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  1. Just put together an alternative lineup for tournament play. Dak. GB gives up a lot of points to quarterbacks, and Dak is a threat to run one in. With the Pack offense on the field, he might have to throw the ball a lot. Could make a case for a lot of the QBs -- Rodgers and Wilson jump to mind -- but a decent value play. Le'Veon and Zeke. Two studs that could/should score over 20 points. Beyond these two, I'm not sure how to bet the RBs. I do like Blount, but worry that he'll be splitting touches with White and Lewis. Not sure what to do with the Falcons' backs, who could fare well, but Sea has a tough defense. Davante Adams. Gotta grab a slice of the Packers' passing offense. Doug Baldwin. Same. The Falcons' pass defense isn't that good, and Baldwin could play a sustaining role on the team. Michael Floyd. Here's where I'm punting. Figured that few folks will have him, and Brady could target an excited, talented WR who wants to prove himself in his last few games. Witten. Don't love him, but he presents a reasonable floor. Steelers. I'd prefer NE or KC, in that order, but couldn't figure out how to squeeze them in. With these offenses, I'm not sure that I want to downgrade some of my other starters to upgrade at defense. Novak or Boswell or Santos. Cheap as possible at kicker. I like Bryant quite a bit, but I'd rather not pay an extra $700. Guys I worry about missing at the price: 1. A better QB. Rodgers and Wilson are reasonably priced, but GB usually -- though not always -- gives up points to QBs. 2. Brown/Julio/Cobb/Tyreek. Cobb worries me -- before last week, he's been at best hit or miss, so I'm not sure about the value. Brown or Julio could easily blow up, but I trust Zeke and Bell more. 3. A NE running back. But which one? Thoughts?
  2. One option I've been kicking around is punting at RB2 because of Bell's high price. It allows you to stack studs in other positions: Rodgers/Zeke/James White/Julio/Davante/Baldwin/Witten/Boswell/Pats
  3. Heavy DK users in these parts, I see.
  4. Wilson feels like the value play, such as it is; with a slate as thin as this one, I'd rather not go beyond him or Eli for my starter. Big Ben, in my view, seems like the guy most likely to go off, but Wilson has similar upside for a better price.
  5. Who do you pick? And who do you sub out? Not sure I love those guys, at their price, over the set that I'm trotting out.
  6. So here's my lineup thus far: Russell Wilson. Best value, as far as I can tell, with similar upside to Big Ben and Rodgers. Le'Veon & Miller. The chalk choice. I can see taking Zenner, but other than that most of the options aren't that trustworthy. Antonio Brown, Doug Baldwin, and Sterling Shephard. I could sub in Beckham for Brown, but, well, Brown is Brown. I couldn't figure out a way to afford Beckham and Brown other than to really sacrifice WR3 or RB2, which I'd prefer not to do. I like Baldwin in this matchup. He's going to be their main receiver, I suspect, and could put up big numbers. The other option here is Davante Adams, who could be good with Jordy getting blanketed by Jenkins. I grabbed Sterling Shepard because I wanted a piece of the NYG passing offense against the Pack -- could see them blowing up. Tye/ Novack/Raiders. I couldn't afford Houston with this lineup, and obviously my TE ain't good. But didn't think the jump from Tye to CJ was worth the downgrade at other positions. The Raiders could fare well -- Houston allowed the 4th most points to fantasy defenses on the year.
  7. I've been messing around with my lineup for Wild Card weekend, and it's been rough. If you take one of the top WRs, Le'Veon, and a top QB, you're looking at scraps at other spots. Thoughts on this lineup? 1. Wilson/Le'Veon/Damien Williams/Jordy/Baldwin/Sterling S/Stills/Nye/Miami 2. Another alternative would be to sub out Williams and Sterling Shephard for, say, Zenner and Eli Rogers. Gives the lineup more upside at RB, but I hate missing out on the Giants' WR corps against a team like GB. 3. A third idea would be to sub out Jordy/Baldwin for Antonio Brown and Davante Adams. Adams, of course, won't see Jenkins, so he might be a better target than Jordy anyway. And while I really like Baldwin, Brown is, well, Brown.
  8. How about FanDuel or DraftKings? Any experience with playoff leagues there?
  9. Same here. If there's a way to make a league free, let me know. Otherwise, I don't know that I like the start-each-player-once format on MFL, or paying for I'd rather just do's postseason league, which itself ain't great.
  10. So that's three. Would you mind posting about Andrew Luck. . .
  11. As are Titans fans.
  12. Two TDs thus far. Could be worse. You could be Topes.
  13. Good news and bad news: The good news is that I picked up Thielen in the championship game in my work league. The bad news is that he scored 44.6 on my bench, I started Hunter Henry over Charles Clay, and I'm likely to lose as a consequence. Oh, and the Titans lost; Mariota got hurt; and the Browns knocked me out of survivor. Merry Christmas!
  14. I think I saw him fall down. Do I get points for that?
  15. Is Hunter Henry even in the game, or should I just expect a goose egg as the Chargers try to force a 2nd TD to old man river, Antonio Gates?