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  1. Just got clarification. No phones allowed anywhere in courthouse, BUT I can go to my car on lunch-break. So Ill at least be able to make a mid-day pick.
  2. Seems weird seeing Severino and Clevinger get hurt BEFORE I draft them.
  3. No phones anywhere. Even if you aren't picked for anything. Gonna be torture. Ill make up for it by being extra fast the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the draft though!
  4. Picked up a 4pk of these yesterday based on your recommendation. Big fan! Will be picking up a case today. As a guy who has only drank water, beer and coffee for the past 10 years, it's great to have another option in the mix. My wife drinks fruity seltzers, but I never really got into them. These Hoppy Refreshers also pair very nicely with some reefer. Great way to enjoy a guilt-free weekday buzz with no next day repercussions.
  5. So, I have jury duty the first week of March. No Internet access M-F, 8a-5p.
  6. 5'11 and 1/2". I used to be 5'11" and 3/4" and would just round up and say 6ft, but since I started shrinking, I decided to call it what it is.
  7. Seven weeks down. Had a "relaxed diet" weekend, but only one truly gluttonous meal. Been very active. Not sure what the end-game is here. Feeling much better than December, but still seeing a flabby guy in the mirror. Gonna try to keep it rolling until spring I guess and see where we wind up. 1/2 - 184 lbs 1/9 - 179.8 lbs 1/16 - 177.4 lbs 1/23 - 176.0 lbs 1/30 - 174.8 lbs 2/6 - 172.4 lbs 2/13 - 172.2 lbs 2/20 - 171.0 lbs My food recommendation for the week is Schmidts 647 Bread. Pile it up with turkey, onions, banana peppers and mustard. Maybe have a bag of WW BBQ crisps and/or a banana with it if Im really hungry. For a low-cal lunch, its PFG.
  8. What are you talking about? He was one of the first group to blast the Astros. At the Brewers fan-fest or something. He, Braun and Council all lit them up for being cheaters.
  9. The slopes in the Northeast are nothing like the slopes out west. Some decent vert, but no huge, long runs. Its also very expensive. The last I looked into it, it was cheaper to fly out West for a trip than it was to stay in Vermont. I'm with you. Live less than 10 min from local hill (Ski Roundtop). Prefer skiing weeknights after work. We have a locker there with all our stuff. Can go from driveway to chair (if by myself) in about 15 minutes, so I rarely go elsewhere. Would really like to do a trip out West sometime though.
  10. Taking a road trip to Maine and not seeing Acadia would be like taking a road trip to Arizona and skipping the Grand Canyon.
  11. When we did our Maine trip, this was our destination. We tried to break everything up into 3-4 hours drives. Seems like way too much for a weekend trip. This was our itinerary. Day 1 - Leave from PA and stayed in a random hotel (4 hrs north). Days 2/3 - Booked a house on the beach at Kittery Point, ME (3 more hours north). Day 4/5 - Booked a house in Bar Harbor/Acadia (3 more hours north) Day 6 - Booked a house in Old Orchard Beach (funny northern beach town - kinda tries to be like a NJ "down the shore" town - 3 hours South) Day 7 - Booked a house in Mystic, CT (cool town/beach - Taylor Swift has a gigantic mansion / pennisula / lighthouse on the beach - 3 hours South). Day 8 - Home. As far as things we did along the way, I downloaded the "TV Foods Map" and we stopped at every top rated restaurant along the way for a Lobster Roll. I must've ate a dozen that week. So good.
  12. Most of the reaction from players and media that Ive seen is hating on the Astros, not the commish? The biggest complaint Ive seen or heard is that he isnt punishing the players, which he cant, so its not really a legitimate complaint. The "piece of metal" comment seems pretty innocuous to me. Hardly worth the outrage its receiving. I could be reading this all wrong, but I dont really see a reason to be mad at the commish here?
  13. I actually think he's handled this all pretty well given the circumstances. He's stood on stage repeatedly and answered every question asked. Obviously not every answer was going to please everyone. What should he have done to handle this better? He can't punish the players. He never would've gotten the info otherwise.