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  1. Replaced Driver Seat Harness. Replaced LH 1st Row Outboard Lap Pretensioner.
  2. I've had it twice now. But my second visit turned into a Y test drive.
  3. Test drove a Performance Y last weekend. It fixes all the small complaints I have with the Model 3 (all related to car and ride height). One day when my loan is about equal to the trade-in value, I'll upgrade. Had I known Elon time would completely flip, I probably would have waited a year for the Y, but I didn't want to wait 2+ years to get into an elective vehicle last summer.
  4. Closed last week with a 3.125% 15/15 ARM, no points (limited cash out, rolling closing costs into loan, only paid Escrow) through my local credit union. Surprisingly, Chad's guy (and other rate checks I performed) could only quote around 3.5% in early June when I locked. Chad's guy was extremely helpful otherwise.
  5. We're out for a bike ride, an hour away from home, with Kid (9) and Kid (11), traversing a street that occasionally has cars passing on our left. Kid 9 is riding very tight to the curb, close enough that Mom warns him a couple times that he's going to hit a mailbox. We're 2/3 of the way done, on our way back, and sure enough, kid (9) knocks over a mailbox, which knocks him to the road. He's writhing in pain, moaning that it hurts so bad. Mom checks it out, sees that it doesn't require 911, so I book it to get the car while Mom and Kid (11) comforts Kid (9). When I get back to pick them up, he's mostly calm and Mom says to cheer him up, "Kid (9): 1. Mailbox: 0." Everyone laughs. Later that night, we're in the car driving home and Kid (9) pipes up with, "Kid (9): 1. Mailbox: 0. But, Kid (9): 0. Road: 1."
  6. It's used in conjunction, but dramatically reduces the amount of TP. ETA - to be clearer - I use it in conjunction. Not sure how it's intended to be used.
  7. Bought a Tushy in the early toilet paper shortage days of the pandemic. Love it, but haven't convinced anyone else in the house to try it yet.
  8. GM's credit has phased out (or is almost out), too. So some kind of modification could pass to put US companies on even footing with foreign companies. I also doubt it would be retroactive.
  9. Sorry I wasn't clear, that was a quote from ~6/15
  10. I shopped with the guy you sent me for CT, he was very helpful in February for guiding me in the right direction to refinance now, but his best no point rate was ~3.50% when this option came on to my radar. This 15/15 is definitely a strange product. Their corresponding 30 year fixed rate is 3.25% (which I can switch to before closing). I might do that, but the extra 1/8 reduction may realistically cost me nothing. We are not planning to move before 15 years, but I also hope to have not much left on the loan at that point. Not sure if it's doable, but would love to retire in 12-15 years and will want the loan paid off, or near paid off by then. Their 15 year fixed is 2.75%, but it's not the right time for us to lock into the extra payment.
  11. 15 year fixed, adjusts once at 15 years for the duration. They also offer a 5/5 (5 years fixed, then fixed for every 5 years thereafter) and a 10/1 (10 years fixed, then adjusts yearly).
  12. Refinancing with a local credit union. Locked in at 3.125% for a 15/15 ARM product that they offer. The rate can fluctuate a full 6% at year 15, but we're intending to take most of the payment reduction and putting it back into the current mortgage so there should be little balance left if we make it 15 years into the loan. We're at 4% now, so a sizeable reduction in interest.
  13. Figured it was coming, but sad to see it.
  14. Agreed. This is probably on the "eventually" timeline, but I don't see it being released in the US in the next 5 years. They still have Semi, Cybertruck and Roadster that are already announced, that are 2+ years away (maybe 2021 for Semi).
  15. Since this has turned into the official Puscifer thread, I'll place this new Puscifer track that dropped today here. Puscifer - Apocalyptical