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  1. All's well now, thanks FBG. @Concept Coop you should be good now, there was a permissions issue apparently.
  2. Thx Joe, email sent with screenshots. Tried multiple logins and multiple different computers within different networks with the same results.
  3. dang, that didn't work for me, even in incognito
  4. Let's try the actual owner @Joe Bryant
  5. Anyone else having trouble downloading? I'm an insider so should be good to go but keep getting kicked to login screen.
  6. I've really liked his NASA head pick, Jim Bridenstine. There was some heavy scrutiny of him at the outset, but I've liked what he's done to promote NASA
  7. Just wanted to hop in and say that this (so far) is one of the most pleasant and respectful conversations I've read in the PSF. Good job all, carry on.
  8. The good news is that this comes up in an article where a Republican state senator is planning on running against King next year. So, he's getting primaried but we're stuck with him for a while yet.
  9. Ocasio's Green New Deal would be a great place to start IMO:
  10. I agree, debt is good when used to invest in something that will provide a higher return. Tax cuts to the wealthy are not providing a return to the overall health of our nation, while education and healthcare programs would provide a competitive workforce for decades to come.
  11. If we have the appetite for massive debt due to recent tax cuts, then we should have the appetite for massive debt from rolling back those tax cuts and using the funds for programs that will benefit far more people. "Free" doesn't mean no-one pays for it, it means the recipients (ie., the ones who need it most and can't afford it) don't pay, the taxpayers do.
  12. Higher min wage has already been done, just not at federal level. The spending can be done, it's just politically difficult.
  13. Free education (through college/trade) and healthcare Higher min wage Massive investment in green energy projects and infrastructure
  14. I'm just waiting for an EV pickup truck to come out. With all that torque I can envision 15k lb+ towing capacity in a smaller form factor than the monster F150s and Silverados of the world. I have a '17 Ram1500 so I can wait for a few years until these become a reality but I fully intend my next truck to be EV
  15. for those looking for live stream