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  1. Reason for opening the thread: Enemy of the people pushing the Smollet hoax to further their agenda They were so hoping for a race war, fortunately truth (and delayed justice) won.
  2. Tech companies have gone full blown communist. Deleting anything that goes against the "state" by labeling it as "hate" or "a threat". Eric CIAramella is just a guy who worked at the CIA and was stationed at the White House for a while. He was involved with Ukraine for years, and Biden. And the White House under 2 administrations. And several people on Adam Schiff's staff. The fact is, nobody knows who the whistleblower is, not even Schiff so he claims. If nobody knows who the whistleblower is then there is no reason to suspect it is Eric CIAramella who was heavily involved with Ukraine, Biden, and Schiff for years. It is absurd for the media across the board to censor one guy's name. As if they are hiding something. I fully expect this post to be reported and deleted in the protection of the non-whistleblower Eric CIAramella. And when it is deleted perhaps the AnonMod can explain why posting the name of a non-whistleblower is not allowed.
  3. Jr with the Valentine's Day Avennati tweet 😆 He is a chip off the old block.
  4. Could you explain your disdain for Trump? Aren't you the guy who loves money, fancy watches, fancy happy hours, and beautiful women. And you have a, to put this nicely, an abrasive and arrogant personality. Seems Trump would be right up your alley. Bloomberg is 10x+ wealthier than Trump but by all accounts is a manlet beta clown, kind of the opposite of how you portray yourself. Why do you hate Trump and love Bloomberg?
  5. This post here sums up the power of propaganda and disinformation. And the effect it has on certain people, including many on this forum. Biden is on video admitting to bribing Ukraine with a billion dollars if they don't fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma. Burisma paid Hunter Biden, a literal crackhead kicked out of the Navy, millions of dollars. Burisma was widely acknowledged to be a corrupt company, owned by an oligarch under investigation by multiple agencies around the world. And yet here we are with Detective Shonuff and his catchphrase "debunked". As if that word magically erased the video of Biden admitting to bribery and quid pro quo. As if that word magically erased the documents (that have never been disputed) showing Hunter Biden received millions in payments from the corrupt Burisma. There are plenty of gray areas in politics, Joe Biden admitting to bribery of Ukraine officials over the corrupt gas company paying his son millions of dollars is not one of them.
  6. Re: Jessica Liu She was involved in the case against James Wolfe who got caught leaking the Carter Page FISA application to his side piece at the NYT. She ended up dropping all charges (including leaking classified intel) in exchange for one count of lying to the FBI. Isn't that the same charge against Stone btw? I wonder how much time Wolfe was sentenced to, 4 years? 7 years? Oh that's right, he got 2 MONTHS There is some titillating background on the case of Wolfe stealing and leaking the FISA apps and all parties involved in the cover up, and their likely motives. Short YouTube clip from Lou Dobbs giving the tldr version. Deep dive by Sundance that lays out step by step (with full sourcing) exactly what happened with the FISA leaks and cover up. I suspect the Dems fully back out of their 3/31 hearing with Barr because getting all of this on record in full view of the public will not end well for them, even with the fake news running 24/7 propaganda cover. It is a shame we don't have an honest media or this all would have come out in 2017, 2018, and 2019. But then that would have exposed the coup attempt. For anyone who thinks Trump/Barr are overreaching, you ain't seen nothing yet. Full disclosure and full justice is about to take place, buckle up.
  7. If you look closely you see I posted three different links. The Epstein wiki page claims "Barr hired Epstein" with their source being a Forbes article, whose source is a ####### tweet from some rando blue checker. The NYT article also listed as source for that claim is blocked on my end because of greedy fake news. Perhaps you can get past their paywall and share their sourcing. The Barr wiki page claims "Barr allegedly hired Epstein" with no source. The NYT newspaper article from February 1974 announces Barr's resignation, but that he will stay on to finish his contract/term ending in June. The Epstein wiki page states that he began teaching in September 1974, presumably the beginning of fall term. Lots of disinformation out there, whether intentional or just clickbait. Logic would state that if Daddy Barr announces resignation in February 1974 over disagreement with Board of Trustees that he would likely not be involved with any high level or long term decisions for Dalton School while he served out the last 3-4 months of his contract. Who knows if or how much he was involved in the hiring of Epstein, so far there hasn't been any actual evidence to answer that. Every claim I have seen connecting the two came after Epstein's death and the attempt by some to pin it on Trump as a cover up. Either way, he was long gone before Epstein started giving teenage students the Biden treatment. Sniff sniff grab. The Barr-Epstein storyline appears to be yet another in the long line of Project/Deflect attempts by the left to cover up their own sins.
  8. I love it. Greatest trick Trump ever pulled was to get all the haters on record claiming to care about executive overreach, an authoritarian DOJ/FBI, collusion with foreign entities to interfere with elections, targeting of political opponents, and disinformation campaigns by the media, both legacy and social. As the light is shone on everything that has happened over the last 4 years there will be an opportunity for all of them to either condemn this country's real traitors or wear their hypocrisy loud and proud. 🍿
  9. Google Fast & Furious. It seems as if quite a few people never paid attention to political news until Orange Man Became Bad.
  10. Saints is so close, yet so far from the truth. Daddy Barr "allegedly" took part in the hiring of Epstein in 1974. Daddy Barr resigned from Dalton School in February 1974 over disagreement with the board of trustees. Epstein began teaching at Dalton School in "late" 1974. Epstein begins his life long hobby of pursuing barely legal or not quite yet legal females. Dalton School caters to the rich and connected. Anderson Cooper, of Vanderbilt lineage and long assumed to be a CIA asset, attended Dalton School. Along with many future Hollywood stars. There is likely a story involving Dalton School and Epstein, but it involves those who shall not be named rather than Daddy Barr. Also, it is cute the lengths the left go to attach Epstein to Trump, meanwhile Bill Clinton flew several dozen times on the Rape Plane, visited Rape Island, and had Epstein's pimp (Ghislaine Maxwell) as a guest at Chelsea's wedding, long after Epstein's proclivities were public knowledge.
  11. After an embarrassing Iowa Caucus that called into question the integrity of their party, and also revealed Biden to not be an actual contender for president (which negates the entire premise of the impeachment hoax), and after a SOTU in which the Democrats showed their ### booing American prosperity and American heroes (many of them women and minorities), and going into the final vote to acquit Trump from their latest deranged attempt to overthrow the president..... Mitt ####### Romney is their hero. 🤣
  12. 😂 And in 2024 the Democrats will go back to calling him a racist, a misogynist, and mocking his religion. Poor Mittens.
  13. Calling Romney a Republican is a stretch. If it makes you think this sham is somehow more legit then good for you.
  14. Posts like this are sad, nice to see only 2 people were willing to go on the record promoting this type of hatred and division.
  15. 1. Pelosi ripping up the program was a disgrace. 2. It helps Trump because Americans saw first-hand how petty and deranged Nancy and the Democrats have become. Trump is going to steamroll whatever wet blanket the Dems nominate and everyone knows it. I fully expect the tantrums to escalate to the point of rage and violence. (And right on cue there is Captain Cranks calling for rage and hate) Approval of Trump's SOTU (CBS poll) 97% of Republicans 30% of Democrats 82% of Independents Bottom line is that this country is doing great right now and the Democrats HATE it. If blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, middle class are doing well then they don't need the Democratic Party. For the die hards it is tough to admit they have been wrong about virtually everything for four years. And even harder to admit they fell for propaganda designed to destroy this country. I believe in the American people though, they will overcome this era of hate and division sewn by a media and group of politicians who despise our country and our Constitution. Nancy is done though. I think her ripping up the program was symbolic of that.