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  1. Try that Flex Seal tape. I hear you can tape a boat back together with it!!!11!!11!1
  2. Forget the name, but there is a super bright orange quesadilla shop in downtown Tulum. They're everywhere, its like the Mexican version of Subway. Anyway, every day around 4:00-5:00pm couple amigos would setup a stand right around the corner from this place with a couple seats and sell homade Tamales. They were absolutely off-the-hook, best I ever had. I bought a giant bag of them, enough to feed the whole family, and it was like $8.00 total. If you're hungry in Tulum, go find this place.
  3. Ooof. Hopefully Alfaro is an above average MLB player someday or the Phils got fleeced in the Hamels deal. Shoulda held our for Mazara.
  4. I got a bunch of offers and thought all were reasonably fair. I dont know which offers were from you and which were from you alai, but I rejected the ones I wasnt interested in and kept the ones I am still contemplating. I also have a few sent offers and counter-offers out there.
  5. Looking to flip a stud bat (Mazara, Benintendi, Seager) for a comparable SP.
  6. "Hi, I'm Bob McClure. You may remember me from such disasters as the 2017 Phillies pitching staff and trashing Cameron Rupp in the media."
  7. Apparently Neslon is only giving the answer to those that request it via PM. Well worth it.
  8. Asking someone "how are you today" when you are pissed off about something and knowing that they will reply, "fine, how are you" only so you can reply "Well, I'm pretty bad thanks to blah, blah, blah...." Just get to the point you passive aggressive ###hole. Im not really in the mood for the stupid games.
  9. I've got a Tacx T2180 Vortex Virtual Smart Trainer and use it with the Zwift app. Wife and I used it a good bit over the winter. It was cool/fun at first, but the novelty sorta wore off. Still a great workout though. Now that it's getting warm, there are a million other activities Id rather be doing outside. I cancelled my Zwift membership and will start it back up again next December.
  10. Not a fan. Hopefully this was done to keep him from losing the clubhouse in the next couple weeks/months and not as a true sign of commitment.
  11. Ill never understand why people are in such a hurry to get on the plane. So you can sit there longer? I prefer to be last no matter what boarding pass I have. There have been a few times where my carry-on wasnt directly above my head as a result. WTF cares?
  12. Altherr is 5th among all MLB OF's with at least 80 PA's in OPS and wOBA. Gettum.