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  1. In the beginning 4-5 rounds of a startup draft and wanted to see what return should be for trading 2018 rookie picks. What do rookie picks round 1-4 equal to startup draft picks? Can't seem to find a good article or thread on the subject. Thanks
  2. Looking at teams who obviously won't be good, would three 2nds be too much for a top 4 potential 1st?
  3. Just got Mike Evans in a deal I'm kind of regretting now. Give: Melvin Gordon/Aaron Rodgers/Alshon Jeffrey Get Mike Evans/Eli Manning Already had Dak also at QB. Also have Dalvin Cook/Joe Mixon/Bilal Powell and Martavis/Jarvis Landry/Cobb/Edelman at WR.
  4. I've taken over too many orphans and done too many dispersal where I'm left with half empty teams at best. I am looking for a startup league to join where I can build my team from the beginning. Woukd like it to be non-IDP, no salary contracts etc. just basic team setup and league with active owners.
  5. I've loaded up my team with picks for 2018. Have two 1sts, three 2nds, two 3rds and a 4th. Should I look to get more 1sts or stick with my 2nds? Haven't heard much about the 2018 draft class. I was thinking trading the three 2nds for a first. Probably two early 2nds and a mid. Team is below. Dalton/Mahomes/Alex Smith Gio/Devonta Freeman/Kareem Hunt/Aaron Jones/Joe Williams Chris Godwin/Marquise Lee/Desean/Sanu/Torrey Smith/Juju/Mike Wallace/Golden Tate/Taywan Taylor
  6. Team is below Rodgers/Dal Melvin G/Blount/Sproles/Barner Cobb/Diggs/Landry/Martavis/Edelman Gronk/Doyle On the clock for 1.03. Davis/Fournette went 1/2. I've been offered 2.01/4.01/2018 1st (likely between 1.04-1.06)/2018 2nd Do I accept given my RB situation and having pick of Cook/McCaffrey/Mixon?
  7. I don't see the higher risk. He's on a better team and he's going to be behind Hill for maybe half the season and then take the job over. Hill will be gone season after and Gio is coming off a torn ACL. Jacksonville is awful.
  8. 1.01 of course took Corey Davis which I knew he would, leaving me with the bevy of RBs available. I want to try to trade back but the same owner has 1.04 and 1.05 and he wanted Davis so now he's sticking where he is. I'm not high on Fournette and really want to take Mixon but can seem to convince myself to do it. I think Mixon is the best RB in this class. Should I look to trade with 1.03 or take Mixon? Doesn't make sense if I was 1.03 to move up 1 spot unless I desperately wanted a guy and didn't want 1.02 to snipe him.
  9. Timer on 1.02 runs out in 23 minutes. Need some help out there.
  10. Have offer to trade Corey Davis (just took him 1.01)/1.08/2018 1st going to be early in return I get Melvin Gordon/1.02/1.12. My team is below Bradford/Dalton Gurley/Lynch/J Stew/Woodhead/Jonathan Williams/T West Marquise Lee/Cobb/Sterling/Travis Benjamin/Corey Davis Jordan Reed/Doyle dispersal was terrible pool of players
  11. Got an extra 2nd round pick next year. Probably mid round
  12. Bradford Gurley/Lynch/J Stew/Woodhead/Jonathan Williams/T West Marquise Lee/Cobb/Sterling/Travis Benjamin Jordan Reed/Doyle dispersal was terrible pool of players
  13. Dispersal left me with Bradford as my QB. Options were limited and two other teams took the QBs early than I thought they would. Offered Cam/Pryor for 1.01. Do I need more in return? My best WR is Cobb/Sterling Shep. He has Baldwin or Davante Adams to sub in for Pryor. Or keep 1.01 and trade future first for Stafford/Kenneth Dixon, could sub Carr in that deal for Stafford.
  14. Countered and added Willie Snead. I'm thin at WR also. With Cooks gone I think he could take another step upward.
  15. Offered 1.06/2.06 for Henry/2.02. I don't have any firsts and have Gio/Freeman/Henry/McKinnon/AP at RB. Should I accept? Seems like 1.06 is equal or less than Henry and 2.06 is a downgrade.