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  1. Autonomous cars really only need to be as good or better than the average driver who is not drunk, not distracted, or not emotionally compromised to have far less accidents than humans.
  2. If FSD driving is not ready, they can still offer a buy out price to those leasing.
  3. And the cheapest you can order online is $39,900, not $45,000 as he said.
  4. This, because I know how to drive. Unless it's Costco and know I'll need to load the back. Then I curse the mouth breathers that won't allow you to back out because the 15 seconds of life they might lose.
  5. Tesla believes LIDAR is not necessary. They claim if you're using LIDAR, you will still need vision. If you solve vision, LIDAR is an expensive accessory. These leases are for China, so regulatory approval may come easier.
  6. No, the internal leaked email from mid-May 2019 stating they averaged production of 900/day with bursts at 1000/day. You have no idea their demand backlog, or how they allocate production to different areas of the world. Demand is world wide and they haven't even opened sales everywhere. If you're not short the stock, you should look into getting paid to spread the FUD. You apparently think there's some anti-Tesla baton that needs to be carried in this thread, but we can all read the news.
  7. Autopilot is basically Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping and I believe it will find a safe place to change lanes when the blinker is triggered. The features included in the Full Self Driving should eventually sense street lights. Navigate on Autopilot (a FSD feature) currently detects stop signs (actually, I believe it detects the painted line across the road that indicates a stop sign).
  8. That's rich. It is you trying to turn your opinion into fact, so you get to justify your statements. Notice that I have not claimed they could, I am content with waiting for actual evidence. If you believe reports from Musk (don't worry, I am certain you don't), they are making 6000+ Model 3's now, with peak bursts at 7000/week. We may just have to wait until production/deliveries are reported in early July to have it. I'm sure you'll still be able find something to Chicken Little about.
  9. Sales numbers themselves aren't FUD, but when you construe the numbers to mean something they do not, your statement is FUD. In Q1, 2019 - Tesla produced 62,950, sold 50,900 and had ~12k in transit which means they had demand for every Model 3 they were able to produce. Try again to show me your evidence they if they were able to produce 6k/week, that they could not sell them.
  10. This statement is exactly FUD. Where is your evidence they can not sell 6k / week, even if they could produce them?
  11. Great movie, awesome well written characters, great acting. Agree on the 10/10
  12. In a few years, I agree that most cars will be battery electric. But, that's not the 'appreciating asset'. The full self driving component, included in the car bought today, would be the appreciating asset that Musk is talking about. Because if he's right, they are years ahead of everyone else.
  13. Not that I fully believe this will happen - but, this is not true if demand for the new cars grossly outpaces supply. Also, the price of the new car could rise dramatically if there is a business model that prints money after buying it.