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  1. tommyGunZ

    ***Calling all Sneakerheads, The Thread***

    I feel you. I get so frustrated with concert tickets. Same BS.
  2. tommyGunZ

    ***Calling all Sneakerheads, The Thread***

    I’d love a pair of the Adapts but 4 bills is insane. I look fwd to the Adapt 2s for 1/2 price.
  3. tommyGunZ

    ***Calling all Sneakerheads, The Thread***

    Don’t you work in the markets?? And you’re hating the player? C’mon, man.
  4. Fully on board team Oats with this one. I’ve moved seats more times than I can count on cross country flights (LAX - DCA) over the years. Though I have to question slumming it on American 1st class if this is truly a rare 24 hours away from the kids. Took the G4 to Kauai last fall - worth every penny.