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  1. Sean Payton to the white courtesy phone. Paging Sean Payton, please answer the white courtesy phone.
  2. I am not certain we know this. He has a reputation for trying too hard to hit home runs resulting in above average % of plays for a loss but he has the size, can catch and has performed very well on around 200 touches playing for poor teams, that abandoned the run. He won't be a lead back anywhere this season, barring major injury, but I think the jury is out on his ability to carry a lead back role.
  3. Maybe but there is a very big difference between the demands of the two positions.
  4. Well, that production is going to be more difficult to replace. Does Buffalo have 50 and a score per game to distribute? Losing Zay doesn't put much more back into that pie. But Duke seems polished and he certainly has the physical attributes.
  5. It's going to be tough to replace those 7 catches & 69 yards over 5 games.
  6. I do expect KC to try to run more after two straight losses. That will last maybe one half before Andy Reid reverts to being Andy Reid and calls 60 passes in the second half tomorrow. I think KC misses Eric Fisher more than any of us suspected. KC would be smart to reach out to Washington about Trent Williams. This team is built to win now and they should be all in on that prospect.
  7. Hoping his extended rest got him close to 100%. The guy can be a force.
  8. So you think that is clear visual evidence to overturn the call on the field? I may have or may have not agreed with you until the league apparently created a separate standard for PI reviews. Beyond that BS new standard, which apparently defaults to whatever is called in the field stands, I simply saw nothing that clearly demonstrated one way or another that he Lockett was down before crossing the goal line. Call on the field should have stood.
  9. On the surface benching a guy getting 16+ touches/game and TDs in 4 of 6 games, including 2 multi-TD games, does not seem like a great decision.
  10. I know I am biased but was there really clear evidence that he didn't break the plane on that non-TD? I thought it should have stood.
  11. My league has WR/TE as a combined position and I am very tempted even with Lockett, Hooper, Engram & Waller who would probably be the odd man out. I just can't do it this week with both my D and K on the bye.
  12. Oh absolutely. I just think NFL coaches give players the opportunity to play through mistakes so I wouldn't be overly excited about how the split will work out in GB. Even if Jones continues to flub he'll still be a vulture of some sort.
  13. I think it's purely game plan/flow dependent. Either way he is way, way, waaaaaay too efficient to ever consider benching.
  14. Jones had a bad game but I'm not sure we can say he's in "the doghouse" because of it. My guess is their PT split at this point will be entirely game plan and game situation dependent.