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  1. Awesome, thanks for posting this. Going to try to get tickets to one of two shows in my area.
  2. I've been using PSVue for the past 8 months. The DVR is a nice feature, but most everything we want to DVR is available OnDemand anyway. OD doesn't allow you to fast forward, but there's usually only a commercial or two and is almost quicker than fast forward/rewind to get to the right spot. My biggest complaint is not being able to pause live TV for more than a few seconds. My second biggest complaint is that my IP address put me into the wrong market and the sign-up system wouldn't allow me to change, but I finally called customer service to get it fixed.
  3. I hate teh cheating Patriots, but LMAO
  4. Can you afford both payments until the old house sells? If so, then Home Equity Loan on your current house for the down payment on the new house seems to be a no-brainer here. 401k loan is also a solid option, but the Home Equity will get paid off with the sale, whereas you have to make a deliberate effort to pay off the 401k loan. With your current debt situation, it sounds like you're responsible enough that it doesn't make difference.
  5. Repeat thread, got it
  6. How is this thread only 5 pages? Also, my vote for dog seems to be missing.
  7. NYC has Fox and I'm in the NY market based on my zip code. Does anyone know if Sling uses billing zip code to set your market, or do they use IP address? Vue puts me in the Boston market based on IP address (couldn't find a way to reliably hack it, even with a VPN. It would work for a day or two and then they'd close my account because my ip address changed too many times)
  8. I'm not sure, but I will check. Free 7 day trial to cover the Superbowl?
  9. I've pulled out all the stops on installing an OTA antenna. I'm 35+ miles from Hartford stations and 50+ miles from NYC with tons of hills and trees in between, so I bought a ClearStream4 and did some initial testing inside and in my attic, where I got encouraging signals on most of the channels I'm going for. I then bought supplies for a roof install and did some testing today on my lower roof. Signals improved and I got encouraging signals on some of the missing channels. I'm nervous about leaves growing in on the trees and wiping out my signal, so I'd like to go as high as possible, but I found out that my roof is not set up in a way where "I" am able to install the "eave mount" I purchased, so I contacted an installer today and hopefully will have the antenna in before the Superbowl. I have Playstation Vue right now and don't get Fox, so I'm forced to use the Fox Sports App to watch football. It's reasonable, but not ideal. If I can get the antenna working, I'll connect to a HDHomerun Extend and use Plex as a DVR.
  10. We have a 4 rib and a 3 rib in the oven (both about 10 lbs.). Using reverse sear method at 225. I wanted to cook at 200 or less, but we bought too early, had to freeze and didn't expect it to take over 2 days to thaw. Lesson learned for next time! Can't wait to try the one seasoned with smoked paprika especially. Photos shortly Roasts in the oven
  11. Out of the ordinary situation; Last February 1st, we leased our 2 bedroom house to 2 single women. We leased to them on the same contract, so they were both individually responsible for the entire lease if one of them flaked. They treated it as a 50/50 lease, each gave half of the 2 month deposit and we received two checks every month, each of half the rent. Everything has gone well. One of the women has purchased a home of her own and wants to move out at lease end (January 31st). The other (Tenant#1) would like to stay and sign a 12 month lease. She would have qualified on her own to rent the place, she has the income (but not great credit) and she was renting an apartment, on her own, at the same rent as our place, prior to moving in. She would like to find another room mate, and our preference would be to sign a new lease with 2 people (each fully responsible), but some of her options are not sure they'll want to stay a full 12 months (and also sound to be indefinite on the length of time they'd like to stay). Has anyone ran into a situation like this? Right now, I can see 3 options: 1. Signing a new 12 month lease with her alone and allow her to choose a room mate to lessen her load. 2. Signing a shorter term lease with her and her new room mate, based on the expected duration of their stay and allowing them to go month to month until they finally move out (then starting over with a new room mate and an uncertain plan). 3. Signing a 12 month lease that holds Tenant#1 responsible for the remainder of the lease should a new tenant move out. Any advice? Any questions I can clear up to provide better advice?
  12. Damn! I would look hard at battery storage. I like the idea of re-purposing a used electric car battery. Looks like a new Nissan Leaf battery is $6500 (for 30 kwh), so you'd think something would be available for a fraction of that.