynasty build and future draft picks...I can pick and choose my way to playoffs each year. I did this by expecting to lose in year 1. AND only targeting players that were like 24-25 unless elite or starter top option and hopefully under 27 to ensure future playing windows. THat's why I focus on RB last. Once everything else is in place you can insert RB. ANd the TOP RB is rarely the one from last year but McCaffery did it 2018, 2019 will he do it a 3rd time? If you don't think so sell him for TOP Value. But if you think well top 5 is just fine..That's fine too. It's such a crap shoot with those guys I just don't trust it. I just know you want like 4-5 of them. GOOD LUCK!
  3. Dynasty League Championship Boone and K Baily left. I need 103 points to win. Or 300 Rush yards 5 Rec 50 Rec yards 6 TDs, 6 PAT a 30 yard and 40 yard FG. It's in the bag..... I've only scored 100pts below my weekly average.
  4. Watson and Wilson are My QBs they just got their butts kicked by Fitzpatrick and Dalton in Dynasty 10 team 2 QB final. Also fails. I sat Goedert, Ronald Jones.... Started CKirk, HHenry. Kelce Chubb Hopkins, Perriman, AJBrown, Den D over SF, Kuechly, Deion Jones, Kelce I average 270pts a week in our league. #1 I've got 162pts vs 265 so far with Boone, Baily left. I only need 103pts from them to win. Or 300 rush yards 5 rec 50yd 6 TDs from Boone. 6 PAT and 30 and 40 yard FG from Baily. Damn it
  5. Early projections on FBG had custom cheat sheets for your league on early projections. I'm using it to set line up and go insane
  6. I understand Chubb hesitation. But same could be said for Kamara, Mack at times. I like Chubb rather lose with him in vs not. If Cle gets behind Hunt been targeted more in passing.
  7. Who are you ok losing with? Start them. I'd check Projections. Phi passing to Take, RB so that's cool. Ertz Goedert Sanders Ward. I'd probably go Fitzmagic, steady. Unless you can't. My opponent in title has Fitz and Trubisky.
  8. Dynasty League starts 2QB WR 2RB 1TE 1W/T 1W/R W/R/T 1K 1DEF 2 IDP. PPR bonus tiers. All TD 6pts. I need 3 key flex players FA B Perriman, Dan Bailey MIn K. DEN DEF, Laird, A Petetson, Boone My Starters: Watson Wilson QB Hopkins AJBrown, CKirk WR Elliott, Chubb RB Kelce TE SF Def Prater K Det Kuechly CAR D.Jones ATL W/T:______ W/R_____ W/R/T_____ Bench: R Freeman, RoJo2, Darwin Thompson, Alex Mattison, Kerryon Johnson IR-R, M Boykin, HHenry, Goedert, Irv Smith, Mayfield, Grier, IR players: Guice, HButler, Engram, pCampbell, thoughts: Waiver #1 drop Darwin grab BPerriman Waiver#2 Drop Prater grab MIN kicker for Monday night. Not sure I trust TB kicker Gay also FA in case they can't pass the ball. Waiver #3 Drop ___ grab Denver DEF Opponent: Fitzmagic, Trubisky MThomas, JBrown, DSlayton DChark Mixon, Lindsay, Ekeler, Mostert Higbee Hollister NE Def or Bal Lutz K DLeonard I forget his 2nd idp
  9. I am commish in my league and have a rule that teams must start a full roster. GTD are hardest. Playing BYE week or IR players or player that have been out for weeks etc or longer term is BS Tricky when in today's NFL vs say 10yrs ago. When the week is THU-MON. WW locked until WED. I have a policy that ANY owner that wants to POST LINEUP preferences in advance of KICK OFFs is acceptable. It must be text/times stamped yadda yadda. I do this for all players and try to prevent issues when I can by reviewing lineups/matchups. YOUR RB is D. You'll need a QB for week 10 all of yours have a BYE... When I can I try to edit roster of "busy, absent' type owners mid week for upcoming games if a player is rules out etc and in their starting lineup I will move them to the bench. OR I will move Q players to one of the 3 flex spots...thus allowing more options for replacement. In week 12 I have to replace a player with MNF Willie Snead vs a team in contention. He didn't think I should. BUT it's how I had been doing it all season. Snead had two TDs . That team still lost and I thank the other owner for winning regardless. THE REASON it's important to be consistent/transparent is that....screwing up can impact playoffs and outcomes. IF Team A forgets to set line-up against TEAM could have an impact on TEAM C...because they may now win or lose points tie breaker for playoffs or get a different draft pick for next season. INACTION still impacts everyone. FOR GTD going into 2020 we're probably going to correct the rule that if you don't post line-up preferences (HEY if ___RB can't go....I'd like to start ___ or ____ or ___ in that order) This post works for any players who haven't had kick off yet. So if you had a bench player on THUR. and post FRIDAY you're SOL if an OUT player is in your line-up and there's no post...if it was a GTD...they're staying in your lineup. Logical outcome: If your QB starter in real football goes out... you put in a SUB....if you have reserve players on your bench. It's reasonable that you'd insert next best choice. IF lieu of a post... (We're in YAHOO!) we go off Yahoo projections because it creates a script to follow. Only the manager can of the team can change the order...if Guice was projected to score 6.7pts but goes for 30....and Mostert was projected for 7 pts and goes for 4pts. Mostert is inserted into lineup by commissioner unless otherwise instructed. Your mistake was not managing your team before kick off which is normal. AND if you're willing to apply a rule to your team's detriment at the benefit of the league and use full transparency that's awesome as commissioner. AND if you can apply rules consistently... I think it will earn you benefit of the doubt so when you have to make a judgment call you're not upsetting as many people. AND if you weren't commish and complained or similar, the commish could say...hey it's your own fault. The more proactive you are or can be I believe helps minimize league issues.
  10. Turnover at QB in 2019 has been unprecedented. The off season will likely result in significant changes. 7-10 veteran FA or possibly retirement or replacement. 6+ Rookie QBs with starter potential. There's the potential for half the of teams in the league to trade for a veteran or draft a rookie or both. For owners in 2QB or Superflex leagues. I would recommend hoarding QBs. Scenarios: ARI: Murray: Seems solid BAL: LJAX seems solid BUF: JAllen seems solid ATL: Ryan (Do they draft QB of the future?) CIN: Dalton (Finley, Draft pick) Is it really Finley in 2020 is it Burrow? Herbert etc? Where does Dalton? Change = opportunity for value. CAR: Newton, (Kyle Allen, Will Grier). I think Grier could be better than Allen...Does Cam stay? He's only 30 but more mileage than other QBs CLE: Mayfield seems like the guy. Just a bad year vs expectations. He's played average. CHI: Trubisky: crapped the bed. Chase Daniel? Draft Pick? Trade for Veteran? DEN: FLacco, BAllen, BRypien, DLock. Current starter B Allen seems like the least valuable option but I don't know. Flacco throws elsewhere. Lock will get opportunity. Don't sleep on Rypien. DAL: Prescott: Seems solid but Holdout? HOU: Watson seems solid, DET: Stafford: Their guy but older and injured currently. Does Driskel earn starting oppty elsewhere? IND: Luck, Brissett (Hoyer, CKelly) Does Luck ever come back ( I doubt it). Brissett exceeding expectations. Hoyer seems to suck. Kelly has probowl upside with frustration off field. He's a buy, hold and when he does well...sell. GB: Rodgers: Older but their dude. Still playing. JAX: Foles (Minshew) For a while there were talks if Foles would even return due to heavy contract vs Minshew value. Foles should stay put. Minshew did well. Sell high if you can since he earned opportunity to showcase talent. LAR: Goff, seems like their guy. Hit and miss. KC: Mahomes: Seems solid even with minor mid season injury this season. MIN: Cousins: Seems like their guy. Once run was established. LAC: RIVERS. Old. (E Stick, T Taylor) Do they trade or draft player of the future? Rivers still chucking it. NO: Brees (Bridgewater, TayHill) Brees old, returned from injury. Bridgewater did well. Is he the future of N.O or starter elsewhere? Hill gadget player. Is there F/A trade potential? MIA: Fitzpatrick (Rosen) Fitz will likely be backup or play for other team as career fill-in. Rosen low value but hasn't had legit chance yet to showcase talent IMO. NYG: Daniel JOnes (Eli Manning) Does manning stay or get traded? This was example of how quickly things can change. NE: Brady (Stidham) How long will Brady play, stay healthy? They traded Hoyer and kept Stidham. PHI: Wentz seems like their guy. Injury history. NYJ: Darnold seems like their guy. Mono count as injury history? SF: Garoppolo Seems like their guy. Older than you think 28, Mullens and Beathard filled in last year didn't move anywhere. OAK: DCarr: Seems like their guy. 3 backups on depth chart. How confident are they? SEA: WIlson is their guy. But he's 31. PIT: Roesthlisberger, (Rudolph, Hodges) Draft pick? TB: Winston (Stays? GOs?) who knows. TEN: Tannehill (Mariota) draft pick? Acquire veteran? Extend Tannehill? WAS: Haskins, Keenum... Herbert? Burrow etc? New coaches may not be on board with Haskins . GM is etc . Flacco (BAllen, DLock BRypien). Lock will get chance. Rypien keep eye on. Fitzpatrick (JRosen....draft pick) Rosen hasn't had decent chance to prove himself in my opinion. Eli Manning (DJones) this already happened. Does ELI stay or go elsewhere? DBrees (Bridgewater, THill) Bridgewater might earn future in NO as starter or other team. Rivers (EStick ) Brady (Stidham) Luck/Brissett, (Hoyer, CKelly) Kelly has probowl talent and maturity issues. Dalton (Finley) CKeenum (DHaskins & Draft Pick?) Are they sold on Haskins? Foles (Minshew) MRyan (Do they draft QB of Future?) Mayfield (Supposed to be the guy. He's played average which feels worse due to expectations. But will they continue?). Prescott (Holdout? Payday?) Darnold (Should be the guy. But are there better QBs in the draft?) Winston( Could be moving on. ) There are 2020 Draft Picks that become key starters. There are also many free agents that will really mix things up this off season. 2019 has seen unprecedented turnover at some key QB positions on various teams. 2020 Should have some significant VETERAN Free Agent moves and or trades in the off season. There is a deep class of talented QBs eligible for the draft.
  11. Can we start a Dynasty Position Ranking of Tiers? The kind of thread where the first page is a link of the players and where they're at? Then it's edited. People reply with their own? I realize that varying league rules and starting positions can come into play. Specific rankings will vary and are changing but Tiers are generally pretty accurate. I might need a much more experienced contributor to post and do their thing. I can't get the formatting the way I want it etc. Here are my rankings/Tiers for 2QB 10Team PPR League starting 2QB 3WR, 2RB 1TE 1W/T 1W/R 1W/R/T....26 roster spots 2 IR. My rankings will favor youth. Please offer feedback thank you. QBs: Tier1: Elite guys you covet and want to build team around: PMahomes, LJackson, DWatson, RWilson. Tier 1a: DPrescott, TIer 2: Young Starters with upside ceiling not yet seen: KMurray, JAllen, DJones, BMayfield, SDarnold, JGaroppolo, Tier 2a: Younger-ish established starters whom we have likely seen ceiling: CWentz, JGoff, DCarr, JBrissett, JWinston, Tier 3. Established Veterans over 30yo, starters but with 3+ playing years remaining. ARodgers, MRyan, KCousins, MStafford, NFoles, Tannehill, Tier 3a. Jury Still out... Younger players with some issues but opportunity: DHaskins, KAllen, GMinshew, RFinley, JRosen, DLock, BAllen, Tier 4. Key Veterans still slinging it: Brady, Rivers, Brees, Roethlisberger, (Rodgers and Ryan already mentioned) Fitzpatrick, CKeenum, Tier 4a. Veterans Hurt, Benched but not slinging it could easily get opportunity in 2020: CNewton, ADalton, TBridgewater, MMariota (is still young) Flacco, Eli Manning, Tier 5. Young prospects with upside but not opportunity: WGrier, JStidham, CKelly, (DLock already mentioned). Tier 6. 2020 Draft Picks: TBD: RB: Tier 1. SBarkley, CMcCaffery, DCook, EElliott, AKamara, NChubb, JJacobs, Tier 1a. JMixon, DHenry, Tier 2. LFournette, TGurley, AJones, CCarson, KJohnson, JConner, Tier 2a. MGordon, DGuice, DJohnson, LBell, MIngram, Tier 3. MMack, DMontgomery, MSanders, DSingletary, AEkeler, KDrake, PLindsay, RJones2, Tier3a. TColeman, SMichel, TCohen, KHUNT, AMattison, TPollard, RB TIERS To Be Continued: WR Tier1: MThomas, DHopkins, DAdams, THill, Tier1a: CGodwin, MEvans, OBeckhamJr, JulioJones, ACooper, KAllen, DJMoore, Tier2 CKupp,JuJuSmith-Schuster, SDiggs, KGolladay, TLockett, AThielen, ARobinson, CRidley, CSutton, DCharkJr, TIer2a THilton, TBoyd, DKMetcalf, MqsBrown, TMcLarin, PCampbell, RWoods, MGallup, AJBrown, JLandry, DSamuel, CKirk, AJ Green, Tier3 BCooks, JBrown, AJeffery, SWatkins, ESanders, MJonesJr, CDavis, MHardmon, CSamuel, DioJohnson, SShepard, TyrellWilliams, RAnderson , Tier3a. Preston Williams, John Ross, WillFuller, HRenfrow, JCrowder, Tier 4. NHarry, MValdez-Scantling, DeDeWestbrook, DeVParker, JJAW, MBoykin, GTate, AIsabella, HButler, DPettis, WR To Be Continued TE: Tier1 GKittle, TKelce, ZErtz, Tier1a AHooper, HHenry, Waller, EEngram MAndrews, Tier 2 Hockenson, Goedert, IrvSmith, Fant, NJoku, Tier2a, Howard, Ebron, Everett, Herndon, Tier 3. Seattle TE, (Hollister, Dissly etc) Tier 4. Knox, Sternberger, Keep an eye on: Firsker, Sample, Jonnu Smith, Gesicki, Moreau, Fells, Akins, Warring,
  12. This deal is a NO for me. You upgrade TE but downgrade RB and DJ isn't looking healthy. If you're not in PPR then DJ not as solid. Look at Historical RZ Stats, Targets for teams in FBGs. Look for TE RZ Hogs. You'll probably find Fells and Hollister in the recent weeks category. FANT is another TE to look for coming off BYE. He's explosive and capable of scoring from anywhere. I also like Goedert, IrvSmith JR....maybe Knox and some others. If He wants to offer KAMARA that might be different. I think you're fine with ROJO also. Don't do the deal.
  13. Jacobs is RB7 in keeper. (Barkley, McCaffery, Elliott, Cook, Chubb, Kamara,) Jacobs is also ranked 15ht overall. GordonIII is RB12 (behind Bell, fournette, Gurley, Mixon and above names). Also you don't know his team for next year. Likely different situation. Gordon ranked 30th overall. Hunter Henry: Overall 77, TE9. That seems like a low ranking but Kelce, Kittle, Ertz, Hooper, Waller, Hockenson, Andrews, Engram all names mentioned. I like Henry and own him in Dynasty. He does well. He's got upside at 9 but is he OAK RB workhorse quality? Fells is not rated but he's getting TDs. He's a project, basketball convert. He's got upside. I've heard he's got Michael Jordan athletic ability/work ethic. Let's hope he's a better baseball player than Jordan. I'd say don't do it. I don't know your team, league settings etc so take it with a grain of salt.
  14. I think the benefit of holding onto both DEF is that they can't be used by a competitor to beat you. Rather than picking up a lottery ticket player like Mattison. You're keeping a high scoring DEF out of the hands of an opponent. Sometimes that's a good move as well. Yeah you could drop Jameis. In 1 QB leagues I think it makes sense but having him available in case of an injury or something is great. Have all of your insurance players lined up. Conner, Carson, Lindsay, Sanders. is Mattison outscoring them? Is this a keeper league or are you just trying to win 2019? Tony Pollard is also a talented backup. In case of Leonard Fournette Injury check out Ryquel Armstead. Which dude is playing with burst etc? Conner is banged up. Carson BYE. I agree that with others Ridley is expendable but is this for RB insurance? He's got some tough machups. SF week 14. NO again. Falcons usually have garbage time passing because they're trailing. If they they did. It's not there. Maybe Brian Hill is the pick up. I dunno. I like Mattison more than Hill. Hi'll get more carries than Mattison.
  15. Start Gallup. He has the better matchup vs DET Kirk faces SF again. They held him to 5 targets, 2 rec 8 yds in week 9. Maybe AZ has made adjustments? SF held Wilson in relative check. 232yd 1 TD 1INT DET is supposed = TOp 5 production to Prescott. Don't chase points for kirk's monster game. Just know that he's a good player and it's not terrible if you had to start him. He could make plays etc. see mine: