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  1. 0.25 ppr. I can start 4 rbs. I have Cmc, Chubb, Carson, Aaron Jones and Mostert. Torn between Jones vs Bears and Mostert vs Falcons. What 4 would you start?
  2. I am interested in trading for Pettis in a contract dynasty league. He is currently on Taxi, so his salary impact is tiny and I could cut without salary penalty. The owner has said he is avaliable for trade, and is wanting a 2020 2nd. He would be a non starter for me this season, purely a dynasty hold. With the Sanders trade, do you think Pettis value will decrease from now to end of season? If I can offer a 3rd at the end of season vs a 2nd now then I'm willing to wait. This league has the same trade deadline as the NFL so this week is my last chance to acquire him until after week 16. Wrs - Allen, cooper, juju, Hilton, Corey Davis, aj brown, Metcalf, boykin, hardman, coutee
  3. Pick is looking like the 2.06 this year.
  4. 10 team contract Dynasty. 28 active roster, 8 IR, 10 taxi. I am toying with the idea of offering a trade of Andrew Luck for Cooper Kupp. I have a pretty decent WR squad, but the owner of Kupp also has Robert Woods and has been trying to move one of the Rams wrs this offseason. Luck has an expensive salary by comparison to Kupp, and I have Rivers, Big Ben, Rosen, and could trade or draft a QB this year or next. Chad Kelly is on the roster... Thoughts on Luck for Kupp + pick? The owner of Kupp has Stafford and Wentz. Luck, Rivers, Big Ben, Rosen, Chad Kelly Allen, Anderson, Cooper, Coutee, Davis, Hilton, juju, Ross
  5. From a talent stand point I like jackson, Keke, and Johnson. Bears would be the 4th option. Ballage and Sutton have more talent and team questions than the others. If trading is an option I would try offering a combo of those players and see what you can land. You may be able to turn two maybes into a for sure keeper.
  6. Cooper + 2020 First is interesting, especially if it looks to be an early first. I would favor Chubb, and see him as a top 5 dynasty back. His talent, the surrounding talent, etc. all make for a good dynasty RB. But the trade value of Cooper + 2020 first is higher. I would be happy not trading Chubb, but could see value in making the trade and turning cooper around early in the season. Especially if zeke holds out into the season, and the cowboys have to pass more, someone may overpay for cooper if he starts the season strong. The 2020 class is rumored to be a very good one, so I would hold that pick until the value is built up by the NFL draft and off season hype.
  7. Montgomery is the easy choice for me, as a pure talent and based on team. Eagles use a rbbc, with more backs than anyone else usually carrying 5 into the season and all of them get playing time. Howard is no slouch either. Montgomery is a great counter part to Cohen, allowing both to be on the field as either runner or pass catcher forcing the defense to worry about both. I'm not worried about Mike Davis.
  8. I like Carson here. The colts did this crap with Luck's shoulder, so his health should be handled like it's a total mystery. Mack only handled about 60% of the snaps, foreman is a banger and Hines/wilk are better pass catchers. I see it as a rbbc and Mack just getting the most work. Carson and Penny can both be startable rbs with the amount of running the Seahawks want to do. Unless Carson gets injured, I see him as the safe keep compared to Mack.
  9. I would keep Kittle. Having one of the big 3 tight ends is a big plus over the other teams. Unless you have a top tier rb or wr to keep instead, I would favor tight end over QB.
  10. Rookie drafts are tough because its difficult to avoid thinking about this coming season. Best piece of advice for dynasty is to think about player potential vs next season impact. The hit rate for rookies is really low, even first round picks. I wanna say around 30% are viable fantasy starters their rookie seasons. Wrs and Tes take years to develop, so if you do go wr consider what their team might look like 2 or 3 years from now. When in doubt I tend to shop my pick. I like to trade back in order to gain a veteran or an additional future pick. Last season i traded for a pick i thought would be in the 1.01 to 1.05 range and wound up with the 1.01. Once the offers got high enough I traded back to the 1.10 plus a veteran and a future 2nd. You might be surprised what someone will offer for a high pick, especially as training camp and preseason hype gets to someones head. There tends to be someone in the league who has gone bonkers for one player in particular, and will trade above market value to get him. If you haven't found it yet Matt Waldman produces the Rookie Scouting Portfolio. While I dont always agree with him, I feel it has given me an advantage over those who dont read the RSP.
  11. Someone is going to want to keep Kittle. I agree with Gally that trading at this point is your best bet to get the 4 obvious keepers. CMC, Julio, and OBJ are easy holds for me. I would not shy away from offering Mahomes, Bell, or Kittle in a package to a lower end team for their one stud. Yes Mahomes is great but the best value is to pass and draft one.
  12. QB, 2rb, 3wr, 1tr, 2 flex, k, def. 0.25ppr The two flex can be rb, wr, and te. I'm deep at both wr and te. Offer upgraded to include the 3.01 for my 4.07. not much but I didn't have anything in the 3rd. Drake + 4.07 for 1.10 + 3.01