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  1. Okereke in on 85% while Anthony Walker was down to around 56%. Might just be the changing of the guard in the spot next to Leonard in Indy. If so run - don’t walk and grab him wherever available.
  2. 16 team, IDP (start 11 def, 3-4 LBs), Dynasty Team A got: Jonathan Taylor Team B got: Nyheim Hines, Roquan Smith, 2021 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th
  3. What’s the word in NYG LB Davante Downs? 2 down guy next too Blake? I have always thought Blake was a solid tackler once he got to the ball but often getting tackles down field because he was never surrounded my top end talent in his LB Corp. Maybe Downs finds himself a decent role as Blake continues to age... IDK?? sorry - wrong thread
  4. I much prefer Okereke in dynasty. Gonna pay dividends as early as this season.
  5. Depth chart looks to have LJ Fort starting alongside Patrick Queen. What can we expect from him? Holding spot until the other rookie is up to speed? Any Ravens homer close to the situation know if he’ll simple be 2 down linebacker? Only asking as a wait and see play in super deep IDP league
  6. I just acquired Pollard and a 5th (deep IDP dynasty) for Damien Harris. I just prefer Pollard as a talent and hope he eventually finds himself a role somewhere.
  7. Sounds like Chaisson, JAX, will get his current LB designation changed to DE and play a lot opposite Allen in MFL. This is according to Davenport in his latest podcast. This gives him a slight bump, although I’m still not sold on him to make big splash this season. What does everyone think about his long term (dynasty) outlook?
  8. My league has deep benches so I took a long shot on Reeder. Not really sure how they LB Corp will shake out, though
  9. I would personally keep Dillon, but either way you can get something in return for the one you choose not to keep. You should have been getting feelers from other owners over the past few days by putting both on the trading block. It’ll be harder To move One if cut downs are literally right around the corner. Good luck either way.
  10. Without looking at calculators it’s Ekeler for me. Gut says take the best player for peripheral pieces even with the 1st in there.
  11. I could be wrong, but I think with the loss of Mosley the Jets might value Williamson in that middle more than they otherwise might have. If he’s physically able I think they’d welcome his presence on this defense.
  12. Takitaki the big winner here? This LB Corp is weak so they may try to add a veteran name.
  13. Not me. If you can get him for next to nothing right now and you have the bench spot - you do it and don’t think twice. He doesn’t need to stay healthy all year to be an asset. Hopefully high snap counts some solid tackle numbers through 2-3 weeks and trade him for at least more than the nothing you got him for (if you don’t like him as a long term play).
  14. I could walk away from 100% of my salary if I already made $200+ million in my career. Could being the emphasis.
  15. Alex Anzalone is a stash with the older Kiko possible starting on IR