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  1. Coutee is Injured a lot. I'd like to keep him and have him breakout then trade him. BUT having a 3rd HOU player isn't as fun and his injuries have been frustrating. I could drop C.Kelly but he could emerge as a potential starting QB and QBs are the top 23 of 25 scorers in our league. They're quite valuable. I could drop Irv Smith Jr and maybe no one takes him but I don't want to risk it. I could drop Goedert but I'd need him for Bye Week12 where all of my TEs have byes. I also want to make sure I'm maintaining a free-ish roster space to dabble with for BYEs related to K, DEF< IDP IDP. I've staggered their weeks decently. I like my IDPs. I have 4 2020 draft picks that I don't have room for. So I'll look to trade and keep trading into the future. Down the road AJ Brown could be better than Godwin, Pettis, Kirk, Bye then Hopkins might be old. Kelce could be old. I don't know. I'm probably just over thinking it.
  2. AJ Brown just dropped on waivers: I need to add him right? Set to drop Coutee for AJ Brown on my #8of10 Waiver claim. 10 team Dynasty 2QB PPR with bonus tiers. 2QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1W/T 1W/T/R 1K 1DEF, 2IDP Starters. 26 roster spots +2IR Background: League Started up in 2018 everyone auto drafted so we were all screwed equally. I'm the only owner who's done a dynasty league before. Examples of what I'm dealing with: Here's our First Round fro 2019 draft: Murray #1, Jacobs #2, Haskins #3, DeSean Jackson #4, M.Brown #5, NHarry #6, RSwitzer #7, D Walker #8, MAndrews #9. DMontgomery#10. My team is already stacked and I have 2 first round picks for 2020. QB: Watson, WIlson, Mayfield. CKelly WR: Hopkins, RWoods, CGodwin, CKirk, DPettis, KCoutee, MVS, MBoykin, HButler-IR. My Waiver Claim I"ve designated to drop Coutee RB: EzeElliott, NChubb, Guice, RFreeman, RJones2, Darwin Thompson. TE: Kelce, HHenry, Goedert, IrvSmithJr. K: Crosby, DEF: Dallas. IDP: Kuechly, JaylonSMith AJ Brown is a talented WR who's ceiling is higher than Coutee, MVS, probably Kirk. I've been grabbing and consolidating talent and future picks. (Traded A Jeffery and Sutton for 2020 1st) to fill out starting roster. Traded ( E.Engram, DJ Moore, TLockett for Hopkins).
  3. Whose team is sh--t? Trade them for their first round pick. WHo looks solid. Target their 2nd rounder. It's usually higher. Sometimes I trade conditional picks...incentive based on performance.
  4. I'd check scoring and determine if there's a stats advantage to taking a certain player. Mahomes... and Kelce most likely create that. Chubb Might. I have Kelce and Chubb in my league and I'd love to have Mahomes. With Elliott and Gordon talking hold up...does that make chubb more valuable potentially? do the top 5 RBs change? Can you get elite production from Hockenson, Howard, Ertz, Engram etc? Good luck
  5. IDP players werent' as relevant last year and have always been readily available. However, I've increased scoring significantly so they'll definitely matter this year. A lot of owners had their players carry over and didn't do much about it. Some are happy with their guys as -is. Most don't carry more than top 20. Yahoo projections might not reflect accurate production outlook. I think a few of the players get it. Others don't so they're available. I just want to make sure I get in and get them before the elite players are taken and owners wise up.
  6. I think filling your roster with veterans is a mistake. I think building around your core players is smart. But don't pay for anyone with no future or current value. Yes people think too far ahead in Dynasty because there's an unknown factor that So&so could still emerge due to talent or situation or both. I think the harder, yet smarter play is to lose the Veteran fillers and acquire prospects that you think might be amazing in the future and actively seek trades to improve core players and elite talent among starters. I did this in Year 1 last year and it's already paying off. Don't worry about losing during a bye week that you missed out on an RB5 producing at RB3 levels during injury...unless you traded him away for value. 2020 is supposed to be loaded draft. Go into with roster space. Fitzgerald will likely retire, AP likely also. Brady 2-3 years? You have decent sized rosters. So other owners will also be hoarding players. Give yourself 2-3 years to be in full development mode with roster. I accidentally made the playoffs in the last spot in year 1 because Chubb and others came on strong and trades worked out. It's hard to win year 1. Our leagues have similar roster sizes. I'm in a 10 Team 2 QB league with 3WR, 2RB, 1TE 1W/T 1 W/R 1 W/T/R, 1K 1DEF 2 IDPs. QBs: Watson, Wilson, Mayfield, WR: Hopkins, Woods, Jeffery, Sutton, Coutee, MVS, Hakeem Butler, Miles Boykin, C.Godwin, DPettis, RB: Elliott, Chubb, Guice, McKinnon, RJones2nd, R Freeman. Darwin Thompson TE: Kelce, HHenry, Goedert, IrvSmithJr K- blank DEF: NO IDP: Keuchly QBs: I started the year with Watson and Wilson...I dropped Rosen to pick up Fitzpatrick...and traded him to the Winston owner for Elliott. I picked up Mayfield. RBs: I started with Chubb, DHenry, Rjones, CThompson, RFreeman, N Hines, JWilliams, crap really. I traded for Elliott. Picked up IR players McKinnon and Guice. TE: I started with Eifert, Kroft, Gesicki and crap really. Grabbed Goedert FA, pickedup HHenry IR, late in the season E.Engram was on WW for owner that was in championship game. I grabbed him. After this year's draft I traded Lockett, Hines, Engram to a Seahawks fan for Hopkins. I traded Henry, Gesicki, Eifert for Kelce in week 3. Picks were included in the Fitzgerald and Kelce trades. I drafted Irv Smith Jr.... I would encourage you to target Hockenson if he's available. WRs: year 1 was autodraft so everyone was screwed equally. I ranked young WRs higher than old. I ended up with: Dj Moore, T Lockett, Robert Woods, Alshon Jeffery, C Kirk, DPettis, C Sutton Acquired Godwin in Elliott Trade, FA Coutee, MVS, This year I drafted Butler and Boykin. I don't know if they'll contribute this year at all. They have work to do but their talent scores and upside are elite level players. I didn't need WRs or a TE but that's what I drafted because I'm targeting talent and waiting. YOUR TEAM:/ Player/age/position Rank WRs: Hopkins 27yo WR1, AROB 26yr WR22, Boyd 26yo WR24, Sutton 24yr WR27, Fitz 36yo WR 62, Ty Williams 27yo WR 54. It would seem that taking a chance on a couple of younger starter caliber WRs in their 1st or 2nd year may not be bad as they'll have 2or3 3-year windows of playing available. Butler, Boykin, DSamuel, Metcalf, Kirk, Pettis, Coutee, Moore, CSamuel, Godwin, CRidley, QBs: Mahomie! 24yo QB1 Brady 42yo QB25 Targets might include LJAX QB17 JAllen QB17, Mayfield, DAK, Trubisky, Murray, Darnold ....The point is. Big deal if Brady is only $12 will he help you win a title. What opportunity cost are you giving up. Mahomes was going into his 2nd year last year. People didn't know he was that good. You can ride a veteran, but in doing so what are you giving up? Brady played 20yrs. If any of the mentioned names are on the roster and about to play 20yrs at a high level you may want to grab them even if it's only 12- years worth. Deep stashes include Chad Kelly, Will Grier, Teddy Bridgewater, Rypien. J Rosen is better than the teams he's played on but OLines are terrible. RB: Kamara 24yo Tied for RB#3 overall. He's young and good. Ingram: 30yo RB27, AP 34yo RB65, Duke JJ 26yo RB44 Mckinnon 27yo RB43 Ron Jones 22yo RB 34. Qadree Ollison Not ranked. Rookie. Get value for those Veterans while you can. I don't think DukeJJ has had an opportunity to totally prove himself. Always RBBC. With the vets on your roster are you missing out on next James Conner? Damian Williams? NChubb, DHenry? Breida? You name it. TE: Engram 25yo TE4 overall, Hockenson/Goedert, Hooper, Fant, Herndon all ranked higher than LaCosse 27yo TE 40. Even if he out performs... you can't trade him to the Brady Owner because you own Brady. Overall: Kamara, Hopkins, Mahomes, Allen Robinson, Evan Engram, Boyd, CSutton, Ingram are the only ones that rank currently on overall list. I think Jones is DJJ are solid. I think you have lots of room to upgrade. If you don't win it all this year. Veterans will cost you significant opportunity. If you bite the bullet and go into building mode while targeting younger elite type talent where it's calculated risk. PBarber is RB1 in TB but RJones likely RB in the future. He sucked last year but he's still learning and improving. Trade for draft picks. It might sound crazy but consider trading Kamara because RBs don't typically last that long. He's got crazy good value right now especially with Elliot considering hold out. See if you can get a staring WR/QB/TE elite tier only because they seem to last longer. I think Mayfield is good but I hthink his situation is better than people think. I think Wilson is better but they Run first team. Just my thoughts I hope you find it helpful
  7. I think you want to target elite talent. Always target a player who will retain some trade value or desire from other others. If you spend $$$ on 3 Top Tier players to build your team around that seems reasonable. We don't have budgets in our league or keeper rules so when you grab a player they're yours for as long as you keep him. I generally think you want to target key players with a longer shelf life. Check the Footballguys historical stats page for Top 10-20 players in each position as relevant to your starters go back 10 years. WHo is still there? What position do they play? QB/WR/TE/RB who has the most turnover? RBs don't last as long so I try to draft them or target talent and wait. IF it's not a player you care to build around when their value goes up sell high. Get a draft pick or something. Trade a 3rd for a 2nd next year. WHatever upgrades. Good luck
  8. Part of my Dynasty Strategy is to build around QBs. WRs and TEs. Backfill RBs. Acquire talent worthy of building around. HOARD elite talent hopefully they're in an elite situation. Once I get my QBs. (I'll probably acquire Grier after more moves). I'll look to Build WR stables. Targeting ELITE caliber players 1-3yrs in league and TOP 10 talent. HOPKINS is top 10 talent. WRs tend to last longer and are more consistent and in this league I can start 6 WRs. I can only start 2 TE and 4 RB. By hoarding TE Talent I put myself in a position to acquire a player I might not otherwise get. I started at the top of the dynasty WR ranking list and made it work. He could get hurt tomorrow but today I'm happy with the trade. This is the beginning of the 2nd year in this league. I planned on losing all of last year but was able to trade for Kelce and Elliott early in the season.
  9. I accepted the deal. Appreciate everyone's feedback. Any reasonable owner is going to want a younger stud, like MOORE when they're giving up a freak like HOpkins. IMO you have to overpay to make it happen otherwise why would an owner make a lateral move? I paid a premium for it but I was able to do because I've been hoarding talent and keep doing so. I dropped Gordon...added Kuechly IDP 300pt player in our system last year. Dropped HOGAN for NO SAINTS DEF projectd 321pts this season. The two roster spots this deal created were also vital. Another factor: Lockett has been great... this dude is a diehard SEATTLE fan. Wasn't going to be able to remove any players. I think LOCKETT's TDs might be down this year. Unless seattle ends up passing more with a weakened DEF... they have a suspended player. I think Metcalf might be targeted in RZ. Etc. Hopkins has a strong 3yr window to produce until age 30. Maybe more. Same with R. Woods. Godwin will continue to improve. Pettis, Boykin, Butler. will have time to develop. CKirk and Sutton, MVS, Coutee have room to grow. Jeffery can be traded to Win Now. for 2020 pick or flex me out. I can still start KELCE, HENRY. Goedert, Irv Smith. My Expendable Players become: McKinnon, FREEMAN, RJ2 SUTTON... MVS, JEFFERY, GOEDERT. I'm looking for these players to have strong starts and trade HIGH. I'm counting on my ability to recognize value early. Still waiting on GUICE to prove he's healthy and the rest of the guys.
  10. League is 2 QB 10 team PPR with bonus tiers, high scoring. 26 roster spots 2 IR. Start 2 QB, 3WR, 2 RB, 1TE, W/T, W/R, W/R/T, K, DEF, 2 IDP MY Team QB Watson, Wilson, Mayfield. WR: Lockett, Woods, Jeffery, DJ Moore, CGodwin, CSutton, KCoutee, MVS, CKirk, DPettis, HkButler, MBoykin, RB: Elliott, CHubb, Guice, McKinnon PUP, R Freeman, RJII, Darwin Thompson. TE: Kelce, Engram, Henry, Goedert, IrvSmithJr I need to clear up 4 spots for K, DEF IDP and Mckinnon coming off PUP THURS. TRADE: I get D HOPKINS, GORDON, HOGAN (WRS) I'll drop the last two. I GIVE: Lockett, DJ Moore, E.Engram.
  11. QB, WRs Agree. RB: CHUBB, Gurley, Guice KJohnson. See if you trade Williams or if someone's a fan of Hunt. Target Henderson for Gurley knee issues. Hunt not back in case Chubb hurt after week 8. Guice is he healthy. RB position always has Turnover. Other responders seem to be in agreement. Target Darwin Thompson on KC RB roster. Sleeper and underrated.
  12. I don't know much about Williams. FGS has him ranked lower than DJ Moore in Dynasty Value. Williams' poised to be Starter. but invest in Darwin Thompson. The Williams Owner is trying to sell on the perceived starter potential in KC. I like Moore and WRs. There's depth in this draft class for RBs. Check out Henderson, Montgomery and Thompson at various ADV.
  13. Hunt's value is low right now but should rebound somewhat. Also the league embraced Vick after dog fights. Hunt's young and behind Chubb after the SUS. Brown's value still high and producing. WR1 Not #1 overall but should be the main target in OAK. 1-10 2019 2020 1st 2020 2nd. How long do you expect to Barkley to be #1 RB overall? Or among them? 5 years? How long do you think Brown can produce WR1 numbers 1-3 years? What will it take for Hunt to be RB 1 in CLE or similar team? I think he fills in late in season and earns spot on new team. Does this deal improve your starting roster now and into future? Who do you take #10?. It's rare that a Barkley owner would sell. SO I think you have to keep in mind the opportunity and decide if you would regret buying or not.
  14. Players I'm targeting in the draft #15, #21, #26 picks overall #15 Pick: Hakeem Butler. Hockenson, Irv Smith Jr.. D Montgomery. DHenderson. #21. Any above: DK Metcalf, Mboykin, Darwin Thompson . J Sterberger #26 Any above and Will Grier, Drew Lock. I believe these players could help fill roster spots if I traded away other players. OR could be bundled into trades for upgrades. I wouldn't trade Hockenson or Butler. I might let value rise on Metcalf and others then move.
  15. 10 Team 2 QB Dynasty League PPR with bonus tiers and KR/PR pts. 2QB, 3WR, 2RB 1TE, 1W/T, 1W/R 1 W/R/T, K DEF, 2 IDP 11 bench 2 IR spots (26 regular spots up to 28 with IR. Last year the first year in the league so I just tried to acquire Dynasty value and stubs with a win next year mentality knowing I'd lose in 2018. I dropped my K, DEF, IDPs to acquire more position at end of the season. So I'll need to create 4 -6 roster spots. I also draft #15 and #21 overall. QB: D.Watson, R. WIlson, B Mayfield T. Bridgewater, WR: RWoods, TLockett, DJ Moore, A.Jeffery, CGodwin, CKirk, DPettis, CSutton, MVS, KCoutee, RB: Ezekiel Elliot, NCHubb, D GJuice, R Freeman, N Hines, JMcKinnon, RJonesII, Justin Jackson TE: Kelce, HHenry, Engram, DGoedert, K I target consistency. DEF I try to target consistency here. IDP Need 2. Settings changes will make these more valuable. My thought is to trade up my depth for elite caliber WR. WR/TE maybe RB as long as my overall starting roster improves. To create roster space I could trade depth for future 2020 draft picks. But who? The players I keep are going to have the most value. So I have to give up a little to get ahead. I do believe that I'm among the better owners in the league and identifying prospects. I subscribe to Waldman's Rookie Scouting Portfolio. My team is relatively young and my older players are producers that have value. I don't know if I'm sold on CSutton as WR1. I like Pettis and Kirk long term and want to see how they play out. I'll have to test the market for Jeffery. I would probably trade Engram as a TE. ROOKIES: my philosophy is draft top tier talent and wait. I don't need anyone to produce this year. I like Hakeem Butler and TJ Hockenson. AJ Brown, Miles Boykin, maybe DK Metcalf. Josh Jacobs is obviously a likely candidate here but RBs don't have as long of a shelf life. Value pick Darwin Thompson. Montgomery, Henderson QB. Murray, Haskins Grier. Wait on the rest.