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  1. If only I'd heard this one three weeks earlier. Blow by Ed Sheeran (with Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars) I call dibs on this one if we do a Year End draft! J
  2. Just gave this album a listen based on some of their songs having been selected in the song drafts. I liked it. Good find. J
  3. One last offering in honor of this excellent endeavor. I think this song properly surmises my sentiment about this unbelievable, super cool, outrageous and amazing playlist we've created. This might not be to everyone's taste, but it checks all the boxes for me. X - From a movie soundtrack X - Related in some fashion to Legos X - Involved Beck X - Involved The Lonely Island X - Humorously references film credits It's got it all. Without further adieu... Bonus - Super Cool by Beck feat. Robyn & The Lonely Island Thank you to everyone who particpated! J
  4. Yes. Hollywood loves to self-fellate (but really, who wouldn't?). I'm almost positive it'll be nominated. Too early to call it a lock for the win, though. J
  5. Your first sentence feels a bit hyperbolic to me. At 2 hours and 41 minutes, there's no way you were laughing your asses off through the WHOLE movie. I grant you there were some laughs to be had, but let's not get carried away. As far as the languid pace and it being a "hangout" film, I wouldn't disagree. However, if we're just going to "hangout" together, I'd prefer to do so at my house. When I go to the theater, I want to see something happen. There were a lot of scenes in this movie, but very little happens, which is why I suggest passing on this as a theatrical event and catch it in the comfort of your own home. J
  6. Indulgent Hollywood fan fiction. The kind of film only a celebrated auteur like Tarantino could get away with making. Great period piece. He did his best to immerse the audience in the sights, sounds, style and zeitgeist of Hollywood in the late 60's. If you are a fan of the era, you'll find plenty of references and landmarks to relish. The only drawback is he really took his time doing it. He lets the audience soak in it for an uneventful 2.5 hours before going full Tarantino in the final 10 minutes. Very similar structure to "Inglorious Bastards" where there's a lot of historical accuracy until there isn't. Pitt and Robbie both looked great in this film. There's plenty of beef and cheese cake for all tastes. Me and the missus still walked out more disappointed than impressed. Not a bad film, but we both felt it was just too long. Hence, my claim of "indulgence". I wouldn't recommend running out to catch this one at the theater. Wait to stream/rent it. That way you can pause it if you have to hit the restroom during the 161 minute run time. J
  7. Been going back and forth on this one all week. Worth a flyer at #15. 15.xx Dracula Drug by Frankie and the Witch Fingers J
  8. What the hell. I'll throw this one out there. Absolutely LOVED her first album, Rock Is Dead, but then she sobered up and brought in Linda Perry as a producer for her second album and I felt she lost her edge. Didn't really care for this song originally, but then someone remixed it and added a female rapper and brought it to life. 14.xx Freedom by Dorothy (TROY NōKA Remix) ft. Angel Haze J
  9. I'm with you there. I've done my best to avoid doubling up on artists/albums that have already been selected, but I'm getting to the point in my playlist where I'm ignoring songs I enjoy MUCH more just to remain unique. I'm fairly certain my remaining picks are going to come from albums that have already been mentioned. With that said, this pick should come as a surprise to no one. 13.xx - PROMISE ME by Badflower Wasn't one of my faves after the first few listens. It's probably the most "pop-y" of their songs. That said, the lyrics hit me right in the feels every time I listen to it. 😥 J
  10. 11.xx Suburban Streetlight Drunk by Telekinesis It's a nice bouncy little tune. J
  11. This is one I picked up by following along in the "Best Albums of 2019" thread. 10.xx Kamane Tarhanin by Mdou Moctar This is the kind of stuff I'd never discover conventionally. It's why I appreciate you gents. J
  12. OMG, OMG, OMG! I just realized the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack is eligible thanks to it's Dec '18 release date. Now my biggest problem is just choosing ONE song... For pick 9.xx, I'm going with Start a Riot by Duckworth J
  13. 8.xx give/UP by Le Butcherettes My first female-fronted selection. J