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  1. Klentak really did a nice job filling some holes. This is a legit offense with Asdrubal and Ramos in the starting lineup and Santana/Bour as first bat off the bench. I like what Quinn brings too. Fun to be watching meaningful baseball again!
  2. If you want something in the middle that is sturdy and will hold up in heavy wind/rain, we use the Clam Quickset... its $300 These Cabelas Cots are as comfy as my bed When my kids were young I told them I had access to an old book of treasure maps and would create a fake map of wherever we were going (often just by looking at Google maps). I bought a big bag of fake jewels and would stash some of them at the "X Marks the Spot" whenever we got there. They loved it and looked forward to it every trip. Keeping the kids engaged/entertained is half the challenge sometimes.
  3. Interesting tidbit.... The band name "Minus the Bear" was derived from this TV show...
  4. Joke's on them. I never expect a real outlet to work at the airport anyway.
  5. I once witnessed a clam eating contest at a bar. They were steamed and dipped in butter. I love clams, but it was disgusting. Two guys called it a draw at like 7 dozen. I couldn't even watch them gag down the last dozen or so.
  6. Got two newer songs stuck in my ear right now... Phosphorescent - New birth in New England Deathcab for Cutie - Gold Rush
  7. Is there really a basketball forum? I vaguely remember seeing one in the past, but there's no longer a link for it under Community? Vote no on the baseball forum. I like it where it is.
  8. The only problem I have with RoboUmps calling balls and strikes is the drastic effect it would have on the catcher position. Guys who spent the past 10+ years honing their craft would suddenly be replaced by slugger/DH/strong-arm types who just need to be able to catch the ball and throw runners out. It would change the game completely and not worth the small improvement in called balls/strike accuracy, IMO.
  9. Apparently its been going on for years, not just months.
  10. Ramos is a pretty big offensive upgrade over Alfaro and Loup has been good against lefties and can be used as a strict LOOGY once rosters expand. Assuming Cabrera plays some SS, they addressed the 3 biggest needs on the team. Still time to pick up a RH OF to platoon with Williams. I like what we did so far. See what happens. Get Manny or Harper this off-season and make a big trade for a SP and we're ready to seriously compete next year.
  11. Asdrubal Cabrera and Odubel Herrera You need to say it out loud to truly appreciate it.
  12. I very rarely make sammich's at home, but when I do its a grilled Reuben on pumpernickle with my homemade sauerkraut. :drool:
  13. I get the ORV pass every year to surf-fish in the spring and fall. The 6 big advantages to Assateague compared to other local beaches are... You can have a whole huge section of beach to yourself (anyone who frequents the NJ or DelMarVa beaches knows how rare this is). You can surf wherever you want. You can surf-fish wherever you want. You can drink beer You can have your dog on the beach. You can have beach fires. If none of these things appeal to you, Assateague probably isnt for you. The camping isnt that great (hot, sandy, windy, bugs) and the ponies get old pretty quick.
  14. Zion and Bryce were like night and day. Zion - Park access via vehicle is limited to only shuttle buses and authorized cars (people who are staying in the park). We got into the parking lot at 7:00am and it was filling up quick (once its full, you need to park even farther away and take a shuttle just to get to the place where you get the park shuttle). We grabbed coffee/breakfast, got dressed, filled our water bottles, and then waited in an hour line just to get on the shuttle to head into the park to the trailhead. The lodges in the park are along the shuttle route, so staying there eliminates the whole driving/parking fiasco and first shuttle wait in line. Definitely worth it, IMO. Bryce - You can drive anywhere or take the shuttle. It was pretty much empty compared to Zion. Literally 1/10th of the crowd. Easy to park at any of the stops. No lines for the shuttle buses. We just stopped as we passed by, so not really sure what other lodging options there are, but staying in the park didn't seem necessary.