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  1. Made it to day 5 today w/ no cheats. A high-fat diet goes against everything I thought I knew, so Ive been treating it more like a science experiment than a diet. Not really easy, but not really hard either. I feel a bit sluggish in the late afternoon, but nothing I would describe as flu-like. My biggest complaint is the unquenchable thirst (does this ever go away?). No matter how much water I drink, its not enough. Doesn't help that everything I eat is salty and the herbs just add to the cotton mouth. There are certain parts of the day where I feel like I have a giant void in my belly and nothing I'm allowed to eat will satisfy it. Most of the day, I feel OK though. My favorite thing I've been eating is an avocado cubed up in a bowl with crumbled bacon and a handful of salt-and-vinegar almonds. So simple and so freakin good/satisfying. Anyone have any other snack/meal ideas that aren't so salty? TLDR: The lack of crackers is making me thirsty.
  2. I dont know. Luis Castillo is a non-prospect who suddenly had a small sample size of success in MLB last season. Ohtani is supposed to be one of the greatest international FA ever and suddenly had a small sample size of failure in MLB. I'd probably lean towards the guy people compare to Babe Ruth. I also stink at fantasy baseball and love to take a gamble, so take it with a grain of salt.
  3. Can only consider him a SP in weekly leagues. I actually think he's a decent buy-low in round 9 thanks to his horrid spring. What other SPs are still out there?
  4. I think we're going to see a lot more defensive shifting this year. The Phillies are talking about implementing "aggressive shifting" where Rhys Hoskins will move back and forth from RF to LF depending on the batter. The Astros went experimental yesterday and played 4 OF's and no 3B against Matt Adams. Will be interesting to see when/how the league adjusts.
  5. This has unintentionally found it's way into my real life shtick now too. I can't help myself either. I never even noticed how often my daughters say "essay". They have no idea what it means, but it immediately elicits an every time.
  6. Unlikely, but these are the type of hot taeks that get bumped in July. Bradley is a flawed batter. If he continues to regress like he did last year, its not out of the question that someone else gets the starts and Bradley becomes the defensive replacement.
  7. I'm ready to endorse Blake Swihart in 2 catcher leegs. Post-hype sleeper making the roster and swinging a hot bat. He won't play any catcher, but he's been getting time at 1st, 3rd, and LF too, so lots of opportunities. Not hard to envision him taking AB's from Hanley / Moreland / JBJ. He can most likely be grabbed in the last round (or waiver wire) too. PS - Eephus' pick of Vogelbach is looking pretty good too. I liked him last year, but wasn't paying much attention after getting burned.
  8. ohtani ops as a hitter this spring = 0.298 ohtani ops allowed as a pitcher this spring = 1.718
  9. I'm going to give this a spin for 30-days. Pants are getting a little snug. I typically do a maintenance diet this time of year, but just not feeling it. I've read the thread and some of the articles and think I have a pretty good grasp on what I can eat and what I cant. I'm in the "no math / tracking" camp, so Im really hoping I can do this without all without an app. I think I'll be OK with the food part (I was actually excited to get started yesterday as I was preparing food for the week - bacon, keto-meatballs, parm crisps, etc), but I'm absolutely dreading 30 days without beer. Not even sure I can do it. Planning on substituting lime seltzer water w/ bourbon and lots of herbal supplements. Question - I've been doing IF (ie: skipping breakfast) since before it was a thing, so planning to stick to that. I put a spoonful of coconut oil in my coffee this morning, but I'm not exactly sure why. Is this still recommended? What's the reasoning behind this?
  10. I love the places where you buy your own beer at the bar and order your own food at a counter and settle your tab whenever. I really have no need for the whole “server” concept.
  11. BP has an article today on "tandem starters". Maybe the Phils would be a good fit? You got a bunch of back-end options, a progressive FO/Coach, and nothing to lose. The idea is that you have 6 rotation spots with 4 SPs and a couple "tandem guys" that throw every 3-4 days or are available to pitch in emergencies in between "starts", so your rotation would look like SP1 (Nola), SP2 (Arrieta), Tandem (Pivetta/Lively/Leiter), SP3 (Velazquez), SP4 (Eshelman), Tandem. It's an interesting thought.
  12. Sometimes me and a few of the other lineman like to gather up sacks of dead possums and throw them off the roof to make it look to Building Services like we have a possum problem here.
  13. Another topic we have been over time and time again
  14. Overlooking the obvious here... DUG Pederson
  15. With no experience, no expectations, and 2 young kids, I'd stick with the shortest drive / best deal. Pick the 5 places closest to you and call and see what kind of beginner deals they offer. For example, at my local slope, they have a "learn to ski package" for $90 that includes beginner lift ticket, rentals, and a 90-minute lesson. If you pay an additional $50 after the lesson, you get free lessons and half-off rentals and lift tickets for the rest of the season. So you'd be looking at $140 per person for the first day, and then like $60 per person for every day you wanted to ski after that, and that would include all pass/rentals and unlimited lessons (they have like 5x a day).