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  1. Starting a new Dynasty Bestball. It will be hosted on MFL. LeagueSafe will be used. Buy-in is $25. The league will consist of a startup auction, waiver auctions pre and post season, and no in season work Email me at for more info
  2. JCrocker

    12 Team Superflex Startup

    No, no IDP. The starting lineups are 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 1SuperFlex, 4 Flex
  3. I’m starting a 12 Team, Dynasty, Superflex league. It will be a contract, auction league. It’s an adaptation of the Kitchen Sink league with the money concept from Capitalist Pigs. So, owners will have a single rolling bank roll to divide and spend how they like on all league auctions including startup and rookie drafts. $35 buy in. If interested email me at