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  1. From the director of Oblivion and Tron: Legacy...
  2. I don't like to use the word "authentic" when talking food. It simply has no meaning and food origin stories are typically factless mythology. Interesting and cherished but typically not based upon facts. The idea of a specific authentic food changes from country-to-country, state-to-state, city-to-city, neighborhood-to-neighborhood, block-to-block, house-to-house, maybe even room-to-room. To me it sounds like you got a #####y Po-boy.
  3. Whenever I buy a new pair of pants I always cut the bottom of the front pockets and sew in a zipper just for these type of emergencies.
  4. Not sure it's in in the "Best TV Show Ever" territory, partially due to it's short run and hurried series conclusion, but Al Swearengen unquestionably makes my TV Character Mount Rushmore.
  5. Just got a pair of New Balance 1080 might be the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.
  6. Not sure how this is even still a question anymore... [checks Twitter/Facebook] ...oh yeah, that's how.
  7. I am a Belge frites guy but the historical record is not settled and the earliest images of fried potato sticks do come from French engravings.
  8. I really like our Orbi but I still got a MoCA network adapter to hard connect my televisions to the routers and reduce wireless traffic. It works very well.
  9. It does not "hurt to hear" and you are being a bit combative but no big deal. I am not disputing that there are instances of improper pain treatment but those existed before this shift in pain management standards. Holding up those examples as some kind of standard across the board also comes off as an ill considered position.
  10. Much respect to you @Just Win Baby but your response offers nothing of any value. I'm in the health care industry on the insurance work comp side. I have extensive experience (about 15 years and my wife even longer) and regular interactions with primary care physicians in the front lines of devastating injuries. While opioids are tightly regulated (and they technically were during the inception of this "crisis") my experience tells me that what I said is exactly correct. Rather than simply calling me ignorant I would sincerely like to hear why you think that is the case
  11. I doubt that. The pendulum has merely shifted to requiring the patient to be more proactive about their own health care. Ask your doc for the pain med, if it isn't a recidivist behavior they wont bat an eye to write the scrip.