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  1. My buddy is in HVAC. He wears a mask whenever he goes into people's homes. A few weeks back, he went to a mutual friend's house for a service call. The whole family was there. He wore a mask, they didnt. They immediately said, "you dont have to wear that!"... "please take it off!". He politely refused and kept his mask on. The next day, their daughter tested positive for COVID. You never know.
  2. Opponents are hitting .392 off of Workman since coming to the Phillies (and honestly, that seems low) and he has a 2.67 WHIP. DFA the guy already. He's cooked.
  3. Spent last weekend at the beach. Brought home a nice pompano to grill. What a treat. Wish we had access to these things all year round!
  4. One of the girls in 4th grade fell asleep in her chair in front of the camera for zoom class. Whole class was laughing hysterically. Kids started calling their parents in to see. Teacher couldn't get control. Eventually, the teacher tried texting the girls Mom, but couldnt get in touch with anyone. Girl ended up sleeping through the entire class on camera and no one could do anything about it.
  5. Thanks for the recs! @jamny too! Seems like a lot of foreign comedy shows. We'll check'em out!
  6. Looking for some more recommendations on shows that are under 1 hour. Last time I asked, these were recommended... Catastrophe - wife already watched it Barry - Atypical - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - found her pretty annoying Kominsky Method - just finished Barry and seemed too similar, so we skipped it Eastbound and Down - had its moments, but wife didnt care for it Schitt's Creek - wife already watched it What shows did you like that were under 1 hours?
  7. For health reasons, maybe. For weight, Id say no. My weight has fluctuated in a 15lb window for the past 20+ years. When my weight it up, its because Im eating too much sugar and processed (non-meat) junk. When I want to lose a bunch of weight quickly, I switch to eating mostly lean meat instead.
  8. This argument is basically boiling down to prepper -vs- non-prepper.
  9. Daughter is a HS senior taking a course at a local college. She's supposed to start tomorrow. Found out Saturday that one of her best friends was exposed and getting tested. Found out today that the friend tested positive. Took daughter for a test today hoping that a negative would mean she could start school on Wednesday. Nope. They dont want to see her for 2 weeks regardless of test outcome.
  10. I believe the new model will be places specifically built for take-out. Instead of crammed kitchens and big empty dining areas, they will be purpose-built to facilitate huge amounts of food moving out the door in the short 2 hour dinner rush. The ordering, payment, and pickup processes will be streamlined for speed. I believe there will be more family style options (where you buy a dinner based on the number of people eating rather than each person ordering individually off a menu) which will offer better pricing. And in the end, I believe the food will be better and cheaper because only the strong will survive.
  11. NYC is Dead Forever... Here's Why Interesting read. Covers much of what's already been said in here.
  12. Could depend on the business you're in too. I have friends in the HVAC business who often get paid in cash. They always have cash on hand and never use CC's.
  13. If by immature, you mean kinda lazy, then sure, I guess? Irresponsible seems like the wrong word choice here though. I assume people not carrying cash do still have a CC on them.