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  1. Ever seen Summer Rental?

  2. redman

    They said you was hung!!!

  3. Does this mean that we have to destroy all of the infants in this country, because if it does I'm shorting Enfamil stock.
  4. Update?Update?If the anaconda eats SHIZNITTTT, how will we ever know?He'll text someone from the stomach.
  5. Whoa.That post was a letdown though. I thought at first he meant he was going to turn his 5 tarantulas, 3 scorpions, 2 geckos and 1 snake as some sort of demonic posse to round up the Anaconda. I would have strongly considered making my first trip to Broken Arrow, OK just to witness that.
  6. So you have a pool and a pond?Yes we have a pond.Yes we have a pool. Different, but in many ways they are alike. Which is good for me?And BTW, do you have any need for a boss gopher hunter?
  7. I got bored and called the Broken Arrow PD. They hadn't heard of this.XNow imagine it's an Anaconda.
  8. Shy, BBSF (HWP) looking for fun, travel and adventure with mate with LTR interest potential to get into my coils and never let go. I enjoy water based recreation, love animals, or just curling up in a warm place with my SO. Must be comfortable in own skin. Non-smoker, light drinker. Must be ok with body art.
  9. If CrossEyed is around, tell him not to go accepting any apples from this thing, would ya?