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  1. My interest in the Cleveland passing game ended with Corey Coleman's broken hand.
  2. Cohen isn't the reason people should be nervous about Howard. He's injured and his upcoming schedule is brutal that's why people should be nervous. Cohen definitely hurts Howard in the passing game (more-so than I would have predicted before the season started) but not enough to make one want to cut bait on Howard. Cohen looks pretty limited in the running game as was pretty apparent last week. If Howard is healthy he is still the primary option running the ball and still their only back who allows the Bears to open up the whole playbook. But yeah as a Howard owner I am definitely very nervous about him. May sit him this week vs Pitt in favor of Hyde and Abdullah and I hate (hate! HATE!!!) even having to consider sitting my #1 RB in weak freaking three! But, no, I won't cut Howard...yet.
  3. Last night it also looked like he tried to break every run outside. Maybe that was the gameplan but I think not being a great runner between the tackles may be another in the (-) column for Abdullah. Perhaps that changes when Decker returns.
  4. Just a reminder for everyone. Even in perfect health this schedule looks terrible on paper.
  5. Color me very nervous about Howard R.O.S.
  6. Well I wouldn't expect Henry to be available in many (most) leagues. But I do consider Chris Johnson and Perine more interesting than Collins because they already have injuries in front of them opening the door to opportunities. After all this hobby is all about your players getting opportunities. Now West has a soft tissue injury of some sort which may open the door for Collins and makes him more interesting than other guys who may be available. And Kelley's injury may not be as bad as originally feared so Perine may not be as interesting on Sunday as he is today. Two on my wire who I am monitoring closely are James Conner and Matt Breida (Hyde gets killed in the SP for lack of durability but Bell is just as injury prone and both Tomlin and Shanahan seem to prefer riding a primary back regardless of who that back is). I am also watching the Oakland running game very closely. Sure it will be a full timeshare if Marshawn goes down but behind that offensive line and that offense in general I'll gladly take that time share over the one Collins will be in. But, to be fair, Collins is now in that conversation.
  7. Come on Bay, don't ask me to take all 20,000 shark pool members league parameters into account before suggesting that there are more interesting injury spec options available out there. If there are literally no other options and Collins is available then, by all means, I fully encourage you to go grab him. Sincerely I do. But try not to think about why he is the last available option either.
  8. Until Woodhead returns and further muddies the waters.
  9. I absolutely agree that West is nothing special as a runner, I made the same argument in one of the WW threads encouraging people to target Buck Allen. However to me it seems obvious that Harbaugh likes West. My guess is he views him as a safe and reliable option who won't screw things up. There are a lot of coaches who strongly prefer the safe and reliable choice over the riskier, higher upside guys. I think Harbaugh is one of those guys. The soft tissue injury should definitely be monitored but I think the bigger injury that people should pay attention to regarding the Ravens run game is the one that knocked Yanda out for the season. He's, arguably, their best offensive lineman so it's going to hurt no matter what. Plus they don't get the play the Bengals and Browns every week, then again their schedule isn't exactly filled with a murderer's row of stout defenses either.
  10. Not sure why people are so interested in him. Clearly this is the West/Allen show until Woodhead returns. He seems like an injury spec player and I think there are more interesting guys out there who are also injury spec players.
  11. FTR I absolutely agree with your concerns inre: passing game & goal line touches but in this game the first thing you need is for your players to get opportunities in general and Abdullah is getting a lot of them right now. His reception upside is probably only 20-25 and his TDs will probably be capped around 6 but 272 opportunities is still really, really nice for your #3 RB (in my 12 team ppr, redraft he was drafted 6.11 as the 25th RB off the board).
  12. Not sure how many RBs are on pace for 272 touches so far but I know that my "#1 RB" Jordan Howard isn't one of them.
  13. Witten by a pretty good margin. He's off to a great start, getting a ton of targets and he's just good. Then Henry because he has the best QB and a very good offense around him, I think he's also very talented. Watson is nice but they just lost, perhaps, their best offensive lineman in Yanda so he might be required to stay and block more going forward. Engram is clearly the best athlete but that team is in disarray right now.
  14. Commando is on Starz.
  15. Well he's no Terry Bradshaw.