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  1. This is similar to why I went from a 30 to 15 when I refi’d. It also means my home should be paid for when I turn 60, instead of 68. And now I feel much better about frivolous monthly spending since I know we are already being aggressive on our only outstanding loan.
  2. My re-fi in March from a 30 yr @ 3.75 to a 15 yr @ 2.875 is now looking rough with all these 15 yr loans at 2.25%. I moved too early!!!!🤬
  3. Here in SoCal, most leagues are still not allowing games due to State Covid guidelines, but teams are finding ways to get around it by going to private fields and playing in areas where local officials aren’t strictly enforcing rules. My daughter is finishing up her first year 10U season on the select rec team and finally getting some games in the past 2 weeks. She’s thrown 11 innings, has 31 K’s and 5 BBs. When Spring starts (early Feb) she should be one of the best 2-3 players in our local 10U league which should lead to a fun summer of All Star tourneys. Recently, I’ve had a couple of local travel coaches reach out and offer her a spot on their teams. Any thoughts on when the right time is to jump to travel? I have no illusions of grandeur- I just want my girl to have fun and have enough success to keep playing. I’m guessing the answer is that the right timing is different for every girl, but I’m currently leaning toward letting her have a dominant spring playing in our local rec league, and hoping the confidence boost and fun will lead to more long term growth than the immediate benefits she would reap from going to a better program right now. But who knows - a couple of friends who have daughters in travel teams tell me that my girl should be playing with better players. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Agree that he’s not a volume guy, but considering the weapons that Philly is without, I would expect DJax to at least get his average targets, if not more.
  5. I’m rolling him out in at least one league where I’m razor thin at WR. Desperation is a stinky cologne. That said, the targets should be there, he’s still a big play guy, and the schedule is a cakewalk fantasy wise over the next 4-6 weeks. DJax is oft-injured, but when healthy, is still productive.
  6. I manage the employee PAC for my company and today I moderated an hour with guest speaker Frank Luntz. Luntz predicted Biden would win by 7% but predicted we wouldn’t get an official call on the election for ~ 72 hours. His scenario included Trump being ahead after election night, but the mail in votes counted afterward to skew heavily Biden. Which would make for a very interesting 3 days. 🍿
  7. I thought he should have gone for 2 as well. Assume the Chiefs would get a FG and put the Bills in position to still tie with another TD.
  8. Yep. I have him in a couple leagues and I think he may be my starter moving forward.
  9. Great game. Agree with dkp that Bellinger’s grab swung the game and perhaps the series. Tatis is ridiculous. I’m sure he’s pissed about losing that HR, but I think he’s most pissed about missing on the first pitch from Kelly in the 9th. He guessed breaking ball, and Kelly left an 86 mph hanger that Fernando JUST missed. What a fall for Paddack. 3 months ago he was presumably the Padre ace; now he’s behind Zack freakin’ Davies in the postseason rotation, if he even gets to start tonight. Tingler/Preller may go bullpen game again. Gore’s star must be falling as well. Strange that he can’t help this team and that Ryan Weathers got the call before him. Preller has a lot of work to do this winter if Clevinger and Lamet injuries are serious.
  10. Was it? I would agree if there was still a vocal subset of conservative Republicans screaming about the debt/deficit and shutting down gov't due to fiscal issues, I would agree with you. But there isn't. Which makes me think the REAL issue that galvanized so much outrage back in 2009 was more about Obama, and not actually about US finances.
  11. This. Getting the nuclear codes away from him should be the #1 priority of voters on 11/3.
  12. And they won. Long term, of course it's a terrible strategy. But perhaps the most important thing I've learned about modern politics is that voters have amnesia. In the short and medium term, politicians are all too often not paying the price for their mistakes.
  13. Brilliant move by Cunningham. He knew a sex scandal would help him with evangelical voters.