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  1. Man do I regret grabbing that beer before the movie started...
  2. Everywhere we went the Kiwis were welcoming to everyone, but a lot of them sure made it a point to emphasis that Aussies are #######s.
  3. There are more livestock than people in New Zealand. Auckland and Wellington are very city like but not by the scale of Chicago or NY standards. Places like Rotorua or Napier remind me of suburb cities but most others towns are smaller. Only did the north island so can't say too much for the south island, but my understanding is it's even more rural. Fun fact, there are no indigenous predatory mammals in New Zealand. Any that are there now were introduced by man, and I think the largest is wild dog sized.
  4. 95 is hard. Se7en and Usual Suspects are both thought provoking and have great endings...wind up going with Keyser Soze.
  5. Quite the difference in consistency once cooked though.
  6. got that backwards friend. Every man knows to listen and comply to your wife because she's the authority, not vice versa. Well technically neither are true, but mine's probably more common.
  7. Jeez, can't even walk into a specific comic book movie thread in the FFA without being judged for watching...*gasp*...comic book movies. What in the actual hell?
  8. How many players did you have and what was the run time? Got my pledge from Kickstarter but haven't gotten to try it yet. Game night is on the 9th and we're going to try Dinosaur Island, and I'm hoping we'll play this after.
  9. Whole thread dedicated to this crap over in the PF. Best not to spam the SP with it...again.
  10. Hopefully it finishes strong. There's reason for trepidation since JJ S2 was quite possibly the worst one released, and that's saying something considering Defenders and Iron Fist. Honestly, the only one I wish they kept going at this point is Punisher.
  11. Doesn't mean both aren't true. The lawsuit could definitely be viewed as for money. Don't remember people stating he was kneeling for money when it first happened, but for publicity. And whether you believe it was for himself or his cause, that seems to be true.
  12. Hearing the shooter was fired this morning.
  13. This will be awesome. Now everyone will come in here and say why their side won (see bags of money post above) though there won't be a shred of evidence either way. Wait...on second thought... Over/under on the amount of time before news begins to leak from "a confidential source" on this? 1 year maybe?