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  1. Jesus Aguilar, I'd pounce all over this. This owner thinks he's pulling a fast one (buy-low/sell-high) with this offer, but it looks foolish to me. Hanley's shoulder could be toast. He looks really bad so far and age and health are not in his favor. All of Correa's numbers have trended downward since his rookie season and its gotten much worse so far this year. I still think he's going to be a stud someday, but not this year. He's young and has a lot to figure out. Thames is the #1 ranked player in FB. Will he continue at this pace? YES! Cesar is looking like a legitimate MLB player with a future. His power has come out of nowhere, but his OBP sills are legit and he'll get plenty of Rs and SBs at the top of the lineup. Pujols is a useful toss-in. Hard accept.
  2. Transgender Shuke w/ a mustache
  3. I hate this too. Also, the first name drawn never goes home (unless its unanimous). They spend the whole episode making us guess who's going home and then give it away before the votes are even counted. Would it be so hard to mix it up every now and again?
  4. I assume ostrich ferns can be farmed, but they only grow once a year (naturally anyway). Not sure if ramps can be farmed, but I was told they take like 7-8 years to reach maturity. I think it would be rare to find morels in the store since they cant be farmed. Like I mentioned earlier, there's a group of Morel hunters on FB and right now its loaded with people looking to buy. I think most people who search for profit have a licensed supplier they sell to or else have a license themselves and sell directly to restaurants.
  5. Im going to have to look for some ramps at Wegmans. These are the most difficult for me to find and Im really curious to try them.
  6. If you know of an abandoned apple orchard on public land, it should be a morel goldmine at the right time of year. If you do ever find one that looks like a morel and are curious, cut it in half lengthwise. The real morel will be hollow in the stem and cap. The false morel will be solid.
  7. This is called stealing, not foraging. Take a look at the picture I posted above of a morel mushroom. They are VERY distinct and you will not find anything else that looks like them (at least on the east coast, anyway).
  8. There are no absolutes when searching for morels. They say they grow on dying (but not dead) roots of certain trees. Around here, Poplars, Apple and some Pine are common trees to find them near. They're also typically found on south facing slopes and they tend to pop up when the soil temps are close to 60 degrees. People are extremely secretive about their spots, and you're right, there's real money to made if you find a spot that produces. I like to eat them, but its more about the hunt and wondering around the woods in spring when EVERYTHING is sprouting up.
  9. Eric Thames has 10 HR's. The Red Sox have 11 HR's.
  10. My local brew-pub has a counter where you place your order, get your buzzer, and pick up your food. You go to the bar for your beers and you seat yourself. No wait-staff on the floor. The food is excellent too. As someone who rarely eats out, I much prefer this format. I really dont need someone else taking my order and bringing me my food. It seems completely unnecessary and redundant.
  11. Found a few on Sunday. Next few days/weeks should be good. Morel Mushroom Ostrich Fern Fiddlehead Sauteed in garlic butter
  12. Please let me know if it runs for an hour on one charge. Anyone know how often you need to replace the batteries (and what they cost)?
  13. Any new opinions on battery powered mowers? Looking at the EGO 21 at Home Depot. Says it has a 60-minute run time. Takes me about 45-50 minutes to do my yard with my gas-powered Honda. Will this be "cutting it" too close?
  14. My yard was ravaged by moles last fall. I'm pretty sure Ive eradicated them, but now Im left with the cleanup. My yard has a maze of humped up trails dug through it. Some sections are so bad I cant get my mower through them. Im not really even sure where to start? I think it needs flattened back out and then re-seeded. My question is, can this be accomplished with one of those big roller things you pull behind a tractor? Renting one of those seems much easier than trying to do it by hand with a tamp and rake. Any advise here?
  15. Yeah, the whole team hates him. Sounds like the perfect guy to be your closer. Worked for Papelbon.