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  1. I think the fact this was not premeditated and it was done in the heat of battle makes this not a situation where he should forfeit his right to play again. It will be a long suspension though.
  2. I've yet to hear anybody defending Garrett.
  3. You could argue that Garrett was defending himself from Rudolph's attack...sort of!
  4. It's not ok. But if the other guy didn't start it he'd still have his career.
  5. I think Garrett started it, Rudolph escalated it by trying to pull Garretts helmet off, then Rudolph pursued it when he should have backed off, then Garret made a very bad mistake.
  6. Rudolph played a big part in this too. He's not just an innocent little victim. I think he came off like a little baby in his press conference.
  7. I think he is now realizing what he has done. I take it as him being more bummed out than flippant.
  8. There would have been several players kicking his head.
  9. I think he handled the post game questions pretty well actually.
  10. This could be an indefinite suspension to include at minimum the rest of the year.
  11. I think it will be a few games. A kick to the head is the opposite of what the NFL wants to see now.
  12. If this happened in the first game of the year he would be done for the year.
  13. This is why you don't start road Rudolph.