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  1. I read this somewhere else and thought no way it would be true...that's hilarious.
  2. Seems cheap for Tanny, even in a 12 man 1 QB league.
  3. Couple Alterior Motives from Alter (local) and now on to some Alpha King from Three Floyds.
  4. 17 at end of Clone Wars, roughly 32ish in Rebels, 40-45 in Mandalorian according to what I've read timeline wise.
  5. Great final four to Clone Wars. Also finally watched Rise the other night and dear God it sucks. Clone Wars, Rebels, and Mandalorian are all so much better then the last 6 released movies. Kinda sad really. Not sure I'm on board with Rosario as Ahsoka though for season 2. Guess will have to see how it plays out.
  6. Neither were a Mike type though if I remember right.
  7. That was an awful interview with Suzy. And of course, more tragedy. Thank God I was never drafted.
  8. All the Chargers do is draft LBs and not use them.
  9. Those rankings do not look any good at all.
  10. It's much harder to turn around crappy offensive players then it is for defensive players. Not gonna lie, you'll struggle to get quality defensive line cause they tend to be few and far between. But linebackers turn over at a decent rate and defensive backs you can find starters on the waiver wire every year (especially in tackle heavy leagues). Once you have a handle on your defensive scoring and can identify the players/schemes that fit into it, you can turn around the defense quickly.