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  1. BigAl21

    Titans IDPs

    How did Evans look for those that watched? I saw 4-1 after the first drive and then only 1 tackle the remainder of the game.
  2. BigAl21

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Little more hesitant to grab Anzalone now that Kiko is in town. I know he’s old, slowed down but his move to NO is slightly concerning to everyone’s long term usage.
  3. Depth of Benches will really dictate if you can or can’t wait it out for a while. Luckily my leagues bench depth will allow me to do just that. It will maybe be at the expense of another long shot off the wire but I’m okay with that.
  4. I’m holding my one share for sure and taking a wait and see approach, like HotSauce said. I didn’t draft him thinking he’d be utilized out the gate anyways. He was always a wait and see candidate. Of course it was wrapped up in more hope prior to the McCoy signing, but a wait and see nonetheless. This does make his path to relevance little more difficult but I’ll give it 6-8 weeks and reevaluate at that point.
  5. BigAl21

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Anzalone is on my wire where almost 80 LBs are owned. I would have to drop Okereke in order to pick him up. But I think I might be trending that way in hopes Okereke doesn’t blow up in week one. Does anyone know with confidence if Anthony Walker will get snaps over Okereke early in season. I think Okereke is a long game, whereas Anzalone is ready from week 1.
  6. Is Austin Corbett a seemless replacement for Zeitler, is the question?
  7. I own Chubb in a keeper league and reached early to secure Hunt (yes, probably too early). With the departure of Duke, owning the entire Cleveland back field became all that much cheaper even when reaching for Hunt. Hunt won’t provide much stand alone flex value, but for me owning him in the traditional handcuff way provides piece of mind in case Chubb misses time late in season.
  8. BigAl21

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Reading the tea leaves, I think Tavai (even before the Jaread Davis injury) and Alex Anzalone will be 75+% guys this season.
  9. I’ll be moving him up my board a few rounds just to assure I land him. Don’t mind reaching when the payoff can be big.
  10. Don’t know about all the hype. Not buying into it. Love how So little is written and said about James White when he’s clearly the Patriot to own in PPR. He’s got his own role and the rest of the backfield is just a carousel.
  11. Onwuasor might be a monster in Baltimore this year. You may of found a great tackle producer right there. He’s one I’m targeting in my league. Congrats!!
  12. Then go draft him early, Choke, and take advantage of the perceived situation. Or.... someone else must already own him. Them the breaks....