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  1. Add some exploration to your probes
  2. Played through twice since Friday, missed the complete ending the first time when I chose the option to replay.
  3. We're renting a used Eastman VL80 Student w/ a retail value of $742.95 (new is apparently $825). Used Eastman 80 for $348 I think new is $372. New with "cosmetic defects" for $220 (1/2 size is no longer in stock) Same but w/o cosmetic defects $250 I guess I have a month to decide whether it's better to plop $350 down now and hopefully get use out of it for two kids. Or bide my time with the rental. Thanks for the puns and advise so far. Keep them coming.
  4. I like the credit towards other instruments, but one school year rental is more than an entire violin on Amazon. The size comes into play, but I have a 1st grader that would likely use the 1/2 size in two years. Am I over thinking? Just rent and use the credit if either of them go on? I want them both exposed to music, so they may change instruments, but I expect we'll need instruments in the future.
  5. Local Elementary school starts strings lessons in 3rd grade and son wants to play violin. Teacher sends home paperwork on several local places to rent or buy instruments. She also fills kids head with "don't buy online" propaganda. Rental is $27/month with $20 going towards equity of a future $825 purchase of a student violin (or credit towards other instrument). Amazon has a $220 violin with a 5 star rating. How do I navigate this?
  6. Thanks, I will look into channels
  7. One FireTV Box remote stopped working, so switched a TV to a Roku Ultra. I've activated all my most used apps, what else do I need to maximize my use of the Roku? I far prefer the main interface on the Roku (the FireTV has too much content on the main screen and I hated the (most recently used) app list). The Playstation Vue and HBO GO apps appear better designed for the FireTV, but most other apps seem the same.
  8. It's not specifically stated, nor obvious, but you see what could be part of a horn attached to his pack at the very end of the film.
  9. If you can get over that it is loosely based on the the books and does not come anywhere close to the same path, it is a good movie. Calling this a sequel allows for a lot of variation with the story, but as an avid fan of the series as it slowly came out, I have a few complaints:
  10. Awesome, thank you!
  11. My wife has not complained about the ads at all, but I'd also like to know how to remove them for her. Will the phone still get security updates? Will the updates reset the ads?
  12. Baseball Jackknife. Wtf?
  13. Just started season 2