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  1. Contract Dynasty league, 10 team, 0.25ppr. I have Keenan Allen, Hilton, Juju, Amari, Richardson, Pryor, Kevin White. Taxi Wrs - Lasley and Chad Williams. I currently have the 1.01 and 1.07. Owner of 1.02, 1.05, and 1.06 asked me about Amari Cooper. With 4 picks that could land Jacobs/Sanders and some combination of Brown, butler, campbell, etc. and hockenson. That seems like a good dynasty haul for this year. Thoughts?
  2. No need to trade Brown just yet, and I agree with Gally that this is a bit low right now. Brown should be trade this week, and depending on his landing spot his value could jump a lot. I might even wait until camp and the first highlights of Brown catching something ridiculous emerge. Camp hype should help you, but depending on landing spot I would sell Brown before the season. Mixon plus a better WR would do it for me, but I think you can get that better WR by waiting.
  3. I agree, Guice is the easy keep based on what you have. I think you have less to worry about with the Redskins, as they have a decent to good offensive line and other weapons. An off season move for a QB could really swing things around quickly.
  4. Sutton. There are too many weapons in Chicago, and they spread the ball around a lot. Robinson, Burton, Gabriel, and Cohen. too many mouths to feed for me. DT just got released, and Flacco is an improvement until Denver figures out what they hell they are doing at QB. Sanders is the only thing between Sutton and decent to good sophomore production.
  5. Njoku. He has a QB and situation that i see as more stable with room to grow. Engram is talented, but his QB, coach, etc. looks like a mess and possibly for a while.
  6. At this point I would not make this trade. Gurley had a strange last few weeks in a timeshare with anderson. like Gally, i am assuming he is injured and that the coaching staff insisted he was healthy to make other teams game plan for him. I would rather have a player than the 1.1 if you wanted to get a trade done before the nfl draft.
  7. Final trade was: Baker + Landry + Justin Jackson +2020 2nd For 1.01 + 2020 first +Dixon Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  8. Max cap is $1770. Increases each year by 10%, so 2020 will be 1950. Players salary increases each year by 20%. Without cutting luck i will have 6 open roster spots. I would cut Luck to make room for a special free agent target who would cost a chunk of change. Landry at 73 is pretty good. For comparison, Adams 208, Hill 325, Hopkins 150, Julio 150. For landrys price he gives good ROI in this league. Interesting that all 3 of yall are on the pass side. I will see if the other side wants to increase the offer.
  9. This is a 10 team, 28 active roster, 8 IR, 10 taxi. Contracts increase each year by 20%, with the salary cap increasing by 10%. Start 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 2flex (w/r/t), kicker, defense Rivers and Big Ben are affordable at $24 and $20 respectively. Luck will be expensive at $156, may even be the most expensive. Luck is a cut candidate. Rosen is $15 and Mayfield $10. Both rookies are on 3 year contracts, so no extension until 2021, and even then mayfield will only cost $20. Taxi squad players can be cut without salary cap penalty, so if either bust, not harm done to the roster. Taxi squad players also cost 1/4 of their listed salary. The other team is rebuilding, sees mayfield as a foundation qb so they can spend money and picks in other places. He is also short on WRs and Landry will cost $73. For comparison Keenan will cost high 170s, hilton 100, tyreek hill went for 300+ in the free agent auction. A tradeable player has a lot of appeal in the offseason as the free agent auction is a bloodbath compared to the prices in the rookie draft. Rookies are cheap, free agents in this league get outrageous with kickers and defenses costing 100+. The 1.01 salary is $45. So either taking a rookie or trading the 1.01 for players or picks, i should not have an issue with salary cap. My cap space is in good shape right now, so i dont see salary as a huge factor in this trade.
  10. Contract dynasty league. 0.25ppr Thoughts on Baker Mayfield + Jarivs Landry for the 1.01? This seems like a good deal given my roster, as i can either add a top wr/rb prospect or use it as a bargaining chip closer to draft day. Rivers, Big Ben, Luck(very high salary due to contract extension) Chubb, Drake, Justin Jackson, Aaron Jones, CMC, Ware, Ajayi Keenan Allen, Cooper, Coutee, Hilton, Landry, Juju, White Ertz, Kittle Taxi - Chad Kelly, Mayfield, Rosen, Foreman, Penny, Jamaal williams, lasley, chad williams
  11. CMC + Godwin is excellent. Hines may have gadget value moving forward. You easily win.
  12. 0.25 ppr. I don't want to start Jones at the Bears, but my other options are Justin Jackson and Jarvis Landry. Already starting Nick Chubb, Rivers, Keenan Allen, and Badgley putting a lot of my week 15 hopes on two games. Lineup right now is - Rivers, CMC, Chubb, Aaron Jones, Keenan, Cooper, Hilton, Juju, Ertz/Kittle, badgley, and Seahawks Ertz with Foles, or Kittle take 2 vs the seahawks? Jones over J Jackson if Gordon is out?
  13. I would favor Freeman over lewis. The chiefs defense is just awful, and should open running lanes for both freeman and lindsay. The Titans are going up agains the Bills, should crush them, and give the ball the Henry to run down the clock. I see Freeman as having the higher ceiling. I see Enunwas ceiling this week as higher than agholors. Agree on Reed over Rudolph.