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  1. Love that monster move to get DJ and AJ to get young and studly by this owner. Could pay dividends for years to come.
  2. I would pull the trigger on JuJu in the end but waiting as King of the Jungle has explained might be a good idea. Hopefully he doesn’t shop JuJu in the meantime for someone else’s pick.
  3. BigAl21

    Titans IDPs

    How would this effect his tackle numbers, which were trending up after this year?
  4. Pretty crazy for Blake to not land full time role. He’s gonna demand premium LB$ and as a result, whoever pays that premium, will use him as every down guy. I’m less confident about Schobert for some reason TBH.
  5. I’ve never heard anyone say “I roster ________” when talking about their fantasy teams. I agree with Gally on this one - there is nothing to see here.
  6. I’ll have my pick of Cook or Kamara at #3 in a keeper league. Super torn bc both have some question marks as well as huge upsides. Love Kamara’s 2018 season as a template for what he CAN do. Saints future QB situation will play into this off season decision as well. I also like how Cook is utilized and am not worried about his injuries over a three year contract as others might be. The bigger unknown is how will Mattison be used going forward. Both Kamara and Cook are great assets but also not sure if I’m better off taking a deal and moving back for Mixon and DJ Moore type combo. Either way I think Tanner’s ‘Chicken Little the sky is falling’ outlook for cook is overblown.
  7. The stature of the award will be diminished after this game?? What the hell ya talking about?
  8. This guy thought Bill was coming to town... hahaha
  9. I’m coming around to the hire. He’s learned directly under the two greatest coaches or the era. Not sure who everyone wanted or thought was going to walk through the door and save the day? Hopefully they give him couple years. Sounds like There is a Garrett connection and this could be good hire as well for OC.
  10. They didn’t even attempt to throw the ball tonight. It was an afterthought. This game concerns me zero about AJ
  11. Not sure why they abandoned the run through the backs in overtime. I think that mistake proved costly.
  12. White is your best bet out of the bunch. Brady has two trustworthy targets in this team- Edelman and White. White will get fed as long as pats win games.
  13. If you’ve owned Connor you understand this. He obviously provided great value last season for those that handcuffed or took him late, but that super value was gone this year and as a result he proved he may not be build for NFL workhorse designation. Love the guy, love the player but won’t be owning next year barring a total free fall in drafts.
  14. So you completely allowed other’s similar opinions of the outcome of the game, which Neither you nor they have direct impact on, to change your mind? Weird. You either think it or you don’t.
  15. As for two players in the conversation that I owned this season- James Conner and Devin Singletary- I rank Singletary above Conner going forward. We’ve seen Conners ceiling last season and while it was great I get a feeling that it will be his high water mark. Watching what Singletary has quietly done as the season has progressed is really exciting. While I’m sure my league mates with question the move, I am choosing Singletary in my keeper league and not second guessing the decision.