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  1. Love FBG and the content and great respect for the folks that write here but I have a major question on the Dynasty Trade Value Chart. I had a 2 for 3 trade I was working showed a menu of a couple of players on his side and a couple on my side and shared trade values from DTC and from the FBG as a reference. I was focused on the players as I had a good feel for things - shame on me for not paying closer attention. I usually drill into numbers before I trust them or use them but my trust in FBG was and is such that I didn't check the details. He came back that Baldwin = Richardson + Godwin as one leg of the trade based on the Trade Value Chart figures. Did not seem right at all so I looked at some other players listed to see if I could get a sense of what was going on...Fitz who probably is in his last year has a value of 5 while Godwin and Golladay are 6's? Double checked and this was not a redraft value chart but a dynasty value chart. Any comments? Maybe I'm seeing this wrong....
  2. Thanks all for the answers. Someone else grabbed the offer and gave up their 3rd. Appreciate the replies. Thanks
  3. Foster and Davis went at 2.11 and 2.08 Thanks for your reply
  4. Was offered Bernardrick McKinney in exchange for my 2018 3rd round pick. Must start 3 LB's. I have Telvin Smith, KJ Wright, Whitehead, Jerrell Freeman, V. Rey, and Hightower. Would drop one of these if I pick up McKinney. Scoring points are Tackle 1.5 pts - Assist 0.75 pts - TFL 2.0 pts Sack 3.0 pts - Interception 3.0 pts 1st season playing IDP and not sure how to value LB's but 3rd round sounds high
  5. Is this still open or have you already kicked it off?
  6. Looking for a 2QB league - free - into playing but not gambling Redraft or Keeper or Dynasty - open to all. Prefer auction draft but can accept snake especially if it is 3RR
  7. I would be interested. You can e-mail me at gilbff6 at yahoo . com Love 2QB leagues and IDP too. If you have an opening I am in - very active owner. Like you looking for a free league but on that has active and serious owners and competition - hopefully that is what this one is.
  8. In my mind Beckham is the #1 Dynasty asset but on the other hand take a look at this past year (yeah - only one year) at how many more points the top 3 or 4 RB's put up compared to best WR. WR is lower risk injury but top RB's bring a ton or points. With a 1, 2, 5 pick position you are holding a lot of cards. Wait for the NFL draft and see who lands where - you will have a more clear idea. One or two of those top RB's lands with Oakland, Green Bay, or even the Skins and you have a relatively low risk high reward bet - especially if two of them fall to great spots. Plus everyone will be salivating - you might get a lesser player (Julio, Evans, M Thomas) for fewer picks on your side. You are in the drivers seat. Wish I was in your position. Time is on your side and no reason to wait. Maybe the guy with OBJ covets your picks more than you know and if he doesn't you are not a bad position even if this trade does not go through.
  9. I usually am interested in what Snorkelson has to say as I think he is pretty good on his advice but in this case I would go the other way. We know what Williams and his QB are but picks are unknowns and the picks are not low enough for me in this case to bite. Also I don't make decisions based on DynastyFFTools but I do look at it just as a double check and that says Williams. If anything wait till the NFL draft and take a look at who you would likely have fall to you at those pick positions and then decide.
  10. Oof - that is close. I love Freeman, but also like Howard a lot too. Not high on Shepard for the same reasons as above. Any pick that is not 1.01 to 1.06 this year is rolling dice - may work out or may wash out. So this one is close. In my mind I think it is a coin toss but I would err on the side of...crap just looked one more time. It is so close I guess I would stand pat. If a trade is not somewhat clear I'm not sure it should be made.
  11. I would be up for giving Cooks. He gets lost with so many targets. May end up going out and clearing out defenders with targets going other places. I had him last year in a couple of redrafts and he was SO annoying. If I started him looking for those big weeks I had to live with weeks with zero or close to it. Brady's targets are even more plentiful than Brees had and Brady spreads it around like Brees does. I'm afraid you won't be able to count on him so I would move him if I could (I'm trying to move him in my dyansty leagues but no takers. The offer you have is one I would grab. In all the other offers put Cooks on your side of the trade as much as possible as I think he is fantasy Kryptonite at this point. I'm holding or trying to acquire Crowder as I think he has a lot of headroom though the trade with him and KB for Miller and White might be interesting. Cam doesn't seem like he can or will run anymore and without that he is not the greatest QB and that impacts KB's value so while I would hate to give up Crowder, jettisoning KB would not be bad. Can you package KB and Cooks and get the other side to give you someone better than White? I think more highly of Crowder than Cooks at this point. In the post above mentioning Cooks for a 1.01-1.03 plus another WR??? If you could get that I would grab it as soon as it hit the table. Good luck
  12. Got another trade that I might offer up but before I do wanted to run it by the group Guy in my league in rebuild mode he finished last place last year so unless he hits home runs with hi rookies he will probably be near the bottom again but he has been accumulating first round picks. I'm new in the league so I did not see what and who he traded but he has no real offense talent so either he started with nothing or traded it away. Here is what I am considering but not sure he will bite. I give my 2017 1.06 for his 2018 1st round + Cameron Meredith. I think it is a no brainer and I would not take it if I were him but he might have rookie fever.... I'm new to dynasty so thought I'd run it by you all. It is dynasty PPR, 12 teams, roster 54, Start QB 1 / RB 1-3 / WR 2-5 / TE 1-4 / PK 1 for 9 total offense + 9 defense My roster (primary offense players) QB: Tyrod, Bradford, Bridgewater, Alex Smith RB: Devonta Freeman, Doug Martin, Jalen Richard, Prosise, Jacquizz Rodgers WR: Julio Jones, Willie Snead, Kelvin Benjamin, Decker, Moncrief, Eli Rogers, Perriman, Doctson TE: Gronk, Hooper, Swoope, Richard Rodger Picks: 1.06, 3.06, 5.06, 6.06 Just traded my 2.06 for Doctson with someone else in my league which I believe was a good deal. From everything I read in the various sites the odds of rookie picks panning out are a bit of a crapshoot and better off to trade uncertain picks for players with names and some history. Especially for picks oustide of the first 6-8 picks??? In the case of the 1.06 for the 2018 1st + Meredith I believe I would just be getting Meredith for free though a little delayed gratification on the first rounder. Thoughts and comments please...
  13. Any details on what kind of leagues? IDP? Startup? What?
  14. Agree - which is what I laid out. Wondering if you would have a different view if it were Cooper instead of Allen and the picks were out of the picture?