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  1. Interesting. Does that matter?
  2. I would not be surprised if the vast majority are standing because they have been conditioned to for decades and because everyone else is standing. In reality I would bet that the vast majority have probably never given the reason behind it a second thought. Same goes for the people in the stadium. It seems like even those who have given it a little consideration view standing as a show of respect for the military, when it really is meant to honor our nation, which is comprised of, and great because of things other than just our military. Although I cannot fault people for not seeing a difference between our nation and our military.
  3. Yup. Our taxpayer dollars hard at work supporting those poor billionaire NFL owners.
  4. Not sure why people think what Kaepernick did had anything to do with the military. It had nothing to do with the military and it is bizarre that some are trying to frame the argument against him with statements of how it is disrespectful specifically to soldiers. The military does not own the national anthem and the suggestion that they have special rights to that song is kind of disrespectful to everyone else. It's our National song, and just because some of us don't pick up a gun and go fight in hostile territories every time someone looks at us crosswise doesn't diminish the contributions that we make to society. If it was offensive, and I am not saying it was or wasn't (it wasn't), it was offensive to everyone regardless of their military status. Besides, I think the NFL does enough to show "respect for the military" (going to a game is practically a military recruitment infomercial) that our vets, or anyone else, doesn't need to get into a twist because some marginally famous person made a very small protest during a song.
  5. No, it really isn't. I love the idea of Washington spelling Lat, he needs the help back there but that is all Wash is right now, help.
  6. The Raiders backfield is not a "murky situation".
  7. No. You were not even close to being correct when you referred to him as a "punk thug". Not one thing he has done supports that bizarre conclusion.
  8. What Lat loses in % of RB touches could be offset by an increased number of offensive plays run. He doesn't need to match his 4.7 YPC over the first 8 games to surpass his season 16 game 4.0 ypc and finish with more fantasy points than last year. Last week he was being drafted as RB16, which feels like a bargain for a RB who is going to be the unquestioned leader in his team's backfield. Very few RB depth charts in the NFL are as clear as the one in Oakland.
  9. My goodness. Reactionary and judgmental much?
  10. Quick question: How many RBs in the NFL get more than 60% of their teams RB touches?
  11. Yup, nothing to see here. Just trying to catch eyeballs during a down media cycle.
  12. I will continue to find this situation bizarre. Unquestioned, three-down lead back behind one of the best offensive lines (on paper) in the league with a legitimate passing game to prevent defenses from keying on him.
  13. If you read the last four pages of this thread while listening to the Battle Hymn of the Republic it really takes it up a notch.
  14. Halfway through last year when he had 630 yards on 133 carries (4.7 ypc)?
  15. Nope. Seriously, you're the only one who cares about your fantasy football team.