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  1. Got pretty ripped at a disc golf tourney yesterday. Went to the bar afterwards and had a gigantic burger and fries. My first real cheat / breakdown since I started. Back to the grind. Really looking forward to this exciting Oat announcement today.
  2. Here's video of the final moments... the segment on MLB network was better though, they showed video from earlier in the day when he was in full Captain America suit and when he crossed the 26.2 mile mark. He was shadow-boxing and singing on the treadmill. Dude is nuts.
  3. Did anyone see the segment on MLB network with Eric Byrnes celebrating his birthday? He ran 40 miles on a treadmill, immediately chugged half a beer and poured the rest over his head, then ran out the door in his Captain America underwear and rolled down the hill in the snow. Kids cheering him on the whole way. It was pretty remarkable. Gotta be a video of it out there somewhere, but I cant find it.
  4. pretty sure you had the same reaction when I mentioned PV in a thread last year. I was there last Nov/Dec. Its probably a bit more developed than when you were there, but still just as awesome as you remember.
  5. Slightly off-topic, but did you ever read The Great Starvation Experiment: Ancel Keys and the Men Who Starved for Science. ? Fascinating book with some amazing findings. I remember it made me hungry to read it though. Maybe not a good idea to re-read it now.
  6. I was just to CR recently with my 13yo and 15yo. Not sure what you mean by this. If you're wondering if they will allow your kids to do the adventures? Yes, they definitely will. They're not big on rules and regulations there. If you're wondering if you'll be able to score some weed along the way, the answer is also yes, but you'll have much better luck ditching the kids first. San Jose is the worst part of the country. I assume this is where the soccer is, but you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don't get out to see the other parts of the country while you're there. If you're just looking for some cheap, easy, beach time, head West. Rent a car ($60/day) and drive to Jaco. It's an easy 2 hour drive on a nicely paved 2-lane highway. Jaco is a funky, laid back little beach town with some really good restaurants. Lots of excursions available... fishing trips, ziplines, 4-wheeler, horses, waterfall, etc. Our hotel even came with a free 1-hour surf lesson. If you're looking for some real adventure, head East. Get this, you can actually white-water raft from San Jose to the Puerto Viejo area. How's that for a fun transfer!?1 They will pick you up at your hotel, feed you, and transport you and your luggage to the doorstep of your hotel in Puerto Viejo. It takes about the same amount of time (4 hours) and costs about the same ($100pp) as getting a transfer. Puerto Viejo is an even cooler and hipper beach town where everything is still (relatively) cheap. Its one of those rare places where the jungle literally meets the beach. Howler monkeys, sloths, jungle critters, etc. There are so many cool, unique things to do in this area you could easily kill 3-4 days here.
  7. 1/2 acre? This sounds awfully lazy (unless of course you have a physical disability). Mowing the lawn is free exercise.
  8. Pretending to still watch/believe this show is great shtick.
  9. Well, you look like an idiot, but as long as you stay in your lane I dont really care.
  10. Right before bed is the hardest time for me too. I hate going to bed on an empty stomach, You think its hard passing up snacks after a couple glasses of wine, try doing it with a raging case of the munchies. I've replaced the evening bowl of ice-cream with an evening bowl of grapes/blueberries topped w/ 2 TBLS of low-sugar granola and 2 TBLS of non-fat unflavored greek yogurt. The smooth, next-morning BM that follows is just an added bonus.
  11. When the car in front of you is making a left turn and you go to pass and they suddenly swing out wide to the right before turning. You're not driving an 18-wheeler, Lincoln Hawk. Stop driving like a ####ing moron.
  12. Couple years back, I wanted to re-do our logo, create a new sign for our new office, and create several new marketing brochures. Local place quoted me about $5k for the project. Found a guy on fiverr from Portugal who's sample stuff I really liked and got all of it done for $315.
  13. Milestone Monday When I started this 6 weeks ago @ 183lbs, I had 2 goals. 1. Get under 170 and 2. Stick with it until April 1. One goal down, half-way to the second. Even though I didn't get in the competition, this thread has been great M-F motivation for me. Thanks doods.
  14. Heard some discussion this morning about what would happen if/when they move to an automated-ump calling balls and strikes. Said it would completely eliminate the art of pitch-framing and change the entire way the position of catcher is viewed. Basically making it a much more offensive-minded, rather than defensive-minded, position. Also said it would cut way-down on steals as catchers would no longer need to receive the ball in the best position to frame a pitch, they would instead concentrate solely on receiving the ball while being in the best position to throw out a runner. Interesting stuff I never thought of.
  15. You really think they're outright cheating? I'm sure there are a lot of rules that aren't common knowledge that stack the odds in their favor, but a major network isnt going to blatantly cheat people out of money for a TV show.