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  1. I had to go back a few pages to remember what you're tracking. Non-China infections. Keep up the good work, but it would help to put a title on it.
  2. Link is bogged down, but some detail: From 02:00 to 24:00 on February 12, 2020, Hubei Province newly added 14,840 new cases of pneumonia (including 13332 clinically diagnosed cases) , of which: 13436 cases in Wuhan, 37 cases in Huangshi, 26 cases in Shiyan, and 13 cases in Xiangyang. Cases, 26 in Yichang, 321 in Jingzhou, 231 in Jingmen, 204 in Ezhou, 123 in Xiaogan, 264 in Huanggang, 9 in Xianning, 31 in Suizhou, 26 in Enshi, 20 in Xiantao There were 69 cases in Tianmen City and 4 cases in Qianjiang City. There were 242 new deaths (including 135 clinically diagnosed cases) in the province , including: 216 in Wuhan, 3 in Huangshi, 1 in Xiangyang, 3 in Yichang, 2 in Jingzhou, 2 in Ezhou, and Xiaogan There were 4 cases in Huangshi City, 4 cases in Huanggang City, 1 case in Xianning City, 2 cases in Suizhou City, 1 case in Enshi Prefecture, and 3 cases in Xiantao City. 802 new hospital discharges (including 423 clinically diagnosed cases) , including: 538 in Wuhan, 17 in Huangshi, 11 in Shiyan, 6 in Xiangyang, 10 in Yichang, 22 in Jingzhou, and 11 in Jingmen 23 in Ezhou, 28 in Xiaogan, 89 in Huanggang, 19 in Xianning, 11 in Suizhou, 10 in Enshi, 5 in Xiantao, 1 in Tianmen, and 1 in Shennongjia Forest District. Setting aside the newly added "clinically diagnosed cases", it looks like ~1500 new cases under the old method. wonder if the change in counting method is to somewhat hide the spike in deaths, bring the death rate back down to ~2%.
  3. It's apparently a change in reporting procedures, including cases that should have been included all along.
  4. I have scraped a few times at the peak of my driveway, but only when the car is weighed down (2 adults and 2 kids). I put in some rubber speed humps to help.
  5. Not sure what you're looking for exactly, but we've sold a CR-Vto Carmax directly and used their offer on a second CRV for a price match on a trade in (Tesla). Very easy and painless process to sell to them, if the value is what you're looking for. To determine that value, you'll have to have them appraise the car. It was better than other offers we received at each time.
  6. Shorts supposedly drove the stock up after Q3 earnings to pop into the $300s. Then shorts were supposed to be covering to drive the stock through 400 and into 500. Meanwhile, short interest had not dramatically changed and hovered around 25 million shares short before earnings. It's going to take awhile to cover that.
  7. So it's safe to assume you haven't modeled what the factory footprint and product sales would look like at $125B in revenue. And thus have no idea what kind of profits would come with it. VW assembles and sells tons of low margin internal combustion engine cars. If you haven't noticed, they are having problems transitioning to BEVs and Europe will not as forgiving for the laggards as the US. Although they seem to be the closest German OEM to survive the transition, I would bet on VW going to zero before Tesla.
  8. So with $112Billion in annual revenue in 2024, you think they would be wildly overvalued at $640?
  9. Cool "Neural Networks" video on an apparently new Tesla recruiting page:
  10. I would say that you clearly do not understand the company. The stock price will go down, it will go up. Maybe not in that order. If you only look at Q4 2019 financials, the stock is massively over valued. If you project where the company could be in 3-5 years, then you may want to buckle in for the ride. Or stay far away. It's all up to you.