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  1. Good to know. Thanks. Brand new to dynasty and I’m still figuring out the values, especially with these rookie picks. I’d add a 2021 1st to Kamara deal as it’s still short but since he’s on the block - who knows?
  2. Trying to move Hooper and the 1.03 to a TE needy team in 16 team league. Targeting Godwin and wondering what I’ll need to add to the deal. My other option is the package Guice and 1.03 for Kamara but also think I may need a small add on. I just want a few reliable pieces and going 2+ for 1 is my goal. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. Looking to pull the trigger and move Stidham Or Gorappollo in a 1qb, 16 team dynasty league. Few teams are very QB needy. I think he has a bright future and is younger than Jimmy G, i just don’t know if I want to wait a few years until there is a stable floor for him. Who would you deal if given the choice between Stidham and a middle of the road vet QB like Cousin, Gorappollo, etc in dynasty?
  4. WR needy team. Looking at my league landscape predraft wondering if I should try to move my 1.07 for Boyd/ McLauren combo. Should I add a sweetener if needed to make this deal and get these two WRs. this is a 32 team, double copy league so the 1.07 is like the 1.03/1.04, so Swift/Dobbins type pick. thanks In advance for the feedback...
  5. What’s not to like about Sutton? I think he’s an alpha, but appreciate the feedback. I will be targeting one of Sutton or Harry depending on the cost. Thanks for input.
  6. What the current value on the following receivers... what rookie pick(s) would you give up to acquire them. courtland Sutton Tyler Boyd K’Neal Harry
  7. Do these first three rounds help entrench Conner as the guy, at least in 2020? I don’t see him getting surpassed by a rd 4+ talent with possibly limited time in camps.
  8. This draft has led to much uncertainty in many backfields and is a glaring reminder for me why I build my dynasty teams with young WR talent first. Young backs like Mack, Kerryon, Singletary and Henderson (to a lesser extent) can have their value slashed with the selection of a back by their team in the top 3 rounds. The landscape changes quickly with RBs. In a recent start up I did these names were taken around (often before) names like KAllen, Lockett, Woods, Chark and McLauren. If you’re not in that super first tier of RBs - you’re never safe from competing for your job...
  9. I’m gonna try acquiring Gallup hoping that the owner is soured by Lamb landing there.
  10. I threw out an offer to the CEH owner this morning. Sutton, Pittman Jr and 2021 2nd. Not sure if this is enough to move the needle for CEH owner. I am solid at WR and need a RB and his landing spot solidified what I already thought. He’s gonna be a PPR monster.
  11. Well as remote as it might be, if it does happen then this league will be in a better position than a randomized rookie draft order in 2021.
  12. The only silver lining I see is if the 2020 season doesn’t happen then this type of league won’t have to deal with the questions and complaints of the 2021 draft order that traditional dynasty leagues, especially start ups, might have deal with.
  13. I agree with Pringle’s train of thought. I would keep the younger of the two in Godwin and try to move Evans for the 4.5 and maybe small upgrade later In draft. Is so then I’d snag AJBrown, JuJu at 4.4 & 4.5 and enjoy The young WR trio of Godwin, JUJU and AJBrown for years to come. You’d be drafting both young and production right out the gate.
  14. Why only 10 kickers drafted in total?