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  1. Sell the tix and go to the parade instead. Its free and just as much fun as the game. Take the cash and spend a week at a 5-star resort in the Carrib.
  2. I usually do, but Im not a weirdo about it.
  3. Sweet, I didn't realize we were paying out top 4 spots. Free entry for next year.
  4. Can we see some dick pics?
  5. why do people fantasize so much about saving people? let me guess, this guy has a permit to carry?
  6. Wait, you're declaring Trumbo as a victory for you?... the guy lead MLB in HR's The only stat that really matters anyway is our head-to-head record in Pie, which is currently 2-0 (in dominating fashion) in my favor.
  7. Yep, good season guys. Congrats to @jamny and @MAC_32 on well deserved victories. You both had great drafts and spent the majority of the season at the top. Congrats to @cosjobs for working the wire relentlessly and stealing 3rd back from me right at the closing bell. Big thanks to @RnR for keeping the draft running smoothly despite @HellToupee's best efforts to stop it. And special thanks for @Peyton Marino for providing the entertainment this season. I didn't think it could get any better than draft-day mocking of Story and Trumbo, but that whole Justin Turner / Eric Hosmer exchange turned into some of the sickest ownage the internet has ever seen. Bring on the 2017 draft.
  8. If it were for me, I'd take the hookah, pinball machine, golf simulator and Justin Bieber posters. But this is supposed to be for teenage girls. Not enough space for a ping pong table unfortunately. The mani-pedi chair was the best idea, but holy ####, Im not paying $3k for a chair.
  9. My youngest daughter is already asking for a Polaroid camera. You know those prints are $1 each?
  10. My beer fridge is in the basement too. Luckily my kids take after their rule-abiding mother and not me.
  11. Looking for a cool Xmas present for my girls (13 and 15yo). They're finally starting to use the basement when hanging out with friends. Already has TV/music. They dont play video games. Already has shuffleboard and Foosball (which no one uses). They do like to play board games when friends are there. Otherwise, they just "hang out" down there. Any ideas?
  12. Three guys in their mid 20's were out at night on a boat fishing. I'd be much more surprised if there was no alcohol found.
  13. Let's not get crazy here.
  14. First one I've seen so far.
  15. This is my guess. I have a friend of a friend (straight maie) who claims to have had a very creepy run-in with him one time. Says Spacey wanted to have his way with him and was very aggressive and made it super uncomfortable to be around him. I think about it every time I see him. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that Travolta, Cruise, etc swing both ways, but that doesn't make them a sexual predator. Spacey seems more like that type to me.