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  1. I agree! This is gonna be a boring offense. The Defense is going to be great!
  2. I hate to say it but I don't see Sanders lasting the year. He looks great but I avoid players coming back from injury. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. I've come to realize that Thielen is really good and I have no concerns about drafting him.
  4. Matt Ryan looked to be under pressure a bunch! Haskins is so slow moving in the pocket. I don't have a good feeling about him in this day and age of mobile QB's. I wish the Broncos could trade to get Chad Kelley back. Joe Webb looks really good to me. I think he could hold down the fort if Watson went down. The Houston offensive line looked good too.
  5. The rookie running backs all seem to be balling. This might be a good year to stock pile 3 or 4 of them. One or two are gonna hit. Maybe more.
  6. I get it that he is no michael vick. I do think he is elusive and strong enough to be able to effectively scramble where need be. It's still better if he scrambles for a little than throw a ridiculous interception. He is a better runner than his forty time would lead you to think.
  7. He went late 6th and early 7th in a couple drafts from last night. 12 teamers. He will rise as more people become aware that he is back. I feel like the 8th round is the sweet spot when looking at the opportunity cost of who you could have selected besides him. There are too many upside guy's and/or good QB's in that area. I know longer chase past glory. The Patriots are no longer a passing team. This is a pass for me.
  8. This just feels like the definition of insanity!
  9. Potential good news. A deal isn't necessarily imminent but there is no way he doesn't get a new contract.
  10. He looked great catching the ball. He has swag. He is another guy I am gonna try to get on all teams.
  11. If he can just pull it down and run more instead of forcing the throw thats not there he could be elite.
  12. It seemed like Adam Humphries was targeted every play in their last game. He could be a bargain pick in the 14th were he is currently going. He'll probably creep up a little though.
  13. He looks good and has more weapons this year. I'll be targeting him as well as my second QB who could end up being my number 1.
  14. I like them both but Crowder is currently going almost 5 rounds later according to ADP which is a steal IMO!