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  1. Surprised North Dallas Forty and Brian's Song are lagging behind. Posters not as old as we thought? Also think the Basketball pick may be skewed by the demographics here.
  2. A guy who has repeated himself multiple times over in this thread posting about a guy repeating himself, oh the irony. As Jethro says, no way it could slow down.
  3. Drop Demarcus Robinson and add Raheem Mostert @BroncoFreak_2K3 for Victors
  4. TMQB: HOU, NOS RB: Kamara, Barkley, Fournette, Michel WR: Michael Thomas (NOS), Hopkins, Davante Adams, K. Allen, Godwin TE: Kelce, Engram Flex: Smith-Schuster K: Lutz, Gostkowski DST: LAC, HOU
  5. Very much this. Who runs a high $ league and chooses a host website widely known for being utter ####?
  6. Dude, Alexa/Siri/Google is listening to you. Get out now!
  7. Leaving Las Vegas Depressing and I want to continue to enjoy alcohol (responsibly).
  8. I'm game if League 4 goes again or for an empty spot if condensing leagues. Thx
  9. ...and hear some analysis. Wasn't meant to be taken so literally.
  10. All these 'personalities' can take their own condescending judgements and stick them up their ###, whether they be Jamele or Curt. I Just wanted to know what the score was...