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  1. I'm not giving some cyber stalker my birthday. That and it was just some stupid story about a dude climbing a cell phone tower.
  2. We all go through it at some point.
  3. Wayne's World seldom enters my consciousness even with the word "excellent". Not even when I hear the song Bohemian Rhapsody. Only time I have probably thought of it in the last decade was when I saw Bohemian Rhapsody and that cameo was truly awesome.
  4. First one aged brilliantly IMO. Second one wasn't born well.
  5. I really thought you were going to go with Ted "Theodore" Logan. That's who he's always been to me.
  6. I agree you have to side with your wife but I don't think the conversation should necessarily end. She is being, somewhat understandably prideful and that is not necessarily a good thing Learning to accept the caring and attention of loved ones is ultimately a great stress reliever. It takes work, focus, attention and causes some stress along the way. But if we could see what stress does to our bodies we would work much, much harder to reduce our stress levels (after we freaked the #### out from seeing what stress was doing to our bodies). Pride cometh before the fall.
  7. Mmmmmmmm...tastes like the misery and suffering of others.
  8. This is a huge concern for me as well, I am also uncomfortable with how much saturated fat often gets used in keto recipes. I posted a couple weeks ago about the effort I put in prior to starting a ketogenic diet to ensure that I maximized my fiber intake. I spent several weeks pulling recipes from Leanne Vogel's book (regarding SFA intake I often used far less fat than she calls for and I started substituting avocado oil and olive oil where possible as well) and other sources , with a clear focus on choosing recipes that maximize vegetables and fiber intake. I spent an additional week or so purchasing all the ingredients, preparing and vacuum sealing dozens of freezer ready meals and snacks and that was all before eating my first keto bite. It is not easy to eat a truly balanced ketogenic diet and I think far too many people just jump in with the cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken breasts and figure it's all good. That may work when you're 20 but when you're pushing...older than 20 you need to scrutinize a lot more. I have some blood work coming in next week (cardiac, cholesterol, metabolic, hormonal and vitamin D), while I think any results will be far more related to how I was living prior to the past couple weeks. I like keto but if the numbers aren't good I will absolutely drop any keto principles necessary if the doctor and I think it could help.
  9. Don't forget Iron Patriot...or is Marvel pretending that didn't happen?
  10. IIRC in the movie she was "modified" by the Tesseract and the Kree inhibited her abilities to control her and convince her she was Kree.
  11. It's tough to live in a world where people are judged by the worst things they ever said/did. Particularly as it is often abused by those pushing their own agendas. I would hate for the worst things I have ever done or said to be viewed as the sum and total of my life. Glad Gunn is back.