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  1. I'll be honest, if this makes it through into the NFL rule books; my local redraft/keepers will just close up shop. Not sure what would happen with the dyno leagues. Huge rosters so can probably manage fine, but I'd figure a lot of the 10+ years fantasy players like myself may just walk away at that point.
  2. Actually watched this movie about 3 weeks ago while camping. It has not aged well...
  3. My good buddy Patches would like to know if it's still oppression if wrenches were used instead of balls.
  4. For those who couldn't find it on the main site like me. Was not easy to find... Devy Top 100
  5. The Dolphins are devoid of talent. Saquon will single-handedly win more games than them. Bengals are a real contender though.
  6. Ugh, not sure I agree with his methodology. Not that my agreement matters any of course, but think it may lead to an especially chaotic year for changes.
  7. I've seen multiple places that Banogu could be at Sam, and Indy does have a void there. Buyer beware for tackle heavy leagues.
  8. Jaime & Cersei death was a total cop out by the writers. Actually the farther we get in the more I'm starting to wonder if that should just be put on the whole season.
  9. 1. You asked if I was the owner of the Chiefs what I'd do right now...moving goal post a little bit here now. Chiefs owner shouldn't care about 31 other teams...just the Chiefs no? 2. Again asked if Roger/NFL what I'd do. Is he on the exempt list? Either he abused the child or is complicit in the abuse of the child. Actions of this caliber are valid right now given the information already available.
  10. 1. Release him. 2. Exempt list until the conclusion of the NFL investigation. At which time he will be suspended at least 6 games per the NFL's domestic violence policy with the possibility of indefinite suspension or ban depending on the investigation results and recommendations.
  11. We all understand this, but there is a good amount of dynasty leagues that start their rookie drafts within 10 days of the NFL draft completing. All 6 of my dynasty leagues start drafting Monday and I know of several other leagues also starting that day. Dynasty advise sites should be burning the midnight oil to get out as much content as possible right now. If we are to subscribe to the service, then information should be available at those crunch times. Understand being patient is needed sometimes but Bottom is correct, late information is worthless.
  12. Hey man I don't know you're reasons, the dig a hole thing is just guessing. That's why I asked what being contrarian is getting you in this situation. Maybe it's you trying to defend your team but you didn't give a direct answer here. Regardless, was just pointing out devil's advocate is a weird direction to go here but carry on as you wish.