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  1. My daughter has a friend (16yo) at school that is a big runner and frequent sleep walker. She recently got up in the middle of night and went for a sleep-run. She came to her senses in the middle of the night over a mile away from her house. It was dark and cold and she was under-dressed and terrified. She ended up banging on a neighbor's door and they got up and drove her home. One freezing, drunken night in college, we had lost our power (and heat) were sitting around the table in the living room drinking whiskey to stay warm. All of sudden we heard water gushing and splashing onto the floor. We all thought a pipe had burst and went running into the kitchen. There was my roommate, buck-naked and swinging his body from side-to-side just soaking everything in sight. Made him clean in up the next day. He didnt remember any of it.
  2. <----- Drafted both Vogelbach and Kang in pieleeg.
  3. Good on you. Enjoy the pasta. Soda is going the way of the cigarette. No reason for anyone to be drinking it. I've been on coffee/water/beer only for almost a decade and don't miss it at all. Night-time desserts are a problem for me. I plan to continue with my banana "cookies". When I started this, I could barely gag one down. Now I crave them and savor it like it's a real cookie.
  4. No way. I've been pretty hardcore since Jan 2 and all Ive been thinking for the last couple weeks is that this has been the longest 3 months of my life. I'm really looking forward to enjoying the occasional snack/treat/alcohol binge guilt-free again.
  5. Dont sweat the petty stuff. Dont pet the sweaty stuff.
  6. alcohol is a depressant
  7. Giolito and Glasnow are still the top SP prospects and figure to get a shot at some point this year. Giolito starting in the minors for sure. Glasnow probably too. Moncada probably fits your description the best. Bellinger, Gallo, Brinson, Meadows could all get a shot if there are injuries or they get off to hot starts.
  8. Really enjoying watching Neshek in the WBC. Never knew he was such a spaz on the mound.
  9. I'm really getting sick of eating the same stuff all the time. This is pretty fantastic. You can leave out the butter and sausage if you must. Shrimp & "Grits" w/ Red-eye Gravy 1 head of cauliflower 1 TBL Butter 2 TBL Milk 1/4 C parmasean 1lb Shrimp Blackening seasoning 1 TBL Olive oil 1/4lb Andouille sausage 1/2 onion diced 1 TBL Worcestershire 1 tsp hot sauce 2 cups black coffee 2 cups chicken broth Cook/steam cauliflower in 1" of water for 15 minutes and drain. Puree with immersion blender. Add butter, milk and parm and stir to make "grits". Toss shrimp in seasoning and blacken in a hot pan with oil. Saute onions and sausage until onions are soft. Add liquids and stir for "red eye gravy". Spoon a mound of cauliflower "grits" into bowl. Top with 5-6 blackened shrimp. Pour a few cups of gravy over the top. Interested to hear other people's go-to tasty/healthy recipes.
  10. Get a refund. Book a trip to Punta Cana / Riviera Maya for $4k instead. Buy something super-awesome for $4k.
  11. Riviera Maya (Cancun) or Jamaica? Both should have direct flights. I love the area around Riviera Maya (Cenotes, caves, etc), but the seaweed in the water and on the beaches was really bad the last two times I was there. People say Jamaica is great if you're OK spending most of your time at the resort (Ive never been since we prefer to explore). Costa Rica is very cool, but requires a bit of traveling to get to the coast after you fly into San Jose.
  12. FYI - These places are nothing like Punta Cana (if that's what you're looking for). Its mostly an older vacation crowd in rural settings. There are no resorts, nightlife, casinos, or shopping, The food (other than fresh seafood) will most likely suck and everything is going to be WAAAYYY more expensive. The natural beauty of this area is off-the-charts though and its a fishing/snorkeling paradise if you're into that sort of thing.
  13. x3 on the out-islands > nassau (but they're not easy/cheap to get to)... Is there any reason you picked Nassau? If you're looking for cheap/easy destinations, look at Punta Cana, Riviera Maya, Costa Rica, etc.
  14. Id like to do this. Put me on the standby list if anyone drops out.
  15. Debbie Wanner from Survivor