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  1. got a whole bowl of fresh cooked COTW over here if you're interested.
  2. Made some Chicken (of the woods) Cheesesteak Sliders w/ home pickled jalapenos for lunch!
  3. You some sort of mycophagophobe?
  4. Chicken of the Woods is succulent with a mild flavor. It has a fibrous texture similar to chicken and can be used as a substitute in almost any meal. Just harvested my chicken. Haven't decided exactly what to do with it yet, but hoping to sneak it into dinner tonight. I'll try a small sample before feeding it to the family. They say chickens growing on a Eucalyptus or Conifer tree can potentially cause nausea, vomiting and swelling of the lips, but I found this one on an Oak, so Im pretty certain it will be OK.
  5. I said there is nothing else that looks like it on the East Coast.
  6. Agree. I dont think we're close enough to bother with Darvish, Arrieta, Cueto, Tanaka. I'd be somewhat interested in Alex Cobb. He's about the only FA SP under 30. We have a glut of MI. I like Cesar and am OK with Freddy as a super-sub. Id be pretty tempted to float JPC or Kingery and see what kind of young arm you could get in return.
  7. Found a beautiful Chicken of the Woods in my yard yesterday. Planning on harvesting it for dinner tonight.
  8. This worries me a bit. I know we have a ton of money burning a hole in our pockets, but Id rather give the young guys another year to figure out their place on this team and then go ALL IN on Machado next offseason.
  9. His pitch recognition and plate coverage are what's insane right now and these are skills you don't just luck into. Watching him work a count is a thing of beauty. Of Stantons 54 HR's, only 9 have come with 2 strikes. Hoskin's already has 10. Its crazy.
  10. SIL's cousin and husband were vacationing in St Martin when Irma hit. Only news anyone really had was that it was very bad there, but they were alive and awaiting military evacuation. They finally got to Puerto Rico (still there now) and were able to share more info from their ordeal. Apparently the hotel/resort they were staying in on St Marin was pretty badly damaged during the hurricane. As soon as the storm cleared, looting began in the streets and tourists were very much a target. They joined up with others at the hotel and barricaded up the end of their hallway and slept in shifts to make sure no one came in. They made makeshift weapons (long poles with butcher knives attached to the end) and had fire extinguishers to protect themselves from anyone that tried to get through the barricade. She shared a photo from the scene. It was not a posed, LAM!, selfie-type photo (she was not aware it was being taken). It was a picture of her from the side holding this butcher-knife weapon and looking absolutely terrified. Pretty disturbing stuff.
  11. Guy really deserves his own thread
  12. CNN basically saying water level will be over the keys with surge and there will be 15' waves on top of that. GTFO
  13. There's also the choice of buying a sugar-free, natural, organic twix that's made with broccoli that has no horribly obese person on it.