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  1. That being said the Baltimore D looks like the real deal and Elvis should be back in the building in a week or two which will only make them better.
  2. Not really. Carr has one INT and Amari Cooper two fumbles one went out of bounds the other was on that crazy multi-lateral play with two seconds left in the fourth quarter of the Falcons game last week. And that one was recovered by Oakland. They have also only given up two sacks in three games.
  3. Denver and KC both still look like the real deal and San Diego is not far behind but injuries are definitely hurting them more than most. It's going to be difficult to get even a wild card spot from this division but the Raiders do have a shot. The defense needs to keep getting better and where the hell is Mack? I will say that Hayden is starting to look like a solid slot corner and I was really impressed when he laid two big hits yesterday. If the Raiders can start generating some pass rush that secondary could be scary good.
  4. Yeah, I am very close to being there too. Quick change for me there but it is hard to ignore what is going on. Gonna hold this week even though I likely won't get Drake on waivers if he is even reasonably above average but I prefer Kenneth Dixon, who is also available, to Drake regardless of what happens today. Maybe this is just a, no I'm sure it's not.
  5. Bump Tajae Sharpe?
  6. much for that.
  7. For no specific reason I would never do business with anyone named Egbert.
  8. But 40 of those yards came on three draw plays in garbage time so they don't count as much.
  9. How do we know Washington is going to get 10-12 touches? Couldn't he also get 6-8 touches? 0-5 touches? Couldn't he also turn those 10-12 touches into a 2.5 YPC like you worry about for Crow? You are betting that not only will he get double digit touches but he will turn those into 4.5 YPC which would make Washington top 11 in the league out of 45 RBs in YPC. I am not trying to harsh anyone's mellow on Washington, I hope he blows up, seizes the #1 job in Detroit, turns into the next David Johnson and carries me to a championship. And he certainly could start that today with 100 yards and 2 TDs, which would suck to have on your bench but unless you are completely depleted by injuries starting Washington is akin to throwing darts with a blindfold and no idea where the board is and hoping to hit the bulls-eye. It's using your money to buy power ball tickets and not investing regularly in your IRA.
  10. Definitely on my bench in my flex spot today even if he plays. Going with Crowell over him, it's a negative match-up with Cleveland hurting at both WR & QB but Hue clearly game plans to get Crow the ball so you can say with confidence that the plan is to get him 15-20 touches (may not play out that way but that is what he is in line for). Also, from my roster, over Watkins I would also go with both Jay Ajayi who should at least get first crack at the bulk (50-60%) of RB touches today in Miami in a plus match-up (he could easily screw that up and get nothing) and Tajae Sharpe who seems to be the clear #1 target in Tennessee in a plus match-up vs. Oakland.
  11. Crow is not an equal risk because, unlike Washington, Crow is guaranteed to be a big part of the game plan. We have no idea what to expect out of Detroit's game plan. Crow's team has changed around him but his head coach loves him, wants to feed him the ball and has said as much repeatedly. So while he may find tough sledding he will be the focal point of the offense and that is more than you can say for most RBs in the league. Certainly more than you can hope from Washington. The only argument in Washington's favor is he is the goal line guy for Detroit but so is Crow in Cleveland. Starting Washington over Crow is hoping for an inside straight on the river. Sometimes it works out but most of the time you end up going bust.
  12. In general don't approve of making fun of people, although I don't mind good-natured ribbing, however I am more likely to pass by a Dismattle post than give it a thorough reading. It's a shame because I know there are some good points in them but they're typically not worth taking the time to sift through the disjointed commentary and translate the intent.
  13. Sticking with the old thread for DW talk. Here is the decision I am making this week.
  14. Right now Washington is on my bench. I am starting Crow as my flex but even if I change my mind, which I am strongly considering with the QB/WR situation in Cle, it would be in favor of Ajayi or Tajae Sharpe before I would consider putting Washington in my lineup. There are too many unknowns with Washington, even more than with Ajayi, who is going to start this week. With Crow I am confident that Hue Jackson has game planned for a minimum of 15 touches, whether that plays out or not is another issue but Hue clearly wants to feed him the rock. And Sharpe looks like the obvious #1 target in Tennessee with a very plus match-up. I am excited about Washington but we need to see something before running him out there over other options, particularly when those options have a higher floor and just as high of a ceiling.
  15. Seems pretty clear that Ajayi will get first crack at being the #1 (3 down, GL, receiving etc) but his hold on that position is extremely tenuous and Gase will not hesitate to reduce his touches, or outright bench him, if he doesn't at a near flawless level. I'm not talking about having a low YPC, or even a fumble (they didn't bench him last week) rather if Ajayi is consistently hitting the wrong gaps for the play call or freelancing. Heaven help him if he misses an assignment that gets Tannehill rocked. Foster wasn't exactly lighting it up, he had one huge gain on what I believe most will agree was a blown coverage by Seattle (he literally didn't have a defender within 5 yards of him for the first 28 yards, then he made a decent move on Earl Thomas to pick up the rest Link play starts @ 14 seconds), in fact he was looking pretty awful, but the coaches clearly trust him to always make the smart decision even if his body is not capable of getting much out of it. So if you believe that Ajayi has the mental part of the game down then you should start him against the Browns with confidence, they won't bench him for low yardage but they will absolutely #### can him if he makes stupid decisions. ETA: When I say "start with confidence" I wouldn't expect too much out of him, he's a RB 3 at best in a neutral match-up, but with this match-up the upside is there, it is possible that Miami crushes the Browns and Ajayi gets lots of opportunities.