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  1. Chaka

    Baylor WR Josh Gordon

    And I'm not trying to be a #### about this @Ellie826, but IMO you are way overanalyzing the situation if you are searching for metrics where Mayfield may be better than Brady. The simple question, that has only one answer, is who do you want throwing to your WR in 2018, Mayfield or Brady?
  2. Chaka

    Baylor WR Josh Gordon

    Good thing Gordon is an every down, every route, every situation WR. And Brady >>>>>> Mayfield at everything.
  3. Yes. Landry is their best player in the passing game.
  4. Chubb also sitting on my wire. Haley seems to love feeding one RB regardless of other options.
  5. Based on this one game? Still Landry.
  6. Dropped in my league for Marlon Mack.
  7. Picked up Buffalo because there wasn't #### else on my wire. Was going to grab Indy but got scooped. Buffalo actually does a heck of a job getting after the QB.
  8. Yes, and you should stop the practice entirely.
  9. California has four, for now. The Raiders aren't leaving due to lack of a fan base. Oakland and their tax base, wisely won't pay for a stadium and Davis can't afford one. The Chargers should suck it up, do a full on mea culpa and go back to SD. The town will forgive and a stadium deal will, eventually be reached. Unlike Oakland, San Diego is a legit tourist destination (sorry Oakland got nothing but mad love but it's true) and some kind of hotel tax can be the primary driver to finance the deal... providing the surviving Spanos's get their collective heads out of their ###es and pony up. Unlike Mark Davis, they can afford it.
  10. The Raiders brought in Gruden for the same reason they brought in Marshawn, marketing to put butts in the seats during their last days in Oakland. The difference between the two is that Marshawn can still bring it.
  11. Gruden says lots of things.
  12. Gotta admit that it looks like I was wrong about Kirk's role this season. Definitely on my radar for a WW move.