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  1. Oh wait, didn't see the thread title change.... Goldenplane
  2. The Bald Eagles The Liver Spots The Hip Replacements
  3. Thanks Midas! A little sprinkle of your magic is just what the rest my team needs!
  4. and Trumbo leads the league in HR's and Story already set the rookie record for HR's for a SS. It's like you have the Midas touch, except opposite.
  5. I really like some guy. Hope he's right.
  6. Stark suggests the Phils are looking for a return on Hellickson similar to what they got for Papelbon at last years deadline. I sure hope not. I dont think Hellickson is a front-line starter or anything, but given the circumstances/contracts/etc, he has much more value than Papelbon did last year.
  7. OK sure, circle back.... do we like that better than "Follow up" (or worse "circle around")?
  8. This looks fantastic. Never used the Recaito before, but will definitely give it a try. The only mod I might recommend is pickling your red onions (slice them thin, cover with hot red wine vinegar and let soak) to use as toppings. Adds a nice tang to the other flavors. Pickled radishes work well too.
  9. Thoughts on using "circle around" instead of "follow up" in email communications?
  10. Nice deadline audition by Hellboy yesterday. Sounds like the Fish and O's are interested. I prefer one of the Marlins prospects (Kolek, Naylor, Garrett) over what the O's have in their system now that Hunter Harvey is injured. No need to give him away though, he could be one of the top SP FA's this off-season and bring back a nice comp pick.
  11. Yeah, not claiming that picky kids will eat it and not know its noodles. Just pimping it for being MUCH better than I expected and a great healthy alternative to pasta. As for cooking, I typically just add them to the sauce and stir when ready to eat. Ive also sprinkled with salt and laid on towels for a few hours to remove some water. Not really necessary, but keeps it from getting soupy when the water is extracted by the salt in your sauce.
  12. Hosmer = 13HR, 4SB, 47R, 51RBI, 356OBP Turner = 15HR, 2SB, 41R, 50RBI, 341OBP Man, this coffee...
  13. Now that zucchini season is in full swing, I just gotta say this OXO Spiralizer is fan-####ing-tastic! I really dont even like zucchini or squash. The taste and texture are both unappealing to me. I also never like spaghetti squash. Thought it was terrible. But spriralize a fresh picked zucchini into some "zoodles" and somehow they're awesome. You hardly even notice that its not noodles. Great tossed in an Italian gravy (yes, I said it), a garlic/lemon/white wine cream sauce, or even in a Thai style coconut-milk/lime/fish-sauce and topped with crushed peanuts. Love em.
  14. When I was younger, there was a local dive-bar that had a huge vat of pickled eggs on the counter. The bartender there was a squatty neanderthal beast with summer teeth and large moles. When you ordered your egg, she would hop up on a bar stool, roll up her sleeves, and dive her entire arm down deep into the barrel. As she was swirling her arm around, fishing for your egg, you couldn't help but be mesmerized by her thick black arm-hairs swaying gracefully in the purple pickle juice. Eating one of these pickled eggs at 2:00am became a rite of passage amongst our friends.
  15. Davis over 36.5 - at 22, should be good if no injuries Springer over 24.5 - at 19 Schwarber under - Cruz under - 23 (32.5) - Donaldson over 31.5 - at 23 Correa over 26.5 - at 14, cutting it close Prince over 22.5 - at 8 Albert under 27.5 - at 15, cutting it close Schwarber under - Longoria under 22.5 - at 19 Springer - Frazier over 26.5 - at 25 Stanton under 36.5 - at 20, wouldn't want to be on that Davis under 36.5 - at 22, not good unless injuries Donaldson - Springer - Arenado over 30.5 - at 23 Bautista over 31.5 - at 12