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  1. Update on the Russian prostitute who claimed to have evidence of Trump-Russia collusion: She made it all up
  2. And the TDS crowd will still be screaming "muh Russia" " impeach" These people are all in and until Trump's entire family is in prison they will not stop. They make Putin look like a kitten.
  3. Hillary Clinton gave millions to a foreign agent who worked directly with the Kremlin to affect the US election and spy on an opponent. But muh polling data. Crickets.
  4. Sounds similar to what the FBI did to Papadapolous. Remember when they laid in wait at the DC airport and dragged him away as soon as he stepped off the plane? Was that terrifying?
  5. I don't have the time to go through the last 10 pages and call out the poor suckers who got dick slapped yet again by the fake news. You know who you are. Some of you are even doubling down on the lunacy on this page even after Honest Bob told you that BuzzFeed is full of ####. Sad! I know it is hard to look yourself in the eye and admit you have been lied to for so long. The ego is a bad #####. In case you were wondering how the rest of the world saw what happened yesterday, my gb bamarep put it very nicely here
  6. Is this the sex therapist/ escort in Thailand who claimed Drumpf totally colluded with the Russians? Terrifying
  7. Opening scene from The Player, as meta as it gets before meta was popular. I forget the name of the industry guy here (Walking Boot?) but if nothing else he would appreciate this scene.
  8. It is worth checking out. A poor man's Dexter. The blond is much hotter than the insufferable count friend that a few here seem to like. (full disclosure I gave up after 4 episodes last fall because it couldn't keep my attention) I didn't see it mentioned on the last few pages, the new (1/11) series Sex Education (trailer) is entertaining. If you like young British slags showing their knockers this show is for you. A 2019/poor man's version of Skins. Or a British sex obsessed take on Bates Motel. It is worth checking out just to see the very NSFW opening scene.
  9. Pedophiles are arrogant. They believe that because of their power they are entitled to underage penis. He is a sick #### and it is disturbing that Hollywood, the media, and his political friends have been silent. It says a lot about their character.
  10. Based on the replies in this thread I don't think they got the message. Sad.
  11. Good for you. You do seem like a well adjusted human, despite your slight TDS. You handle it better than the other lawyers here.
  12. @realDonaldTrump God bless this man, the best thing to happen to America since Teddy Roosevelt. In the New Year I hope the 99% here who live in daily rage and conspiracy can heed Trump's message. Life is good. Turn off CNN. Turn off twitter. Get your sanity back, get your health back, get your happiness back. Nobody outside of internet forums and twitter bots cares about the fake hysteria. Fake news is like cancer, it destroys people's minds and bodies. Hope you all have a great New Year and free yourselves of the self induced TDS! 2019 is going to be a great year for America. Enjoy the ride!
  13. There are dozens of fake news stories that are run with on a weekly basis, many of which are propagated here. The #1 fake news story of 2018 though has to be "Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist". The Dems, media, twitter warriors, and others ended up with a big fat rotten egg on their face after trying to ruin a man over absurd, unsubstantiated claims that only a hack or idiot would believe to be true. Serial gang rapist? People should be in prison over the #### they tried to pull. And the media was complicit every step of the way, even sitting on evidence that the stories were false because they had to push their narrative to the sheep.
  14. You know you have a weak hand when your lead off example/thread starter is a quote from some dude nobody has ever heard of.
  15. I'll give Saints credit where it is due, he was obsessed with Russia long before CNN and Hillary Clinton told him they were the bad guys.