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  1. If you're truly looking for a cheap polo that wont shrink, the Amazon Essentials Quick Dry Polo is only $15 and gets very good reviews. I got some printed up with our logo on it last year and they weren't bad at all.
  2. I agree with the sentiment, but "Monday morning armchair quarterbacks" might have been a better analogy. People analyzing everything after-the-fact and claiming they would've handled it better. In reality, I highly doubt anyone here would've / could've handled this any better than gianmarco did.
  3. Have you ever played Codenames? Wife's family almost had a throw-down over it last Thanksgiving. Fun game.
  4. My wife's family would spend hours arguing every answer if you let them. Her cousin is the worst and will argue even the dumbest answers. Now the player in question gets the opportunity to make one statement and then it immediately goes to a countdown (3, 2, 1, GO) and everyone either gives a thumbs-up or thumbs-down and that's the end of it.
  5. None do. It's really only happened a few times. Like, a fraction of a percentage of the time. And never for the truly top tier Free Agents. Not only do players not want to do it, but the union highly frowns upon it since its doing a disservice to all your fellow players. Yet every year, I hear this argument from people. Just last year, it was Harper is a "West Coast Guy" and Corbin has been a Yankees fan his whole life, and Machado will go to the White Sox because they picked up his brother-in-law. Its all ridiculous. They all take the most money. I'm already hearing Cole will most likely go to the Angels or Dodgers because he's a "California guy". NO HE WONT. He'll go to whichever team offers the most money. Just like every other big name FA in history.
  6. I had $20 to win $280 on the Nats at the start of the playoffs. I hedged $70 to win $40 on the Astros after they went up 3-1 on the Yankees because I thought they were gonna steamroll the Nats. No idea what to think about this game tonight, but I sure hope the Nats win.
  7. I would guess its been working longer than most people realize. Did you know that when you "shut down" Windows 10, it doesnt really shut down?
  8. lol.... that's not what I was insinuating at all.... comment had nothing to do with you.... I meant that the truly "high-level" pitchers in MLB with proven track records of control are more likely to get beneficial calls. Glavine/Smoltz/Maddux made a living at it. They would get calls that no other pitchers would get. Works the same way for batters. A guy known to have a "great eye" (like Miggy) is less likely to get rung up on a close pitch than some schlep. A robo ump would ensure everyone is on the exact same level and I would think that would upset the "high level pitchers".
  9. Not sure I agree with that. "High level pitchers" are more likely to get calls from umps than some no-name.
  10. People are awfully judgy considering I never mentioned even mentioned the distance... or the size of the sign.... or the tremendous wind the was howling... or the low quality of the nutz I was throwing.... or the sharp pain I suddenly feel in my shoulder after the first throw.... etc.
  11. Not really complaining, just relaying a real-life story that I thought was interesting. Not every day I get yelled at by a nut-job. Will definitely keep doing the walk (we typically walk during the day on weekdays, so don't imagine Ill see him that often anyway). Will not be throwing more walnuts at the street sign (I have no interest in a 2nd confrontation with this whacko). If that was his desire and he feels good about the way he handled it, then sure, I suppose he's the "winner" here.
  12. lol... no way. I assume a golf ball would dent the sign. These were soft and incapable of actually causing damage.
  13. Did you miss the part where I said I was 50?