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  1. It is seldom the gun control advocates who bring up the cars = guns argument.
  2. Step 4: Cars are also incredibly heavily regulated by the Federal Government. But for some reason gun nuts conveniently forget this aspect when they pull out the stale "cars=guns" shtick.
  3. Good luck brother. To be honest I think trying to eat only potatoes for 38 days is far more difficult than losing 25 lbs in the same time frame.
  4. Great thread. Really allows one to identify the trolls and those people shameless enough to put party over country.
  5. That looked awesome.
  6. Okay but what am I supposed to call you if your name isn't worth committing to memory?
  7. I understand that you didn't realize it when you posted it but that's a neo-Nazi band. Note the German SS symbol in their name. IMO the song isn't funny enough to justify giving them any recognition.
  8. Have you considered the possibility that the latter is the root cause of the former?
  9. Love this. Everyone needs to get involved. Keep the pressure on and let them know we are not going away.
  10. Watched HBOs Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis. Examining the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks from the perspective of the American rock band whose performance was cut short by the unspeakable violence, this emotional documentary chronicles the band's return to Paris to finish the show, both for their fans and themselves. Incredible story, powerfully told and it turns out that I really like Eagles of Death Metal music. Highly recommend.
  11. So how does PoE game play work? It looks like it is story driven but each players progress works independently so you can jump between party and solo play and still advance the story. Is that about right?