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  1. Why are people saying McCoy will be out a few weeks? Has there been a status update
  2. ZoBot? Please stop.
  3. What does it do for downside?
  4. True but I'm grateful and hope you say it again.
  5. Btw for those in need Zenner may be a good spot play vs a soft Washington defense.
  6. He has neither high nor low upside. Or maybe he has both high and low upside. The truth is that at this point he has entirely unknown upside, which is why we hope. But today, with another DNP under his belt upside gives way to pragmatism.
  7. Dumped him again, for Smallwood this time (Matthews owner).
  8. Worst two teams by record play H2H in the Toilet Bowl in week 17 and the loser buys beer for the draft the following season.
  9. Don't own McCoy but keeping Gillislee on my bench in favor of Blount and Ajayi. Had I benched Cam Meredith, like I should have, I would have Gillislee as my flex over Det D.Washington, Yeldon & N.O. M.Thomas.
  10. Really? First I've heard of it, thought 6 weeks was still the rule for PUP.
  11. With the emergence of Jimmy Graham, the way Wilson spreads the ball around and the solid running game that will only get better when Rawls returns, I would have stuck with Sushi. Doubt it helps anyone but he's my RB2 over R.Matthews, Det D.Washington, Gillislee & Yeldon.
  12. Now that he is off the PUP doesn't New England have to make a decision to put Lewis on the active roster or season ending IR in the next 3-4 weeks?
  13. No reason to focus on this year's production when White played for New England last year too. Under the same circumstances Lewis averaged 2.3 yards per carry and 0.5 yards per reception more than White.
  14. Montgomery looks more dynamic than Starks has in years. I think it's Montgomery's job ROS.