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  1. Starting a new Dynasty Bestball. It will be hosted on MFL. LeagueSafe will be used. Buy-in is $25. The league will consist of a startup auction, waiver auctions pre and post season, and no in season work Email me at joshccrocker@gmail.com for more info
  2. No, no IDP. The starting lineups are 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 1SuperFlex, 4 Flex
  3. I’m starting a 12 Team, Dynasty, Superflex league. It will be a contract, auction league. It’s an adaptation of the Kitchen Sink league with the money concept from Capitalist Pigs. So, owners will have a single rolling bank roll to divide and spend how they like on all league auctions including startup and rookie drafts. $35 buy in. If interested email me at joshccrocker@gmail.com