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  1. Seems to be coming to fruition. Wish we had reservations for OBX instead of "down the shore" this summer. I think I could socially distance anywhere in OBX. I think its gonna be a ####-show in Joisey. Not sure if we're gonna go or not yet.
  2. It really is strange. Seeing people in masks should be comforting and we should feel appreciation towards those that are wearing them. Instead it seems to be the opposite for many.
  3. Why so judgy? Maybe some of these people are wearing the masks because they're feeling symptomatic or registered a higher than normal temp when they last checked? I mean, that is what they're supposed to be doing.
  4. This. Just agree on a arbitrator that both sides trust and then accept whatever numbers they give you. There's no way both sides come away "happy" anyway.
  5. Organized collaboration/cheating may have been difficult, but in-house cheating wasn't. My older (great college student) daughter took the test along with my younger (not as great HS student) daughter, so it was kind of a team effort. I heard of lots of other similar situations. Should really just throw all results out the window, IMO.
  6. There are lots of things I would do before peeing in a diaper.... pee in a bottle, pee between the doors with a barrier, pee outside literally anywhere, not go, etc.
  7. Swimsuit in normal conversation, but always "trunks" when talking to my daughters since they think its weird.... "GIRLS, GET YOUR TRUNKS ON!"
  8. Sounds great, gonna give this a go next time!
  9. Really depends on how its cooked. The skin on a properly cooked baked potato is delicious. If a potato is just boiled/microwaved with no extra prep, the whole thing sucks.
  10. They're public tables. I assume people will (gasp) wipe them off themselves!
  11. I actually see more "cuz its a hoax" or "cuz its a government conspiracy" types.
  12. One of our local boroughs (PA) has suspended their open container law. This allows bars/restaurants to sell alcohol "to go" and allows citizens to consume alcohol on borough property (under state orders, food and alcohol cannot currently be consumed on a restaurants property). To take it a step further, the borough is setting up tables all throughout town on their property to encourage people to have a place to "go out to eat". The council said they wanted to help restaurants that are struggling to stay afloat on food alone. Love this. Hope it becomes the norm everywhere this summer.