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  1. Zero surprise at your reaction and instant acceptance/support fg. Looking forward to following/learning from your journey. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Obama and Democrats raised taxes on the rich. Trump and Republicans cut those taxes. Stop blaming both sides.
  3. Of course convictions and innocence is not what we were discussing, evidence was.
  4. The meeting at Trump tower itself is evidence of possible Trump collusion. What are you talking about?
  5. What flaws? Dr. Moniz is one of the most qualified and well respected energy experts in the world. It’s a coup that we were able to lure him away from MIT to lead the DOE for a few years. Perry has no background in energy, famously campaigned on abolishing the DOE, and admitted to not even understanding what the department did upon taking over. This is like the Chiefs losing Pat Mahomes in free agency, replacing him with Frank Kaminsky, and you arguing, “well, Frank had some big games at Wisconsin so we should really give him a shot before blasting Chiefs management.” This entire conversation is exhibit A of why we’re ####ed.
  6. Still going to go with Perry. The fact that he campaigned on abolishing the DOE means more than all that book learnin’ from the Obama guy.
  7. And of course the irony is that they’re the ones who have been whining about PC culture for years.
  8. Hard to respect an author who suggests there is no evidence of collusion in the Meuller report. Perhaps he/she should review the definition of the word evidence.
  9. It's not normal at all; I can't think of another time in US history where the incoming POTUS named a lobbyist for Turkey as his NSA. Rice's memo wasn't the problem here, and the fact that you're ignoring the mammoth in the room and suggesting a memo-to-the-file is the real crime is so insane that I question whether you actually believe it yourself.
  10. Memos to the file documenting meetings/decisions/rationales are standard operating procedure for competent organizations. The idea that this is somehow controversial from Rice’s angle defies logic.
  11. Saints - you're doing the Lord's work in here - god bless you. And that's coming from an atheist. Macro political question for you. As someone who has actively followed politics and scandals for a couple/few decades now, are you blown away by what you are seeing w/re to law and order amongst the Republican Party? I know there are bad people on both sides. I know there are unethical people, bad policies, etc, on both sides. But in your opinion, is what you're seeing now even close to anything you've ever seen from National Democrats? I'm talking about an entire party and it's base being completely anti-factual, disingenuous, and willingly disregarding the law and order safeguards that are crucial to our functioning democracy. I guess in sum I'm asking you if you're blown away like I am. Because even though I have disagreed policy wise with the GOP for a couple decades now, I never thought the party as a whole was as corrupt and intellectually bankrupt as what we are seeing now.
  12. Watched the first set but got caught up with the family and missed the 2nd. Was looking forward to seeing Leeroi and that Slave. 🤬