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  1. Going with a simple Top 20 list. This list is largely based on the number of listens I gave to an album, with some slight adjustments based on the quality of individual songs that may have been on those albums. J
  2. This was the one I came to post. Also, Harry Potter down? You had Prof Flitwick and all the goblins. J
  3. Top Secret? And I think it's "I know a little German, he's sitting over there". J
  4. The Frights released a new album on streaming today. Their last album, "Hypochondriac" was on of my faves from 2018. This one is all acoustic and pretty soft. Not what I was hoping for, but not bad. Leave Me Alone J
  5. Been sitting on this song for about a week waiting for this thread to get created. Shakin' Off The Rust by The Blue Stones. They've got another single out as well that I enjoy. Looking forward to their new album. J
  6. "I was born with a trooost That didn't survive the white noise of the lies Oh, the white heat of injooostice has taken my eyes I just wanna get high". Luv it J
  7. I gotta tell ya. I've got a playlist of all the songs drafted this year (both mid and year end) and there isn't a stinker in the bunch. Still just working my way through all the new stuff, but this is a hell of a playlist. Thanks, NV! J
  8. I've finally settled on my last pick. This one is probably the hardest because there are still other artists/albums I'd like to pimp more (Reignwolf, The Heavy, Speilbergs, Schizophonics, etc) but I've only got one selection left and it's going to AJR. Their album is super theatrical but I really enjoy it. They've had a couple of songs get airplay, but I'm going with one that feels like a good ending to this endeavor. 20.x - Karma by AJR You all did good this year! Thanks for the tunes. J
  9. I absolutely ADORE this song and have since first hearing it. I cannot thank you enough for making me aware of it. J
  10. I hadn't realized that until I went to link to the YT video and saw the date it was posted. It gave me a moments pause, but my love for the song overcame my reticence. J
  11. I picked "Almost Free" by this band in the mid-year but it was a toss-up between that song and this one. I want this one on this playlist, too. It's my fave to play at parties or on the jukebox and the local bar. 19.x - Alcohol by FIDLAR J
  12. Last Badflower song, I promise. Their album, "OK, I'm Sick" is my favorite for AOTY. I'm madly in love with at least 9 of the songs off the album. It's so hard to choose which one to present. Going with their most viewed song on YT. 18.x - Ghost by Badflower (But also check out The Jester, Girlfriend, Heroin, Promise Me and Wide Eyes...) J
  13. I'm going to 20, but these last few songs are going to be pulled from albums/artists that have already been posted (either here or in the mid-year draft). Mainly other great songs from my AOTY contenders. 17.x - Elevate by DJ Khalil (feat. Denzel Curry, YBN Cordae, SwaVay & Trevor Rich) Yes, it's a rap song about a super-hero. Still kicks ###. J
  14. Another (good) new song that reminds me of the artist's (good) old songs. 16.x - From Out of Nowhere by Jeff Lynne's ELO J