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  1. Thanks for the response. I agree with you that Brown I am more confident on than the other two. Both Boyd and Shepherd have great matchups against poor pass defenses. but I think Engram being out for the game leans me more in Shepherd's direction
  2. Week 4 Half point PPR, 6 point TD. Pick 2 out of 3 I've been going nuts with this decision because all 3 of these players are similar in that they very good matchups in games that should be shootouts and are the number 2 receiving option for their teams John Brown vs Pittsburgh Sterling Shepard vs Saints Tyler Boyd vs Falcons. I also have Lockett but in my mind these 3 have better matchups and higher ceilings for their games. At this point I'm rolling with Brown and Shepard but wanted other thoughts. I always get these 50/50 decisions wrong and it costs me the week lol
  3. Game defining play, 3rd down and 2 on bears 42 yard line. Let's run it up the middle with Edmunds....And lose 5 yards. brilliant.
  4. Johnson picks up a 1st down rushing and you are up 4. whats next? 3 drop back throws for crappy Sam Bradford, seems logical....Oh what do you know, another INT for him.
  5. Is DJ injured or something? I was excited with that TD play and then that moron OC took him out for an entire series, why?
  6. Who are your other options? For me It is Howard and Conner. Cant justify starting DJ or Miller over those two. but i really should not be this nervous starting my 4th pick overall at flex on week 3 but I sure am. Let's hope both DJ and miller both have huge days so neither one of us feels like a fool
  7. Ive been going back and forth on benching Johnson for Lamar Miller who has a decent matchup but I just can't bring myself to do it. Even though it's irrational because I see the current state of the Arizona offense I did draft this dude 4th for his talent and potential to catch the ball. Maybe these idiotic coaches will have same lightbulb go off. Watch miller will go off for 3 td's but one more week and this Johnson will be officially limp on the bench.
  8. I bet on the Dolphins moneyline this game. This is a very scary team to bet on lol every time I think the lead is comfortable and safe, Titans get a 80 yard TD.
  9. I'd go with Drake. I think the Dolphins will be a mediocre team for the season but this is a very winnable game for them and vegas agrees setting it a pick em. To me that means Drake will continue to rack up carries well into the 4th quarter in a tight game. thanks for answering mine.
  10. Half PPR league. I love Lamar Miller's matchup vs pats but would you go with Conner in the Pittsburgh offense vs cleveland. My other 2 rbs are David Johnson and Jordan Howard so those two are locked in as starters for me but the flex decision is a tough one.
  11. I'd drop Stills. I think he will end up in waiver wires in most leagues after week 1.
  12. Thanks. I agree that he is not mediocre and I drafted him earlier than I should have thinking he's in for a big year. But I added him on the mediocre list for the matchup. I could see Xavier Rhodes shutting him down all game.
  13. Start 2. Half PPR league Marquise Goodwin vs Minnesota Jamison Crowder vs Arizona Corey Davis vs Miami Sterling Shepherd vs Jax Tyler Lockett vs Den
  14. If I end up getting a mid 1st round pick in my draft next week, I'm definitely going RB/RB for the first two rounds. The drop off in production is steep from the 2nd round RBs such as Howard/Cook/CMC and Freeman compared to the ones you are looking at in the 3rd round one such as McKinnon, McCoy, Mixon and Collins. Plus there's always more value in WRs as the drafts go on. Barkley/Howard/Hill>>> Barkley/Evans/McKinnon. Fantasy football has moved away from the RB/RB strategy in recent years but when you look at the amount of RBBC majority of teams use, having a running back that you know will be a focal point of their offense is extremely important. If a great drops WR drops to me in the 2nd round I may reconsider it and take the value there but other then that I'm sticking RB/RB.
  15. I noticed you left out Robert DeNiro from that list. guess it doesn't fit your narrative as well...