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  1. Yeah all of those seem to have a much clearer path to fantasy relevancy than Mattison. While I do think Mattison is talented he still more than likely ends up playing behind a top 5 rb in the league. The Vikings want to keep cook around IMO if their first offer was around 10 mil. So then your banking on cook getting hurt and Mattison having a couple good games a year, maybe one good season if cook tears an acl. Gimme the gamble on the 1st easily as well.
  2. The way I read it, it looks like the initial offer was around 10 mil a year. Idk if anything I said made you second guess yourself on that. Gordon has also had his fair share of injuries also. Looks like only one season with all 16 games, and even in that season he was banged up often. I think cook should and will end up getting more than 10. Probably 12-13.
  3. The more games and more tds/ more yards are directly correlated. Cook is a much better player than Melvin as a runner and receiver. I’m sure most would agree Cook is a top 5 rb in the league. I don’t know if most would consider Melvin a top 10 back at this point. Cook should easily get 2 mil more than Melvin per year.
  4. Gimme Barkley and Allen unless I’m really lacking WR depth
  5. I’ll take the 2.8 and 3.8 Hopefully I‘ll be able to deal perriman for something like this in my league.
  6. Kareem Hunt ran a 4.66 and looked just fine in that KC offense while he was there.
  7. Bruceman6


    .5 ppr Jamaal Williams vs KC Tarik Cohen vs LAC
  8. 12 team ppr Aaron Jones for 2021 1st 1st is most likely middle but harder to predict 2021 right now.
  9. Diggs vs GB, Arob vs DEN, or B Cooks vs NO
  10. Full ppr QB - Goff or Murray RB- Mixon, DFreeman, Michel, McCoy WR- D. Adams, B Cooks, A Rob, Josh Gordon ill start Adams obviously but which 2 rbs 1 other wr and flex would you play out of these.
  11. 10 team ppr idp Rookie draft can start after this team is owned. Team owns 7 pick in all 5 round. here is team
  12. If Suh falls on him I think Suh won, but Murray still gets up after. My argument there was more for the people arguing open field hits will hurt him. I’m not worried about Murray in the pocket either tho with his elusiveness and how similar sized qbs and rbs have held up taking the same hits from 300 lb d line men.