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  1. Laughing at MOPs take. Shaking my head and just laughing...
  2. BigAl21

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Much ado bout nothing
  3. BigAl21

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Hassan Reddick is conceding base package snaps to Joe Walker. Played 42/72 or something like that. Definitely not a three down guy but someone to track in deeper leagues. additionally, as I’m sure everyone saw Kwon IRed means those with Warner might get little extra juice out of him. The DL has capped both their upside but Kwon’s absence might provide Warner with a slight boost in production.
  4. Singletary played 42/62 offensive snaps gore played 18/62 offensive snaps this is the data that I came across. Either way the point is singletary appears to be slowly taking over lions share of snaps. Gore will still have his place no doubt but Devin arrow is pointing up IMO.
  5. I’m just waiting for some Flacco check down time- for Freeman in particular.
  6. Yes but I’m still not counting on it happening over night. Slowly getting more involved over some weeks
  7. BigAl21

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Yeah, this doesn’t necessarily bode well for Jewell owners. I’ve been trying to move him past few weeks with no luck. I think after today that feat might be impossible for the time being.
  8. Well then you should make a habit of always owning the handcuff.
  9. Just the fact that these three should be universally rostered tells you that Darwin should also be rostered. Crazy #### can happen in an 8-10 week span in the NFL. I mean if The Williams brothers and a 40 year old Shady McCoy should be universally rostered then why wouldn’t the drafted rookie (who clearly needs more time).
  10. The fact that we’ve seen numerous RBs be productive in this backfield over the past year + means you have to hold any piece of it and bide your time. Whether it’s Shady, DWill Squared or even Darwin, don’t cut one of these guys at any time unless they are IRed.
  11. I think Wright is the more reliable of the two. You know what you have in Wright and it been productivity outside of his injury plague season last year. Wilson could very well hit but if only given one choice in redraft I’d prefer Wright
  12. Don’t know his time table but if you can afford a bench spot run and pick up White. Will be well worth the wait.
  13. AJ Klein saw the field for 100% this week. Clearly not a game changer but if the opportunity knocks he might be there to answer the door and be an LB4/bench depth guy
  14. BigAl21

    2019 3-Down LBs

    I can’t waste a spot on Okereke for a spot start, if he gets it. I’d be dropping a better long term piece to see what he does on my bench. He could very well slide in for a concusses Leonard and pop a big one but will probably be relegated to the bench the following week. Not ready to take over a Walker role this early either.