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  1. How would HRC winning the Dem nomination mean that Dems “put party over country”?
  2. Welcome aboard Oats! I second Shuke’s recommendation of the larger Phish thread. During tour, the regulars have been known to share live streams. Nothing better than couch tour. 🐠
  3. If the draft was held today, where would he go? 9th overall?
  4. Inflation is actually decelerating. In retrospect, the Fed hiked rates far too early over the last decade, being overly cautious about inflationary pressures when there was still lots of slack in the labor market. Fortunately, it seems they're realizing this. I think we'll see rates remain low for at least another couple of years which is great news for wages.
  5. No it’s not, it’s simply being rational. What’s your suggestion, to ignore the consensus conclusion of the west’s best intelligence agencies for whatever Rudy and Barr are able to cook up?
  6. You're arguing the polls were "wrong" and pointing to probability odds as evidence. Don't you understand that if there is a 71% chance of A happening, and a 29% chance of B happening, if B happens, it doesn't mean the probability was wrong, it means that the 29% event happened.
  7. Honest question - why don't folks on the right care about these "meters" when it comes to policies and programs they support?
  8. What is "the center"? People who haven't been able to figure out Trump is an incompetent psychopath after 3 years? Screw catering to those folks.
  9. I've got 24 years remaining on my 30yr fixed at 3.75%, and I'm surprised that switching to a 15 year or 10 year loan doesn't significantly lower my rate. I'm seeing 3.25% for 10 and 15 year. Figured it would be 2.75%, which may make it worth my while. Disappointed.
  10. Backing Warren in the primary.
  11. Standard leagues, is Lelce still a 1st rounder?
  12. Because Republican voters don't care when Republican politicians blatantly direct public funds to their own private business? See Donald Trump for a perfect example of out-in-the-open corruption that results in no consternation from his supporters.
  13. Dammit STC. I have a draft tonight and wish I hadn't read this. JUST WHEN I THINK I'VE ESCAPED!