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  1. Sounds very similar to the Aaron Hernandez situation. He started to lose it when his father passed away. He really started to lose it after a bunch of hard hits to the head(This ended up being CTE). He also pissed away a large contract like AB. I think the biggest difference in AB from back then is that he has now lost so much more. He has lost millions in contracts, his wife, kid, and possibly his career. Not to mention he may be doing time. I believe this is gonna come to a climax one way or another within the next few months and maybe weeks. He may go out with "suicide by cop". I hope he just does some jail time and gets the mental help he needs.
  2. I agree! Given his current trajectory I think he is gonna kill himself or be killed. Somebody needs to separate him from his yes men for starts. It's very possible he has CTE or some form of brain damage.
  3. Something is gonna happen. He has set himself up to be trolled everywhere he goes. Combine this with his anger management issues and lack of emotional intelligence it's not gonna be good. This is why he should go away for a while.
  4. He could be back but I'm starting to get the OJ vibe with him. He needs to go away for a few months and get some separation from this nonsense.
  5. Russell does some really dumb things sometimes as great as he is.
  6. He doesn't seem to be into this game emotionally.
  7. Carson has looked good but Penny is gaining momentum very quickly. I wouldn't doubt there might be a shift in touches here very soon towards Penny. They will probably both have value but as a Carson owner I don't have that warm and fuzzy feeling anymore.
  8. That was one of the better TD celebrations I've seen.
  9. The Chiefs are being highly disrespected in the rankings this week. They are gonna smash the Raiders and Carr can't throw in the cold.
  10. I'm 10-2 in a league where my main competitor for the title is 9-3. He's won 8 games in a row by a total of 40 points. He has the lowest points total in the league. He won a game earlier in the year 79 to 78. He has two RB's on his team and 4 defenses and 3 TE's. He is one of the two teams to beat me.
  11. Does everybody use that information the same way? Does everybody know how to extract the quality information and throw out the junk? Do people know the difference? Just because somebody is experienced doesn't mean he has learned from his mistakes along the way.
  12. There is still a good amount of skill involved. I heard the same thing about Poker. There is no substitute for experience. Every year I learn new ways to get better at fantasy football. People can look at rankings and projections but are they astute enough and bold enough to start a player the experts have ranked much lower? Or sit a player everyone thinks is gonna do well? Do they know how to construct a roster during the draft? There is no question over the course of time a more skilled owner will do better than a less skilled owner. I seem to do well nearly every year in a very competitive league despite myself. I make a ton of mistakes during the season but I feel like I get a great head start by how well I draft. I think most people do ok the first few rounds but things start to fall apart as the draft progresses where the more astute owner will still be making quality picks. People make tons of mistakes throughout the season. Dropping players too soon, not recognizing talented players soon enough, overbidding/underbidding, not looking ahead at the schedule etc. The real skill is making less mistakes than your opponents.
  13. Why is it they always get hurt in the first quarter and not the fourth quarter?