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  1. Non ppr - std scoring I have Ertz (home vs Chicago) and Davis (home vs Giants) I'm thinking about starting Davis because of his great matchup and no Reed over Ertz with a tougher matchup, mystery hamstring injury and reduce volume over the last 4 games. Am I overthinking it?
  2. McKissic for the pass volume And the matchup is as good as it gets.
  3. Martin is droppable Crowell has a better floor but his ceiling is capped by Johnson. Martin has the potential for the highest ceiling but also has potential for a low floor So it depends on what you are looking for...
  4. Depends on what you're looking for... Woodhead offers the largest reward if he returns healthy. Williams should receive the bulk of the work for the next couple of weeks until Ty Montgomery can recover and start taking the passing downs. Eckler offers you a handcuffed to Gordon. I'd leave Perrine on the wire as long as Thompson is healthy.
  5. Non ppr - standard scoring - redraft I have Hunt and have been offered Fournette. Who would you like on your team for the ROS.
  6. Non ppr - standard scoring Are you buying or selling Andre Peterson?
  7. As much as I distrust the Seattle running game and love the K.C. running game, I would chose Carson due to his apparent lack of competition.
  8. Non ppr - Standard scoring All things being equal for the rest of reason value... Who would you roster M.Mack T.Coleman A.Collins
  9. We don't care about fair, the only goal is to improve our team. I'd make that trade Insert Bell and Ginn and to my starting lineup. Drop Jones to provide streaming / bye flexibility and start working on improving your Flex position. Good luck
  10. Ditto... It's nice to put it in writing, receive confirmation of what we already know and temper the blinding emotional influence of our desire to improve our team.
  11. That's a tough question to answer without knowing what the rest of your team looks like. Hogan and Johnson schedule are both going to stiffen up over the next several weeks. In a vacuum the team with the elite player normally improves their team the most. If you need to shore up more than one position obviously Martin Hogan Johnson helps the best. If your team is solid and looking for that elite player to to move your team up into the next tier take Bell.
  12. I might show a little more patience... You have a good team I don't believe Wilson is that much of an upgrade over Ryan, plus he's coming out of a bye with Jones and Sanu both scheduled to play. Lewis is ascending but will always be in a four-man rotation with Belichick at the helm. Good luck figuring out what the Rainman will do with his offense from week to week. Ingram has been very solid finishing 10th last year and 15th the year before. There's an old saying that goes... Win the flex position Win the game. If you can put up 15 points with your Flex while your opponents are putting up a 6, it's a big advantage. I wouldn't be afraid to drop one of your running backs and or wide receivers and stream a quarterback if you think Ryan has a tough matchup until you can determine whether or not Atlanta will recover over the next two weeks. Same with Denver's defense just like you would with Reed when can't go. Qualifier... I normally build my non PPR teams through my running backs and I'm not afraid to stream any position that I feel is weak until I can fix the problem through trade or waiver wire. Good luck
  13. I'd go with Robbie Anderson or Bennie Flowers (if available) Golladay is touchdown dependent, coming off an injury, running as the number 3 receiver behind TJ.Jones and he'll be up against against Pittsburgh defense. Matthew and Richardson rely on efficiency because they don't get many Targets. Bottom line, when I'm looking for a waiver-wire wide receiver to fill a bye I try to find someone who... 1) Gets the most targets 2) Playing at home. 3) Playing against a soft pass coverage defense. 4) Whose targets may increase due to an injury by a teammate. Good luck
  14. I need to start 2 of the 3 non ppr - std scoring What do you think? Michael Thomas ( vs Chi) Amari Cooper (@ Buf) Joe Mixon (vs Ind)