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  1. Berad10

    Chandler Jones

    Anyone got any insight into what is happening here? Goes from STUDLY LB, gets moved to have a hand in the dirt, getting a billion defensive opportunities and can barely get a stat on the board.. Double teamed? Hence the other side of the line putting up all the stats? I bought him everywhere and am looking stupid now.
  2. Well ward busted his arm, so guessing this experiment is over before it begins?
  3. Berad10


    Is he safe to start immediately? Will the snap numbers be there? I start 3 DB in my tackle heavy league and due to BYEs, am currently preparing to start Mal Butler and Terrance Mitchell. Would much prefer to start Reid. Undefeated on the season and want to keep it that way.. A rare feat..
  4. Berad10

    Matt Ioannidis

    This guy presumably is a walk up start into Jonathan Allen's spot.. Seems to be having a breakout year even before the injury to Allen.. Thoughts?
  5. He is off the injury report and good to go.. Thankfully. Bobby Wagner 2.0!
  6. Berad10

    Kyle Van Noy

    The lineup dominator app keeps spruiking this guy, and rightly so with the numbers he has been putting up, which in itself is quite rare for Pats LBs generally. Does he hold much value with Hightower due back? Love to hear your thoughts..
  7. Thanks guys, also got the waiver claim in myself. Appreciate the thoughts. On the whole gobbling up tackles, I have Landon Collins and BJ Goodson rostered as well. I find that when BJ plays, Landon struggles a bit, assuming due to BJ being a ball hawk and a bit like Wagner. Mr Everywhere.
  8. Contract year I think... I managed to scoop him up based on recommendations from the football guys lineup dominator app. Haven't looked back. Looks sharp!
  9. Hey Guys, Curious to get people's thoughts on this guy. He caught my eye last year as a bit of an everywhere man roaming the backfield in Atlanta. Whilst he is designated as CB in most sites, it's alsmot like he is brought in on a lot of packages and plays a Safety/CB hybrid role?