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  1. I read a book about a guy who was stranded at sea for 438 days. Next to finding empty water bottles with a little bit of chew spit in them, shark liver was his favorite treat. His body craved the nutrients so badly that he compared to it eating candy.
  2. Let he who has not sent masturbation videos to random female co-workers cast the first stone.
  3. Yes. Check out any State Parks that are nearby. They're likely to have a lake for fishing. Sunnies have very small mouths, so to be successful, you need very small hooks. Put a little piece of worm on a small #10-12 hook about 2-3ft below a bobber and you should have no problems finding them. I'd also suggest bringing a bigger rod (7ft med) rigged with a 2/0 circle hook and a casting bobber. When you catch a smaller sunny, hook him just below the dorsel fin and bomb it out as far as you can. You might get lucky and hook up with one of the predators (bass, catfish, muskie) in the lake too. That's when it really gets fun.
  4. That will work fine. Any of the Zebco spin cast reels are good for beginners. The two most important things are to practice casting out in the yard with one of those practice sinkers before turning him loose with a hook, and to make sure to take him somewhere that he actually catches something. Most kids get bored pretty quick.
  5. So glad Irvin and Mooch weren't on the list. Show wouldnt be the same without them. I assume we've seen the last of Faulk. Wonder who replaces him?
  6. I dont mind the move if the extra slot pool money is, in fact, a precursor to getting Ohtani. If they dont land Ohtani though, then yeah, oof.
  7. I get to pick my own leased vehicle (within reason) through my work. What makes some cars "better" to lease than others and where do you look to see who is offering the best leases? Any other examples of sweet rides that currently have "good leases"?
  8. Note to self: Business is serious in here.
  9. This is what I was thinking. There's an Asian market not to far from me that I should probably check out, but Ive been in there a few times looking for weird things and its a little intimidating. I have a hard enough time explaining to a local farmer what I want, I can only imagine how difficult the conversation will be with the high-strung Aisan grocer who speaks very little English.
  10. you familiar with the term boatloads?
  11. Grab the PSU -3 line while you still can.
  12. That makes sense. Breaking Bad and Dexter especially are both so intensely dark sometimes. Not exactly relax and unwind shows.
  13. Not really, wish I did. Someone mentioned that earlier in the thread as well. Good to know their price, though. Thanks
  14. My girls are 15yo and 16yo. I've never restricted or monitored anything they've ever watched in their lives. Then again, they've never given me any reason not to trust them.
  15. Since there's no chance he was ever coming to Philly, Id much prefer to see him go to a harmless team like the Padres or Mariners.