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  1. Glad I didn't put you on ignore with most of the other trolls around here because I would have missed out on this. Best post of the day.
  2. It sounds like the Trump haters are the ones in this thread using the Nazi/KKK one drop rule to defend Warren. I am merely using common sense, logic, statistics, and Native American beliefs to assert that 1/1024 is irrelevant.
  3. According to half a dozen posters in this thread you are now officially a Racist. Congrats.
  4. You can't be serious. Again, some of you may want to brush up on what 1/1024 means before you start playing your "race card" or "science card".
  5. Are you guys going to keep up this "now she is a bona fide Native American" shtick for a while? You may want to do a little research on what 1/1024 means.
  6. Update now that they corrected their story and claim it was 1/1024? How Native does that make her now?
  7. Are you really using Nazis and the KKK to set the bar for what qualifies as mixed heritage? I think anyone reasonable and with a basic understanding of math would agree that 1/512 or 1/1024 does not make you anything. Don't the actual natives in this country use the 1/16 rule for scholarships and casino checks?
  8. Your post in that thread is a prime example of the hysterical troll post that about a dozen of you guys feel the need to litter this forum with. Nobody cares if you think Trump is a meanie. And nobody needs to see the same insults lobbed at Trump and his supporters in every thread. That adds nothing of value to any discussion here. It only makes you, the people who post similar nonsense, and the people who like your post look like children. And drives people away from this forum.
  9. Such an ignorant post. For those at home, this is what a troll looks like. So full of hate and ignorance. Joe demonstrates a lot of tolerance for allowing you to keep posting this garbage.
  10. So Rasmussen is the one poll that is actually correct and not skewed to manipulate uninformed people into thinking that their fringe beliefs are normal? #RobertO'Rourke2020!!!
  11. If he was in fact a spy working for the Muslim brotherhood and against his own country then he got what he deserved. It comes with the territory.
  12. McCain was forgiven of his sins when he tried to remove a sitting president.
  13. From 2009-2016, duh. Never mind the regime change across the middle east and hundreds of thousands dead, millions displaced.
  14. Also, should we report BST to the authorities? People are willing to kill?
  15. For anyone interested in the facts, not just BST's histrionics: Nobody is being denied the ability to vote. I do like that the Dems are already making excuses.... they know a Red Wave is coming. eta: forgot to add that in BST's weak attempt at propaganda he left out the fact that 30% of those flagged are white.