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  1. Have we considered the possibility that this little strumpet sent the kids to our boy's door looking for a trustworthy babysitter to use while she's out getting banged harder than a screen door in a hurricane? How would this change your advise?
  2. I got them from here. Looks like they put them out weekly. Maybe they're only available on Mondays?
  3. Bovada latest (8/22): KB Even Murphstud +110 Rizzo +400 Arenado +1800 Seager +10000 Cespedes +10000
  4. Haven't locked my door in 15 years. Nothing stolen yet.
  5. Tell her you started a thread about her on a magic football board.
  6. Girls love attention.... Peek in her windows. Break into her car and install a tracking device. Follow her around. Show up at her work. Leave her a love note written in blood.
  7. Giolito left his start after one-inning last night. No injury reported, so speculation was that it was to keep him available for Sat.
  8. I won't travel without my Osterich Pillow
  9. Had a fan in college that sounded like an airplane taking off. Haven't been able to sleep without white noise since. My kids have always had one too since they were born. We have a couple different models, but they all seem pretty much the same. I have the White Noise app on my phone for when we're travelling.
  10. FWIW - It doesn't happen on the main page... only on the sub-pages (at least it does on the FFA and Beisbol pages)
  11. Fiverr Logo Design - anywhere from $5-$50 and you can look at samples first to find one you like. I've used Fiverr for several projects now and have had great luck.
  12. Kids feed off of the parents emotions, so it really depends more on the parents than the kids, IMO. I actually liked travelling with kids better than travelling without. You are instantly accepted by anyone that has (or likes) kids and often times our kids made friends with other kids which opened us up to experiences that we otherwise would have missed out on. As far as how old they need to be, travelling becomes much easier and enjoyable once they stop needing naps (happens at a different age for everyone) and you can operate on a more flexible schedule. It can be tough on everyone when they get out of the normal nap routine.
  13. This is totally messing up my FBG experience. I may stop paying to use this message board if this isn't resolved soon.
  14. Similar debate going on right now in OCMD where they just passed an emergency ordinance to ban certain types of shark fishing from the beach. A couple of yahoo's started catching them right by a swimming beach and charging money for bystanders to take a couple cranks on the reel and pose for a hero-pic (sitting on the back of the shark and holding its mouth open). Of course, no one would've ever known or cared if it wasn't for social media.