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  1. If Suh falls on him I think Suh won, but Murray still gets up after. My argument there was more for the people arguing open field hits will hurt him. I’m not worried about Murray in the pocket either tho with his elusiveness and how similar sized qbs and rbs have held up taking the same hits from 300 lb d line men.
  2. Brees and Wilson have held up fine in the pocket for being smaller qbs.
  3. Kyler is 5’10 207 Brandin Cooks, Tyreek Hill, and Antonio Brown are all about 5’10 185 and seem to have all stayed healthy getting tackled. And Murray will probably take less open field hits with sliding. What’s the difference in how these players for example haven’t gotten “killed” on the football field?
  4. Dynasty league 1pt ppr 2rbs 2 Wrs 1 flex Send Will Fuller, Gus Edwards recieve Kareem Hunt my other rbs Saquon, Cook, and Kerryon My other wrs Diggs, Cooks, ARob, and CDavis feel like it’s a good time to buy on Kareem given he’s a stud if given another chance and don’t have to give up too much. any thoughts? Thanks
  5. Bruceman6


    With Kerryon probably not playing gonna need an RB2 out of Edwards or Riddick. Also need a flex out of the RB not starting or Corey Davis or maybe Zay Jones. ?? 1 pt ppr thanks
  6. Bruceman6


    Need a QB 2 with Trubisky out got Josh Allen vs MIA or Ryan Tannehill vs BUF ??
  7. Bruceman6


    Need a second RB out of T Riddick and J Howard and then a flex with whatever of those RBs not starting or Trey Burton? Also added Gus Edwards if anybody likes him more.
  8. Bruceman6


    Need 2 of Jordan Howard, Allen Robinson, and Will Fuller. Full ppr.
  9. 12 team 2 qb 6td per pass league. QB depth very valuable I would say. Gave Tyrod got Tannehill I think Tannehill has a far better chance of being a starting qb again. Osweiler has done solid but feel like Tannehill should start when healthy again. Tyrod looked aweful his last start and don’t know his future really.
  10. This is ppr dynasty if that helps also.
  11. Been trying to maybe move Jordan Howard (not completely sell him for nothin, haven’t given up on him too much) and just wondering what you guys might think would be some possible RB targets. Havent been able to give enough with him for Mixon. Been thinking of offering a deal for Chubb. Maybe I could move him for Henry and more as they are kind of in a similar situation rn. Anybody have any other possible ideas. Thanks for any help.
  12. Bruceman6


    This is ppr also i forgot to mention. Does this change any of your opinions.
  13. I’d take the first