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  1. I'm pretty optimistic on Mack this year. Will probably amount to nothing but I like him as one of those guys you reach for a little early. Lots of pieces falling into place for Indy with Luck coming back and a, seemingly, improved o-line. Mack has a shot here.
  2. I always worry about QBs who complete under 60% in college. Accuracy requires touch and touch seems like one of the more difficult skills to learn/improve. Jackson seems to have amazing skills but he doesn't have Cam Newton's freakish size (or even McNabb, McNair size) and relying on Vick/RGIII like quicks/speed at the QB position seems risky. Hoping for Vick seems nice but he had maybe three top finishes in 13 seasons and played 16 games once (15 games 3 x). Defend him however you want but he was ultimately more sizzle than substance. I would love to see Jackson become the next Steve Young but he has a lot to overcome.
  3. Honestly this is the first time I've ever heard of this guy. Still hype train worthy?
  4. Nice that he dropped weight to improve speed & quickness. It should really help. Can't wait until next year when he gains 10 lbs (all muscle of course) to improve his durability, which will also help.
  5. She's famous for being famous. It's a sad reality of the world we live in.
  6. Yeah the second one was definitely a let down of the "People loved the first one so let's make the second one explodier...Oh and robot tigers!!!" variety. Sometimes Hollywood writers/directors/producers just can't get out of their own way to save their lives.
  7. You don't need cast iron for a good sear. And, if you're using a grill/stovetop to sear you don't need more than 450 degrees F to get a perfect sear on beef. Which means that you can use modern non-stick pans as well. If you're going to sear in the oven then getting to 1500 degrees would be awesome, if a little overkill. I have mentioned several times before that I use my Cinder as my primary searing tool. Both plates get to 450 degrees and it has good weight which speeds the process. Perfect sear every time. Not worth $400 or whatever they're charging now but I bet you will start to see them in eBay and I could see shelling out $100-$150 for the consistent results it produces. It also kills for seared ahi steaks and paninis.
  8. Thanks JB I never would have looked at it from that perspective. Gonna do some more research.
  9. And thanks @Joe Bryant I actually was waiting on your perspective the same way I presume you would wait on my perspective about immersion circulators or the Cinder...or tacos
  10. Interesting comparison to Yeti JB, it has me thinking twice (I am not a Yeti fan) but from a different perspective than I thought you would come from, and not one I had considered. So are you saying that Traeger is the Yeti of grills? That means something to me because I think Yeti is among the most overpriced products on the market.
  11. Thanks GB. Don't take this the wrong way but it's okay to assume that I have read multiple reviews. I only ask in here because...well I trust you guys a little more than reviews (even after I use Fakespot to suss out b.s. reviews). You a Traeger man? Or have personal experience with them? Actually Hey @Joe Bryant, I think I know the answer to this but how do you feel about Traeger grill/smokers? I am pretty sure they don't fit your authenticity bucket so I think you may have an interesting view on the value of such a good deal for someone looking to be a "weekender" on the BBQ/smoking front. And FTR I am 100% certain I can achieve almost identical smoking results through modernist techniques (which is, generally speaking, my cooking wheelhouse) but I love fire and outdoor cooking and all that too so I like the idea of the grill/smoking combo the Traeger seems to offer. Your opinion matters to me on stuff like this.
  12. Thanks fellas. I couldn't find a better price either. Can anyone speak to the quality of the product?
  13. Okay guys and gals I have need of a new grill and was considering a Traeger for awhile. Is this as good of a deal as it seems? Faiespot gives the 8 reviews an A. Camelcamelcamel doesn't have much data but the lowest price is 3rd party new at $699 Traeger Elite Renegade
  14. OTOH the fact that I keep getting a "Cannot deliver to your address" on the Phillips Hue light bulbs I am trying to buy and that is ####ing me off to no end. Definitely a love/hate relationship.