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  1. A still-glowing lightening bug in my ice cream cone. Dug at that sucker with my tongue for several minutes before realizing what it was. Thought I had a fluorescent treat.
  2. Salvy Perez steals his 3rd base of his career. at covering his head.
  3. Nothing. I highly doubt they're instructing employees to do horrible things to their guests. When you have that many people working for one company though, there will undoubtedly be some creeps. That stat alone would have me a bit leery of drinking any booze anywhere there. I'll just stick to crappy beer and dirt-weed, thx.
  4. I dont pretend to understand any of this, but we just sold our bitcoin. We purchased it a couple years ago for like $200 when we thought we were going to need it to pay ransomware. Just cashed it in for $2400. Seems pretty ridiculous to me.
  5. That was many years ago and they have supposedly cleaned most of that up. We never had any problems. You just have to follow the speed limit and understand that taxis (and most locals) dont have to abide by the same rules that you do.
  6. My standard PI advise... wash your clothes from that day at least twice before wearing them again. One time I had it real bad and after 3-4 weeks when it finally gone away, I put on the same shirt (that had been washed) and got it all over again.
  7. I wasn't going to post Odubel Herrara stuff here because it's not really intentional shtick, but it's too funny not to. If you're not familiar with him, you need to start paying attention. He's must watch TV. Posted this one the other day... Odubel Herrera doesn't just run through stop sign, he runs AROUND stop sign and gets thrown out by 30ft. Follows that up by getting picked off at 3rd the next night. Philly phans now booing him at every opportunity. This one from last night was awesome. Odubel is the only guy in baseball that flips his bat for walks. Last night he flipped it to the wrong dugout. They had to holdup the game to have the opposing batboy retrieve the bat. I wish they had video of the look on Justin Bour's face.
  8. I think the political sub forum may have just saved FBGs.
  9. All of my serious "girlfriends" have fit this description. My wife is actually very book smart, but was still voted class airhead.
  10. Does anyone here actually have a Model 3 on reserve?
  11. Not if you want to "do it all" in one trip. You could either do a land-tour or the inside passage, but I wouldn't try to squeeze both in during a week. How about canoeing the Boundary Waters? Does it have to be in the US? How about Banff? Always wanted to go there too.
  12. Never been to Pacific Northwest, but looks/sounds great. Of the place Ive been, Id suggest either Alaska or Acadia NP in Maine.
  13. Agree on watermelon being overrated. There's always lots of it leftover at every picnic for a reason. Its hard to eat and very unsatisfying. Put it in a blender though and pour it into a tall glass, and it turns into the worlds most awesomely refreshing drink. Dont need to add anything to it. Had it in Belize once from a street vendor and couldnt believe how good it was. Pretty much the only way I eat/drink it now.