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  1. They hype of being a 7th round draft pick?
  2. People who recognize that physical traits are a reality and typically favors those with the most common ones.
  3. I guess but his usage was incredibly high over the last eight games and I don't see it approaching anywhere near 10+ targets/game with both Steve Smith and Breshad Perriman coming back. He's not even a lock to be a starting WR and that will also be a big problem in a Marc Trestman offense which typically favors the #1 & #2 WRs, passes to the RBs out of the backfield and then the TE before the #3 WR becomes an option.
  4. Make sure he's gay. Trust me on this one.
  5. Really? That is some more serious star power that Marvel is reeling in. Good for them. Liking the casting calls for Black Panther too.
  6. There was a time when that wasn't possible. They've come a long way.
  7. Sex = bad Nudity = bad Violence = okay Sometimes it helps to see these things written down to put them in perspective.
  8. That's nice. Little disappointed that I missed that. The program is definitely robust and I like the look. I will keep working with it up until my draft. I am sure part of the issue is just the learning curve on my end. May I suggest updating the OP with the answered questions from the thread?
  9. Yeah I'm kind of here with you. I probably put in 400+ hours into Skyrim on PC (using mods and all that) and a "remaster" just doesn't seem like anything to get geeked up about for me. Oblivion is the only other Elder Scrolls game I have played so I am excited about the Skywind release (Morrowind using the Skyrim engine or something like that) and there is the Skyrim expansion that I am forgetting the name of that seems very cool. But jumping back in with the base game I just can't see doing at this point.
  10. BTW Big ups to Simon for being so responsive in this thread and on IM. I am sure I am not the only bugging him on IM and he has been Johnny-On-The-Spot. So thanks Simon, I appreciate it.
  11. Been running a few mock drafts with the new app and I think the AI does a much better job of mocking semi-realistic drafts for my league (super flex). But no Team Stats window (like in the Classic DD) feels like a huge liability while drafting. Team Stats is such a good tool for predicting runs before they happen. I always feel that it gives me an edge over my league mates and allows me to be ahead of the curve on positional runs. Adding a Team Stats window (like the one from DD Classic) and allowing some kind of spreadsheet based import of projections seem like the two most important features to add on IMO.
  12. Never seen it but I'm going to go with, no.
  13. It's a trailer. It means nothing about the quality of the finished product.
  14. This One: Worst Thread Ever?