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  1. FWIW, Malik McDowell is a DT on MFL now.
  2. Last Prime Day, it seemed like most of the deals in video games were marginal discounts for 3rd party accessories for last gen systems. Not too exciting, and I got the sense that they wanted to be able to brag about a certain number of deals going on, regardless of the size/significance of the discounts. Hoping this year is a bit better.
  3. That's sort of what worries me - I keep getting sucked into rookie TE hype, then reminding myself what the likelihood is of any of these guys producing at a significant level, let alone a whole class of them. Jonnu Smith seems to have as much of a shot of any of them though, and everything sounds good so far...
  4. I love the effort to counter the influence of money in politics, and most of the platform here. But I agree with others that universal college education would be hugely inefficient. If we re-conceptualized it as universal career preparation/training, based on merit and aptitude, I'd be all for it. On a related note, most of us are going to be out of a job within the next 25 years due to advances in AI and robotics, so any sweeping changes would hopefully try to get is ahead of that. I don't know if universal basic income is the answer, but we have to do something to make sure our economy isn't 300 mil broke people and a handful of old money guys who own the machines.
  5. Holy #### that press conference. It was like an SNL cold opening skit come to life. And that press secretary seriously looks drunk/high/recently sobbing. I would be at least one of those things too if I had to go out there and try to channel Trump's wounded narcissistic rage without any of the showmanship/sleazy charm. Just plain painful. Four more years*! FML. *
  6. I definitely see the appeal of these developments. Although honestly, they're usually so new, trendy, contrived, and millenial-oriented that they can be a bit eye-rolling. That's just me being a hater though. I'm glad for anyone finding a way to drive less.
  7. Narcissistic insecurity + 140 character limit = the most childish Presidential statements in modern history. Or maybe just history. I don't know, maybe GW used to get drunk at the tavern and throw down.
  8. I could see an argument for not legitimizing (no pun intended) the questions by even addressing them. Which seems hilariously quaint in light of Trump activity on Twitter. But yeah, once he finally came out with it it felt a bit like "If you were going to do that, why the hell didn't you just do it at the beginning?" From a behaviorism point of view, it's the same as caving and buying your kid the toy after they've whined about it an hour - you're basically teaching them that's how to get their way in the future.
  9. So do we know whether Putin was at the pageant? Seems like there could/would be pictures of him there and possibly the two of them meeting if it happened in public. Or is that going to drop on Thursday?
  10. Doesn't sound like a great arrangement. As long as you're both putting in vaguely equal team effort, I think you should share your finances. I mean, really, is one spouse going to let the other one starve? Or not be able to pay for getting their car fixed so that they can get to work? It just seems like you're combined unit, so you might as well accept that the money is ultimately coming out of the same pot, and come to some mutual decisions about what's reasonable in terms of spending.
  11. One of the "great" things about birtherism is that the high profile figures involved mostly didn't need to come out and say "Obama is illegitimate": they could just raise questions and innuendo, do some concern trolling, and let the internet trolls be the one to outright call him a Secret Kenyan Muslim Illegal Alien Demon from Hell. I just think John Lewis went a bit too far based on what we've actually established for certain at this point, and I'm surprised. Regardless of what information was/wasn't made available to voters through the hacking, nobody is seriously claiming (that I know of) that the actual vote count was directly manipulated. He was duly elected by the archaic system we have.