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  1. I did the homework... Sublimeone (interesting to see the comments in that thread compared to the PSF before Trump Hate Syndrome set in) Saints: Saints: Interesting that the only posts related to Jeffrey Epstein from Day 1 until Trump was the Republican nominee (according to the FBG search) were from Saints (who went from Hillary hater to Trump hater at some point) and some guy named sublimeone. There was no dedicated thread. ETA: The above were from a search from day 1 to 1/1/2015. (To exclude any results after Orange Man was declared Bad) 1/1/2015 to 1/1/2016: Sublimeone: Baloney Sandwich: Baloney Sandwich: Saints: Saints: Baloney Sandwich: Saints: Saints: Saints: Saints: Saints: Here are the search results after Trump was the nominee: This begs 2 questions: 1. Saints, what happened to you? Did someone get to you or your family? 2. Where were the rest of you (specifically Henry Ford, Sheriff Bart, Koya, PlasmaDog, Slapdash, Football Freak, Snitwich, Ham, msommner) when this was all going down? Didn't frequent the boards? Didn't care about pedophilia and sex trafficking until it suited your political agenda?
  2. Lol. Please link to the FBG thread about Epstein when he was initially charged and received his sweetheart deal from the DOJ/FBI (of which Mueller was the director who cut the deal with Epstein). FBG was alive and kicking in 2003-2007, surely there was a thread. The only reason you guys care now is because you think it is going to bring down Trump, based on media innuendo. The good news is you, and the media, are so consumed with Trump hate that this story has legs now compared to 2005 when Billy Bob was galavanting all over the globe with this pedophile. Maybe Trump was involved, maybe not. Calling out Epstein for liking young women, while Hollywood, DC, and Wall Street were silent is more evidence that Trump was not involved. If the evidence shows Trump was not involved and instead was the catalyst for justice this thread will disappear. The obsession is fantastic though because people who actually care about sex trafficking and have been talking about it for a while will be vindicated.
  3. How about Mueller, who oversaw the investigation into Epstein and cut a deal with him to take down 2 Bear Stearns employees? Does he get a free pass for letting a pedophile off the hook?
  4. I know you guys like to dismiss, even ban people for discussing "Q" stuff. How would you feel if it turns out you were wrong this whole time. In fact you have been defending rapists and pedophiles? I would hope that you would set your hatred of Trump aside. Based on every single thread in this forum though, that is unlikely. I will likely be banned for my "wrong think" but I will check back in when it is all revealed. Especially interested in Maurile's take as he has been one of the strongest supporters.
  5. Speaking of "Q", it mentioned Epstein 17 times. Seems odd that if "Q" was some pro Trump conspiracy it would be shining light on something that would bring Trump down because he is, in your words, a pedophile. 17 times "Q" mentioned Epstein Perhaps there is some truth to the claims that there are sex trafficking rings among the rich and famous. Speaking of, I didn't see any threads on NXVIM, the sex trafficking ring whose leader was recently convicted. They have some uncomfortably close ties to Gillibrands and the Clintons.
  6. Are you talking about the insane lady who even CNN had to cut off because she said that rape was sexy? Get a grip.
  7. My original account was deleted in the great purge on 11/8/2016 even though I had been a valuable contributor to the forums for over a decade. After 6 months of freedom football season (draft) rolled around and I was sucked back in. I am a big fan of alliteration and since David Dodds was already taken I chose a name honoring a current event at the time that would rustle the jimmies of the political posters. (No, I am not OPM or CTSU)
  8. Exhibit A of propaganda by the enemy of the people: Trump tried to make Independence Day all about him. He ended up looking small. Only an insane person could have watched the ceremony and thought Trump tried to make it about himself. What does it say about a person who is so full of hate that they can't appreciate recognizing our founding fathers, Martin Luther King Jr, and especially the military on Independence Day? Does anyone here who actually watched the ceremony defend this propaganda? Does anyone here realize how this makes the media/left look? Hint: petty, hateful, dishonest delusional. It is no surprise with the media pushing this kind of false narrative and hatred that we have so much violence against people who support our country and our president. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao would be proud of today's media.
  9. It is truly bizarre. Even CNN was struggling to find something to ##### about. Then they got their talking points: 1. Crowd size 2. Elementary school text book 3. Waste of money And they found a few whiny former military to recite prepared statements that had nothing to with what actually happened in DC. Today was a bad day for people who hate America. A great day for people who love this country and are proud of it.
  10. @Otis you may want to delete this thread, it is an embarrassment to the FBG brand. And a great example of the effectiveness of propaganda on the masses. The media and Dems claimed this was going to be a Hitler style parade in which Trump talked about himself and used the stage to attack his opposition. Instead we got a fantastic tribute to men and women from all backgrounds who made this country great. And then a salute to our military branches. With a brief flyover by aircraft from each of the branches. No missiles, no roving tanks, no troops marching in formation. No mention of the Democrats. The crowd was huge, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive based on the CSPAN feed. As for costs, one day of taking care of illegals paid for the entire salute to our nation's heroes. It is understandable why the haters are furious, Trump was a gracious leader and uniter, the opposite of what the modern left represents. Moderate Americans saw on full display why the media is truly the enemy of the people, their lies and hatred exposed. I am a little surprised that not one of the Trump haters in this thread managed to say anything positive, I guess that says a lot about their character. As for crowd size, you be the judge
  11. Most people are ignorant about the profits on health insurance. ACA capped administrative costs + profit at 15-20% depending on individual vs small vs large groups. As mattyl would confirm, there is not a lot of profit (% wise) in the health insurance industry, compared to other industries. link Most of their profits, and stadium naming rights, are a result of expansion into other markets (Medicare supplements, voluntary benefits, international markets, etc) that have nothing to do with major medical coverage. Insurance companies are an easy boogeyman but there are many other factors involved with the out of control medical costs in the US.
  12. So lawyer speak for Trump didn't collude with Russia but I am still going to post on a message board in which I am a moderator and hold significant influence over the audience that Trump "may" have colluded with Russia, despite the honest and brilliant Robert Mueller not being able to establish any collusion? What would it take for you to accept the conclusion of the honest and brilliant Robert Mueller that there was no establishment of collusion (your words)?
  13. Obama put kids in cages and deported hundreds of thousands of illegals. Media silence. FBG silence. "Christians" silence. Orange Man Bad continues Obama's policy and he is the devil. Concentration camps. Etc. I have never heard of Russel Moore but given the history of our FBI and CIA the odds are that he is being blackmailed.