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  1. Let's not get crazy here.
  2. First one I've seen so far.
  3. This is my guess. I have a friend of a friend (straight maie) who claims to have had a very creepy run-in with him one time. Says Spacey wanted to have his way with him and was very aggressive and made it super uncomfortable to be around him. I think about it every time I see him. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that Travolta, Cruise, etc swing both ways, but that doesn't make them a sexual predator. Spacey seems more like that type to me.
  4. Comin down to a dogfight for 3rd place.
  5. Good lookin out. Picked up 4 tix in June for Xmas presents. Everything we pretty much sold out except the weekday 2:00pm shows. Can't say I really know much about it, but my daughters are going to absolutely go ape-#### when they get them. PS - Mezzanine tickets were like $200ea PSS - any bootleg streaming links still around for this?
  6. Been #####ing about this for a month in the pinned FFA Board Upgrade Tips thread.
  7. links? prices? dates? info?
  8. A lot of great suggestions listed, but yeah, I didn't do a very good job of explaining. You're right that I was looking for songs that literally change on a beat, not slow building crescendos. Seems like almost all techno would fit this description, but I honestly dont know the genre well enough to know where to start? Anyway, here are the one's listed so far that I like (and where in the song I like them - maybe will give a better idea of what Im looking for)... Keep the suggestions coming! :20 :44 2:06 1:26 :25 :39 3:46
  9. The transition at the .17 mark is exactly what Im looking for, but what a weird song. Cant really say I like it.
  10. Suppose I phrased that wrong.... looking for songs that very suddenly go from slow and calm to fast and loud. Doesnt necessarily have to be guitar or rage driven.
  11. I do like this one too. The transition from calm to intense at the .44 mark is exactly what Im looking for (just like the .20 mark of Ocean Size). This may not be metal to your standards, but it sure is to me.
  12. This is the most along the lines of what Im looking for. Looking for stuff that is a little more alternative/techno and less death-metally (sorry EG). All suggestions appreciated though, keep em coming.