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  1. DEVY WARS DYNASTY 3 Rules: ... 60365&O=26 $100 Star Wars Themed Devy League (S/Flex; TE PRem; 1 Round Devy Draft, 4 Round Rookie Draft Annually) 1 spot left in a 3 team dispersal. Dispersal Pool: ... rsDynasty3 Please read the rules carefully and PM me if interested! PLEASE NOTE: The commissioner does not pay league fees. I have been running high quality long standing leagues for many years, and it is a lot of work. If this does not work for you, I apologize, but if you want to play in a great, stable league with free custom graphics (updated annually) and an engaged, experienced commissioner who will put in countless hours, this is a small fee for a commish who is a part of the league, not watching from the sidelines.
  2. Hi, I'm interested in joining, just sent you an email. Thanks!