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  1. "We have seen people repeat complete lies and propaganda for over three years...yes even the dumbest stuff can have an effect" Pretty much sums up this thread.
  2. You are one of the more intelligent posters here. Can you point to any Facebook political ad that you feel convinced voters in WI, MI, and PA to switch their vote from Hillary to Trump?
  3. I'll dumb this down for you. Russia intentionally enacted a disinformation campaign into the 2016 election. Stupid people fell for it. Hook. Line. Sinker.
  4. I predict 2/4 are indicted in the coming months. It is fascinating to watch you people fall for the same #### over and over and over. Trump tweets something, the deranged and guilty parties lose their mind on social media and CNN, the masses slurp it up like good little sheep, then the facts come out and Trump was playing you the entire time. Remember when you were losing your minds over the "wiretapping" tweet. How foolish you look now, how foolish you will look tomorrow.
  5. The rest of the story: Expensive art has a history of being a method of money laundering. I wonder who the buyer was and who the money is going to.
  6. What evidence? A single Russian who texted Cohen and was interviewed by Mueller? That is pretty flimsy "evidence" of the existence of a pee pee tape. As for obstruction, if the video doesn't exist because it (hookers pissing on the bed) never happened then Trump has no reason to be worried about extortion. As much as you guys hate Trump deep down I am sure you are capable of understanding this very basic concept.
  7. Can you list a single thing from the dossier that has been verified? (And illegal or improper, because the fact that Page gave a commencement speech in Moscow is neither) "Mueller kept alive ..... pee pee tape" doesn't verify anything other than he was inept at finding Trump/Russia collusion. He interviewed one Russian who made the claim but provided zero evidence, I believe there is a legal term for that. Pee pee tape has as much credibility as Hillary raping and eating babies in the basement of Comet Pizza. The leaks that are coming out now about emails between Comey and Brennan in December 2016 with regards to including the dossier in the official intelligence report do not look good. They are pointing the finger and playing hot potato with the dossier, not what you would expect if it was anything more than unverifiable opposition research/Russian disinformation. It will be interesting to see what Horowitz, Huber, Durham, Barr, and the grand jury conclude.
  8. That looks like one source, Rtskhiladze, listed 3 different ways. 1. A text from the source to the useful idiot 2. An interview of the source 3. An interview of the useful idiot Are you of the belief that Russia does in fact have video from 2013 of Russian hoors pissing on a bed that Obama slept in at the Ritz while Trump stood in the corner "watching"? What do you call it in legalese when a claim is made but is not verifiable? Hearsay? If it is repeated multiple times by the same person does that make it more likely to be true?
  9. The fact that Maurile contributes to some of the more bizarre and radical theories here is concerning. Banning Bob Magaw was a net positive for this forum. I enjoy Maurile's input on a variety of topics here and do not think he should get the Magaw treatment, but as a thought leader and influencer on these pages it would be nice to see him a little less supportive of the topics that enter into the fringe/radical/should we alert SS and FBI territory.
  10. Joe, this is an example of a poster figuratively telling you to go #### yourself. You are either too naive or too nice to see it. Nobody in their right mind thinks that Trump has syphilis, it is a nutjob talking point that has been co-opted by posters here who serve no other purpose than to troll. They are basically laughing at you for allowing this thread to continue under their absurd protests of "someone on the internet brought it up so it is fair and reasonable to debate it" No, it is a topic for people who are so far off the deep end that they are literally at the point of blaming syphilis for their obsession with Trump and inability to accept the reality that Trump won the election. I can't imagine this is the direction you want your brand and name to be associated with.
  11. You do realize that this loss was 30+ years ago? I predict lots of people who get their taxes done at the Walmart Jackson Hewitt booth are going to suddenly be tax experts.
  12. There was a formatting error in the OP, the quoted portion should have ended at the closed parentheses ) Everything after the ) is my words, not Clayton's.
  13. I thought it would be beneficial for all of us to know what we are allowed and not allowed to post here if we want to avoid being suspended. The impetus for this thread is my recent suspension for using the phrase "TDS" (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Apparently that has been added to the naughty list, however I was unaware at the time of my post. If I had known we were not allowed to use that term I would have refrained. Life moves pretty fast here in the PSF, as do the reasons for suspensions. If you are suspended for posting something that has been perfectly acceptable in the past but is no longer kosher please list the reason in this thread so we can all conform to most up to date standards. Speaking of "_____ Derangement Syndrome", maybe Clayton (who suspended me:
  14. Sheriff Bart is making #### up to emotionally influence people like you. The fact is that Eric raised millions of dollars for St Jude's and dishonest and hateful people like Bart forced the charity to close. How many children have suffered because of their hatred? St Jude confirms Trump raised $16 million
  15. You are the second poster who has repeated these talking points almost verbatim. My response is above so I won't repeat it. Does it ever cross your mind that if you post the same vague talking points with nothing specific and no links that you may be the victim (or the perpetrator) of propaganda? You did add 2 vague points that the other guy omitted. - what specific illegal things did Trump "order" people to do? - what did Trump Jr do that was *apparently illegal"