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  1. My wife, who is the most amazing and charitable person that I know, asked me a few weeks ago, "Can you think of any other ways I can raise money for my Walk to End Alzheimer's?" Instantly, I had a great idea! Inspired by Scott Fish, the man behind the Scott Fish Bowl and Fantasy Cares, I said to her, "Hey, let's put together a big fantasy football tournament to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association!" She thought it was a great idea too, so here we are! This is going to be an awesome tournament and our goal is to raise $1,200 through this tournament to advance the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association. Join us, have some fun, win some great fantasy football related prizes, and help us win the fight against Alzheimer's! Here's how to participate: 1) Visit my wife's fundraising page here and donate $25 or more. Your donation will go directly to the Alzheimer's Association. 2) Send me a DM with your name and e-mail address to @RotoLibrarian on Twitter. Or, send me an e-mail me here with your name and e-mail address. 3) I'll send you your invite and information for the league chat! The draft starts on August 23rd and is a slow e-mail draft. We will be using #SFB9 scoring and lineup settings. No need to worry about setting lineups, as this is a bestball tournament. Prizes include: 2020 Footballguys All Pro Subscription to the winner $50 TrophySmack gift card from parent company More details coming soon! Thanks again for participating!
  2. Tyrod and Allen. Or, if the Bears could trade down and get more picks to address their many needs...
  3. Where do you go on the site to see the overall leaderboard, stats, winning %, etc? I did MFL10s for the first time ever this year and had "beginners luck", winning one league and finishing second in the other. I did have some general strategies I followed (not taking QB too early unless I felt the value was good, focusing on WRs as opposed to other positions, trying to get an elite RB on each roster), but nothing revolutionary. I was also pretty methodical with each draft pick and rarely did auto-picks. I treated it as a real draft and I think some people treat it as a casual game or afterthought. It will be interesting to see how I fair doing 10 of these leagues this year!
  4. Yes, this already had me depressed. Keeping Jay would be the final nail in the coffin.
  5. I'm a Bears fan, and I am so ready for the Bears to move on from Jay Cutler. If the Bears retain him for some crazy reason I'm going to be so depressed.
  6. Resurrecting this thread. Curious to hear everyone's strategies for 2QB/Superflex Leagues and how you would tier QBs going into 2017, specifically in dynasty. What do you guys think of Dak, is he the next great fantasy QB or simply a good NFL QB / solid dynasty QB? What do you think Matt Ryan will do next year and beyond?
  7. What do you Eagle fans think of Carson Wentz now that the year is complete? If you were ranking QBs for dynasty, where would you rank him?