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  1. Even two of them with different user IDs had the same avatar
  2. I'm thinking that's probably the case or they all subscribe to the same premium service that is making the lineup recommendations. Just wish I knew where they got their intel.
  3. I asked FD about it this morning and they assured me that every user was different. They have safeguards against it apparently, but it still makes you wonder; what are the odds of having 11 of the 12 top winners, all highly experienced yet different, with identical lineups with 494 (12 forwards, 6 defense, 1 goalie per team x 26) different NHL players playing last night. The odds of having the same winning lineup with that many Possible combinations must be astronomical!
  4. Well, I didn't do so hot during last night's NHL games. Not that I had any chnace of winning, but did anyone else play last night's FD main single entry? 11 of the top 12 highly experienced players had the exact same lineup, without much, if any stacking, with 26 NHL teams playing offering thousands of possible combinations of players. I would like to know what premium service they are using to create these lineups. Pretty amazing!
  5. Thinking the same thing tonight
  6. Thinking the same thing tonight
  7. I started playing DFS Hockey this year and compared to football, to me at least, there's much more luck involved with hitting on any given night. I use left wing lock and generally like it for starting goalies and lines, but sometimes you don't know the starting goalie until after warm-ups. A few websites have some free advice on player and team stats and values, but to get anything similar to FBG, a premium service is offered. Last night the chalk play for cash games was most of the NY Rangers starting over the Flyers. So what happened? Philly goes into MSG and wins, with a shutout for Mason. Great GPP play for those picking the Flyers but a terrible cash game for those of us playing the Rangers. Does anyone have a preferred premium service for DFS NHL? Rotogrinders, Rotoworld or some other? So far my go it alone strategy for DFS NHL is not working. Thanks!
  8. Same here. Links are showing but appear to be broken here's the message when you click the IVC link Warning: extract() [function.extract]: First argument should be an array in /home/football/public_html/subscribers/apps/article.php on line 43We can't find that article
  9. Thanks John Lee
  10. Anyone know when the FBG Divisional Round page on their website will be available?
  11. So did anyone call the 22.7 FPs (FD) for Rawls? Given his less than stellar stats all season, not sure the best predictive analytics could have predicted that number. From what I could tell he was anywhere between 13-20% owned in the cash games I played. Just goes to show that even with the best pre-game homework we do...... Is there anywhere on the footballguys.com where you can find the floor-ceiling projections?
  12. Agree with you, ODB returns one and finds the endzone. It's a good contrarian linkeup. Wondering if any TE besides Graham will be a good play this weekend. Perhaps CJ?