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  1. I'd call it 'stuff' more than junk, but I get it. I'm a royals fan, nothing like Herrera for an inning or two.
  2. LOL at Rizzou looking at Baez after catching that pop-up.
  3. You prefer flashy pitchers? Pitchers with goofy windups? Over the top arrogance? Can't figure out what's not to like about an unflashy guy who does his job well.
  4. If he starts tomorrow and doesn't come in for relief in game 7, sure. But the idea of playing him game 5 to bring him in relief game 7 (ala bumgardner) is stupid. Then he's not really available for much of the WS. That was a sellout play which didn't matter because baseball was over after that game.
  5. And who's going to pitch in the world series?
  6. Pretty cool, and far better than making ethanol out of food, but this seems to be a CO2 neutral solution. Once it's burned to create energy, the CO2 would be released. Still better than burning fossil fuels.
  7. Lyrically, seems more robust than Hardwired, which I felt had punk like simplicity. Good vocals from James (no stupid oohs and ahhs). But, my god, I want to punch Lars right in the ####### face.
  8. This is why gas prices should rise quickly in an "emergency", so it's left for those who actually need it.
  9. Any ideas where I can start watching this? TNT app seems to start at S02:E09. Am I missing something or do I have to buy an Amazon season pass for seasons 1 and 2 (read as: torrent) to catch up on a current show?
  10. The link says nothing of, "earliest in print", it's an example of where it was found in print. Ruling: False criticism.
  11. If you're going to be ridiculously critical, you should probably know things. https://www.quora.com/What-is-origin-of-the-phrase-It-aint-rocket-science