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  1. Eh, with the previous seasons I would watch a full arc at a time (2-4 episodes) to make it kind of a movie experience. Hour long makes more sense for weekly episodes, but a short 23 minute show like this just makes it annoying. I'd be happy if they even just released 2 at a time. To each there own though. I'll probably just sit and let it build up some episodes now. Ugh, 3 Months worth. Probably cheaper to buy it on DVD. Eh not my subscription to control, I'm responsible for Netflix in the family.
  2. And stupid Disney+ is doing the one episode every week thing. Just release the full damn season.
  3. Very excited for the final season of Clone Wars that released today. Much more then the last movie which still haven't even seen.
  4. Good concept but some of the most questionable decision making I have seen in quite some time. Even worse then "just don't feed them after midnight Billy"...
  5. Would not give up Thomas for that collection...let alone add a late 2nd rounder in there.
  6. Damn good series (for most part), can't wait to see it finished up.
  7. I'd ask which day (again) but never mind, it seems you're well entrenched. Just was trying to point out there may not be a truly good day for either Kaep or the teams.
  8. Every day has something, every day is going to be pulling someone from something else, so again what day would of been better? If Saturday is the normal day to have scouts in the field anyway, why not then?
  9. Serious question, what day of the week would of been better for this? M, Th, Su all have games. Tu coach gameplan day/team's own tryout day W, (Th), F practice days. Sa travel day Looks like a busy schedule no matter what, pretty sure any day picked would of been panned one way or another.
  10. What rock and hard place? If it didn't work for him he can simply say "Sorry schedule conflict" and then hold his own work out session. He is a professional adult, he can do that. Not going to tell you the NFL is absolutely trying to due right by him, but never before has the NFL even tried to hold a workout day for one potential player, and highly doubt it'll ever happen again. Really are passing a lot of the blame here onto one entity.
  11. Thanks, was already doing the headshot from the bush thing with a pistol but wasn't working out. Once I finally found a long gun I've been more able to manage now, think having negative (str)/base (dex) physical attributes hurt more than I expected early on.
  12. Fired up Outer Worlds. Getting my ### handed to me pretty regularly though, if there's more than 2 targets I'm done for. Any tips/tricks or something I'm missing?
  13. Because the NFL normally only sets up two workouts a year, the veteran combine and the normal combine. Long and short is this shouldn't be a NFL ran thing. Kaep should be responsible for setting up his own workouts.