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  1. No, this is what you said... Those two quotes do not imply the same thing. So again, that's some heavy hyperbole there. Sorry to think the rhetoric is at the very least poor phrasing.
  2. Asking you. Is it your contention that local police force, people that generally live in or near your communities, are out there acting like Sly Stallone in a bad movie?
  3. That's some heavy hyperbole there. Suddenly we have Judge Dredd's out on the street huh? C'mon now.
  4. Baltimore is a bad landing spot for DE. Unless he's standing up now, think there's actually a bump down in value.
  5. Unsurprisingly people can find other things worthy of conversion, much like protest violence being a worthy debate topic. Just because you don't consider it worthy of discussion doesn't mean it deserves condescension or to be labeled as trolling.
  6. Violence in our cities is fabricated? Integrity of elections is fabricated? (but Russia! but Mail in Voting!) Really?
  7. Redraft - Watt but its close, Dynasty - Young and it's not close.
  8. Gonna wait to see it happen. When the position designator tweets the final position update is minor and next to no one is fantasy relevant, makes me question if Chaisson will receive the designation you hope. Regardless, long term that Jax team needs massive help. At this point I'll look at the Mike and Will LBs for high/decent tackle numbers but the line and secondary are fades for me for the next 2-3 years as they try yet another rebuild.
  9. QB1 - KC Team QB QB2 - SEA Team QB RB1 - Christian McCaffrey CAR RB2 - Saquon Barkley NYG RB3 - Alvin Kamara NO RB4 - Joe Mixon CIN WR1 - Michael Thomas NO WR2 - Devante Adams GB WR3 - Tyreek Hill KC WR4 - Kenny Golladay DET WR5 - JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT TE1 - Travis Kelce KC TE2 - George Kittle SF PK1 - Justin Tucker BAL PK2 - Wil Lutz NO DST1 - 49ers DST2 - Saints Flex - Tyler Higbee LAR
  10. I had Kyler next in my predraft list right after AJ Brown for the 4th.
  11. Last I heard about how Illinois counts positives as deaths, directly from the Governor and the state director of the department of health. Feel free to forward to 15:10. Governor Pritzker Presser April 19th Too long didn't watch - positive covid listed as covid death even if covid had nothing to do with death. Have not found any updates or changes since.
  12. Year old but may give some insight on the Sharks determining front...
  13. No, MFL will depend on how they're listed depth chart wise at Fantasy Sharks. Zero to do with these grievances.