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  1. Hey Jim McMahon just assaulted some guy, that's so cool.
  2. I 'member that one. The announcers are unintentionally hilarious.
  3. I don't have a link to back this up but it seems that since they started with the whole year round OTAs this negative effect seems to have been mitigated.
  4. That 9-2, in a vacuum logic makes Trent Dilfer one of the 31 best QBs in NFL history. But if you want to use it then 5-4 in favor of Romo including 1-0 in the playoffs. Doesn't sit well, does it? McNabb had five top four defenses, 7 top 10 defenses (eight actually but McNabb failed to get the Eagles to the playoffs during that season) which counts for far more in that 9-2 than you seem to be willing to credit. Mediocre accuracy, great mobility and didn't throw picks. That was McNabb's game.
  5. I find it hard to believe that you have been here this long and think that the playoff win metric is so decisive. I am curious to hear why you think the caliber of the team around each player doesn't matter when judging them.
  6. It's funny how these debates play out. It seems to me that people have difficulty separating personal feelings from objective reality. McNabb was a great QB for a lot of reasons, particularly the fact that he was very careful with the ball and he could supplement his deficiencies as a passer with amazing running ability. But how was he a better QB? Win%: McNabb 60.4 | Romo 61.1 Cmp%: McNabb 59 | Romo 65.3 TD%: McNabb 4.4 | Romo 5.7 INT%: McNabb 2.2 | Romo 2.7 Y/A: McNabb 6.9 | Romo 7.9 Rate: McNabb 85.6 | Romo 97.1 Sk% McNabb 7.7 | Romo 5.4 Except for Win% and Int% those numbers aren't even close. The entire argument in favor of McNabb seems to be playoff wins. That seems like a pretty narrow argument considering it's a team game. In McNabb's career playoff games the Eagles defense averaged 5.7 in PTS and 9.4 in yards. Are we really giving McNabb all the credit for those wins? Here is the breakdown: 2000: 1-1, 4th PTS, 10th YDS 2001: 2-1, 2nd PTS, 7th YDS 2002: 1-1, 2nd PTS, 4th YDS 2003: 1-1 7th PTS, 20th YDS 2004: 2-1 2nd PTS, 10th YDS 2008: 2-1 4th PTS, 3rd YDS 2009: 0-1 19th PTS, 12th YDS For Romo OTOH: 2006: 0-1, 20th PTS, 13th YDS 2007: 0-1, 13th PTS, 9th YDS 2009: 1-1, 2nd PTS, 9th YDS 2014: 1-1 , 15th PTS, 19th YDS Romo's defenses averaged 12.5 in PTS, and 12.5 in YDS. One notable difference is that Romo was actually able to win a playoff game without a top 10 defense in either metric. I have said this in other threads but the stigma of the botched PAT vs Seattle unfairly stuck with Romo for his entire career. He was one of the best QBs of his generation and barely gets a modicum of the respect he deserves. One last note is Romo's Cowboys went 4-4 against McNabb's Eagles head-to-head during the regular season and Romo's Cowboys beat McNabb's Eagles 34-14 in the 2009 Wildcard game closing the book on McNabb's career in Philadelphia.
  7. It's the Robert Horry effect. One of the best careers in NBA history but no one's gonna mistake that for Horry being one of the best forwards in NBA history.
  8. People need to learn the difference between pointing out that Jacksonville had the lowest scoring defense and had the most sacks in the NFL this season and saying Jacksonville is going to beat the Patriots. To act like it can't happen after what just happened (coupled with historical precedent) is fairly naive. You should be glad and grateful that Bill Belichick doesn't think like you.
  9. I'm not saying the Pats are gonna get beat, all the smart money is on them but history has shown that a team with a front four that can put pressure on Brady without blitzing have been a problem. Both Jacksonville and Minnesota can do that.
  10. 'member when the Patriots were 12 point favorites to beat the Giants in the Super Bowl? I 'member.