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  1. E-Z Glider

    Heating my basement

    No help on the heating question, but my basement is usually around low 60's in the winter (and also very cool in the summer) and I also have a big aquarium down there and dont heat it at all. Im sure it depends on the type of fish (I have mostly fish that we catch out of our local creek), but I also a pleco (sucker/tank cleaner fish) that EVERYONE told me would die in water that cold and its been in there for 5+ years and has tripled in size.
  2. E-Z Glider

    ***OFFICIAL Air Fryer Thread***

    Try the nachos too. Lightly brush both sides of a 4 yellow corn tortillas with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, cut in quarters, and put em in for 8 minutes or so. They're fantastic nice and warm and fresh out of the fryer. I've been eating them with a bowl of chilis copycat salsa recipe.
  3. I change the channel the instant he comes on. GGGGGooooood afffteererrrnn.... click. Same category as Deion Sanders for me. Nails on a chalkboard.
  4. I do believe the Yankees could and would match that offer. Im not sure I believe that's the actual offer though, and I definitely dont believe that's what he'll ultimately sign for.
  5. Tough to argue with this logic and I certainly wont be unhappy if they sign both, BUT, Harper and Machado each have their warts and Philly isn't their top destination. Trout is basically GOD (so much better than every other player in baseball its ridiculous) and would LOVE to be here. Sometimes it pays to have some patience instead of grabbing every shiny new object now just because you can. Take the Yankees for example. Im sure they're kicking themselves every day for taking on that horrible Stanton contract. They could be bidding for Manny and Harper. Instead they're signing guys like JA Happ and DJ Lameiheau.
  6. So many rumors out there right now my head is spinning. Latest suggests the Phils only want to sign one of Harpachdo because they want to maintain payroll flexibility for Trout. Seems dumb if they plan on waiting 2 years for him to hit FA. Makes great sense if they believe they have a legit shot of trading for him AND extending him in the near future. Not sure what it even takes to start that conversation at this point? Rhys, Sixto, plus ? for Trout?
  7. Agree that the odds will go down big-time when they start signing players, but it takes a lot more than a couple guys to win the WS. Even if the Phils sign both, the Nats still probably had a better team last year and they didnt even make the playoffs.
  8. The rumored Machado offer from the White Sox is just bizarre. It's basically the same deal Teixiera got 10 years ago in his age 29 season. I think we're seeing a market correction, but that's pretty extreme.
  9. Sounds like Harper is in the bag (from semi-believable "inside sources"). Machado still seems possible too. Can't believe Im saying this, but Im going to be disappointed if we dont get both at this point.
  10. I feel like the world is coming to an end on the 2 mornings my wife works and I have to get up at 6:30 with my kids. The other 5 days, I get up when my body is done. Usually around 7:30 or so. I'm usually in bed by 11:00pm too. I love sleep.
  11. E-Z Glider

    a newer song you love?

    Guster - Overexcited New album doesn't drop until Friday, so this live version was all I could find. Been hearing it a lot on the radio though and it.
  12. E-Z Glider

    ***OFFICIAL Air Fryer Thread***

    I have this Phillips model. My reviews are mixed. It takes up way too much counter space and yet the cooking basket is too small. It would not cook enough fries/wings at one time for 4 people. Id say 2 adults, max. Cleanup is still a pretty big PITA, but much easier than dealing with grease and a deep fryer. At this point, I really only use it for 4 things. Wings, french fries, sweet potato fries and nacho chips (made from real tortillas). Despite all the negative things I said, it does a fantastic job on these 4 things. In hindsight, maybe these are things you're just better off ordering out than trying to make at home. Kinda like sushi.
  13. E-Z Glider

    2018 FBG Album Poll - 13th Annual

    2.5 for me List sent
  14. Don't know most of these, but Im a big Tom Green fan. He should be awesome on this. Lochte and Kato both seem like d-bags. Looking forward to Joey saying WHOA!