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  1. How much is AB worth in a deeper league? He could be a league winner with Russ throwing to him even with competition for touches. I think Lockett would be the Gallup in this offense.
  2. Are people just not buying it with Green? He seems worth much more than that.
  3. I picked Asiasi up week two preemptively. I was a little early.
  4. I was actually going back and forth between Dobbins and Isabella. I should have added that I'm an underdog to the team I'm playing because I'm crushed right now with injuries and bye week. Who would be the upside guy?
  5. I like Harris for sure as well. Jurell Casey is out for the Broncos. Game script will determine who is better between Swift and Peterson.
  6. Anderson is set and forget I think.
  7. I kinda like Beasley in a shootout with Hilton.