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  1. Will be in (W) Springfield in a NE state tomorrow for a few hours (trade show), but will fortunately get to leave the area.
  2. It's been way too many years since i read the books, so I just bought the eBay audiobook. I'll try to get through it all before August!
  3. I gave our 10 year old (not lab) mutt and 4 year old Shepard? mix mutt extra love tonight in Tikka's honor. Romey has surgically enhanced (both) ACLs, a heavily scarred ear from a Hematoma and a greying muzzle and feet and he will be very hard to let go when it's his time.
  4. Sorry for your loss, Doc.
  5. Black dot for later research.
  6. Awesome, thanks for posting this. Going to try to get tickets to one of two shows in my area.
  7. I've been using PSVue for the past 8 months. The DVR is a nice feature, but most everything we want to DVR is available OnDemand anyway. OD doesn't allow you to fast forward, but there's usually only a commercial or two and is almost quicker than fast forward/rewind to get to the right spot. My biggest complaint is not being able to pause live TV for more than a few seconds. My second biggest complaint is that my IP address put me into the wrong market and the sign-up system wouldn't allow me to change, but I finally called customer service to get it fixed.
  8. I hate teh cheating Patriots, but LMAO
  9. Can you afford both payments until the old house sells? If so, then Home Equity Loan on your current house for the down payment on the new house seems to be a no-brainer here. 401k loan is also a solid option, but the Home Equity will get paid off with the sale, whereas you have to make a deliberate effort to pay off the 401k loan. With your current debt situation, it sounds like you're responsible enough that it doesn't make difference.
  10. Repeat thread, got it
  11. How is this thread only 5 pages? Also, my vote for dog seems to be missing.
  12. NYC has Fox and I'm in the NY market based on my zip code. Does anyone know if Sling uses billing zip code to set your market, or do they use IP address? Vue puts me in the Boston market based on IP address (couldn't find a way to reliably hack it, even with a VPN. It would work for a day or two and then they'd close my account because my ip address changed too many times)
  13. I'm not sure, but I will check. Free 7 day trial to cover the Superbowl?