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  1. What’s everyone’s feelings on Damien Williams. I’ve seen him higher than I feel comfortable in playoff rankings. Spencer Ware got in two full participants at practice in week 17. Ultimately, they held him out, but with a week off I would rather takea flier on him rather than the price I’ve seen attached to Williams.
  2. I do an auction playoff pool and I will not be investing in New Orleans because of the steep prices that I know kamara, Thomas and Brees will be carrying.
  3. Brees and Goff both over Mahomes seems curious. I would think you rank only one NFC QB over the top AFC QB unless you think AFC is that wide open and the NFC is down the #1 and #2 seeds. i also wouldn’t rank guys like Gordon, Ingram and Woods over the likes of Kelce and Hill.
  4. If anyone looking for last minute play. I’m going Goodson over Jack in my championship matchup due to his matchup and Ogletree being out. I think he could go for 8-10 combined tackles today.
  5. I really like Mack’s matchup today but am also leaning Chubb over Samuels in that second slot bc of what the Saints defense has done last three weeks to opposing RBs on the ground. Couple that with Chubbs matchup and I think it’s a no brained. Granted Elliott and McCaffrey got going through the air in therr recent matchups with NO but overall they are keeping opponents from scoring points.
  6. BigAl21

    FBG IDP Content

    Once Jene turned his attention exclusively to injuries I (along with others here) saw this coming. I did not re-up my membership this past year because the writing was on the wall. I just turn to these boards and the podcast (although too late in the week) as my IDP filler as I am starting to find decent IDP content elsewhere. Honestly, though, I have found nothing out there that is as solid in pre- and early season as these boards.
  7. It’s that time of year when we need every single point so we dissect every single play... that being said, might JJ Watt be credited with 2.5 sacks on Thursday stat correction day (rather than just 2) or was that last one solo clowney. What I’m saying is .... Is there a chance???
  8. As a Conner and Samuels owner I think we’re all thinking the same thing. Take the extra week and give way to Samuels one more week. If he’s somehow active, which I have trouble seeing, I don’t think I would feel good running the risk of reaffirmation during the game. I will have to bench both him and Samuels for James White and hope it’s a heavy check down game plan from the Pats. Being that they lost last week without Whites involvement makes me think they will utilize him early and often but even that’s a crap shoot.
  9. Neville Hewitt drew the start for Darron Lee, played 82% of snaps and got some stops. Anyone know how he actually looked. I am considering starting him over Myles Jack, who has a dreadful match up against Washington. Am I over thinking this.
  10. Thinking of picking up Maher or Fairbath to replace Crosby for my playoff run... thoughts? looksmlike wet weather in NY this weekend, while Maher will be kicking in the dome at Indy
  11. Appears like Michael Thomas but obviously don’t expect Landon Collins numbers. I would be hesitant to plug him right in but if you are desperate he might be the guy.
  12. I’ve held KJ Wright on my bench all year and am wondering if Mychal Kendricks is worthy of a flier as an LB4 Incase Wright doesn’t make it back by weeks 15 or 16.
  13. Lee will be the one coming off the field on third downs - plain and simple - he won’t be in their nickel. I don’t see this unfolding any other way.