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  1. Why no golf carts? I live in AZ and they still allow one to a golf cart. They say they sanitize them between rounds. I would also wipe it down as well. Are carts really that dangerous? BTW...I looked into a push cart but the good ones are out of stock. I looked on Ebay and carts that list at 200 are going anywhere from 4-6 hundred dollars. I tried walking with my bag but it killed my back. I'm taking a cart next time. If it's properly wiped down I should be good.
  2. The Covid thread has a lot of unqualified people coming to a lot of conclusions based on a small sample size of data that changes daily! Facebook is a bunch of ego driven people trying to out happy everyone else. When I talk to my friends everything is about how bad their life is. When I see them on facebook it's like watching a Verizon commercial!
  3. That was hilarious(the skit) not you being in a funk. She plays a great drunk person or maybe she was drunk. I'm in the same funk. I've been an absolute slug. I agree there is a lack of urgency. I'd suggest staying off Facebook and hearing about all the great things people are doing in their isolation.
  4. I bet this is just temporary to allow them spread things out more so they can reopen the casino as quickly as possible. I can't imagine live poker being played for quite a while so this makes sense. I would think that when there are no more cases reported whenever that may be poker COULD start up again. I think late July/August seems to be the current prediction but I'm not sure. Maybe there will be an online poker boom again. Unfortunately I don't trust online. Thanks for the info.
  5. Wow! I'm sorry to hear that. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. Any chance this is just temporary and they may relaunch at some point? Where did you find this out?
  6. Yikes! I live in Phoenix. Which casino is this? I can't seem to find any info on this.
  7. He didn't just talk you through it?
  8. I play a lot of live poker so I'm a bit stressed about if and when my poker room will open again. I would imagine it will be all shorthanded games in the beginning. This could be tough keeping games going. I do think it will come back but very slowly. I know Vegas is already working on its reopening procedures. I really don't want to have to play online again. I don't trust it at all.
  9. Where is this? How big of a room? Are you gonna play online?
  10. Your right! Herd immunity isn't going to happen in the US anytime soon especially given the lockdowns. There is no guarantee there will be immunity from this. There is the possibility that some people do already have some protection from this virus as a result from contacting other versions of corona. None of this is known for sure just yet. Hopefully we get some better news as more data is collected.
  11. Right now I would treat online fantasy sites like online poker sites. Buyer beware. I certainly wouldn't join any leagues right now. If things go bad with the season I don't know how solvent these companies will be. They have already lost out on baseball. I don't know how they are handling other sports. I suppose people getting in now is helping them. I'm not gonna be one of them.
  12. Excellent point. Data is starting to show that many more people have been exposed to this virus and didn't have symptoms or had very mild symptoms. Hopefully by football season we will be in that herd immunity range. This will require opening things up sooner than later.
  13. The NFL will figure it out on way or another. Maybe they will invent a breathable face shield or something like it. If they expect a second wave in the fall maybe they push the season back to December or January. There is going to be an outside of the box solution. Maybe they isolate different team positions during the week to mitigate any potential midweek outbreaks. Also, when they do start playing it will presumably be during a time when the numbers are way down. Cavemen used to venture out even though there was the threat of getting eaten by a T rex. I think we are all just gonna have to deal with a little extra risk going forward.
  14. I live with a view of a golf course. More and more people are taking walks on the course and not watching for golfers. every day I'll see 4 mothers talking in one area and a bunch of kids riding their bikes right in front of guys trying to tee off. It's the total lack of awareness by the adults that ticks me off.
  15. I have social distanced my whole life so I'm doing ok. I am starting to feel a bit agitated because I want some clarity regarding my future. I'm currently taking a voluntary leave of absence from work. I'm financially secure for the moment and there are not enough hours to go around. I used to play a lot of live poker so two of my sources of income are on hold. I'm not sure when they will ever need me at work and I have no idea when poker will come back. I don't trust internet poker. I go hiking and play some golf but for the most part I have been an absolute slug. I here so many people saying how productive they have been. Not me! I haven't accomplished anything except existing. Last year I got into taking cruises but that's not gonna happen for a while. If I knew that my job, poker, and vacations where gonna come back I could easily continue to stay home for several months. I'm feeling some sadness because my dad entered into assisted living a couple months ago in Denver. I live in Denver. He has the beginnings of dementia. He thinks that when this virus passes he is coming home but he's not. My parents haven't seen each other in two months. He thinks he is just staying at a hotel and my mom is staying at another hotel. Ugh!