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  1. Imagine how hot the economy and market would be under a President that wasn’t interfering with our biggest public companies (Amazon), killing trade with China, and socializing America farms?
  2. I’m generally not a fan of denigrating politicians with nicknames, but Gym Jordan is the exception.
  3. My portfolio is doing great, just as it did during the Obama years, when all the haters screamed about how awful Obama's economy was.
  4. THIS! Many who claim to be independent and not affiliated with either party do so not b/c they're in the middle, but because they believe it gives their political opinion an air of superiority. As if everyone affiliated with a party is a mindless drone, while those who remain "independent" are real thinkers who get to decide our elections. I think the reality is just the opposite; at this point, if you're truly engaged and educated on the issues, it seems very unlikely that you agree with both parties virtually equally, and thus don't have preference as to which party governs.
  5. Why do people assume that undecided voters are “in the middle”?
  6. Just so we’re clear, your position is that MSNBc’s mission is to “trash the actual left”?
  7. There are lots of us out there. I’m a bleeding heart liberal working for big energy. I do my job well, and bring needed perspective when the opportunity arises.
  8. Buttigieg supporters getting a taste of the "ESTABLISHMENT!!!!" BS Hillary supporters had to deal with in 2016.
  9. Even our own buddy @NCCommish got drawn into that silliness. We can’t have that type of thing happen again.
  10. I think both HRC and Bernie were less than gracious losers when they eventually lost the nominations in ‘08 and ‘16. HRC is fortunate that Obama won, and her reluctance to embrace him immediately didn’t result in a loss. And in fairness, Hillary has been a loyal Democrat for decades and given a tremendous amount to the Party, so its easier to move on from her actions in ‘08. Sanders doesn’t have any of that equity within the Party, and it’s easy to draw a straight line from his lack of support for HRC to Trump’s victory.
  11. No, I’m not suggesting anyone, much less our elected leaders are above criticism. Their policies and decisions should be scrutinized and opposed if deserving. I’m calling you out on your ignorant assertion that HRC has trouble swallowing her loss at the dinner table every single night. It’s says a lot more about you than her.
  12. I think you’re minimizing her accomplishments, but that’s fair and normal practice in these discussions. I save the “she’s accomplished far more than you” for posters like Bladerunner when they speculate about how HRC “swallows losing to Trump at the dinner table every. Single. Night.”
  13. Your position is that the guy who has recently paid 10s of millions in fines for running corrupt foundations and online universities, and who has never withheld aid from any country, even Ukraine, except for once in 2019 when it entailed his political rival, was suddenly concerned about corruption? Come on now.