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  1. Ryan moving down my board and, in non-PPR, Julio is too. K.Shanahan sucks.
  2. Wait. So some of you think that if it is known that when a certain player is on the field the offense cannot check out of the original play it confers zero advantage to the defense? You're kidding, right? Right?
  3. You serious Clark?
  4. Having DBG on the field without knowing the playbook effectively eliminates the ability to check out of plays. Can't check out of a play if one of the WRs doesn't know what to do with the new play. It would take Bill Belichick about 0.000001 seconds to figure out and exploit that weakness.
  5. I like Gio's value in PPR, unfortunately I don't play in a PPR.
  6. If the guy is as talented as he seems to be on paper why wasn't he utilized more in three college seasons? 267 touches in three seasons? Something doesn't add up here.
  7. Fred I totally understand where you are coming from. What is your take on what Arians has been saying since last season about his feelings about DJ as a player and his intentions on using him? Seems to me that Arians is a no-nonsense coach and if he says something while you may not be able to "Take it to the bank, brohanerinos" he is maybe the most forthright in the league when speaking to the media. There isn't really any question that DJ has 3 down, all situation physical ability and when you couple that with what Arians has been saying about him since last year it's hard not to get incredibly excited about his prospects this year. I am not sure why everyone seems to be willing to call Gurley a lock for talent and opportunity and DJ a question mark.
  8. Unless rushing TDs don't count in your league, Dalton had 31 TDs in 2012, 35 in 2013 and 28 in 13 games last year.
  9. For me this is the biggest reason to choose DJ over Gurley. Gurley may get a bigger piece of what will likely be a much smaller pie. Arizona scored 51 TDs last year compared to 27 for the Rams. I may not expect that number to hold but even conservatively I could still see Arizona easily scoring 15 more TDs than the Rams.
  10. I like Olawale and would love to see him get more opportunities. It's funny but in some ways he's like the guy he is likely replacing on the roster. Whenever he got the opportunity Marcel Reece always looked like the best back on the field too but never got any sustained touches. Not sure why that was. Hope that changes with Olawale.
  11. Jennings was also 29 years old when he went to the Giants.
  12. Unless you expect him to average 3.6 YPC again I think there is a very realistic chance for an increase in FF production. Even an increase to an average-at-best 4.2 YPC would put him over 1,000 total yards on the season. Please correct me if you think this is wrong, but doesn't it stand to reason that the more efficiently he runs the more likely they will run him more? The converse being true as well of course but even with a poor efficiency he touched the ball 238 times last year, that's a really nice floor IMO.
  13. I understand, and I think you are a little mistaken about my position vis a vis fantasy football reflecting real football. Clearly I am not looking to emulate real football, endorsing 2QB/super-flex is a pretty big indicator of that. The fact that QBs are entirely devalued in most fantasy leagues is what I take exception to not that fantasy doesn't completely emulate real football. In fact I think the reason QBs became so devalued is because originally fantasy football tried too hard to emulate real football. I think the major resistance to 2QB/super-flex formats is specifically because it is such a large departure from real football. That is the most common argument against that format. My point is that fantasy is not real football but the relative importance of the players to real teams should probably be reflected at least little more in the fantasy game. That is not an unprecedented position either, look at the shift over the past few seasons from RB dominated to WR dominated but, for some odd reason, the majority of leagues don't also bump QBs up along with the WRs that depend upon them for their success. Right now, in the vast majority of leagues QBs have similar value to kickers. Don't like the one you have? No worries, you can grab another one off the waiver wire no problem. Does that really seem okay to you? I think it's completely silly.
  14. Why would the player who touches the ball on every play, who leads the offense, who gets the credit for wins and blame for losses be important to fantasy teams? No reason I guess. Having them on par kickers makes sense.